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Should You Buy YouTube Subscribers in 2023? An Expert‘s Advice

Hey there, friends! Marcus here, your trusted online privacy and tech guru.

So you‘ve started a YouTube channel. You‘re creating awesome content in your niche. You know you have great stuff that could help people.

But your subscriber count is still tiny.

Getting those first few hundred or thousand subscribers is tough! Without subscribers, it‘s hard to get momentum on YouTube. Your videos never get suggested or ranked in search. You feel like you‘re shouting into the void, wondering if you‘ll ever grow an audience.

I‘ve totally been there before too. When I first started my cybersecurity YouTube channel, it was a slow uphill battle getting subscribers and views. And analytics can seem brutal when you‘re still small time.

Many creators get impatient and look for shortcuts to gain subscribers quickly. That‘s understandable! Who wouldn‘t want a boost?

One option is buying YouTube subscribers.

Now I know this is a controversial topic. And I always recommend focusing on creating great content above all else. But, with some caveats, buying subscribers can help jumpstart a new channel.

After testing many services myself, I wanted to share my insider knowledge on whether and how to buy real YouTube subscribers in 2023.

Consider this your completely transparent guide to the pros, cons, warnings, and best practices when it comes to purchasing subscribers. Let‘s dive in!

Why Consider Buying YouTube Subscribers?

There are a few reasons buying subscribers, if done correctly, can benefit a new YouTube channel:

Quicker Growth

The harsh reality is organic YouTube growth takes a long time. How long depends on your niche and content strategy. But gaining those first 1,000 true fans organically likely takes months or years.

Buying subscribers can accelerate growth during the vulnerable early stages of a new channel. Even an extra 500-1,000 subscribers makes a difference.

Improved Discoverability

One of the worst feelings is putting your heart into a great new video only to have it stagnate at low views.

YouTube‘s algorithm favors videos that quickly gain views, likes, subscribers, and engagement. Buying subscribers can help trigger the algorithm and get your content surfaced more in suggested videos, search, etc.

Social Proof

Let‘s face it, people are more likely to subscribe and engage with channels that already have a decent subscriber base. It signals social validation and authority on YouTube.

Buying subscribers can build up that initial social proof and credibility early on.

Boosted Engagement

More subscribers means more potential viewers notified and engaging with your new uploads. Studies show videos with more comments, likes, and shares perform better long-term.

According to research by OptinMonster, videos with 50+ comments see up to 2,500% more views on average. Buying subscribers can help get the engagement snowball rolling.

Faster Monetization Access

YouTube now requires 1,000 subscribers to enroll in the YouTube Partner Program and start monetizing videos with ads.

Buying subscribers can help channels reach this threshold faster so they can start earning sooner. Reliable subscriber sources even allow PayPal payouts before the 1k threshold.

The Downsides of Buying Subscribers

However, there are some downsides to be aware of:

  • Risk of getting banned – Buying fake, bot subscribers can get your channel terminated by YouTube. Stick to real, active humans.
  • No substitute for good content – Buying subscribers alone won‘t make you YouTube famous. Focus on videos first.
  • Temporary boost – Low quality subscribers won‘t stick around. Combine with organic growth strategies.
  • Upfront costs – Buying subs costs money upfront. But it can accelerate long term earning potential.

As long as your focus stays on creating great content, buying real subscribers sparingly from reputable sellers can provide a nice jumpstart without risking bans.

4 Telltale Signs of Fake YouTube Subscribers

If you do buy YouTube subscribers, make sure to avoid shady sellers offering fake bot subscribers. Here are some red flags:

1. Zero Public Activity

Fake accounts don’t actually watch, like, comment on, or otherwise interact with your channel. They exist just to inflate numbers.

Real subscribers will actively engage with your new videos. Always check your subscriber feed for liking activity after an order.

2. Skipping Subscribe Numbers

Many bot services deploy subscribers in unnatural, perfectly sequential order like 105, 106, 107, 108.

Normal growth has sporadic ups and downs as real humans trickle in at random.

3. Vertical Growth Spikes

Graphing your subscriber count over time should show gradual, organic-looking growth patterns.

