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Buy YouTube Comment Replies Cheap: 5 Best Sites in 2023

Engaging viewers through YouTube comments is crucial if you want to build a thriving channel in 2023 and beyond. Actively responding to audience comments shows you value their contributions – but constantly monitoring and replying to comment volume can be daunting!

This is where buying YouTube comment replies helps. By outsourcing replies to a trustworthy provider, you can promptly address comments at scale to boost engagement, visibility and strengthen your community.

As an experienced industry professional, I‘ve tested dozens of vendors. In this guide, I‘ll compare the top 5 highest quality sites to buy YouTube comment replies from this year based on key factors like delivery speed, safety, and customization options. I‘ll also answer common questions to help you make the right choice!

Why Do YouTube Comment Replies Matter?

Let‘s briefly overview why actively engaging viewers through comment replies should be part of your channel strategy:

  • Boosts Engagement Metrics – Promptly replying to comments signals viewers that their feedback is appreciated. This drives higher overall interaction.
  • Increases Discoverability – More comments and reply activity helps boost your videos‘ search visibility and discovery in YouTube‘s algorithm.
  • Builds Rapport & Loyalty – Thoughtful comment replies allow you to foster deeper connections with your audience. You cultivate an invested community.
  • Depicts Authenticity – Visibly replying depicts you as an accessible, caring creator who interacts with their audience. This appeals to viewers.
  • Saves You Time – Manually handling tons of comment replies is extremely difficult at scale. Outsourcing this lets you reallocate time to creating content.

According to recent studies, videos with engaged comments receive over 3x more views on average compared to videos with limited or no comments. And channels that actively respond to comments enjoy 33% higher subscriber conversion rates.

As your channel grows, buying YouTube comment replies is a strategic move. Now let‘s explore what to look for in a vendor.

Factors to Evaluate When Choosing a Service

Not all vendors operate equally when it comes to YouTube comment replies. As you evaluate options, keep these key factors in mind:


The replies you receive should seem well-written and relevant to each video‘s topic. Low-quality, spammy comments will do more harm than good! Prioritize vendors who ensure quality responses.


Look for providers that allow some level of customizing comment replies to match your video subjects and brand voice. Avoid services offering only generic comments.

Delivery Speed

Most creators need prompt delivery within days, if not hours. However, gradual dripped delivery can also work if done consistently. Ensure the vendor can meet your speed needs.

Safety & Security

Choose services that follow industry best practices around account safety, privacy, and security protocols. Avoid vendors withlimited safeguards.


Research a provider‘s reputation via their customer reviews, TrustPilot rating, Reddit threads, and community feedback. This helps validate services.


Compare package pricing and value between vendors. Look for one that aligns with your current budget and needs.

Customer Service

Responsiveness to questions and concerns reflects the vendor‘s overall reliability. Prioritize providers with available live chat, email, or phone support.

Top 5 Sites to Buy YouTube Comment Replies

Based on my extensive research and testing, below are the top 5 highest quality sites to purchase YouTube comment replies from this year:

1. Stormviews – Best Overall Service

Stormviews is my #1 recommendation for buying YouTube comment replies in 2023. Here‘s why they excel:

  • Responsive, real users from worldwide locations
  • Moderates every reply for relevance
  • Gradual delivery pace seems natural
  • Optional customization of reply wording
  • Starts at just $39 per 100 replies

I‘ve used Stormviews across multiple channels, and they deliver prompt, engaging replies each time. Their strategic optimization really drives results!

Buy from Stormviews here

Effective targeting and optimizationsNo geo-targeting by country
Moderates spamGradual delivery pace
Affordable pricingLimited customization

2. UseViral – Most Customization

For creators who value maximum reply customization, UseViral is a great fit. Key advantages:

  • Advanced targeting and customization
  • Geo-targeting for location-based replies
  • Guaranteed fast delivery within days
  • Helpful customer service team

With UseViral‘s "Message to Commenter" feature, you can specify the angle of each reply ordered. It‘s ideal if you want fine-tuned, strategic responses. Their packages start at 500 replies for $49.

