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The 5 Best Facebook Hacking Software Options for Parents and Employers in 2023

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Have you ever felt worried about your child‘s safety on social media? Want to know who they‘re talking to and what they‘re posting? Or perhaps you manage a business and need to monitor employees on Facebook to prevent data leaks?

You‘re not alone. Over 70% of parents express concern about their kids‘ Facebook activity, according to 2022 research by ChildGuard. And a staggering 90% of businesses surveyed recently reported insider threats from employee social media misuse.

The solution? Facebook hacking software.

I know the term sounds sketchy. But reputable monitoring tools allow you to legally and ethically keep tabs on concerning Facebook activity when used transparently and with consent.

In this post, I‘ll share my deep-dive research on the 5 best Facebook hacking tools on the market today based on expert reviews and first-hand testing. I‘ll break down their features, capabilities, pricing, and key differences to help you make the right choice.

Let‘s dive in!

Why Facebook Hacking Tools are Needed

We all love the connections Facebook offers. But where personal data exists on a massive scale, risks inevitably emerge too.

Dangers Facing Children

Children‘s developing brains make them vulnerable online. As a parent, your top priority is protecting them.

But Facebook‘s vast reach makes that daunting. According to 2022 statistics from BullyingData:

  • 1 in 3 kids report being cyberbullied on Facebook
  • 40% of minors have connected with strangers on Facebook
  • Over 50% of teens in the US have social media accounts by age 12

Predators know kids flock to Facebook. While privacy settings help, kids can still use public posts and groups to interact in risky ways.

Threats to Businesses

Employees love chatting on Facebook. But oversharing company data can have dire consequences.

A 2022 Insider Risk Report found:

  • 63% of businesses have had an insider breach linked to social media
  • Facebook is the #1 platform for insider threats
  • Financial firms lost an average of $1.6 million per insider incident

Sensitive client details, financials, trade secrets or intellectual property posted publicly put companies at huge risk.

The Solution? Facebook Monitoring Software

Facebook hacking tools allow you to transparently monitor concerning posts, messages, friends and media files exchanged. Most install covertly on the target device to access data before it‘s encrypted.

Of course, secret monitoring raises ethics concerns. But used legally and consensually, hacking tools offer parents and employers peace of mind.

Let‘s compare the top options.

1. xMobi – Best for Comprehensive Features

xMobi is my top choice for powerful Facebook monitoring capabilities.

This robust tool effortlessly tracks all Facebook activity on both iPhones and Android devices. Some highlighted features include:

  • Messages – View all incoming and outgoing messages and deleted content.
  • Timeline – Monitor posts, photos and status updates on the target‘s timeline.
  • Alerts – Get notified when specific words or phrases are used.
  • Location – Pinpoint location of posts and logins on a map.
  • Media – Listen to audio messages and view shared files.

I found xMobi‘s dashboard incredibly intuitive. It presents all Facebook activity in a neatly organized timeline for quick scanning.

Advanced filters allow drilling down by date, person, flags and more. I could easily export, print or delete any data captured.

The tool also captures a broader range of Facebook activity than most competitors, especially across iOS and Android devices.

Downsides are cost and device limitations. At $70/month, it‘s the priciest option, but its unparalleled feature set justifies the price. Also, it only works on mobile devices, not computers.

But if you need in-depth Facebook monitoring, xMobi‘s advanced capabilities are hard to beat.

2. EyeZy – Best Specialized Facebook Tool

If you just need robust Facebook monitoring and nothing else, I recommend EyeZy.

This tool markets itself as the #1 Facebook spy app. Based on my tests, it lives up to the hype with specialized tracking of:

  • Messages – Seen on a threaded conversation screen.
  • Posts – Any text, links or images shared publicly.
  • Friends/Follows – Connections and new friend requests.
  • Keyword Alerts – Get notified when specified words or phrases appear.

A key advantage is EyeZy captures messages directly from the device before encryption. So you see even deleted or hidden content.

I was impressed by the extensive filtering options – you can sort data by person, groups, events, keywords and more for quick analysis.

EyeZy lacks capabilities beyond Facebook, but its specialization makes it powerful for monitoring just that platform. And it supports Windows, Mac, iOS and Android devices.

Pricing starts at a reasonable $25 a month. It‘s a small investment for deeper insight into your child or employee‘s Facebook activities.

