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Hashtracking Review & 8 Top Alternatives for Effective Hashtag Tracking in 2023

Are you looking to step up your Instagram or Twitter hashtag strategy in 2023? Want to better track campaign performance, find relevant hashtags, and benchmark against competitors?

If so, you may be considering an analytics platform like Hashtracking.

But before committing, it‘s wise to explore alternatives on the market. This review will break down the pros and cons of Hashtracking, along with 8 top competitors, to help you determine the best hashtag tracking solution for your brand this year.

A Deep Dive into Hashtracking

Hashtracking is a robust hashtag tracking and analytics platform designed for in-depth monitoring of both your own hashtag performance as well as your competitors‘.

The tool provides real-time tracking of mentions and usage of your target hashtags across social media. You can set up an unlimited number of trackers to follow specific hashtag campaigns or influencer partnerships.

Hashtracking captures rich analytics on both historical and real-time performance:

  • Volume of posts using the hashtag over time
  • Top posts and profiles driving engagement
  • Demographic data on who‘s using your hashtags
  • Geographic spread and viral trends

You can dig deep on competitor performance benchmarks too. Hashtracking will highlight top performers in your market and reveal opportunities to optimize your own strategy.

I‘ll expand more on Hashtracking‘s capabilities below, along with its limitations compared to alternatives.

First, let‘s look at some key hashtag and social media analytics to set context.

The Importance of Hashtag Tracking in 2023

Hashtags remain one of the most effective tactics for expanding visibility and engagement on today‘s social platforms.

According to Sprout Social, hashtags boost engagement rates by 50% on Instagram and Twitter. And HubSpot found that Instagram posts with 11+ tags average the highest engagement.

But with over 500 million hashtags used daily on Instagram alone, competition is fierce. 60% of hashtags on the platform are used just once, with 75% used less than 5 times.

This creates massive challenges for marketers looking to cut through the noise. That‘s where comprehensive hashtag tracking and analytics come in.

Tools like Hashtracking allow you to:

  • Quickly identify high-performing relevant hashtags to maximize reach
  • Monitor campaign performance in real-time
  • Optimize timing and usage for optimal engagement
  • Uncover new opportunities and influencer partnerships

Now let‘s analyze how Hashtracking specifically delivers on those needs.

Hashtracking Features and Capabilities

Hashtracking comes equipped with a robust set of features to track and analyze hashtag performance from every angle.

Real-Time Monitoring and Alerts

The platform‘s key strength is its real-time monitoring capabilities. You can instantly see when specified hashtags are used, including volume, related metrics, and top posts driving engagement.

Configurable alerts notify you when key thresholds are hit. This enables responding and engaging with viral hashtag moments as they occur.

Custom Reporting and Analytics

Hashtracking allows generating historical performance reports to uncover trends and opportunities. You can segment analytics by hashtag, date range, region, and more.

Key metrics provided include:

  • Total and unique posts/profiles using hashtags
  • Likes, comments, and engagement rates over time
  • Top contributing profiles and posts
  • Audience demographics and interests
  • Geographic usage heatmaps

Robust filters allow drilling down on the data tailored to your priorities.

Competitor Benchmarking

One of Hashtracking‘s most powerful features is its ability to benchmark performance against competitors.

You can compare engagement rates, top posts, user demographics, and growth trajectories to find creative ways to one-up competitors in your niche. This competitive intelligence is invaluable for maximizing your own hashtag strategy.

Customizable Tracking and Subscriptions

Hashtracking offers customizable subscriptions to match your budget and needs. Plans start at $60/month for up to 10k monthly Instagram posts tracked. Higher tiers unlock more trackers, posts, and features.

You can request a custom enterprise quote for large-scale or complex campaigns. Support options range from email-only at low tiers to 24/7 live chat on premium plans.

Hashtracking Limitations and Drawbacks

Hashtracking is a top performer, but still has some limitations:

  • Steep learning curve for new users
  • Expensive subscription plans
  • Confusing navigation and dashboard design
  • Lack of post scheduling or content publishing
  • Limited integration outside its own platform

Next, we‘ll explore some alternative hashtag tools that address these potential drawbacks.

Hashtracking Competitors and Alternatives

Hashtracking leads in breadth of tracking capabilities. But for different needs and budgets, many alternatives exist.

I compared over 25 hashtag analytics platforms on key criteria to surface the top options. Here are 8 Hashtracking alternatives to consider:

1. Task Ant – Simple and Affordable Entry Point

Task Ant provides an easy entry point for basic hashtag tracking. It‘s designed for solopreneurs and small teams needing an economical solution.