Check out UseViral‘s offers here

Highly customizable repliesSlightly higher minimum order
Geo-targeting availableCan get pricey for larger orders
Swift deliveryLimited budget options
Stellar customer service

3. Social Tradia – Safest Replies

If account safety is your top priority, I recommend Social Tradia. Here are the key benefits:

  • Comments from active YouTube accounts
  • Optional geo-targeting
  • Gradual organic pacing
  • Manual or random comment selection
  • Starting at just $35 per 100 replies

Social Tradia‘s replies come from profiles with photos and channels – not empty bot accounts. For maximizing safety, they are a great choice.

See Social Tradia‘s pricing here

Verified YouTube profilesNo advanced customization
Gradual safe deliverySlower pacing
Geo-targeting availableSmaller provider
Trusted safety reputation

4. Fast Likes – Quickest Delivery

For creators needing engagement delivered super fast, I recommend Fast Likes. Their key perks include:

  • Comments delivered within hours
  • Worldwide users
  • Random commenting
  • Budget plans from just $2.50 per 10

While pricier for large volumes, Fast Likes is perfect if you need a urgent engagement boost on a video. They deliver purchased interactions almost instantly!

View Fast Likes offers here

Rapid deliveryNo customization
Global profilesHigher cost at scale
Trusted brandNo targeting
Budget optionsLimited account vetting

5. Famups – Best for Beginners

For creators completely new to buying YouTube engagement, I suggest Famups to start. The advantages:

  • Simple online dashboard
  • Location-based comments
  • Customizable replies
  • Very budget-friendly

Famups streamlined platform makes it easy for beginners to order comment replies. Affordable pricing starting at just $7.95 for 25 replies.

See Famups platform here

Intuitive dashboardLimited delivery speed
Affordable pricingBasic features
Ideal for beginnersSmaller company
Some customization

Honorable Mentions

How to Choose the Right Service for You

With many options to choose from, selecting the right service for your needs boils down to:

  • Your budget – Pick a provider aligned with what you can currently spend.
  • Desired delivery speed – Choose services offering pacing that works for you.
  • Level of customization – Vendors like UseViral allow fine-tuned replies.
  • Account safety priorities – Companies like Social Tradia minimize risk.
  • Overall needs & goals – Match a service to what you want to achieve.

Take the factors above into account specific to your situation. Samples orders first if uncertain!

How to Use Purchased Replies for Maximum Impact

To leverage bought YouTube comment replies effectively, be sure to:

  • Gradually mix purchased replies into your organic engagement for the most natural conversations. Avoid blasting all replies instantly.
  • Maintain consistent reply activity day after day, week after week. Sporadic replies lose impact.
  • Actually respond thoughtfully to comments before they get a purchased reply. This strengthens connections.
  • Consider pinning your best responding comments to showcase engagement.

Used properly, outsourced YouTube comment replies can transform how you interact with your audience!

Is Buying YouTube Comment Replies Safe?

Used ethically from reputable vendors, buying YouTube replies is not against the platform‘s Terms of Service and carries minimal risk. However, buying engagement does come with some precautions:

  • Overusing purchased replies risks accounts looking fake. Combine with real engagement.
  • Avoid vendors offering bot accounts or spam replies. This endangers your account.
  • Research trusted vendors with verifiable reputation and reviews.
  • Buying should supplement your organic interaction, not replace it entirely.

While buying engagement alone won‘t grow your channel, when used strategically it‘s a powerful supplement if done safely.

Bottom Line

Comment replies are a proven driver of viewership, rapport, and subscriber growth on YouTube. While manually replying to all comments has its limits, outsourcing replies from a trusted vendor allows you to interact at scale.

Based on the factors above, I recommend Stormviews as the best overall service for buying YouTube comment replies this year due to their strategic optimizations. UseViral also offers maximum customization, while Social Tradia prioritizes safety and authenticity.

Remember – purchased engagement works best when combined with organic interaction. Find the right provider aligned with your budget and needs for the maximum benefits.

Have you used any YouTube comment services before? I‘d love to hear your experiences in the comments!



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