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5 Best Cheating Spouse Tracker Apps in 2023 – Techlaze

Discovering a partner‘s infidelity is an agonizing experience that leaves your mind racing with endless questions. Once the initial shock and disbelief settles in, you‘re desperate to uncover the truth so you can decide how to move forward in the relationship or heal after its end.

In today‘s digital age, cheaters leverage technology in their clandestine activities in ways unimaginable just 20 years ago. Burner phones, encrypted messaging apps, secret social media accounts, anonymous dating profiles – all provide easy covers to betray trust while leaving the betrayed partner struggling for hard evidence.

It‘s understandable why someone experiencing the profound trauma of suspected cheating and gaslighting would turn to an arsenal of their own technology in the form of spying apps. With just a few taps on your phone, these apps promise access to your partner‘s texts, calls, photos, videos, location history, app usage, and more.

But while gaining definitive proof of infidelity may seem cathartic in the moment, it‘s vitally important to carefully consider the ethics before moving forward – especially when children, assets, or safety are involved.

This guide will explore the current best spying apps to catch cheating spouses in 2023. We‘ll look objectively at their capabilities and limitations, along with factors to weigh before installing them. Most importantly, we‘ll provide wisdom and resources to begin healing, with or without definitive proof of betrayal.

The Prevalence of Infidelity in the Digital Age

Cheating is certainly nothing new in relationships. But over the past two decades, the fusion of human misbehavior with constantly-evolving technology has introduced new modalities for infidelity that previous generations never fathomed.

Today couples therapy practices report that 90% of divorces stem from online cheating that started and flourished behind the screens of smartphones and laptops.

Statistics reflect this troubling trend:

  • Up to 15% of spouses admit to having a secret "backup" partner. They rely on covert communication to avoid detection.
  • 74% of men and 68% of women admit they would cheat if assured they would never get caught. Digital channels provide that illusion of assurance.
  • 55% of affair partners first connected on social media. Facebook and Instagram provide venues for reconnecting with old flames, then private messaging escalates quickly.
  • 25% of divorce filings specifically cite cheating via Snapchat or Tinder. Anonymous apps encourage casual hookups with reduced social stigma.
  • 33% of people admit to cheating with a coworker. Messaging apps like Telegram that hide contacts facilitate communication right under a partner‘s nose.
  • 48% of people say work travel contributed to cheating. Business trips and conferences provide opportunity. Apps hide evidence.
  • 65% of spouses report digital flirtations eventually led to physical hotel trysts. Benign online exchanges quickly snowball.

The cheating spouse mindset relies heavily on the cover provided by technology to pursue the thrill of an affair while clinging to financial security back home. Apps that hide contacts, messages, photos, and location history enable almost total concealment.

Until it all comes painfully crashing down.

Telltale Signs Your Spouse May Be Cheating

Before jumping to conclusions or spying measures, take time to reflect honestly on any possible signs of cheating:

Emotional Changes

  • Increased moodiness, temper, impatience
  • Lack of interest in intimacy
  • Less engagement in the relationship
  • Sudden increased net worth

Physical Changes

  • Efforts to get in shape, look younger
  • Secretive increased focus on appearance
  • Strange scents on clothes
  • Vague excuses for absences

Digital Changes

  • Increased screen time late at night
  • More care taken with phone, hiding it when you enter
  • Password changes on devices
  • Vague responses when asked who they‘re messaging

While not definitive, changes like these are red flags, especially when multiple happen concurrently. Take time to observe patterns versus reacting quickly.

The Mindset of the Betrayed Partner

Discovering a partner‘s affair, or even just suspecting it, triggers intense emotional trauma. You question everything about your relationship going back months or years, wondering what you missed or could have done differently.

Psychology identifies this experience as betrayal trauma. It manifests as:

  • Profound shock, disbelief, confusion
  • Obsessive rumination on clues and evidence
  • Trouble focusing at work or completing daily tasks
  • Insomnia, changes in appetite, depression
  • Loss of self-confidence, feeling insufficient

The betrayed partner feels driven to confirm or deny suspicions at any cost for the sake of closure. This desperation provides fertile ground for technology like spying apps to thrive, despite the moral hazards.

