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Why You Need to Know These 10 Key Facebook Live Stats for 2023

We all know video is booming on social media. But within that video revolution, live streaming stands out as the next big thing for creators and brands alike. And when it comes to live video, one platform dominates – Facebook Live.

Since launching in 2016, Facebook Live has redefined what‘s possible with real-time broadcasting and audience engagement. Both individuals and companies have embraced this new medium to share moments, launch products, connect with communities and boost their brands.

To understand where livestreaming is heading in 2023 and how you can leverage it for success, let‘s dive into the key Facebook Live statistics you need to know. I‘ll highlight adoption rates, usage data, content performance metrics and more – all with tips for capitalizing on live video‘s potential.

The Massive Scale of Facebook Live

The big headline stat that sums up the meteoric rise of Facebook Live is over 8.5 billion total broadcasts since launch. That‘s billion with a B!

To put that into perspective, Facebook estimates over 1 million active users are going live each day on the platform. This gives you a glimpse into the sheer scale at which people have embraced livestreaming technology.

But what‘s really remarkable about Facebook Live‘s growth is the speed at which it‘s taken off. Consider that it took:

  • 4 years to reach 1 billion broadcasts
  • 8 months more to hit 2 billion
  • 100 days more to reach 3 billion

It‘s clear that live video has hit an inflection point in terms of user adoption and creativity. People can‘t seem to get enough of sharing live moments and experiences with their friends, family and followers.

As a brand, this shift creates major opportunities to tap into. More On that later. But first, let‘s look at why Facebook has become the go-to destination for live video.

Facebook‘s Dominance Among Live Video Platforms

While other networks like Instagram, YouTube and Twitter offer live streaming features, none come close to rivaling Facebook Live.

According to one survey on which platforms people use to broadcast live video content, Facebook tops the list at 91%. Compare that to:

  • Instagram Live: 29%
  • Twitter/Periscope: 21%
  • YouTube Live: 14%

Table 1: Live Video Usage by Platform

PlatformPercentage Using for Live Video
Facebook Live91%
Instagram Live29%
YouTube Live14%

It‘s clear from this data that Facebook is by far the dominant force when it comes to live streaming. No other platform has managed to match its user adoption and popularity for video broadcasts.

So what explains Facebook‘s runaway success with live video? There are a few key factors at play:

1. Seamless integration: Facebook Live is built right into the News Feed we already use daily. No need to open a separate app. Just hit "Go Live" and stream. This simplicity keeps the barrier to entry low.

2. Viral reach: The ability to share live videos instantly with your full network allows tap into Facebook‘s vast existing audience. Posts can spread like wildfire.

3. Engagement: Facebook Live‘s comment stream and reactions like hearts or thumbs up drive higher engagement than pre-recorded videos.

4. Discovery: The algorithm surfaces trending live videos, profiles and topics, enabling you to discover new creators and content.

Thanks to these features, Facebook Live has become the go-to medium for individuals, influencers and brands wanting to reach the masses with live content.

And marketers are clearly taking notice…

1 in 3 Video Marketers Pick Facebook Live As Their Top Platform

Given Facebook‘s dominance as a live video platform, it‘s no surprise that marketers are flocking to the channel as well.

According to recent surveys, a full 34% of video marketers and influencers named Facebook Live as their preferred platform for live streaming.

Compare that to distant second YouTube Live at just 22%. Facebook Live also far outpaced other rival channels like Instagram Live (14%) and LinkedIn Live (6%).

Table 2: Preferred Platform for Live Video Among Marketers

PlatformPercentage Choosing As #1
Facebook Live34%
YouTube Live22%
Instagram Live14%
LinkedIn Live6%

This data highlights that Facebook has become the leader not just among general consumers of live video, but also among professionals seeking to harness live streaming for business impact.

And for good reason – Facebook Live delivers reach, targeting and engagement that‘s unmatched by other platforms. Over 74% of marketers surveyed said it has successfully met their objectives.

Still, this represents a slight dip from 81% who called it successful in 2018. So while adoption grows, some are questioning whether returns are diminishing as more compete for views.

The takeaway? Leverage Facebook Live for reach, but focus on quality over quantity. Craft content that connectsauthentically with a niche audience aligned to your brand.

Speaking of content, what are brands actually live streaming? Let‘s look at some revealing breakdowns.

Less Than 20% of Brand Videos on Facebook Are Live

Here‘s an interesting finding – when analyzing brand video posts on Facebook Pages, only 18.87% were live videos. The vast majority (81.13%) were pre-recorded.

This shows that while marketers recognize the power of live video, most brand content on Facebook still consists of polished edited videos.

So why do brands seem hesitant to adopt live streaming? There are a few factors:

  • Production quality: Pre-recorded video allows more control over lighting, sound, editing etc. This results in higher production value.
  • Messaging: With live video, brands cede some control. There‘s greater risk of unwanted surprises or inconsistencies with brand image.
  • Skills gap: Some marketers lack confidence with real-time broadcasting vs. scripted, edited content.

However, there are also downsides to relying solely on pre-recorded video:

  • Engagement: Viewers are 10-20x more likely to engage with live vs. prerecorded video by commenting, liking and sharing.
  • Authenticity: Live video facilitates real connections and conversations that build audience loyalty.
  • Agility: Brands miss out on opportunities to instantly cover emerging topics and news relevant to their audience.

