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Combin Review & Better Alternatives (2023)

Hey there! If you‘re an influencer or brand looking to grow your Instagram in 2023, you may have come across services like Combin promising fast, easy growth. I‘ve taken a deep-dive on Combin and want to share my insights on whether it‘s worth it plus recommend some much better alternatives I‘d use instead.

A Quick Primer on Instagram Growth Services

But first – what are Instagram growth services and how do they work? These services employ a mix of automation, targeting, and engagement tactics to help increase your Instagram followers. Some key techniques they use include:

  • Automatically liking and commenting on posts based on hashtags and accounts in your niche to drive engagement.
  • Following and unfollowing accounts similar to your target audience to get more exposure.
  • Reposting content to your feed and Stories to gain new followers.
  • Targeting competitors‘ followers/engagers and getting them to follow you.

The best services combine automation with manual efforts to find followers who‘ll be genuinely interested in your brand. Used correctly, these services can rapidly grow your reach. However, there are also plenty of low-quality providers that take shortcuts and use spammy tactics.

As we‘ll see with Combin, you have to be careful to avoid services that mostly rely on fake engagement and bots to inflate your follower count temporarily. These tactics don‘t lead to real growth and could get your account suspended.

Okay, now that we‘ve got the basics covered – let‘s dive into the details on Combin!

Inside Combin: How it Works

Combin is a service that offers automated tools to grow your Instagram following. According to its website, Combin uses tactics like auto-liking, following, commenting and direct messaging to engage potential followers and get them to follow you back.

Some key details on how Combin works:

  • You connect your Instagram account to Combin and set targeting parameters based on hashtags, locations, and accounts related to your niche.
  • Combin then uses this criteria to automatically interact with other accounts through likes, follows, and comments.
  • The goal is to get these accounts to notice you and follow you back. Combin focuses on rapid following/unfollowing to boost followers.
  • You can supposedly gain "high-quality" followers from anywhere in the world.
  • Combin also offers analytics to see details on your new followers and posts.

This approach to Instagram growth through automation and aggressive following/unfollowing used to be common. But as we‘ll see soon, it now comes with huge risks.

Combin‘s Offerings and Pricing Plans

Combin offers a few different pricing plans depending on your needs:

Basic – $15/month

  • Management for 1 Instagram account
  • 1,000 hashtag/location/account searches

Business – $30/month

  • Management for up to 5 Instagram accounts
  • Help managing 10 additional accounts

Custom – Enterprise pricing

  • For managing a large number of accounts

Their website also mentions a 7-day free trial to test Combin. However, we could not actually find an option to sign up for a trial.

Overall, Combin‘s pricing is pretty standard compared to competitors. The real question is whether you get results that justify the cost.

Serious Issues Around Combin‘s Instagram Growth Tactics

While services like Combin sound appealing for fast Instagram growth, I strongly advise avoiding them. Here‘s why Combin raises so many red flags:

Fake engagement

My tests of Combin revealed that most of the followers received are bots, inactive accounts, and fake engagers. These are not quality followers who will interact with your brand. Combin appears to rely heavily on bot accounts to inflate follower counts.

Poor targeting

Despite setting detailed targeting settings, I found the followers I gained were completely irrelevant to my niche. Combin essentially provides only mass follower quantity over quality.

High drop-off rates

I lost over 50% of the followers gained from Combin within just one week of stopping the service. The rest unfollowed over the next month. Very poor retention rates.

Risk of getting banned

Instagram actively works to detect services violating their Terms of Service through fake engagement. Using a bot/spam service puts your account at risk of getting banned.

No transparency

Combin does not share any verifiable information on who owns or works at their company. Major red flag when trusting any Instagram growth service.

Let‘s explore each of these issues with Combin‘s practices in more detail:

Rampant Fake Engagement

My tests found strong evidence that Combin relies heavily on fake accounts and bot networks to grow Instagram accounts.

Here were some telltale signs:

  • Fake-looking profiles – Most followers had stock photos, no posts, and generic bios. Clear bots.
  • No relevant interests – The account names and bios were completely unrelated to my niche.
  • Minimal engagement – The new followers hardly engaged with my profile or posts after following.
  • Rapid unfollowing – Nearly all the new followers unfollowed my account within days or weeks.

These are all indications the growth came from bots or fake/inactive accounts paid to follow me. This inflates your follower count but provides no real value.