Ethical Dilemmas of Spying on a Spouse

Combating betrayal trauma by illegally monitoring a spouse creates a moral catch-22:

  • Spying apps allow access to phone data without consent. This constitutes a direct invasion of privacy and violation of trust, the very thing suspected in the first place.
  • By definition, infidelity means the cheating spouse has already eroded the foundations of trust. This mental gymnastic emboldens unethical monitoring out of desperation.
  • Apps often allow information gathering that exceeds evidence of an affair. Now the betrayed partner is also guilty of unethical surveillance too.
  • Information found could be used destructively for extortion, public embarrassment, or endangerment versus just closure. Apps themselves caution against misuse.
  • Legal risks also exist regarding unauthorized phone access, call/photo capturing, GPS tracking, and data use in court. Laws vary by state.

Before installing monitoring apps, carefully consider your motivations. Are you focused on a measured, ethical path to the truth? Or acting out of uncontrolled emotion that clouds judgement?

Your conscience is your best guide here.

When Spying Apps May Be Justified

  • You have strong evidence of cheating, but gaslighting prevents outright admission. Apps can provide closure.
  • Significant shared assets or child custody are at stake. Apps help document reality.
  • Verbal or physical abuse happened when initially confronting suspicions. You feel unsafe without confirmation.
  • Multiple treatment attempts like counseling have been rejected by the cheating spouse. You‘re out of options.

If proceeding, set firm boundaries around use of the information and involve professionals like lawyers and therapists. Focus only on irrefutable evidence collection versus uncontrolled spying.

Leading Cheating Spouse Tracking Apps in 2023

Disclaimers: We do not condone illegal use without consent. Apps are for personal device monitoring by parents/guardians. Laws regarding recording calls/installing software vary by state. Use responsibly.

If you‘ve weighed your motivations carefully and decided an app is justified, here are five top-rated options:

1. uMobix

With robust monitoring capabilities completely invisible to the target device, uMobix is regarded as one of the most powerful spouse tracking apps available today.

Once installed on your spouse‘s iPhone or Android device, uMobix lets you:

  • View all incoming/outgoing calls & texts
  • Track GPS location in real-time
  • Access photos, videos, and files
  • Monitor activity on social media and messaging apps
  • Log keystrokes to see messages typed
  • Remotely lock target device

A key advantage of uMobix is that it embeds deep into the device system, making it impossible to detect by the average user. No jailbreaking or rooting required.

Downsides are that it lacks call recording features found in some competitors. It also carries a higher price tag than other options. But for comprehensive monitoring abilities, uMobix delivers excellent capabilities.

| uMobix Spy App Features: |
| Call Logging: | Yes |
| Text Message Access: | Yes |
| GPS Location Tracking: | Yes |
| Read Emails: | Yes |
| View Media Files: | Yes |
| Keylogger: | Yes |
| Browser History Monitoring: | Yes |
| Remote Locking: | Yes |
| Social Media Monitoring: | Yes |
| Real-time Call Listening: | No |

2. Cocospy

Known for its user-friendly interface, Cocospy makes monitoring your cheating spouse‘s activity easy for beginners while still packing robust capabilities.

Standout Cocospy features include:

  • Call logs showing all incoming/outgoing calls
  • Text message monitoring even if deleted
  • Browsing history and bookmarks monitoring
  • Geo-fencing alerts when your spouse enters or leaves a location
  • View photos, videos, contacts, notes, and calendar
  • Keylogger sees texts typed in messaging apps
  • Simple 2-minute installation

While Cocospy does not allow call recording or log encrypted apps like WhatsApp, it provides comprehensive monitoring of iOS and Android devices for a budget-friendly price. The intuitive online dashboard also makes it one of the simpler apps for novice users.

Cocospy Spy App Features:
Call Logging:Yes |
Text Message Access:Yes
GPS Location Tracking:Yes
Read Emails:Yes
View Media Files:Yes
Keylogger:Yes |
Browser History Monitoring:Yes
Remote Locking:No
Social Media Monitoring:No
Real-time Call Listening:No

3. eyeZy

If you‘re looking for a tracking app with premium features, eyeZy delivers advanced monitoring capabilities with military-grade encryption.

