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The Complete Guide to Auto Liking on Instagram with Increditools in 2023

Are you looking for hands-free ways to gain more Instagram followers this year? Want to leverage auto liking to engage users and grow your account without manually browsing the app for hours?

If so, you‘ll love using Increditools for automated Instagram likes.

In this comprehensive guide, I‘ll explain exactly how Increditools‘ auto liker works, tips to use it effectively, and everything you need to set up auto liking on Instagram in just minutes. Let‘s get started!

Why Use Auto Liking on Instagram?

Before we dive into how to auto like, let‘s review the reasons why you should consider auto liking as part of your Instagram strategy:

  • Saves a ton of time – Manually liking posts and finding relevant content to interact with takes ages. Automation means regaining all those lost hours back for other work.
  • Increases your account reach – When you like posts, those users get notified and may check out your profile. This is an easy way to put your brand in front of tons of new people.
  • Helps you find relevant content – Auto liking tools let you target posts by hashtag, location, etc. It brings new content in your niche onto your radar.
  • It‘s affordable – For what you‘d pay an assistant to manually like posts for an hour, auto likers provide that service 24/7. It‘s very cost-effective.

Now let‘s look at why Increditools is one of the best options for auto liking specifically.

Why Choose Increditools for Auto Liking?

While there are dozens of automation tools for Instagram, Increditools stands out as one of the most powerful and easy-to-use auto likers.

Here are some of the key advantages Increditools provides:

  • Reliable service running since 2016 – They have years of experience managing Instagram automation successfully.
  • Liking limits to prevent bans – Increditools automatically stays under Instagram‘s liking caps to keep your account safe.
  • Netflix-style subscription – Pay monthly or yearly for unlimited access, cancel anytime. No annoying transaction fees.
  • Dedicated support team – Get help from real humans via email or live chat if you need assistance.
  • Affordable pricing – Plans start at just $10/month, cheaper than many competing services.
  • Free trial available – Test out Increditools‘ auto liker for free for 14 days.

I‘ll expand more on Increditools‘ specific features later. But first, let‘s dive into step-by-step instructions on getting set up.

Step 1 – Sign Up for Increditools

Getting started with Increditools is fast and easy. Just head over to their website and click "Get Started".

You can choose from monthly or discounted annual subscription plans. I recommend starting with the "Starter" monthly plan at just $10/month. This includes 150 automated likes per day, which is sufficient for most personal or small business accounts.

Next, enter your payment details. Increditools accepts all major credit cards and PayPal.

That‘s it! Your account will instantly activate, so you can immediately start setting up auto liking.

Step 2 – Connect Your Instagram Account

Now it‘s time to connect your Instagram account so Increditools can interact on your behalf.

Under the "Settings" tab in your Increditools dashboard, click "Connect Account". Enter the username and password for the Instagram account you want to auto like from.

Connecting Instagram takes just a few seconds. And you can always disconnect your account again at any time.

A neat benefit is you can connect multiple Instagram profiles to a single Increditools account. So you could manage auto liking for both a personal and business Instagram from one place.

Step 3 – Configure Your Auto Like Targets

Here comes the fun part – setting up the rules for what types of Instagram posts you want your account to automatically like.

Head to the "Targets" section. You‘ll find tons of options to filter content to like, including:

  • Usernames – Auto like posts from specific Instagram usernames
  • Hashtags – Like posts that contain given hashtags, e.g. #instagram
  • Locations – Target posts tagged at certain cities, venues, landmarks
  • Followers of – Like posts from the followers of designated accounts
  • Your media likes – Re-like posts that you manually liked while browsing Instagram

You can enter as many targets across these categories as you want. The key is to focus on accounts, hashtags, and places relevant to your niche.

For example, a fitness brand could target:

  • Usernames: @nike, @underarmour
  • Hashtags: #fitness, #gymmotivation
  • Locations: Los Angeles gyms

This will automatically like content aligned with their audience. The more targets you add, the more potential likes your account can send.

Step 4 – Configure Your Auto Like Schedule

Under the "Schedule" tab, you can customize exactly when and how often you want Increditools to send likes:

  • Frequency – How often your account checks Instagram and likes new matching posts (e.g. every 1 hour, every 3 hours)
  • Daily likes – Total number of likes to send per day (up to your plan‘s limits)
  • Active hours – When to start and stop auto liking each day
  • Randomness – Add random variance between likes to appear more human

I recommend starting with a frequency of every 2-3 hours, spreading your daily likes evenly during your active window. You can adjust as needed from there.

Step 5 – Review and Start Auto Liking!

Once your targets are dialed in and schedule set, take one last look under the "Summary" tab to make sure your auto liking config looks good.

When you‘re ready, click the "Start" button and your automated liking will begin!

You can now sit back and let Increditools do the work finding and liking posts for you around the clock.

Monitoring and Optimizing Your Auto Liking

As your auto liking starts running, you‘ll want to monitor your activity and make optimizations.

Increditools makes this easy with their detailed analytics under the "Reports" section. You can see graphs of:

  • Number of posts liked per day
  • Most liked targets (usernames, hashtags, etc)
  • When your daily likes are occurring

Use these insights to tweak your targets and schedule for maximum effectiveness.

You can also pause, update settings, and restart your auto liker with one click at any time.

Best Practices for Auto Liking Success

Here are some pro tips to ensure auto liking works effectively to grow your Instagram following:

  • Start slowly – Build up likes gradually, don‘t instantly max out limits. This appears more natural.
  • Keep some manual activity – Don‘t rely 100% on Increditools. Still actively engage posts you like.
  • Spread out targets – Don‘t just focus on a couple huge accounts. Mix in relevant lesser-known ones too.
  • Adjust based on analytics – Let Increditools‘ reports guide you in optimizing your strategy.
  • Watch for any Instagram warnings – If you get an Instagram notice, adjust your settings.

Use auto liking as just one component of an overall Instagram growth strategy. Combine it with great content, Stories, promotions, and conversations.

Is Auto Liking Right for You?

Before enabling automated likes, weigh the pros and cons:


  • Massive time savings compared to manual liking
  • Helps reach new users and grow your audience
  • Affordable compared to hiring someone full-time
  • Easy set up without any coding or technical skills


  • Potential of getting flagged if overdone
  • Won‘t build deeper connections like thoughtful comments
  • Requires monitoring and optimizing for best results
  • Monthly subscription fee (but can cancel anytime)

For most Instagram users and brands, the time savings provided vastly outweigh the downsides.

Used wisely as part of your overall Instagram strategy, auto liking is an easy way to boost genuine engagement and growth.

The Bottom Line

If you‘re short on time but want to spark more interactions and visibility for your Instagram account, Increditools‘ auto liker is a perfect solution.

For just $10/month you can automatically like hundreds of targeted, relevant posts per day in the background – saving you hours upon hours.

Just be sure to start gradually, mix up your targets, follow Instagram limits, and balance with manual engagement too.

Take advantage of Increditools‘ free trial and see first-hand how auto liking can get your Instagram growing faster in 2023. The growth possibilities are endlessly scrollable.



Michael Reddy is a tech enthusiast, entertainment buff, and avid traveler who loves exploring Linux and sharing unique insights with readers.