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How Many Employees Does Google Have in 2023? (Key Statistics)

Google remains one of the "Big Four" tech giants along with Amazon, Apple and Microsoft. But after recent layoffs, you may be wondering – how many employees does Google have now in 2023?

In this in-depth article, we‘ll dig into the key stats and trends on Google‘s employee count, demographics, salaries, and work culture as an experienced tech industry expert. Read on for a deep dive into the makeup of Google‘s workforce today!

Introduction: Google‘s Workforce Post-Layoffs

First, let‘s look at how layoffs have impacted Google‘s employee count heading into 2023. According to Google‘s latest quarterly earnings report, the company had over 187,000 full-time employees globally at the end of 2022.

However, Google initiated major layoffs in January 2023 that eliminated around 12,000 jobs – about 6% of its workforce. For comparison, Facebook parent Meta laid off 11,000 employees (13% of staff) in late 2022.

As reported by TechRepublic, other major tech firms like Amazon and Salesforce have also laid off thousands to cut costs after over-hiring during the pandemic led to inflated workforces.

So where does that leave Google‘s employee count in 2023? Based on the layoffs of approximately 12,000 positions, most estimates put Google‘s current global headcount at around 175,000-180,000 employees.

According to CNBC, this still makes Google one of the largest private employers in the U.S. along with Amazon and Walmart. But the workforce is leaner than its 2022 peak.

Now let‘s analyze the key demographics and statistics defining today‘s Google workforce.

By The Numbers: Google‘s Employee Demographics

Google employs around 180,000 workers globally across its offices and campuses around the world. Here‘s a data-driven look at Google‘s employee demographics including gender, age, education, race and location.

Gender Breakdown: 61% Male, 39% Female

For a tech giant, Google maintains a relatively gender diverse workforce. As per the company‘s 2022 diversity report, Google‘s global employee gender breakdown is:

  • 61% male – 109,000 employees
  • 39% female – 71,000 employees

This amounts to a majority male workforce, but a higher percentage of women than many other Silicon Valley firms. Tech as an industry remains around 70% male according to recent diversity reports.

Age: Median Age of 29 Years Old

Google has a high concentration of Millennial and Gen Z employees. As reported by Comparably, the median age of Google‘s workforce is 29 years old:

  • 61% are 20-30 years old
  • 20% are 30-40 years old
  • 7% are 40+ years old
  • 11% are 18-20 years old

This youthful workforce has advantages like digital fluency and speed. But Google also works to balance it with more tenured, experienced professionals.

Racial Diversity: 61% White or Asian

Google‘s global workforce spans over 100 nationalities and includes employees from a variety of racial and ethnic backgrounds.

In the U.S., Google‘s latest diversity report shows the following race/ethnicity mix among its American workforce:

  • 46.8% White – The largest demographic
  • 14.8% Hispanic/Latinx
  • 8.3% Black
  • 5.9% Multiracial
  • 25.5% Asian – The second largest demographic

Approximately 61% of U.S. Google employees are White or Asian, while 39% are underrepresented minorities. Google has publicly committed to improving Black and Latinx representation in particular.

Education Levels: 75% Have Bachelor‘s Degrees

Given its industry, it‘s no surprise Google hires highly-educated employees:

  • 66.8% of Google staff hold bachelor’s degrees
  • 14.5% have completed master‘s degrees
  • Additionally, 8.8% have associate‘s degrees

The most common degree types are business (19.7%), computer science (14.5%), and arts & humanities (11.3%). Over 70 top universities are represented.

This concentration of 4-year and advanced degrees ensures the workforce is qualified to handle complex technical roles.

Location: Major Tech Hubs

Although Google has offices spanning North America, South America, Europe, Africa and Asia, its employee hotspots are in major tech hubs like:

  • San Francisco Bay Area – 27,000 employees
  • New York City – 10,000 employees
  • Seattle, WA – 4,000 employees

Other top locations include Cambridge, MA; Los Angeles; London; Dublin and Tokyo.

In total, approximately 53% of Google‘s workforce is based in the United States, concentrated on the coasts. The rest work in Google offices abroad.

Lucrative Salaries: Average Over $100K

Working at Google comes with some nice perks – including generous pay packages. According to self-reported data on CareerBliss, the average Google salary across roles exceeds $100,000 per year:

  • 89.5% of Google salaries fall between $100,000 – $200,000
  • 5.4% earn over $200,000 annually
  • Only 5.1% make between $60,000 – $100,000

Salaries vary by location, with higher pay bands in costlier tech hub cities. According to, which crowdsources salary data, here are typical Google salaries by role in high-cost areas:

  • Software Engineer – $189,000
  • UX Designer – $171,000
  • Product Manager – $196,000
  • Data Scientist – $170,000

So compensation packages align with other top technology firms, making Google attractive for skilled tech professionals.

What‘s the Culture Like? Overall High Marks

Google is famous for its enviable employee perks, from free meals to onsite massages. But how satisfied are employees with the work culture?

Data from reviews on Glassdoor and Comparably show Google earns high marks in areas like:

  • Overall company culture – 4.4/5 stars on Glassdoor
  • Work-life balance – 73% of employees rate it "excellent" or "good"
  • Diversity – Grade "A" on Comparably
  • Perks and benefits – Grade "A+" on Comparably
  • Career growth – 4.0/5 stars on Glassdoor

The biggest downsides cited include high levels of stress and difficulty getting promotions. But overall, review data suggests most employees enjoy Google‘s culture and workplace environment.

Conclusion: Still One of the Largest Tech Employers

Despite recent layoffs, Google remains one of the "Big Four" technology leaders with around 180,000 diverse and highly-educated employees worldwide. The company culture remains progressive and employee satisfaction continues to rank highly.

While the workforce is slightly smaller than its 2022 peak, Google continues relying on thousands of employees globally across engineering, design, product, sales, marketing and corporate roles. With its attractive pay and perks, Google remains a top destination for tech talent.



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