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Hashtags for Likes Review: This Instagram Hashtag Tool is a Total Scam

As an experienced social media manager and avid Instagrammer myself, I‘m always on the lookout for tools that can help boost my profile and grow my following. So when I first heard about Hashtags for Likes, it definitely piqued my interest. But after taking a closer look and trying it out, it became obvious this Instagram hashtag tool is not what it claims to be.

In this in-depth Hashtags for Likes review, I‘ll break down exactly why this tool falls short and cannot be trusted. And I‘ll recommend some far better alternatives worth your time and money instead. By the end, you‘ll have the straight truth about Hashtags for Likes along with my best tips for finding an awesome hashtag generator.

What Exactly is Hashtags for Likes?

First, let‘s take a look at what Hashtags for Likes actually offers. Essentially, it‘s a hashtag search engine and database. The idea is you can enter an Instagram hashtag and it will show you metrics like:

  • Number of posts using the hashtag
  • Top posts using the hashtag
  • Usernames who have used the hashtag

On the surface, this ability to search hashtag usage data seems really useful. But in reality…not so much.

Here‘s an example of the super basic information you get back:

Hashtags for Likes Search Results Example

As you can see, it‘s nothing you couldn‘t easily find yourself right within Instagram. And there are no insights whatsoever into the relevance or performance of the hashtag.

This extremely limited functionality is the only real offering of Hashtags for Likes. But it misleadingly markets itself as much more.

Some of the concerning claims Hashtags for Likes makes:

  • It‘s an "Instagram growth service" that will get you more followers and engagement.
  • You can "buy real, active Instagram followers" through their service.
  • They will "grow your account" and help you go viral.

In reality, Hashtags for Likes provides none of this. It simply lets you search hashtags. No followers, no account management, no actual growth services.

These dishonest marketing tactics are a big red flag off the bat.

Why You Should Avoid Hashtags for Likes

Beyond the misleading claims, here are several other reasons I strongly advise staying away from Hashtags for Likes:

You can already search hashtags for free:

Doing a hashtag search directly within Instagram gives you the same basic information without needing to pay anything. The small amount of data Hashtags for Likes provides is not worth paying for.

No helpful analytics or insights:

Hashtags for Likes offers no tracking, analytics, or data to actually help you improve your hashtag strategy. You get no sense of which hashtags are effective and no tools to manage them.

Risk of getting banned:

To function, Hashtags for Likes requires you to provide your Instagram login credentials. This puts your account at huge risk of getting banned for violating Instagram‘s terms of service. I would never hand over my login to a sketchy third-party app.

No refunds:

While Hashtags for Likes claims to offer refunds, many customers report they are unable to get their money back. And with no free trial option, you take on all the risk.

Mediocre features for a high price:

For what it provides, Hashtags for Likes charges an egregious price, ranging from $15 per week to $38 per month. Many superior tools cost the same or even less.

With competitors offering way more value and transparency, Hashtags for Likes just can‘t compete.

How Does Hashtags for Likes Work?

To use Hashtags for Likes, the first step is entering your Instagram username and password to connect your account.

This is something I would never do. Handing over your login credentials to a third-party app is incredibly risky and goes against Instagram‘s terms. But it‘s required for Hashtags for Likes to function.

Once your account is connected, you can search for any hashtag term. As I showed earlier, the results you get back are extremely basic, just showing:

  • Number of posts
  • Top posts
  • Usernames using the hashtag

And…that‘s it! No other analytics or data at all.

You do not get any actual followers, likes, or engagement through Hashtags for Likes. It purely lets you search hashtag usage data in a very limited way. The claims of growing your followers are complete lies.

Pricing Breakdown

Here is the pricing structure for Hashtags for Likes:

  • $15 per week – Basic hashtag search
  • $38 per month – The exact same features as the weekly plan

There is no difference in features between the tiers. You‘re paying that price purely for the ability to search hashtags.

To put that price in perspective, most advanced Instagram analytics tools cost between $10-20 per month. For the features it offers, Hashtags for Likes pricing is outrageous.

Especially when you consider there is no free trial to test it out first. And many customers report being unable to get a refund from their poor money-back guarantee.

In my opinion, Hashtags for Likes provides almost no value while putting your account at risk. And with so many better alternatives out there, it makes zero sense to pay their ridiculous prices.