  • Straightforward tracking up to 5 hashtags for free
  • Hashtag suggestions based on your niche
  • Post scheduling calendar built-in


  • Maximum of 10 trackers on paid plans
  • Fairly basic analytics and reporting
  • Lack of competitive benchmarking

Pricing: Starts free up to $29/month for the Pro plan

2. Flick – Robust Analytics and Competitor Intelligence

Flick stands out for its depth of analytics around both your own campaigns and competitor performance.


  • Powerful historical analytics across 30+ metrics
  • Daily/weekly reporting and export options
  • Predictive modeling and recommendation engine


  • Complex interface less intuitive than Hashtracking‘s
  • More expensive with minimum $99/month plan
  • Real-time alerts need improvement

Pricing: $99-$899/month

3. Hovrly – Real-Time Performance Optimization

Hovrly focuses on instant insights for optimizing hashtag timing and interactions.


  • Detailed real-time feed of hashtag mentions
  • Tools for engaging top posts immediately
  • Recommendations for timing based on trends


  • Very niche, less full-featured reporting
  • Minimal historical data outside real-time window
  • Pricing not transparent upfront

Pricing: Custom quotes

4. Socialert – Budget Hashtag Monitoring

Socialert provides an ultra-affordable option for tracking a limited set of hashtags.


  • Starts free for 2 trackers, up to 10 trackers for $7/month
  • Real-time monitoring feed and basic metrics
  • Email and mobile alerts


  • Very limited historical reporting
  • Maximum of 10 trackers limits use cases
  • Light on competitive intelligence

Pricing: Free – $7/month

5. Impact – Expert Social Media Analytics

Impact offers enterprise-scale analytics across paid, owned, and earned social media.


  • Cross-platform analytics beyond just hashtags
  • Brand sentiment, demographic, and psychographic analytics
  • Data science-driven recommendations


  • Overkill for only hashtag monitoring needs
  • Very expensive
  • More complex UX and onboarding

Pricing: Custom enterprise quotes

6. Wildfire – Integrated Social Media Management

Wildfire combines robust analytics with an integrated suite of social media management tools.


  • Post scheduling, UGC curation, account management
  • Audience segmentation and campaign reporting
  • Powerful Google Analytics integration


  • Analytics not focused specifically on hashtags
  • Learning curve given breadth of platform
  • Minimum $600/month entry point

Pricing: $600-$5000/month

7. FollowerWonk – Expert Twitter Analytics

FollowerWonk specializes in deep Twitter analytics – perfect for tracking hashtag campaigns.


  • Specific focus on Twitter performance
  • Helps identify influencers by hashtag
  • Benchmark Twitter authority in niche


  • Twitter-only limits benefits for other platforms
  • Fairly expensive for capabilities
  • Dated interface and weaker support

Pricing: $79/month

8. Iconosquare – Integrations Galore

Iconosquare connects with Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter for unified analytics.


  • Broad platform integrations beyond Instagram
  • Clean customizable dashboards
  • Scheduling and content curation builtin


  • Real-time tracking lags competitors
  • Mobile app needs work
  • Advanced features require premium plan

Pricing: $29-$119/month

Key Factors to Consider When Comparing Alternatives

With so many options to evaluate, focus on a few key factors:

  • Budget – Monthly plans range from $0 to over $1000+
  • Platform focus – Some specialize only in Instagram or Twitter vs unified analytics
  • Niche capabilities – Real-time vs historical data, competitive benchmarking, influencer discovery etc.
  • Integrations – Assessing wider platform ecosystem and workflows
  • Ease of use – From onboarding to interface to support

Recommendations: Choosing the Right Platform For You

The best hashtag tracking solution depends heavily on your specific use cases and business needs. Here are a few guidelines based on priority:

Need easy onboarding and simple tracking? Go with Task Ant or Socialert.

Want maximum competitive intelligence? Choose Flick or Hashtracking.

Need expert guidance and fully managed strategy? Growthoid is ideal.

Have limited budget? Socialert and Task Ant provide the most value.

Already use robust social media tools? Opt for an integrated platform like Wildfire or Iconosquare then.

Care most about real-time optimization? Hovrly is purpose-built for that.

Take time to carefully evaluate options against your priorities. Many provide free trials to test out the platform with your own data.

The right hashtag tracking tool provides invaluable insights to maximize your hashtag performance on social media. I hope this review gives you a comprehensive starting point to find the best solution to skyrocket yourreach and engagement throughout 2023!



Michael Reddy is a tech enthusiast, entertainment buff, and avid traveler who loves exploring Linux and sharing unique insights with readers.