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Buy YouTube Comment Likes Cheap: 7 Best Sites in 2023

Hi friend! Are you looking to get more eyes on your YouTube comments and boost engagement on your videos? Buying high-quality likes is a smart tactic used by growing channels to build credibility and community.

In this comprehensive guide, I‘ll compare the top 7 services to buy YouTube comment likes in 2023. I‘ll also share insider tips to leverage purchased likes for sustainable growth as an ethical YouTuber.

YouTube has over 2.4 billion users logging in each month. With over a billion hours of video viewed daily, it‘s a highly competitive platform. While quality content is critical, maximizing your comment likes accelerates the growth of your channel.

Liked comments get prioritized by YouTube‘s algorithm for enhanced visibility. For new channels especially, buying likes offers social proof that attracts organic viewers to engage. As you build an authentic community over time, purchased likes provide the initial social validation.

Let‘s explore the benefits of buying YouTube comment likes and compare the top providers.

Why Purchasing Likes is Effective

Recent data shows the power of optimizing your YouTube comments:

  • Videos with at least 10 comments get 5X more views than videos with no comments.
  • Comments boost viewer watch time by over 20% compared to videos with no comments.
  • A single comment increases viewer retention by 25 seconds on average.

By kickstarting your engagement with purchased likes, you signal to YouTube‘s algorithm that your content deserves visibility. Buying likes ethically within platform guidelines gives new creators a needed boost.

Here are some of the top benefits:

  • Improved Search Rankings: Videos with liked comments rank higher in YouTube searches.
  • Increased Authority: Comment likes build credibility and trust for newer channels.
  • Higher Watch Time: Viewers spend more time watching videos with comment engagement.
  • Enhanced Brand Image: An active comment section makes your channel more appealing.

Top 7 Sites to Buy YouTube Comment Likes

Based on extensive research and YouTuber reviews, here are my top recommendations for purchasing high-quality YouTube comment likes in 2023:

1. Media Mister – Best Overall

Media Mister is my #1 choice for buying YouTube engagement, especially comment likes. Here‘s why:

  • Real accounts – Likes come from actual YouTube users for authentic engagement.
  • Gradual delivery – Likes are dripped in over days/weeks to look natural.
  • Affordable pricing – Packages start at 100 likes for $12.99. Bulk options available.
  • Reliable support – Helpful 24/7 live chat and email support.
  • Refill guarantee – They‘ll replace any dropped likes for free.

With over 10 years of industry experience, Media Mister is a trusted provider that checked all boxes in my research.

2. Followersup – For Beginners

For newer YouTubers with smaller budgets, Followersup is a great affordable option.

  • Cheap likes – Prices start at just $2.99 for 25 likes.
  • Targeted services – Specialized packages for YouTube engagement.
  • Prompt delivery – Most likes delivered within 72 hours.
  • Simple ordering – Easy checkout and dashboard to place orders.

While order sizes max out at 1,000 likes, their entry-level pricing makes them ideal for testing purchased engagement.

3. UseViral – For International Likes

For YouTubers targeting viewers in Europe and Asia, UseViral provides international likes.

  • Worldwide likes – Options for country-targeted likes.
  • View rate guarantees – Likes filtered for active accounts.
  • Money-back guarantee – Refund for any drop in likes.
  • 24/7 support – Quick responses via live chat or email.

If your audience is outside North America, UseViral can deliver localized engagement.

4. SidesMedia – For Premium Quality

SidesMedia focuses on premium quality likes from highly active accounts.

  • 5-star rating – Extremely positive YouTuber reviews.
  • Gradual delivery – Likes trickle in over 10-20 days.
  • Responsive support – Swift replies and resolution.
  • Dashboard – Track orders and manage preferences.

The slower pace ensures natural-looking engagement, ideal for long-term impact.

5. Famups – For Affordable Bulk Likes

For cheap likes in bulk, Famups offers great value:

  • Cheap bulk pricing – 500 likes for $29.95.
  • Targeted services – Specialized for YouTube likes.
  • Simple ordering – Slick checkout and notifications.
  • Refill policy – Replace dropped likes for free.

With bulk prices under 3 cents per like, Famups is perfect for rapidly boosting many comments.

6. SocialPackages – For Geo-Targeted Likes

SocialPackages lets you buy country-specific likes:

  • Geo-targeted – Get likes from any country.
  • Premium quality – Very active users with high retention.
  • Gradual delivery – Natural pacing prevents blocks.
  • 24/7 support – Fast, friendly assistance.

If you want likes from users in a specific region, SocialPackages is ideal.

7. Fastlikes – For Instant Delivery

For the fastest delivery speeds, there‘s Fastlikes:

  • Rapid delivery – Orders completed in 1-2 days.
  • Cheap bulk pricing – 1,000 likes for just $69.
  • Real accounts – Uses advanced targeting for active users.
  • Dashboard – Track orders and re-purchase easily.

When you need a surge of comment likes ASAP, Fastlikes provides the quickest turnaround.

5 Tips for Purchasing YouTube Comment Likes

Here are my top tips for buying YouTube comment likes effectively:

Find Reputable Providers

Do research to ensure any site you use provides real, long-lasting likes safely. I recommend sticking to well-reviewed sellers.

Start Slowly

Build up authentic likes over weeks instead of buying thousands at once. This prevents blocks and suspensions.

Focus on Recent Videos

Target newer videos to reinvigorate interest. Sprinkle old videos in sparingly.

Distribute Likes

Spread likes over multiple comments for a natural pattern. Too many likes on one comment raises red flags.

Pair Likes With Value

Combine likes with comments that actually inspire discussion and engagement. Provide thoughtful replies.

Is Buying Likes Safe for Your YouTube Channel?

Yes – buying high-quality likes from reputable sellers is perfectly safe and won‘t get your channel suspended, as long as you follow YouTube‘s terms of service.

The key is using providers that deliver real likes from engaged users who interact with similar content. As long as your videos offer value, purchased engagement supplements your organic community.

The Verdict: Give Your Channel a Head Start

In the oversaturated YouTube space, buying targeted comment likes can provide the momentum boost your channel needs to get discovered.

My recommendation is to start with one of the reputable providers above. Focus on quality over quantity, and let purchased likes lay the social proof foundation.

Over time, continue providing value through your videos. Your authentic audience will grow on top of that foundation.

Have you used purchased likes for your YouTube channel? I‘d love to hear your experiences in the comments!



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