The upshot? Aim for an 80/20 mix – 80% pre-recorded foundation content blended with 20% timely, raw livestreams sprinkled in. This balances quality with authenticity.

But what specific types of live content should be part of that 20%? Let‘s explore some popular use cases.

76% Use Facebook Live to Broadcast Events

It turns out one of the most common applications of Facebook Live is streaming events. According to one survey, a whopping 76% of respondents use the platform to broadcast events to a live audience.

Everything from concerts and sports matches to conferences, rallies and product launches are being covered through Facebook‘s livestreaming capabilities.

This lines up with the platform‘s core strength – giving people access to share must-see live moments that foster a feeling of connection and FOMO.

For brands and publishers, event streaming should be a big priority. Key opportunities include:

  • Product launches and unveilings
  • Conferences, workshops and trainings
  • Sports events, concerts or festivals you‘re sponsoring
  • Behind-the-scenes footage at experiences
  • CEO town halls and internal meetings
  • Live interviews, panels and Q&As

The key is providing insider access your audience can‘t get anywhere else. Combine event streaming with an experiential activation for maximum impact.

Facebook Live Videos Average 38,000 Comments

When it comes to driving engagement, live videos generate by far the highest level of response per post. Just how high?

On average, Facebook Live videos rack up around 38,000 comments apiece. That kind of response is unheard of for non-live content.

Comments are also an integral part of the live video experience. The stream of reactions and chat happening in real-time makes the audience feel like active participants.

For brands, this presents a valuable opportunity not just for one-way broadcasting, but for two-way conversation.

You can answer questions, ask for feedback, poll viewers and otherwise engage directly with your audience in the moment. This builds stronger connections through a shared dynamic experience.

Most Watched – 164 Million Views for "Chewbacca Mom"

Live video lends itself to viral fame like no other content format. The best example is "Chewbacca Mom", a short clip of Candace Payne wearing a Chewbacca mask that encapsulated the sheer joy of random internet stardom.

Originally posted to Payne‘s personal Facebook with no fanfare, the off-the-cuff video took off like wildfire. To date, it has amassed over 164 million views – the most for any Facebook Live broadcast ever.

The lesions for brands? Authenticity resonates. By capturing candid moments that feel human and unscripted, you gain the opportunity to create viral buzz and tap into the unexpected.

70% Use Live Video to Reach New Audiences

Thus far we‘ve focused on engaging existing followers. But another major benefit of live video is expanding your reach and exposure.

According to one survey of broadcasters on Facebook Live, 70% said they use livestreaming specifically to access new audiences beyond their current subscriber base and social followers.

Thanks to Facebook‘s algorithms that surface trending and relevant live content, it‘s possible to rapidly grow your following from scratch. This makes it ideal for:

  • Personalities and influencers looking to boost visibility
  • Startups trying to establish themselves
  • Businesses targeting a new demographic
  • Existing brands hoping to tap into a new market

The key is streaming "searchable" content aligned to topics and keywords your target audience is actively looking for. This requires up-front research to identify high-potential themes that will get your video discovered.

Combine this with a targeted paid promotion strategy, and Facebook Live can become a user acquisition powerhouse.

58% Say It Strengthens Brand Recognition

For businesses, an important marketing objective is consistently increasing visibility and cementing your brand identity in the minds of your audience.

So does live video streaming directly impact brand recognition? The data says yes.

In one survey, a sizeable 58% of broadcasters said going live on Facebook had increased their brand awareness and exposure.

By giving fans and followers a glimpse behind the scenes, showcasing expertise, and fostering real-time interactions, brands build authentic relationships that boost familiarity and trust.

This is especially important for small businesses looking to establish a local or community presence. Live video presents a way to strengthen your brand on a more personal level.

Key Takeaways and Strategic Tips

Looking at Facebook‘s meteoric rise and domination as a live video platform, it‘s clear this medium is only getting bigger for both consumers and brands.

But to maximize your impact requires a strategic approach. Here are the key takeaways to guide your Facebook Live strategy:

  • Stream purposefully: Avoid going live just for the sake of it. Tie streams to your audience, branding and objectives.
  • Mix formats: Blend live event coverage, Q&As, AMAs, behind-the-scenes, tutorials etc.
  • Engage meaningfully: Don‘t just broadcast one-way. Foster real conversations with comments and responses.
  • Target content: Optimize video for search and discovery – confirm demand exists for your topic.
  • Promote selectively: Get the word out about your best high-impact streams through both organic and paid.
  • Analyze and improve: Track viewing metrics, engagement, growth and ROI to refine your approach.

Remember – live video represents an opportunity to take audiences along your journey in real-time. Use it to forge authentic connections that boost your brand from the inside out.

The numbers speak for themselves – Facebook Live delivers reach, engagement and impact rivaling any platform today. But by following the data insights and strategic tips above, you can keep ahead of the curve with a winning live video strategy custom-built for 2023 and beyond.

I hope this deep dive into 10 key Facebook Live stats provided helpful guidance and ideas on how to succeed with livestreaming! Let me know if you have any other questions.



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