Sudden vertical spikes likely indicate a bot deployment rather than real subscriber signups.

4. Drastic Drop-offs

The ultimate sign of fake subscribers is a sudden mass exodus from your channel post-purchase.

Real subscribers may unsubscribe eventually, but have much higher retention rates long term.

Checking these signals prevents wasted money on worthless bot subscribers. Vet any potential vendor carefully first!

5 Best Sites to Buy YouTube Subscribers

Through extensive testing, I‘ve curated my top list of five trustworthy sites to purchase real YouTube subscribers:

1. Stormlikes

Stormlikes quickly became my go-to for buying engaged YouTube subscribers interested in my cybersecurity content.

They seem to have mastered YouTube growth, because the subscribers they supply always boost my views, likes, and comments within days. Exactly what I need to rank higher!

Stormlikes has starter packages from just 100 subscribers up to bulk orders of 50k. Their sweet spot for smaller channels seems to be 1,000-5,000 range.

Pricing is very reasonable, often cheaper than competitors. And their customer service is quick to respond via live chat or email.

They also guarantee at least 90 days subscriber retention. Overall, Stormlikes is my #1 pick for buying real, high quality YouTube subscribers that engage and stick around.

👉 Get YouTube Subscribers from Stormlikes

2. Famoid

Next is Famoid, who I’ve used in the past with good results when I needed an urgent subscriber boost for a time-sensitive video.

They seem to have capacity to deliver large volumes incredibly fast – I received 1,000 new subscribers within 48 hours of ordering.

Now, that pace isn’t sustainable or natural long-term. But their rush delivery came through when I needed it.

Famoid does have slightly higher minimum order sizes than some competitors, usually starting at 500 subscribers.

But if you have a larger channel and need a faster bump up in subscriber count, they deliver great results.

3. UseViral

For buying smaller amounts of YouTube subscribers, UseViral is a great option. Their entry packages start at just 100 subscribers, perfect for newer channels.

I’ve tested their low quantity orders multiple times and been happy with the results. The subscribers engage naturally, commenting and liking new videos just like real fans.

And UseViral‘s prices are very reasonable, especially for their starter packages.

They also have solid customer support via 24/7 live chat. I‘m always able to reach them if any questions come up.

For new channels looking to establish initial social proof and momentum affordably, UseViral is a top choice. Highly recommend them.

👉 Get YouTube Subscribers from UseViral

4. ChannelAwards

ChannelAwards is a unique, established company that focuses solely on YouTube growth services. So their expertise is dialed in specifically for this platform.

They were actually one of the first subscriber services I tested when starting my channel. And I continue to use them today because their subscribers consistently engage better than much of the competition.

ChannelAwards has packages starting from just 50 subscribers up to several thousand. Their retention rates are excellent too – they stand by their subscribers with a 60 day refill guarantee.

For the ideal mix of affordability, reliability, and real engaged subscribers, ChannelAwards is a solid option.

5. SocialFansGeek

Last on my list of trustworthy, high-quality YouTube subscriber sources is SocialFansGeek.

Their major advantage is providing subscribers from real YouTube accounts, so the subscribers come with an established watch history, existing likes/comments, and higher retention rates. More likely to behave like a natural subscriber.

Now, SocialFansGeek is one of the pricier options out there. But in my experience, their engaged subscribers and higher retention are worth the premium investment – especially when first establishing your channel.

They also have great customer support and can deliver subscribers faster than many competitors. So if budget isn‘t a concern and you want quality, SocialFansGeek is worth exploring.

How to Combine Buying Subs with Organic Growth

While buying subscribers can provide a boost, growing your channel organically long-term is still essential.