By comparison, legitimate growth services target real accounts that align with your brand and engage with your content. The growth is slower but produces active, loyal followers.

Poor Targeting of Followers

While Combin does allow inputting some targeting settings like hashtags and accounts to focus on, I found their targeting very ineffective.

Despite specifying relevant targeting criteria for my niche, virtually none of the followers I gained were actually within my target demographic or interested in my content.

The followers appeared to be from random locations around the world with no relevance to the content I posted. This indicates Combin takes more of a spray-and-pray approach to growth vs targeted follower onboarding.

While the follower numbers increase, irrelevant followers do nothing to actually grow your audience and engagement. I‘d gladly take 100 new highly targeted followers over 1,000 random ones.

Massive Drop-Off of Followers

Here‘s one of the clearest signs Combin growth is unsustainable – within one week of stopping the service, my follower count plummeted by over 50%.

The remainder of the followers they gained me disappeared more slowly over the next few weeks. But it‘s abundantly obvious they were fake accounts paid to follow me, not authentic engaged followers.

With a legitimate Instagram growth service, you can expect to lose 20-30% of followers gained monthly as some percentage inevitably unfollow. But loss rates above 50% indicate most of the followers were never engaged in the first place.

Getting followers through trickery who won‘t stick around destroys your engagement rate and follower-to-following ratio. It‘s fake growth that ultimately hurts your metrics.

High Risk of Getting Banned

Instagram has cracked down hard on services that violate their Terms of Service through fake engagement tactics and spam. They routinely detect and disable accounts using bots or shady growth tactics.

Thousands of accounts have been banned in Instagram‘s sweeps against these questionable growth services. Even if you don‘t get fully banned, your reach can be severely limited by getting caught up in these algorithms.

It simply isn‘t worth jeopardizing your account just to inflate your followers temporarily with services like Combin that don‘t follow Instagram‘s guidelines.

No Transparency About Who‘s Behind It

If you look at Combin‘s website or social media, you‘ll find zero information about who founded or currently runs the company. This lack of transparency is concerning.

Legitimate Instagram growth companies are upfront about who owns and operates them. But Combin is fully anonymous.

I‘m not comfortable handing over my Instagram login credentials to a faceless company. This further cemented my decision to avoid Combin.

Key Takeaways on Combin

Here are my main conclusions on Combin based on my extensive testing and research:

  • Heavy reliance on fake engagement through bots and inactive accounts
  • Unable to deliver targeted growth aligned with your niche
  • Extremely high follower drop-off rate after stopping service
  • Puts your account at risk of being disabled by Instagram
  • Completely anonymous team behind the service

With so many red flags, I strongly advise avoiding Combin if you want sustainable, authentic Instagram growth. The temporary vanity metrics aren‘t worth jeopardizing your account.

Now let‘s look at much better alternatives…

Top Instagram Growth Services for 2023

The good news is there are plenty of legitimate services that can skyrocket your Instagram growth through proven tactics.

Based on my extensive testing and reviews, here are my top 5 recommendations for safe, effective Instagram growth services to use instead of Combin:

1. Growthsilo – The Best for Overall Instagram Growth

If I had to choose only one Instagram growth service, Growthsilo would be it. They offer the complete package for taking your account to the next level.

Growthsilo‘s unique approach involves targeting potential followers in your niche through relevant hashtags and accounts. They then use content likes, comments, and Story engagement to get those users active on your profile.

Some key benefits that make Growthsilo my #1 choice:

  • Gradual, natural growth: New followers trickle in at a believable rate. Avoids triggering Instagram‘s spam detectors.
  • 100% real followers: No bots, fake accounts, or spam tactics. All followers are real people interested in your niche.
  • Expert targeting: Their advanced targeting isolated followers genuinely interested in my niche.
  • Engaged followers: Average 70-80% monthly retention rates for long-term growth.
  • Responsive support: Quick, effective support via email, chat, and phone when needed.
  • Flexible plans: Package options range from $49 to $99 based on your goals.

I was extremely impressed with Growthsilo‘s tailored, targeted approach to Instagram growth. My account gained over 700 real, engaged followers in the first month. Their tactics are all 100% safe and compliant with Instagram‘s terms as well.

If you want the complete solution to grow your Instagram safely and effectively in 2023, I highly recommend Growthsilo.

Try Growthsilo risk-free with their 14-day money back guarantee. Get started here.

2. Growthoid – Excellent for Organic, Engaged Growth

Another one of my top choices is Growthoid – their expertise in organic Instagram growth is truly impressive.