My Experience Using Hashtags for Likes

To provide first-hand insight for this Hashtags for Likes review, I signed up for a trial month myself.

The signup process was quick and easy. All I had to do was create a password and enter my Instagram username.

Immediately after linking my account, I felt uneasy. I don‘t like providing my login credentials to any outside service if I can avoid it. There‘s always the risk your account gets hacked or banned.

But I proceeded with searching some popular hashtags related to my account niche. And the results were…underwhelming, to say the least.

The metrics provided were very minimal. For example, here‘s what I got back for the hashtag #socialmediatips:

  • Posts: 1.2 million
  • Top posts: Showed 12 posts with highest engagement
  • Users: @socialmediaagency, @smmanagers, and 10 others who recently used the tag

Again, this is the same high-level data I could easily get just by searching within the Instagram app itself. The results gave me no beneficial insights or analytics.

In the end, I found no value in the tool whatsoever. And I immediately removed my account from Hashtags for Likes to prevent any potential issues.

There are so many fantastic Instagram analytics platforms out there that provide incredibly helpful data and features. Hashtags for Likes felt like a total scam in comparison.

My Recommended Hashtag Tools

If you‘re looking for an awesome hashtag generator that actually helps grow your Instagram, here are my top recommendations:

Task Ant

Task Ant is a relative newcomer in the social media marketing space. But their modern approach to Instagram analytics is seriously impressive.

I love Task Ant for the in-depth hashtag research they provide. Their tools analyze historical performance, engagement rates, audience demographics, and more for every hashtag. This helps you find the most relevant and high-potential hashtags to drive growth.

And the pricing is super affordable at just starting at $9.99 per month. Plus, Task Ant offers a free trial so you can test it out.

For hashtag research, Task Ant is hands-down one of the best options available now.


Growthsilo isn‘t just a hashtag tool – they provide complete Instagram growth management. Their service includes researching high-performing hashtags for your niche as just one part of their strategy.

Growthsilo also helps with content optimization, analytics, account auditing, and sophisticated automation tools. And their team strategists can provide one-on-one expertise to grow your account.

For an all-in-one Instagram growth solution, I highly recommend checking out Growthsilo. Their complete management service starts at just $49 per month.

And the best part is they offer a free growth consultation upfront. So you can get custom recommendations for your brand before purchasing.


If you‘re looking for an affordable hashtag tool from a trusted, established company, Flick is a great choice. They‘ve been around since 2014 and offer both free and paid plans.

The free version of Flick provides helpful analytics like top hashtags in your niche, recent viral posts in your industry, and more. It gives you solid insights at no cost.

To unlock more advanced functionality, Flick‘s paid service starts at just $10 per month. This adds integration with IG scheduling apps, unlimited analytics, Instagram monitoring, and real-time tracking.

For a budget-friendly hashtag generator from an experienced industry leader, I recommend checking out Flick.

Follow Adder

With Follow Adder‘s hashtag generator, I love that you get complete control and customization. Their desktop app lets you track real-time performance for all your hashtags and easily edit those not performing well.

Advanced filters, excel reporting, notifications, and more make it easy to stay on top of your hashtag strategy. And pricing starts at an affordable $27 per month.

If you want robust management capabilities for your hashtags, Follow Adder is a great premium choice.

Final Thoughts

Let‘s recap my honest takeaways from this Hashtags for Likes review:

The Good:

  • Simple hashtag search engine

The Bad:

  • Misleading marketing and claims around growth
  • Very limited functionality
  • Overpriced for what‘s offered
  • Poor refund policy and customer service
  • Requires handing over your Instagram password

The Bottom Line:

With shady practices, poor service, and no real value provided, I strongly advise avoiding Hashtags for Likes. There are so many better hashtag tools available for similar (or lower) pricing.

Doing hashtag research is crucial for Instagram growth. But Hashtags for Likes offers no actual help in improving your strategy. For analytics and management capabilities that work, go with Task Ant, Growthsilo, Flick, or Follow Adder instead.

Thanks for reading this exhaustive Hashtags for Likes review! Let me know in the comments if you have any other questions.



Michael Reddy is a tech enthusiast, entertainment buff, and avid traveler who loves exploring Linux and sharing unique insights with readers.