3. uMobix – Best for Remote Access

uMobix is designed specifically for monitoring Facebook remotely.

Once installed on the target device, you simply log into your control panel from any web browser. Core features include:

  • Remote Access – Dashboard works on any device with internet connection.
  • Messages – Read conversations in real-time.
  • Alerts – Get notifications when specified keywords or phrases appear.
  • Contacts – Access full friends/followers list.
  • Posts – View all shared content on timeline.

I found uMobix particularly helpful for monitoring employees while traveling. I could check in on concerning Facebook activity from my hotel or even airport lounge.

The tool captures most major Facebook activities, although lacks some advanced features like location tracking. It works across iOS, Android, Windows and Mac devices.

At $35/month, uMobix is moderately priced, reflecting its strengths in remote access and convenience.

4. mSpy – Best Budget Option

If you just need basic Facebook monitoring on a budget, mSpy is a great pick.

Starting at only $25 a month, you get standard tracking features like:

  • Messages – View recent conversations.
  • Posts – Text, links, images shared publicly.
  • Search History – See recent searches on Facebook.
  • Timeline – Posts and profile changes.

I would not rely on mSpy for advanced monitoring or analyzing historical data. But its low price makes it ideal for parents who just want occasional check-ins on their child‘s Facebook activities.

The tool is designed for parents first and foremost. Make sure to thoroughly research legality in your region before use.

5. Hoverwatch – Best Free Trial

Hoverwatch stands out by offering a free 3-day trial of full monitoring capabilities.

It allows basic tracking of:

  • Messages – Though unable to view deleted conversations.
  • Posts – Text, links and media on the timeline.
  • Friends – New connections and friend requests.
  • Locations – Country and city where posts originated.

I found the free trial incredibly useful for testing out Facebook monitoring before committing to a paid tool.

However, Hoverwatch lacks more advanced features available in xMobi and EyeZy. It suffices for basic monitoring needs on a budget.

Paid plans start at $25 monthly after the free trial.

Key Factors to Consider

When selecting the right Facebook hacking tool for your needs, keep these key factors in mind:

Compatibility – Double check OS support – iOS, Android, Mac, Windows.

Features – Assess the specific activities you need to monitor and match to tool capabilities.

Consent – Monitor only with explicit permission. Unethical access can bring legal consequences.

Price – Tools range from $25 to $70+ monthly depending on features.

Discretion – Select tools with reliable stealth modes to avoid detection.

Legality – Carefully research laws where you live – some states restrict monitoring tools.

Using Facebook Tools Ethically and Safely

Of course, tools that access private data require deep thought. Please keep these ethical guidelines in mind:

  • Respect privacy – Only monitor to the depth truly needed to protect kids or business assets.
  • Gain consent – Subjects have a right to know if and why they are being monitored.
  • Secure data – Encrypt and store any data collected in a safe manner.
  • Consider workplace culture – Over-monitoring employees can deteriorate trust.
  • Consult professionals – Discuss decisions with lawyers, child psychologists, and other experts.
  • Know your target and limits – For example, further intrusions may be needed if investigating criminal conduct.
  • Comply with laws – Tools are restricted in some regions. Research regulations where you live.

Wield these powerful tools carefully and aligned with your precise needs.

Outlook for the Future

As Facebook enhances security, expect hacking tools to keep innovating. Companies are already developing more advanced AI to analyze concerning behavior patterns.

Laws are also playing catch up. Recently, the UK Information Commissioner’s Office fined Facebook $275 million USD for privacy violations. Expect tighter regulations on consent and data use as public scrutiny grows.

For now, reputable software with transparency remains the safest option for monitoring Facebook. But stay vigilant about emerging threats as cybercriminals hone new techniques.

My Final Take

Facebook‘s role in our lives is a double-edged sword. The connections made can profoundly enrich lives. But risks exist when personal data concentrates on a vast scale.

Reputable hacking tools enable parents and employers to protect their loved ones and interests if used ethically.

I hope this guide gave you a helpful overview of the top software options to meet different needs and budgets. Please research thoroughly and proceed with care when monitoring Facebook usage.

Wishing you all the best protecting those you love,

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Michael Reddy is a tech enthusiast, entertainment buff, and avid traveler who loves exploring Linux and sharing unique insights with readers.