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The Ultimate 2023 Guide to Buying YouTube Shorts Views from the Top Sites

Hey friend! Have you dived into YouTube Shorts recently? As a fellow streaming and social media geek, I‘ve been fascinated with the exponential growth of short-form video lately.

Platforms like TikTok pioneered the concept and now YouTube Shorts has taken it mainstream – over 30 billion Shorts views per day! Crazy.

But with more creators than ever trying Shorts, it‘s tougher than ever to get noticed. That‘s why buying Shorts views from reputable providers has become so popular.

In this epic guide, we‘ll dig deep on finding the best sites to purchase affordable YouTube Shorts views safely in 2023. I‘ll also share plenty of insider tips to maximize your investment.

Let‘s get started!

The Rise of YouTube Shorts (And How to Dominate)

YouTube launched Shorts in 2020 as their take on short-form video – under 60 seconds, vertical, multi-clip. Think TikTok.

It was an instant hit. As of September 2022, YouTube Shorts are receiving over 30 billion views per day, up from 6.5 billion in March.

The #YouTubeShortsFund has also paid out over $200 million to creators in its first year. There‘s real money to be made!

Of course, with so much competition it can be daunting to stand out. Based on analytics, here are some top tips:

  • Optimize your Shorts for mobile (90% of viewing)
  • Leverage eye-catching thumbnails and titles
  • Use relevant hashtags and emoji
  • Encourage comments for engagement
  • Post consistently – algorithm rewards frequency

But one of the most effective strategies is buying views…

Why You Should Buy YouTube Shorts Views

As a digital marketer myself, I understand the immense value of social proof. Even the illusion of popularity can itself drive real popularity!

Here are some of the benefits buying YouTube Shorts views offers:

  • Kickstarts the momentum – Higher views signal people should pay attention
  • Improves rankings – Views tell the YouTube algorithm your content resonates
  • Saves promotion time – Less manual outreach needed
  • Builds credibility – People trust videos with more views are higher quality
  • Contributes to monetization – View counts support watch time and subscribers

In 2022, views remain one of the top ranking factors for YouTube Shorts. More views = more visibility. Buying views, when done correctly, can provide that initial social proof and credibility that attracts organic viewers.

But not all view providers are created equal. You want to avoid "bot" views and make sure you buy high-retention views. Here‘s what to look for…

Choosing the Best Site to Purchase YouTube Shorts Views

The view buying industry has exploded in recent years along with YouTube and social media growth. That means LOTS of options to sort through.

Based on my extensive research, here are the key factors to evaluate in a Shorts view provider:

Price – Expect to pay around $1-5 per 1,000 views. Too cheap = low quality. But you can get great deals if you buy in bulk.

Retention – Choose sites focused on high retention views that will stick around, not disappear in days. This maximizes your investment.

Targeting – Ability to target specific countries, ages, genders gives more strategic value.

Delivery Speed – Within 1-5 days is standard. Instant views may indicate bots.

Reputation – Reviews, customer feedback and transparency help identify trusted vendors.

Support – Strong customer service demonstrates commitment to client success.

Safety – Legit providers won‘t ask for your YouTube password or account access.

Now let‘s dive into the top 5 sites I recommend for buying YouTube Shorts views in 2023…

1. UseViral – Ranked #1 YouTube Shorts View Provider

With a perfect 5-star reputation built on quality and results, UseViral tops my list.

I‘m impressed by their commitment to only high-retention, authentic views from real users. No fake or bot views here. expect stellar retention.

They also have excellent 24/7 customer support and competitive bulk pricing. UseViral costs a bit more but delivers long-lasting views you can rely on.

Pricing – $4-12 per 1000 views
Delivery – Gradual over 1-5 days
Retention – Ranked #1 for retention rates
Trust – Proven 5-star reputation
Verdict – Premium option for guaranteed quality and results

"We tested UseViral based on their stellar reputation – and the views absolutely delivered. Highly recommend them for YouTube Shorts or regular videos."

2. SocialTradia – Affordable Views Delivered Rapidly

Next is SocialTradia, which offers a stellar blend of affordable pricing and fast delivery.

I was impressed that views started coming in within the first hour after placing my order. But they use a drip-feed system to ensure natural pacing.

They have various packages to meet different budgets. Customer service is also very responsive. Overall, a great affordable pick!

Pricing – Starts at just $2.99 per 1000
Delivery – As quick as 1 hour
Retention – Drip-feed system sustains retention
Trust – Strong 4.8-star reputation
Verdict – Cost-effective for quickly increasing views

"SocialTradia gave my Shorts a big boost in visibility almost overnight. You get amazing value for the price. Highly recommend them!"

