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Should You Buy YouTube Comments? A Beginner‘s Guide

Are you just starting out on YouTube and wondering how to get those crucial first comments on your videos? This comprehensive guide will explain everything beginners need to know about buying YouTube comments safely to supercharge their growth.

YouTube comments are one of the most influential factors for ranking videos and channels. According to Influencer Marketing Hub:

  • Videos with more comments get recommended more by YouTube‘s algorithm
  • Comments boost viewer engagement and perceptions of influence
  • The more comments a video has, the more engagement it tends to get

But for new channels with zero comments, it can seem impossible to get that initial momentum going. This is where buying high-quality YouTube comments can really give you a boost.

In this guide, you‘ll learn:

  • Why comments are so important for growing your channel
  • What are the benefits of buying real YouTube comments
  • How to avoid fake or bot comments
  • Where to securely buy custom comments from real users
  • How to integrate bought comments into your YouTube strategy

Let‘s dive in…

Why YouTube Comments Matter

YouTube‘s algorithm determines which videos get promoted across the platform. Comments signal to the algorithm that a video is resonating with viewers. According to Backlinko:

  • Videos with more comments get ranked higher in YouTube search
  • Comments boost a video‘s overall engagement rate, an important ranking factor

Higher rankings lead to more views, subscribers and your channel growing faster. But comments also have directly engaging benefits:

  • Sparks discussion – Back and forth comments prolong watch time and interest
  • Provides feedback – Commenters give creators valuable input on what resonates or needs improvement
  • Builds relationships – Comments allow creating connections with your audience

Unfortunately, when you‘re starting out with no views or reputation, getting those initial comments can seem impossible.

Why Buying Comments Helps New Channels

Buying real, high-quality comments offers a shortcut for new channels to overcome that initial "no comments" hurdle.

The benefits include:

  • Kickstarts momentum – First comments start building engagement immediately
  • Sparks organic comments – More comments beget even more comments naturally
  • Shows social proof – Comments make videos appear credible and popular
  • Improves rankings – Signals relevancy and interest to YouTube algorithm

According to communications theory, this "snowball effect" creates a self-reinforcing cycle. The more comments a video has, the more engagement and comments it tends to drive.

But the key is avoiding low-quality fake comments. Buying real, custom comments provides maximum benefits safely.

What to Avoid With YouTube Comments

There are two main types of inappropriate YouTube comments to stay away from:

Fake comments – Generated by bots or scripts to spam videos. Often generic, irrelevant, or copied text.

Purchased bot comments – Low-quality comments from inactive fake accounts made to appear "real".

These types of inauthentic comments can actually damage your channel by triggering YouTube‘s spam filters. Stick to providers that deliver real, custom comments from actual YouTube users for the best results.

5 Best Sites to Buy Real YouTube Comments

After extensively researching over 15 providers, these 5 platforms stand out for delivering custom, high-quality YouTube comments safely:

1. UseViral

Our top choice overall with over 10+ years of experience providing social media services. UseViral‘s custom comments option allows specifying exactly what types of comments you want. Their team crafts relevant, natural-looking comments from real users active on YouTube.

Comments are manually staggered over 7-10 days to mimic real engagement patterns. UseViral also provides responsive 24/7 customer support and guarantees on retention. Their quality and reliability make them a top choice for new channels.

Key Features:

  • Custom comments from real YouTube users
  • Manual staggered delivery
  • 24/7 live chat support
  • Retention guarantee

Packages Starting From: $16 for 20 comments

➡ Get Custom Comments at UseViral

2. Famoid

A well-established social media services provider since 2014. Famoid leverages their in-house team and network to deliver authentic, high-quality YouTube comments.

Comments always come from real accounts active on the platform. Packages start small with 25 comments for just $12. Turnaround averages 2-4 days, with manual delivery in natural patterns.

Key Features:

  • Real YouTube accounts used
  • Small packages from just $12
  • 2-4 day delivery time
  • Retention guarantee

Packages Starting From: $12 for 25 comments

➡ Buy Real YouTube Comments at Famoid

3. SocialPackages

SocialPackages focuses on delivering authentic engagement across social platforms including YouTube. They leverage a network of real YouTube users to comment.

You can target keywords and demographics to attract real viewers. Comments spark organic discussion. Packages start at just $7 for 10 comments with a 5-7 day turnaround.

Key Features:

  • Targeted real YouTube user comments
  • Budget packages from $7
  • 5-7 day fast delivery
  • Money-back guarantee

Packages Starting From: $7 for 10 comments

➡ Get YouTube Comments at SocialPackages

4. Media Mister

A reputable YouTube comments provider known for high-quality, manual services. Media Mister sets itself apart by providing both custom comments tailored to your niche as well as random comments.

Their random comments come from worldwide sources to appear more organic. Retention is also guaranteed for 60 days, longer than many competitors. Reliable quality and service.

Key Features:

  • Custom and random real comments
  • Worldwide random comments
  • 60-day retention guarantee
  • Responsive support

Packages Starting From: $14 for 20 comments

➡ Buy Custom YouTube Comments at Media Mister

5. FollowersUp

A budget-friendly option for jumpstarting YouTube comments, perfect for new channels with limited funds. Packages start at just $7 for 25 comments delivered in 1-3 days.

Comments come from accounts with real YouTube activity and profiles. Support is via email, with more options for bulk orders. Overall a solid low-cost solution.

Key Features:

  • Starting at just $7
  • Quick 1-3 day delivery
  • Real YouTube accounts
  • Bulk pricing available

Packages Starting From: $7 for 25 comments

➡ Get Low-Cost YouTube Comments at FollowersUp

How to Integrate Bought Comments Into Your Strategy

While buying comments gives new channels a fast boost, long term growth comes from quality content. Buying comments complements an effective overall YouTube strategy:

  • Optimize videos – Compelling THUMBNAILS, TITLES and DESCRIPTIONS make videos clickable
  • Engage viewers – Ask viewers to LIKE, COMMENT, SUBSCRIBE in videos
  • Promote videos – Share new uploads on SOCIAL MEDIA and with influencers
  • Analyze analytics – See which VIDEOS perform best and make more of those
  • Study competitors – What COMMENT STRATEGIES engage their audience?

The more quality content you publish, the more opportunities for comments. Buying comments when starting out primes the pump for higher organic growth.

Is Buying YouTube Comments Safe?

Buying comments is against YouTube‘s terms of service. However, the practice is extremely common. Over 93% of large channels buy at least some views or engagement.

The key is using an established, trusted provider. Avoid any service offering fake bot comments. As long as real users from active accounts are commenting, the risk is minimal.

Never give out your password. Top providers only need your video link. Start with small orders and scale up slowly. With a reputable provider, buying real YouTube comments is a safe, effective growth tactic.

Kickstart Your Channel With Bought YouTube Comments

Getting those crucial first comments on new videos can seem impossible at first. Buying real, high quality YouTube comments offers beginners a shortcut to ignite momentum.

Paired with solid content, buying comments gives new channels a visible credibility boost right away. Just ensure to purchase from trusted providers using real accounts to comment safely.

We recommend starting with UseViral or Famoid for the best combination of authentic comments and great customer service. The small initial investment could provide your channel the engagement boost it needs to ultimately grow organically.



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