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Glassagram Review 2023: Is It Safe? Is It Legit? My Experiences Explained

Hey friend! Have you heard of Glassagram? It‘s the hot new app that promises you can secretly view anyone‘s private Instagram profile like a hacker! 🕵️

I know you may be curious about Glassagram and whether it actually works to infiltrate Instagram accounts anonymously. I was too!

As an online privacy advocate and cybersecurity geek, I decided to thoroughly test and review Glassagram to see if it‘s worth using or just too sketchy and dangerous.

Here’s what I learned after diving deep into the world of Glassagram…

What Exactly is Glassagram?

Glassagram markets itself as an “Instagram spy tool” that lets you:

  • View private profiles, posts, stories anonymously
  • Download others‘ photos and videos
  • Track someone‘s location in real-time
  • Read private messages and comments

It works by masking your digital identity so the account owner has no idea you‘re lurking on their page as an invisible follower. Kinda creepy, right?

Glassagram is available only officially on Android, with subscription plans from $29 to $99 per month. There is a 3-day free trial of the Professional plan.

I tested the Professional plan which offers the full range of “spy features” for $99 per month.

Steep price for 24/7 stalking access! 💰

Okay, But Is This Legal and Ethical??

That was my first question too.

The short answer – using Glassagram is unethical in most cases, but not explicitly illegal.

Let me explain…

Technically, Glassagram operates in a legal gray area because it only anonymously accesses data people have posted publicly online, even if intended for a private audience.

However, ethical concerns around consent and privacy make Glassagram clearly wrong to use in most situations.

The only instances where Glassagram could be justified are:

  • Parents monitoring minor children‘s accounts
  • Checking on suspicious threats or harassment
  • Investigating potentially dangerous employees

Otherwise, covertly spying on people‘s private Instagram activity is unethical, immature and illegal in some contexts.

As online privacy advocates emphasize:

"Accessing someone‘s personal data and communications without consent for non-essential purposes is unethical."

But even with good intentions, major risks remain…

I Tried Glassagram – Here‘s My Experience

Since I was reviewing Glassagram, I decided to fully test its capabilities – and weaknesses.

With ethical hacking, of course! I only accessed public sample profiles and my own alt accounts.

Here‘s what I found out from installing and using Glassagram for 2 weeks:

Downloading and Setup

  • Easy to purchase and download the app from
  • Setup took about 5 minutes after entering my subscription info
  • Had to manually permit various device access permissions

Private Profile Viewing

  • Worked flawlessly to access private profiles and view posts
  • Also able to download all photos, videos from any profile
  • No evidence the account owner can tell I‘m lurking! 👀

Anonymous Story Watching

  • Could view private stories without the views showing up
  • But stories did autoplay against my will sometimes

Location Tracking

  • Shows a real-time map of someone‘s location data
  • Appears accurate within a few miles in my tests

Reading Messages

  • Can view one side of private DMs convos but not participate

Usage Experience

  • Fairly user-friendly but not as polished as social media apps
  • Some features like search seemed clunky
  • But easy to navigate between sections

Privacy Protection

  • No personal data needed for sign up
  • App isolates itself from other phone apps and data


  • Responsive live chat assistance for troubleshooting
  • But support guides lack detail

Safety & Security

While Glassagram did allow me to infiltrate Instagram accounts anonymously, I DO NOT recommend it for most people due to the dangerous privacy risks and potential for abuse.

Glassagram does NOT protect your personal data and identity at all.

If law enforcement investigated, Glassagram would share any logs and your info immediately.

The app also creates major security vulnerabilities on your phone.

And disturbingly – Glassagram makes it easy for stalkers, bullies and predators to target victims. Not ethical or safe.

So I suggest avoiding Glassagram and using safer alternatives for your goals.

More on that soon!

Glassagram Review – The Verdict

Time for the moment of truth in my Glassagram review…

The Pros

  • Works as advertised to access private Instagram accounts, stories, locations etc.
  • Simple menus and interface for navigating the app
  • Helpful live chat customer support

The Cons

  • Unethical and dangerous for viewing private data without consent
  • No protection of your personal privacy and security
  • Major cybersecurity and malware vulnerabilities
  • No official iOS app, Android only

The Bottom Line…

Glassagram is an effective Instagram spying tool BUT enabling unethical, dangerous digital stalking is never worth the risks.

I strongly advise against using Glassagram – instead, see my tips on safer alternatives next!

First though, let‘s recap the key facts for quick reference:

Glassagram Review Summary

Price$29-$99/month for Android app
FeaturesPrivate profile, message, location viewing + anonymous story watching
PrivacyNone – your data easily exposed
SecurityHigh vulnerabilities and malware risks
LegalityOperates in legal gray area
EthicsUnethical in most non-essential use cases
Ease of UseSimple interface but lackingsome polish
SupportResponsive live chat available
AlternativesSnapchat Snap Map, Instagram Activity Status

What Are the Ethical Alternatives?

Instead of using a sketchy spy app, here are some ethical options to consider:

Communicate Directly

If you have concerns about a friend or partner‘s social media activity, have an open conversation to address it. Don‘t spy behind their back.

Consult Law Enforcement

For credible threats or harassment, contact law enforcement and social media companies through proper legal channels.

Parental Monitoring Tools

Use approved parental control and monitoring apps to ethically oversee kids‘ social media usage.

Social Media Insights

Utilize built-in Instagram features like Activity Status and Snapchat Snap Map to gain basic mutual insights.

The Takeaway: Stay Safe Online!

I hope this in-depth Glassagram review provided helpful insights!

While the temptation to view private accounts might be there, preserving ethics and online safety should be the priority.

Have more questions? Let‘s keep the conversation going in the comments! I‘m here to help you navigate risky apps safely and ethically.

Stay secure online, friend! 😊



Michael Reddy is a tech enthusiast, entertainment buff, and avid traveler who loves exploring Linux and sharing unique insights with readers.