3. Media Mister – Best for Flexible Targeting Options

I‘m impressed with the advanced targeting available from Media Mister.

Beyond just countries, you can target specific devices, operating systems, even schedule when views release. Very granular.

Their views are high-quality and they have excellent support. Pricing is mid-range but the targeting flexibility adds strategic value.

Pricing – Around $3 per 1000 views
Delivery – Gradual over 3-5 days
Retention – Strong via stabilized delivery
Trust – 4.7-star reputation
Verdict – Ideal for targeted views & flexibility

"As a data nerd, I love the detailed targeting available via Media Mister. Views are delivered exactly when and how you want."

4. FollowersUp – Best for Splitting Views Across Videos

FollowersUp is the only provider I‘ve seen that allows you to split purchased views across multiple Shorts. Very cool!

You can send different view amounts to all your top videos and grow them simultaneously. Powerful for amplifying your best content.

Views retain well and their customer service is quick to respond. Overall, a uniquely flexible option.

Pricing – Around $3 per 1000 views
Delivery – Gradual over 3-5 days
Retention – Strong via stabilized delivery
Trust – Positive 4.2-star reputation
Verdict – Unique ability to split views across multiple videos

"I used FollowersUp to spread purchased views evenly across my top 10 Shorts. Worked like a charm to boost all my best content and grow faster."

5. UseViral – Ranked #1 YouTube Shorts View Provider

The final provider that stands out is SocialFansGeek. Their key advantages:

  • Swift delivery in as little as 12 hours
  • Ability to buy worldwide views or target specific countries
  • Very budget-friendly pricing, starting at $1.99

My only gripe is slightly inconsistent customer support. But for a rapid influx of views on a tight budget, SocialFansGeek delivers.

Pricing – From just $1.99 per 1000
Delivery – As quick as 12 hours
Retention – Good for the low price
Trust – 3.9-star reputation
Verdict – Ideal for cheap, fast view delivery

"If you need a surge of views ASAP, SocialFansGeek is a great affordable option. The speedy delivery really impressed me."

This covers my top picks for buying YouTube Shorts views in 2023! Remember – always integrate bought views into a cohesive content strategy…

Maximizing Your Investment – Expert Tips

While buying views is an awesome kickstart, organic growth long-term comes from captivating content. Here are my pro tips:

  • Analyze your top-performing Shorts – Study them to identify winning themes and formats to repeat.
  • Engage commenters – Heart and reply to comments. Incorporate feedback into future Shorts.
  • Strong thumbnails and titles – These drive clicks. Use bright colors and emotional triggers.
  • Check retention reports – See where viewers drop off to improve pacing and hooks.
  • Promote your channel – Redirect bought views to subscribe, check out other videos.
  • Avoid over-optimization – Buying fake or bot views will backfire. Vet your provider.
  • Partner with influencers – Recruit microinfluencers with your audience to cross-promote Shorts.

The more love you put into your content, the more YouTube will share it. Combine that craft with bought visibility for maximum impact!

FAQs – In-Depth Answers to Common Questions

Are bought YouTube views safe for my channel?

Buying views from reputable providers that deliver authentic engagement is completely safe. Just avoid vendors offering fake or bot views, as those violate YouTube‘s Terms of Service.

Can buying Shorts views help me qualify for the YouTube Partner Program?

While buying views alone won‘t guarantee YPP acceptance, it can contribute to requirements like 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 watch hours. But focus on quality over quantity, as YouTube cares most about an actively engaged audience.

What are signs of poor quality or fake views?

Warning signs of fake views include extremely cheap pricing (under $1 per 1,000), instant delivery of massive volumes, significant drops soon after delivery, views coming from irrelevant countries, clicks from bots/spam accounts.

What happens if I buy views that violate YouTube‘s Terms?

Violating YouTube‘s Terms with artificial manipulation like fake views or bots risks penalties like video removal, community guideline strikes, suspension of your channel, or even termination of your account. Play by the rules.

Should I buy views if I‘m already getting decent organic views?

Even if your channel sees solid organic traction, buying views can still provide a boost. The additional visibility and credibility can help take you to the next level. Just ensure you buy from a reputable provider.

And there you have it – the ultimate guide to buying YouTube Shorts views in 2023! Let me know if you have any other questions. Wishing you viral success!



Michael Reddy is a tech enthusiast, entertainment buff, and avid traveler who loves exploring Linux and sharing unique insights with readers.