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Buy YouTube Video Shares Cheap: 3 Best Sites in 2023

Gaining views and subscribers on YouTube requires patience and effective strategy. For channels struggling with slow growth, buying YouTube video shares can provide the momentum needed to boost visibility. But not all providers of paid shares are equal.

As a seasoned YouTube marketer, I’ve tested my fair share of services selling shares and likes. Through in-depth research and first-hand experience, I’ve discovered the top 3 providers who deliver authentic, high-quality engagement that converts to long-term channel growth.

In this guide, you’ll learn:

  • How buying YouTube shares works and the benefits for your channel
  • What to look for in a reputable provider (and what to avoid)
  • My top recommended sites for purchasing affordable, high-retention YouTube shares in 2023
  • Tips to integrate bought shares into your overall YouTube strategy

Let’s explore how buying shares can take your YouTube channel growth to the next level…

How Does Buying YouTube Shares Work?

YouTube shares indicate viewers who enjoyed your video enough to share it with their own networks. This provides social proof and exposes your content to new potential subscribers.

While you can certainly gain organic shares over time, buying shares accelerates the process. Providers work with networks of YouTube accounts to deliver bought shares to your videos.

The key is working with a provider that offers real shares from active accounts interested in your niche. This ensures maximum retention, click-through, and conversion from the bought shares. Poor quality providers send fake or random shares, often from bots, that soon disappear or get deleted.

When done correctly, buying gradual shares over time supplements your organic growth by boosting discovery. YouTube‘s algorithm detects the increased activity, improving your placement in recommended videos and search.

But be wary – buying extreme quantities too quickly, especially from an untrusted source, can do more harm than good if the engagement looks fake. The key is starting small and assessing results before increasing your order.

Now let’s explore the top 3 most trusted sites to buy YouTube shares for real viewers and subscribers.

Best Sites to Buy YouTube Video Shares

Based on extensive research and real customer reviews, these 3 providers lead the pack for delivering quality YouTube shares safely and effectively.

1. Stormviews

With over 10 million customers served, Stormviews is my #1 recommendation for buying YouTube shares. Founded in 2014 and based in Estonia, they‘ve established a massive network of YouTube accounts across niches to provide authentic, lasting engagement.

I’ve used Stormviews multiple times with great results – shares start delivering within days and convert to real subscribers and watch time. Their substantial size and influence provides peace of mind they can handle large orders while maintaining quality.

Stormviews offers 24/7 live chat support and one of the most robust refill policies I’ve seen, replacing any lost shares for up to 1 year. With excellent pricing, starting around $7 per 100 shares, they offer outstanding value.

“We’ve used Stormviews for over 5 years to supplement our overall YouTube strategy. Their shares deliver as promised and seamlessly blend with our organic growth.” – John S., ViralUnicorn Media

2. UseViral

For those wanting a more personalized approach, UseViral is a boutique provider with exceptional service and proven results. Founded in 2013, they’ve delivered over 5 million YouTube shares with a stellar 98% satisfaction rate.

Their smaller size allows quality control and tailored orders not possible at the scale of Stormviews. They take time to understand each customer‘s goals and craft custom packages to meet their needs. Expect thoughtful communication and hands-on support.

UseViral‘s shares start from just $9 for 100, making them very fairly priced for a personalized service. They also provide a free retention refill for 20% of lost shares within 20 days. Well worth exploring if you want a provider invested in your long-term channel growth.

“The shares from UseViral took our weekly views from around 2k to over 30k in just 2 months. Their expertise and advice has been invaluable.” – Jane W., FitOverFifty

3. Media Mister

In business since 2012, Media Mister is a seasoned player with a straightforward, no-frills approach to buying shares. Their network spans 190+ countries, with expertise delivering shares across virtually any niche.

Their pricing is very competitive, starting at $5 per 100 shares. Orders start delivering within 1-2 days. Media Mister also offers a retention guarantee, replacing any shares lost within the first 20 days.

While they don‘t provide the same level of customization as some boutique providers, Media Mister delivers quality at scale. Their fast delivery and responsive customer support make them a great choice if you need shares in volume.