Some of eyeZy‘s capabilities include:

  • Monitor all SMS, calls, emails, and social media activity
  • Ambient recording allows you to listen to conversations near the phone
  • View browsing history and bookmarks even in incognito/private mode
  • GPS location tracking every 5 minutes
  • Geo-fencing alerts if your spouse enters prohibited zones
  • Access camera to see surroundings in real-time
  • Lock target device or wipe data remotely

eyeZy carries a higher price tag than competitors but justifies it with robust features unavailable in many apps. One downside is that installation takes more technical savvy and time. But for maximum monitoring, eyeZy is a top choice.

eyeZy Spy App Features:
Call Logging: | Yes
Text Message Access: | Yes |
GPS Location Tracking: | Yes
Read Emails: | Yes
View Media Files: | Yes
Keylogger: | Yes |
Browser History Monitoring: | Yes |
Remote Locking: | Yes
Social Media Monitoring: | Yes
Real-time Call Listening: | Yes

4. mSpy

With over a million users worldwide, mSpy is one of the most established and trusted names in the tracking app space.

It delivers premium monitoring features like:

  • Texts, calls, GPS tracking
  • Access photos, videos, contacts, notes, calendars
  • Monitor Facebook, WhatsApp, Snapchat and more
  • Ambient listening hears conversations
  • Keylogger captures texts typed
  • Timely upgrades with new capabilities

Longtime users praise mSpy for its reliable performance and helpful customer support. Downsides are the higher price and potential learning curve for new users. But its longevity in the market makes it a proven solution.

mSpy Spy App Features:
Call Logging: | Yes
Text Message Access: | Yes |
GPS Location Tracking: | Yes
Read Emails: | Yes
View Media Files: | Yes
Keylogger: | Yes
Browser History Monitoring: | Yes
Remote Locking: | No |
Social Media Monitoring: | Yes
Real-time Call Listening: | Yes

5. Hoverwatch

If you need solid basic monitoring capabilities on a budget, Hoverwatch delivers that at a fraction of the cost of premium solutions.

Helpful features include:

  • View texts, call logs, browsing history
  • Location tracking via GPS, WiFi networks, and cellular data
  • Keylogger sees texts typed in any app
  • Ambient listening feature
  • Disk space monitoring

With Hoverwatch, you won‘t get extras like social media monitoring, geo-fencing alerts, or remote phone locking. But for call and text logs, location tracking, and listening in, it provides solid performance.

The free version is very limited, so upgrading to premium is recommended. But even then, the price is far below full-featured competitors. For basic tracking needs, Hoverwatch is a cost-effective option.

Hoverwatch Spy App Features:
Call Logging: | Yes
Text Message Access: | Yes
GPS Location Tracking: | Yes |
Read Emails: | No
View Media Files: | No
Keylogger: | Yes
Browser History Monitoring: | Yes
Remote Locking: | No
Social Media Monitoring: | No
Real-time Call Listening: | Yes

Installing Cheating Spouse Tracking Apps

Gaining access to install spy apps requires finesse and timing. Here are tips:

  • Find opportunities when their phone will be unattended, like exercising or showering. Note lock codes.
  • Have links/files ready to install beforehand so the process is quick.
  • Delete shady emails or texts the apps generate so your access is not detected.
  • Use incognito browser mode when accessing the app dashboard to avoid history traces.
  • Limit monitoring only to critical evidence collection. Avoid unchecked spying.
  • Carefully uninstall once sufficient evidence confirmed or pursuit abandoned.

Healing from Infidelity With or Without Proof

Discovering a partner‘s unfaithfulness delivers intense emotional trauma. But take solace in the fact that you can heal, even if definitive proof remains elusive.

Whether you uncover the truth via apps or not, focus energy on:

  • Seeking professional counseling – Unpack feelings with an objective therapist experienced in betrayal trauma.
  • Relying on trusted friends/family – Share your feelings without judgement and get the hugs you need.
  • Exploring support groups – Connect with others experiencing the same struggle. You are not alone.
  • Embracing healthy self-care – Follow routines for eating well, exercising, enjoying hobbies. Don‘t neglect yourself.
  • Allowing yourself to grieve – Cry, journal, process anger. A rollercoaster of emotions is normal.
  • Looking inward – Learn from the experience. What are your relationship red flags for the future?
  • Being patient – Time truly does help heal wounds. Have faith you will feel renewed in time.

Infidelity exposes relationship vulnerabilities and betrayals of trust. But it does not define you. Take it one day at a time on the path to healing. Brighter days always lay ahead.



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