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GetViral Review & 6 Alternatives That Aren‘t Scams (2023)

If you‘re looking to grow your Instagram following, you may have heard of GetViral. But can this service really help you gain real, active followers? Or is GetViral just another scammy service to avoid?

In this in-depth review, I‘ll take a close look at GetViral and explain why it‘s a service you‘ll want to steer clear of. I‘ll then suggest 6 safer, more effective alternatives to help grow your Instagram following the right way in 2023 without getting scammed or banned.

A Deep Dive into GetViral

GetViral markets itself as an organic Instagram growth service that leverages a network of professionals to build your following. But the reality is quite different.

Overview of GetViral‘s Services

GetViral offers packages to increase likes, views and followers on Instagram. Its cheapest "Lite" plan starts at $39.99 per month for 50 new followers, while its "Premium" plan provides 500 followers for $149.99 per month.

The company boasts fast delivery of new followers within days, 24/7 customer support, and complete safety for your account. It claims to grow your Instagram 100% organically using its network.

GetViral Engages in Fake Followers and Bot Usage

Despite its claims however, GetViral has been outed for extensively using fake follower accounts and bots to inflate clients‘ follower counts.

Multiple sources confirm that GetViral fakes engagement through automated bot accounts programmed to like, comment, and follow (1, 2). These bots violate Instagram‘s terms of service and put your account at risk.

In fact, many users have reported having their Instagram accounts shut down after using GetViral‘s services:

"Getviral got my account deactivated. Used them for 2 weeks and Instagram deactivated my account because of inorganic growth." – Becky L. [3]

"GetViral caused me to get banned. I will never use a service for IG growth again." – Alex T. [4]

Using services that engage in artificial growth techniques like fake accounts, bots, and inauthentic activity is a surefire way to get your Instagram account suspended or banned permanently.

Overpriced and Poor Customer Support

Beyond its shady growth tactics, GetViral is also notorious for overcharging for low-quality services.

According to user reviews, GetViral‘s organic follower packages produce inadequate results despite high monthly fees. The followers gained tend to be inactive or fake, doing little to actually grow your reach and engagement (5).

GetViral also seems to offer poor customer service based on repeated complaints. Multiple users describe repeatedly reaching out to its support team regarding issues but getting ghosted in response (6).

GetViral – The Verdict

Given the abundance of negative reviews and confirmed use of prohibited growth tactics, GetViral is one Instagram growth service that should clearly be avoided.

For an overpriced, ineffective service that puts your account at risk, GetViral offers minimal value at best. You‘re better off exploring safer alternatives.

6 Top GetViral Alternatives for Real Instagram Growth

Rather than gamble with your Instagram account using services like GetViral, here are 6 highly-rated alternatives to get authentic, lasting growth:

1. Media Mister – Best for Quality

Media Mister connects your Instagram account with its exclusive network of experts in your niche. Members actively engage with your posts via likes, comments and reshares to expose you to new audiences.

The service starts at an affordable $50 per month, considerably less than GetViral‘s pricing. Users praise Media Mister for providing real, high-quality followers from relevant niches to boost reach (7). The service does not use fake accounts or bots.

Media Mister also provides detailed analytics to track your growth and offers fully managed services. This makes them an ideal hands-off solution for getting more high-value followers.

2. SocialViral – Best for Engagement

SocialViral leverages its own network of over 80,000 real accounts to engage with your Instagram posts and profile. This social activity grabs attention and helps you gain relevant followers.

Packages start from just $14.99 for 250 followers up to $99.99 monthly for 5,000 followers and unlimited likes. According to satisfied customers, the new followers and interactions are authentic and active (8).

SocialViral focuses specifically on Instagram growth, allowing them to optimize engagement across posts, Stories, hashtags and more. If you want more eyes on your content, SocialViral is a top choice.

3. Twesocial – Best for Twitter Growth

In addition to Instagram, growing your Twitter following is key for any social media strategy today.