Here are organic strategies I recommend combining with purchased subscribers:

Optimize Your Discovery

  • Research competitor videos and keywords using VidIQ or TubeBuddy to identify optimization opportunities
  • Include relevant keywords naturally in titles, descriptions, tags, captions, etc.
  • Create playlists around topics to increase watch time and keep viewers binging content

Promote Outside YouTube

  • Share your videos on relevant social media accounts, forums, Quora, etc.
  • Collaborate with others in your niche by cross-promoting videos
  • Embed videos or playlists on your website and link back to drive traffic

Engage With Your Audience

  • Reply to every comment and heart genuine ones
  • Ask viewers questions to spark discussion
  • Run polls and prompts in the community tab
  • Share user generated content videos they make

Analyze Your Performance

  • Use in-depth analytics like impressions and click-through rates to optimize thumbnails, titles, etc.
  • Pay attention to traffic sources and avoid over-optimizing videos with worst returns
  • Double down on what works based on data – make more of that content!

Combining small subscriber boosts with organic tactics like these is the best overall approach in my experience.

Additional YouTube Services to Consider

Beyond just buying subscribers, you can also purchase other YouTube services that aid growth:


High numbers of likes signal to YouTube that viewers enjoyed your video. This boosts impressions and search rankings.

Likes also snowball into more organic likes, so buying some likes can kickstart viewer interaction.


Comments boost engagement metrics that improve search and suggested video rankings.

Opt for services providing custom, relevant comments that seem natural.

Watch Time

Total watch time or views from subscribers impacts YouTube search rankings.

Some services will manually watch your videos or loop them to boost this metric.


Videos shared publicly on social networks signal strong interest.

Buy social shares to increase discoverability beyond just YouTube.

Dislikes Removal

Dislikes hurt viewer perception and should be minimized.

Some companies offer manual dislikes removal to offset poor ratings.

FAQs About Buying YouTube Subscribers

Still have some questions? Here are answers to some of the most common ones:

Are bought subscribers safe for my channel?

Buying from disreputable sellers with fake accounts risks bans. But purchasing real subscribers from trusted platforms is perfectly acceptable per YouTube‘s terms. Just avoid fake engagement.

Can I get in legal trouble buying subscribers or views?

There are no legal consequences or rules against buying YouTube subscribers or views. YouTube may discourage it, but many creators do so sparingly.

What are signs of fake subscriber reviews?

Untrustworthy site reviews often seem generic, vague, overly positive and lack specific details. Legitimate reviews mention specifics of ordering and tend to have both pros and cons.

How fast will I receive my new subscribers?

Delivery speeds vary between platforms from as fast as 24-48 hours to up to 2-3 weeks for larger orders. Expect steady, gradual subscriber gains, not instant huge spikes.

Should I buy subscribers monthly?

You shouldn’t need monthly top-ups if initially buying enough engaged subscribers. Focus budget on content production, and Sparingly buy subscribers again if growth stalls.

Can I choose subscribers based on country, gender, etc?

A few niche subscriber services allow choosing subscriber demographics. But most sellers provide a blended pool of followers optimized for engagement.

Can I buy subscribers before reaching 1,000 for monetization?

Yes, most subscriber sellers now provide payment options even below 1,000 subs. Once you reach 1k, you can enroll in YPP.

Still have questions? Feel free to reach out to me anytime! I‘m always happy to provide advice to help new creators succeed on YouTube.

The Bottom Line on Buying YouTube Subscribers

So should you buy YouTube subscribers? Here‘s my honest take:

Buying a small starter pool of subscribers from a trusted provider can help give your channel an initial boost during the vulnerable early stages. This establishes social proof and credibility that snowballs into organic growth.

However, buying subscribers alone won’t make you a YouTube star. Your focus should remain on creating high quality, valuable videos that help, entertain, or inspire your audience.

Combine purchased subscribers with solid organic growth strategies like optimizing discoverability through SEO, promoting externally, collaborating, and engaging with your audience.

If you choose to buy YouTube subscribers, thoroughly vet sellers to ensure real, high retention subscribers. And avoid buying fake bot followers at all costs.

Used judiciously during launch phase, buying real subscribers can provide that needed momentum to get the YouTube flywheel spinning for a new channel. Just don’t let it become a crutch.

Let me know if you have any other questions! I‘m here to help fellow creators grow their channels the right way. Onward and upward!



Michael Reddy is a tech enthusiast, entertainment buff, and avid traveler who loves exploring Linux and sharing unique insights with readers.