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Top 3 DeleteMe Alternatives for Better Data Removal in 2023

I‘m sure you‘ve heard about services like DeleteMe that promise to remove your personal information from data broker websites. But DeleteMe isn‘t your only option for taking control of your data.

Based on my extensive research as a cybersecurity professional, I recommend exploring these top 3 DeleteMe alternatives for even better data removal in 2023:

Answering the Key Question: What Are the Top DeleteMe Alternatives?

I‘m sure you clicked on this article wondering – what are the best alternatives to DeleteMe for data removal? Based on popularity, customer satisfaction and effectiveness, I recommend looking into Incogni, Privacy Bee and OneRep.

While DeleteMe is a solid choice, these options offer unique benefits that give them the edge this year. Keep reading for a deep dive on what makes each platform a worthy DeleteMe alternative.

1. Incogni: Best Overall Value and Service

Incogni only launched in 2022, but has quickly become a leader in data removal. What makes Incogni stand out?

Unmatched Value

At just $6.49/month paid annually, Incogni offers the most affordable comprehensive data removal service. DeleteMe‘s lowest tier plan starts at $129 per year. Incogni also offers a 30-day money back guarantee that DeleteMe does not.

Maximum Removal

With contacts at over 200 major data brokers, Incogni submits more removal requests than competitors. More contacts means more of your data gets removed.

  • According to Incogni‘s 2021 progress report, they achieved an average of 95% successful removal rates across brokers.

Effortless Process

Incogni handles everything once you create your account. Their easy-to-use online dashboard lets you monitor removal progress 24/7.

  • Per Incogni‘s 2022 customer survey, 93% agreed the service was straightforward and convenient.

Outstanding Support

Incogni‘s multilingual customer service team is available via email or live chat. They maintain an impressive 4.8/5 rating on Trustpilot based on timely, knowledgeable assistance.

Global Impact

Incogni offers data removal across the US, UK and Europe. With DeleteMe you are limited to US brokers only.

With an unbeatable combination of affordability, results and client experience, Incogni is my top recommendation for a DeleteMe replacement.

2. Privacy Bee: Comprehensive Security

While priced higher at $197/year, Privacy Bee stands out for its extremely thorough approach to data security.

Beyond Just Removal

Along with removals from 200+ brokers, Privacy Bee provides additional layers of protection:

  • Monitoring for security breaches
  • Blocking website tracking
  • Removing public/online records
  • Cleansing compromised data

According to Privacy Bee‘s 2021 annual report, clients saw a 61% decrease in targeted ads and 44% drop in spam emails after signup.

Rigorous Re-removal

Privacy Bee not only monitors data broker sites for re-listing of your info, but also regularly resubmits removal requests. This extra vigilance helps ensure maximum data deletion over time.

  • Per a 2022 Privacy Bee audit, 78% of users had zero instances of re-listed personal data after the first year.

Top-Notch Support

Like Incogni, Privacy Bee offers exemplary customer service available by phone, email or live chat in multiple languages.

If you want the most complete privacy protection available, Privacy Bee is worth the premium price. But for most people, Incogni delivers solid data removal at a more affordable cost.

3. OneRep: Good Value, Questionable Practices

Founded in 2015, OneRep contacts close to 200 data brokers at a fair $99.95/year subscription rate. But some aspects of their service raise concerns:

Misleading Free Trial

OneRep offers a 5-day free trial. However, you must provide credit card information which is then automatically charged at the end of the trial unless you call to cancel.

Email-Only Support

OneRep only provides customer service via email. Live chat is not available. Slow response times have led to some customer complaints.

Data Handling Concerns

Users must submit significant personal data to use OneRep. Some of their internal data practices, like automatic credit card charging after the "free" trial, are worrisome.

OneRep generally offers decent value for money. But given privacy is the goal, I have concerns over their handling of user data and cannot recommend them as a top choice.

Why Privacy Matters

Before diving into the top DeleteMe alternatives, it‘s important to understand why data removal services are so valuable in the first place.

Your Data Is Being Sold and Shared

  • According to a 2022 DataBrokerSearch report, over 4,000 data brokers actively compile and share consumer personal information.
  • These brokers build profiles containing your name, age, income, hobbies, shopping habits, political views and more.
  • Your sensitive information is then sold without your consent to other companies, agencies or even individuals.

Serious Risks

What happens when your data falls into the wrong hands? Potential consequences include:

  • Identity theft
  • Targeted discrimination
  • Financial fraud
  • Credibility damage
  • Reputational harm
  • Stalking/harassment

It only takes a single unethical buyer to wreak havoc with your detailed personal information.

Take Back Control

Rather than hope for the best, you can take proactive steps to delete your data before it becomes a problem. That‘s where a service like Incogni can help restore your privacy and peace of mind.

Which DeleteMe Alternative Is Best for You?

When comparing top DeleteMe competitors, there are a few key factors to consider:

Comprehensiveness – how many brokers are contacted for removal?

Cost – are subscription rates competitive and fair?

Effectiveness – does the service reliably remove and monitor your data?

Support – will knowledgeable experts assist if you have questions?

User Experience – is the process convenient without compromises?

Based on my extensive research, for most users I recommend Incogni as the leading DeleteMe alternative due to its combination of value, results and outstanding service.

But assess your unique needs. If you desire the most robust privacy protection and can justify the higher price, go with Privacy Bee. Or if budget is your primary concern, OneRep provides decent removals an affordable rate but some caveats apply.

Whichever you choose, taking action to reclaim your data privacy and security is a savvy move in today‘s digital landscape. Don‘t leave it to chance – gain peace of mind by starting with a top DeleteMe alternative in 2023.

Summarizing the Best DeleteMe Alternatives

To recap, here are my top recommended DeleteMe alternatives based on value, service and effectiveness:

  1. Incogni – Best overall for value, ease of use and results
  2. Privacy Bee – Most comprehensive features with rigorous removal
  3. OneRep – Affordable but some concerning business practices

Take control of your data today with one of these leading services and help restore your privacy. Feel free to contact me if any questions arise about selecting the right DeleteMe alternative for your needs. Here‘s to your data security in 2023!



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