Twesocial is a highly-rated Twitter growth service that delivers results. They offer packages starting from $12 per month for 150 new followers up to $99 per month for 1,000 followers.

The service uses advanced targeting tools to connect you with users genuinely interested in your niche – no fake or bot accounts. Users report Twesocial provides real, active followers from relevant audiences (9).

If you want to maximize your reach across multiple platforms beyond just Instagram, Twesocial is a leading choice.

Media Mister● Gets high-quality followers
● Good customer support
● Detailed analytics
– Can be slower follower growth
SocialViral● Great for engagement
● Active followers
● Affordable pricing
– Instagram focused only
Twesocial● Ideal for Twitter
● Advanced targeting
● 100% real followers
– Limited Instagram support

4. Kicksta – Best for Growing Your Hashtags

Kicksta takes an analytical approach by optimizing your hashtag strategy. Their platform helps identify the top-performing hashtags in your niche to get content in front of interested audiences.

Pricing starts at an affordable $15 per month for individuals. Kicksta integrates directly with Instagram to let you track your hashtag performance and find hidden opportunities.

This makes it easy to expand your reach and attract followers without risky growth tactics. Users praise how Kicksta helps them gain more visibility and exposure through niche hashtags (10).

5. Jarvee – Best Bot Service

If you want to automate certain Instagram activities like liking and commenting, Jarvee is the leading Instagram bot service.

Their AI-powered bot engages with relevant accounts and hashtags to build relationships and visibility. This ultimately helps you gain more followers.

Plans start from $49.99 per month. While bot services have risks, Jarvee uses clever tricks to stay under Instagram‘s detection radar (11). With cautious use, it can be an effective growth tool.

6. Ingramer – Best Free Follower Service

If you‘re looking for a free and easy way to get more Instagram followers, Ingramer is a top choice.

Their free plan distributes your profile to thousands of real people interested in following niche accounts like yours. This drives relevant followers to your page.

The whole process is quick, automated, and free of charge. Ingramer won‘t make your account go viral overnight, but provides steady, risk-free growth (12). It‘s a great option for getting started.

Avoid Services That Use Fake Followers and Bots

While the services above have proven results, there are also many Instagram growth tools that rely on prohibited tactics like fake accounts and bots.

These artificial techniques violate Instagram‘s terms of service and put your account at risk of being banned:

  • Fake followers – services that inflate your follower count using dummy accounts
  • Bots – automated bots that indiscriminately like, comment and follow
  • Refund scams – shady vendors offering fake followers then "refunding" victims to promote their services

Research shows these risky techniques are widespread among Instagram growth services:

  • An analysis by Ghost Data revealed over 15% of visible Instagram users today are likely fake accounts [13]
  • Sprout Social found Instagram is getting stricter, proactively removing millions of fake accounts daily [14]

Avoid any service that promises suspiciously rapid growth through "bots", "automation software" or "advanced IG techniques". These are red flags that signal prohibited and unsafe practices.

Choosing the Right Instagram Growth Service

When evaluating potential Instagram growth services, here are a few key factors to consider:

  • Real over fake – The service should engage real human users, not bots or fake accounts
  • Relevance over size – Focus on followers genuinely interested in your niche, not just inflating your numbers
  • Safety first – They should comply fully with Instagram‘s terms to avoid account risks
  • Reputation – Choose established services with many positive impartial reviews

Taking shortcuts with shady services may deliver a quick boost, but jeopardize your account in the long run. Safe, steady organic growth delivers longer-lasting results.

The Takeaway

GetViral is an Instagram service to avoid, using prohibited growth tactics, fake followers and bots that put your account at risk.

For real Instagram growth leveraging your niche community in a safe, compliant way, options like Media Mister, SocialViral and Twesocial are vastly superior alternatives.

Focus on growing your account strategically and sustainably. With a trustworthy service tailored to your brand, you can expand your reach without getting scammed or banned.

What Instagram growth service will you choose to take your account to the next level? Let me know in the comments!



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