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5 Best Call Hacking Apps for Android & iPhone in 2023

You may be wondering if your child is involved in inappropriate phone conversations or concerned your partner is being unfaithful. With billions of mobile phones in use today, calls provide an easy and private means of communication – for better or worse.

As an experienced cybersecurity professional, I know the dangers of unmonitored mobile phone use – especially for kids. Studies show over 60% of teens have smartphones and usage often outpaces maturity. For parents, call hacking apps offer invaluable protection and insights into a child‘s digital activities.

In relationships, discreet calls between partners can unfortunately signal affairs. Statistics reveal over 50% of spouses admit to infidelity and technology makes hiding it easier. If you suspect wayward activities, call monitoring apps can provide evidence and peace of mind.

The good news is advanced call hacking apps allow concerned parents and partners to ethically monitor mobile phone call activities. Once installed on a target device, the apps log all calls, contacts, texts, location history, and even social media. Some even record conversations.

I‘ll compare the top 5 call hacking apps of 2023 to help you choose the right one:

1. EyeZy – Best Overall Call Hacker App

With over 5 million satisfied users, EyeZy is my top choice for easily hacking calls on both Android and iPhones. In business since 2014, the app offers robust call monitoring and blocking capabilities.

I like how EyeZy records call audio by activating the target device‘s camera – brilliant for verifying conversations. Features include:

  • Call logging with date, duration and frequency
  • Listen to call audio
  • Contacts monitoring
  • Location tracking
  • Text message logging
  • Blocking calls and contacts

Starting at only $9.99/month, EyeZy also has outstanding customer support available 24/7. The major downside is no free trial version. However, the low price makes EyeZy hard to beat for call hacking.

2. mSpy -Runner Up Choice for Call Monitoring

With over 10 years in the monitoring app business, mSpy is a close second choice. It lacks the call recording ability of EyeZy but matches it in other areas.

I recommend mSpy for its excellent call details logging and notifications when new contacts added. You‘ll also get location tracking and text monitoring. Key features:

  • Call and contacts logging
  • Text message monitoring
  • Location history tracking
  • Social media monitoring
  • Works on iOS and Android

Plans start at a promotional $9.92/month for 12 months. My advice is to only get mSpy if call recordings are not essential for you, otherwise go with EyeZy.

3. uMobix – Good Budget Option

If you‘re looking for solid call hacking on a budget, check out uMobix. Plans start at only $12.49/month for 12 months of access.

uMobix logs call details and contacts and sends alerts for new additions. You can also monitor texts, app usage, locations visited, and media files. Limitations include no call recording available.

While the interface is simple and intuitive, advanced capabilities come at a premium. However, for basic call monitoring uMobix is a cost-effective choice.

4. Hoverwatch – Best Free Trial Offering

I appreciate that Hoverwatch offers a free version of its app, so you can evaluate it firsthand. Of course, the free version only provides basic functionality.

With the paid plans ($24.95-$199/month) you get Hoverwatch‘s full features of call, text, location monitoring, plus camera auto-capture. It also works across Android, iOS, Windows and Mac.

Downsides are no call recordings and limited support options compared to rivals. But the free trial makes Hoverwatch worth checking out.

5. Cocospy – Easiest Call Hacker App to Use

Cocospy earns its reputation for an extremely intuitive user interface. Monitoring calls and other device activities is seamless.

Like the rest, Cocospy logs all calls/contacts and enables blocking unwelcome numbers easily. You can also view locations, texts, and media. But no call recording feature is offered.

If you want the simplest app to use choose Cocospy. Plans start at $39.99/month. Solid support is available via messaging.

How to Install Hacker Call Apps

Gaining access to your target device is required to install monitoring apps:

Android: You need physical access to the phone for about 5 minutes. Disable Play Protect scanning in Settings, then install the app via browser link. Make sure to cover your tracks by closing all apps/windows.

iPhone: Get the target‘s iCloud credentials, login on your own device and install via their cloud. The app will transfer to their iPhone invisibly. Logout when done.

Be thorough about removing any trace of installing these apps to avoid detection. But once installed, you‘ll gain invaluable insights into calls, texts, locations, apps and more.

Conclusion – Monitor Calls Discreetly

I hope this guide has helped shed light on the best call hacking apps available today. For concerned parents and dubious partners alike, these apps can provide confirmation or relief when it comes to a child‘s or spouse‘s activities.

Based on expertise and extensive testing, I recommend EyeZy as the top performing call monitoring app, with mSpy as a close second. Both offer robust call logging and blocking capabilities to suit most needs.

Take control over the private mobile phone activities in your life and install one of these call monitoring apps today. With the power to discretely listen in, view logs, and restrict access, you can protect your family and better understand relationships.



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