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4 Safer Follow Adder Alternatives for Your Social Media Growth in 2023

Hey friend! If you‘ve been relying solely on Follow Adder to explode your followers count, you may be putting your accounts at risk. While follow/unfollow can help grow your reach when used properly, overusing these services is begging for a ban.

That‘s why I put together this guide on 4 top-rated Follow Adder alternatives for 2023 that offer safer, smarter follower growth for your brand‘s social media.

What is Follow Adder and Why Consider Alternatives?

For those new to the social media growth scene, Follow Adder is one of the original automated follow/unfollow services dating back to 2014. It lets users bulk target and follow Instagram or Twitter accounts by hashtag, location, followers of competitors – you name it. The goal is for a portion of those accounts to follow you back, growing your follower count.

Follow Adder claims over 300,000 customers and pricing plans range from $27 to $97 per month. Features include bulk follow/unfollow, automated direct messaging, limits to control the pace, and analytics for tracking growth.

But here‘s the catch – while follow/unfollow can work, overusing these services is extremely risky:

  • A 2018 study found 80% of rapid follower services resulted in account bans within 3 months.
  • Instagram conducted sweeping bans shutting down millions of accounts in late 2018 abusing these services.
  • According to SocialInsider, optimizing for quality over quantity by gaining less than 10,000 followers per month can help avoid red flags.

Gaining followers too fast looks highly suspicious to platforms and risks suspension. That‘s why Follow Adder power users need solid alternatives that offer compliant, organic-looking growth.

Let‘s compare the top 4 Follow Adder alternatives that are safer and smarter for growth in 2023:

ServicePlatformsPricingAccount SafetyEngagement AnalyticsSpecial Features
GrowthoidInstagram, Twitter$49 – $399/moExcellentLimitedGradual growth ideal for beginners
GrowthsiloIG, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn$99 – $999/moVery GoodRobustEmail marketing, website traffic tools
FollowinglikeIG, Twitter, FB, YouTube$15 – $99/moExcellentStrongMulti-account management
JarveeIG, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube$15 – $99/moVery GoodVery robustPower user customization and scheduling

Now let‘s dig deeper into what makes each service a great alternative for safer social media growth in 2023.

1. Growthoid – Your Budget-Friendly Follower Growth

Founded in 2018, Growthoid is the new kid on the block compared to Follow Adder. But they‘ve quickly become a favorite for affordable organic growth. With plans starting at just $49/month, it‘s a great fit if you‘re bootstrapping your marketing budget.

Growthoid‘s slower, more gradual follower gains are by design to avoid triggering platform bans. Typical customers gain 500-1500 new followers monthly. While not explosive growth, this steady pace combined with high retention rates leads to solid, real growth over time according to Growthoid‘s many positive reviews.

I especially like Growthoid for beginners just starting out with social media management. The more compliant, organic growth eases your accounts into automation safely. And the budget pricing lets beginners invest in growth without overspending.

2. Growthsilo – Your All-in-One Social Media and Website Growth Toolbox

Growthsilo first launched in 2018 and has quickly earned a stellar reputation for delivering on quality across social media and websites.

Pricing starts at $99/month for core Instagram and Twitter growth features. But what makes Growthsilo stand out are the included website traffic and email marketing tools. This allows you to drive growth on multiple fronts:

  • Follower growth on Instagram, Twitter, YouTube
  • More traffic to your site from social and SEO
  • Email subscriber gain and engagement

Growthsilo customers praise the service for significantly increasing website visitors and online sales. The integrated email platform makes it easy to turn existing followers into repeat customers of your products or services.

If you‘re ready to move beyond just social follower numbers, I highly recommend checking out Growthsilo‘s website and email offerings.

3. Followinglike – Multiple Accounts, Managed Safely

Jumping between managing growth on different social media accounts can be a headache. Followinglike solves this by allowing you to control and track progress for all your brand‘s accounts in one dashboard.

Founded in 2017, Followinglike stands out for their meticulous approach to safety. With strict controls and limits, your accounts avoid red flags even managing growth across multiple platforms like Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and Facebook.

Pricing starts at an affordable $15 monthly for one social platform account. Packages scale up if you need to manage growth across 4, 8, or even unlimited brand accounts.

I suggest Followinglike if your brand maintains diverse social media properties and you need an easy way to manage compliant growth across all of them without spreading yourself thin.

4. Jarvee – Customization Options Galore

In the social media growth industry since 2009, Jarvee is the most mature service on this list. And you see that experience in the incredibly detailed customization and tracking options they offer power users.

Jarvee‘s Windows desktop app lets you customize every aspect of your growth campaigns:

  • Target followers of competitors or influencers in your niche
  • Engage new followers based on content types, languages, hashtags
  • Set optimized follow/unfollow limits per hour/day

Robust analytics track new followers gained, auto direct messages sent, and unfollows. Support agents can even audit your account and suggest improvements to your strategy.

Consider Jarvee if you want to graduated beyond beginner "set and forget" services and really tailor an advanced growth strategy with serious analytical capabilities.

Just know their pricing starts higher at $49/mo for one account and one platform. But the heavy customization power may be worth it for brands investing seriously in social media.

Get Smarter with Your Social Media Growth in 2023

If I‘ve convinced you that diversifying beyond just Follow Adder is wise for your brand in 2023, congratulations! Avoiding reliance on just follow/unfollow tactics will help:

  • Keep your accounts safe and in good standing on social platforms
  • Build an audience that engages more with your content long-term
  • Level up your website traffic, email reach, and overall brand presence online

Evaluate your specific needs – multiple platforms or budget constraints? Seeking website or email growth too? Preference for gradual or aggressive follower gains?

Choose the Follow Adder alternative that best aligns with your goals. And integrate it thoughtfully into a strategy that goes beyond just automated following.

Done right, you‘ll be on your way to explosive but compliant social media growth this year without the ban risks! Wishing you huge success friend!



Michael Reddy is a tech enthusiast, entertainment buff, and avid traveler who loves exploring Linux and sharing unique insights with readers.