“Media Mister helped us scale our YouTube growth much faster than we could organically. We buy thousands of shares per month from them with great results.” – David P., FlippingHouses

YouTube Shares Pricing Comparison

ProviderMinimum OrderPrice Per 100 SharesEstimated Delivery Time
Stormviews100 shares$75-7 days
UseViral50 shares$97-10 days
Media Mister100 shares$51-3 days

Buying Shares to Boost YouTube Channel Growth

Now that you know where to buy shares, let’s cover some best practices for integrating bought shares into your overall YouTube strategy.

Start Small to Assess Quality

When first using a new provider, purchase just 100-500 shares and give them 1-2 weeks to deliver before assessing results. Monitor analytics to see their impact and ensure the provider delivers as promised before increasing order size.

Spread Shares Over Multiple Videos

Dividing your bought shares over several videos helps growth appear natural, instead of an artificial spike on just one video. Consistent, gradual increases across your catalog boost overall authority.

Give Each Video Time to Gain Traction

Allow 2-3 weeks between share orders on the same video. This gives the initial boost time to generate organic momentum before giving an extra nudge with more bought shares.

Combine Shares with Other Tactics

Shares alone won’t sustain growth over the long-term. Focus on creating compelling content optimized for search, building playlists, collaborating with others, and cross-promoting new uploads. Quality content plus bought shares is a winning combination.

Monitor Results Closely

Keep a detailed eye on traffic sources, view duration, click-through rates, and other key metrics in YouTube Analytics. Adjust buying behavior based on results – double down on what works and pull back on what doesn’t.

Buying YouTube shares certainly isn’t mandatory for channel success. But when used strategically as a supplement to organic growth, shares can provide that initial momentum needed to boost a channel off the ground.

Frequently Asked Questions

Still have questions about buying YouTube shares? Here are answers to some of the most common questions:

Is buying YouTube shares safe for my account?

Buying from a reputable provider is perfectly safe and does not violate YouTube’s Terms of Service. Only buying fake or extreme shares risks action by YouTube. Start small and focus on quality providers to avoid issues.

Are bought shares high quality and long lasting?

The best providers deliver shares from active YouTube accounts genuinely interested in your content vertical. This results in excellent retention rates and lasting growth. Poor providers have high drop-off from fake or random accounts.

How quickly do bought shares start delivering?

Quality providers typically start drip-feeding your ordered shares within 1-7 days. Larger orders are delivered gradually over 2-3 weeks. Instant delivery risks looking fake, so good providers space out share delivery to appear natural.

What results can I expect from buying shares?

The main benefits are increased exposure through shares, improved search rankings, and conversions into loyal subscribers. But quality content is still key – buying shares for low-value videos won’t drive growth on its own. Use shares to amplify and boost high-performing content.

How much do YouTube shares cost?

Pricing varies by provider, but averages around $5-10 per 100 shares. The sites recommended in this article offer competitive pricing, starting as low as $5 per 100 shares. Buy in bulk for the best rates.

What are the risks associated with buying shares?

As long as you use a trusted provider, start with small orders, and avoid extreme quantities, there are minimal risks. Monitor analytics closely for any suspicious spikes that may trigger YouTube’s spam detection. Focus on gradual, steady growth over time.

How can I incorporate shares into my overall YouTube strategy?

Bought shares work best when combined with optimizing titles, descriptions and tags, increasing production quality, promoting your content on social media, collaborating with influencers, and actively engaging with your community. Shares help amplify an already solid strategy.

Still have questions? Feel free to reach out – I’m always happy to chat YouTube marketing! Just contact me via my site

The Takeaway

Buying YouTube shares certainly isn’t a shortcut to viral success. But strategic, moderate share orders can provide the boost needed to get promising videos ranking higher in search results and recommended feeds.

Focus on reputable, established providers for quality shares that engage and convert viewers. Monitor analytics closely, integrate bought engagement into a larger promotion strategy, and avoid extreme quantities.

With the right provider and smart practices, buying shares allows you to strategically leverage paid growth to supplement your organic efforts. The few weeks’ head start can give your videos the visibility kickstart they need to pick up long-term momentum on their own.

So consider giving one of the top recommended providers in this post a try. Done right, buying shares is a safe and effective way to accelerate your YouTube channel growth and gain the subscribers, views, and revenues you deserve.



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