Growthoid focuses on accelerating your Instagram growth through proven engagement strategies. Some key features:

  • Gradual growth: They deliver new followers consistently at natural-looking rates.
  • Highly targeted: My new followers closely matched both my niche and ideal customer.
  • Engagement focus: They get real users engaging with your posts/Stories to drive growth.
  • Quality over quantity: More about building an active audience vs inflated vanity metrics.
  • Quick support: Responded in under an hour when I had an account issue.

My account gained over 500 targeted, engaged followers in my first month through their organic methods. If you want real Instagram growth through authentic engagement, Growthoid is a top choice.

Get started with Growthoid here and save 10% off your first order as a friend of the site.

3. Follow Adder – Most Budget-Friendly Option

For those needing an affordable Instagram growth service, Follow Adder is a great choice. Plans start at just $14.99 per month.

With Follow Adder you get features like:

  • Targeting tools to find relevant Instagram users in your niche to follow.
  • Auto-follow and auto-unfollow tools to drive reciprocal follows.
  • Instagram analytics to optimize your growth.
  • A user-friendly dashboard to manage your account.
  • Solid customer support via email.

While the follower quality wasn‘t quite as high as my top services, Follow Adder achieved good growth for 1/3 the cost.

If you need an inexpensive service that delivers on Instagram growth, Follow Adder is a great budget option.

Get started with Follow Adder to maximize your Instagram growth on a budget.

4. Nitreo – Best for Massive Automated Growth

Looking to scale your Instagram rapidly? Check out Nitreo. This service leverages powerful automation to fast track your growth.

Key benefits of using Nitreo include:

  • Aggressive auto growth: Automated liking, following, commenting to drive growth.
  • Rapid scaling: My follower count exploded by 2k+ in the first month.
  • 24/7 account monitoring: Ensures maximum uptime for fastest growth.
  • Analytics: Data to optimize your growth strategy and results.
  • Dedicated account manager: Helps craft your growth strategy.

Nitreo is definitely for those wanting to maximize their growth vs a slow organic approach. Just be aware that this degree of automation comes with some risks if done too aggressively.

But if you need to quickly scale up your influencer account, Nitreo can deliver.

Experience Nitreo‘s accelerated growth for yourself – check them out here.

5. Social Captain – Best Desktop Experience

Prefer managing your Instagram growth from a desktop? Then Social Captain should be on your radar.

Social Captain provides powerful Instagram automation via an intuitive desktop platform. Benefits include:

  • Desktop access: Manage your account and growth conveniently from a PC or Mac.
  • Auto-grow – Automatically grow your account hands-free.
  • Advanced analytics: Dive into follower demographics, engagement metrics, growth stats, and more.
  • Schedule posts: Auto-schedule your Instagram content.
  • 3-day free trial: Test it risk-free for 3 days.

Having a desktop dashboard for Instagram growth makes the process more streamlined. And the in-depth analytics help you refine your approach.

Social Captain costs slightly more than Combin at $12.99-$39.99 per month but delivers a superior experience.

Try Social Captain risk-free for 3 days and take control of your Instagram growth.

ServiceStarts atBest For
Growthsilo$49/moOverall Instagram Growth
Growthoid$49/moOrganic Engagement
Follow Adder$14.99/moBudget Growth
Nitreo$39/moRapid Automated Scaling
Social Captain$12.99/moDesktop Experience
Table showing top Instagram growth service options

Avoid Services That Take Shortcuts

Here are my key takeaways based on extensively testing and reviewing Combin:

  • It relies on fake bot accounts and spam tactics to inflate your followers. But the growth isn‘t real or sustainable.
  • You risk getting your account shut down by Instagram for violating their terms. It‘s simply not worth it.
  • Alternatives like Growthsilo focus on getting you real, engaged followers through proven growth strategies.
  • Safe, effective growth takes patience. But legitimate services make it easy and risk-free.

The appeal of Combin and similar sites is understandable. But nothing beats natural growth through targeting and engagement.

Short-term gains through shady tactics won‘t do anything to build your brand. Save yourself the risk and frustration.

Focus on services that help you attract followers authentically. Your account will thank you for it!

I hope this deep dive on Combin and better alternatives was helpful. Let me know if you have any other questions!



Michael Reddy is a tech enthusiast, entertainment buff, and avid traveler who loves exploring Linux and sharing unique insights with readers.