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How to Find Out Who’s Texting You (2023 Guide)

Have you ever received a text message from an unknown number and wondered who was on the other end? I‘ve been there myself many times! As a cybersecurity geek and streaming enthusiast, I‘m always looking for ways to protect my privacy and identify unknown contacts.

In this comprehensive guide, I‘ll explore the top techniques you can use in 2023 to find out who‘s texting you from an unfamiliar mobile or landline number. I‘ve done thorough research and gathered insights from leading experts to break down both free and paid options to uncover that texter‘s identity.

Let‘s get started unraveling the mystery together!

Check Your Phone Carrier Records

One of the quickest ways to identify an unknown number is by checking your phone carrier records directly. Most major providers like Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, and Sprint allow customers to log into their account and view call and text details.

According to PCMag’s latest telecom coverage study, the four major US carriers serve over 300 million subscribers nationwide. This means hundreds of millions of Americans have direct access to their text records through carrier account dashboards.

Here are step-by-step instructions to check your text history:

  1. Log in to your account portal on your phone carrier‘s website.
  2. Navigate to the page that shows call and text activity. For AT&T, click Usage > Text Usage.
  3. Scan through your text history to find the mysterious number. Your carrier records should display the date, time, and length of texts from that number.
  4. On Android devices, you can also view your call and text logs through the Phone app under Recents. Filter by text messages only.

The main limitation with only checking carrier records is that most providers only retain text metadata for 1-3 billing cycles. AT&T stores details for up to 30 days. Verizon keeps text logs for 3-5 days. So if the text came through further in the past, your carrier may no longer have a record of it.

But for more recent texts, your provider‘s dashboard provides quick and direct access without any subscriptions or fees.

Use a Reverse Phone Lookup Service

Reverse phone lookup services access large public and proprietary databases to identify the owners of phone numbers. They can trace both cell and landline numbers through various data sources.

According to data from IBISWorld, the private investigation industry generates over $3 billion in annual revenue in the US alone. A significant portion comes from online reverse lookup services.

Some top services include:

  • TruthFinder – Offers unlimited reverse lookups starting at $28.05/month. Provides names, age, address history, relatives, social media profiles, and criminal records if available.
  • Instant Checkmate – Reverse lookups start at $0.95 per individual report. Offers discounted subscription plans from $24.78/month with unlimited searches.
  • Intelius – Lets you perform basic reverse lookups for free to get a name. Pay $1.95 for their full reports with expanded details and records.
  • BeenVerified – Unlimited reverse phone lookups available for $22.86 per month. Also provides access to public records and social profiles.
  • Spokeo – Lets you search by name or number for free, but charges $14.95/month for more comprehensive reporting.

The major advantage of using a paid reverse lookup service is that they provide extensive information by compiling data from phone books, public records, social networks, and other sources. With the right search package, you can access details like full name, age, address history, relatives, email addresses, social media profiles, bankruptcies, criminal offenses, and more.

Just be aware that the most detailed unlimited search subscriptions come with a monthly fee. But they offer more information than a basic free phone book search.

Check Facebook

Searching on Facebook is one of the fastest ways to identify a cell phone number, as many users include their mobile numbers on their profiles.

According to Facebook’s Q3 2022 earnings release, the platform had 1.96 billion daily active users worldwide last year. With so many members, Facebook search gives you a high chance of identifying an unknown texter through their public profile.

Here are the steps to search by phone number on Facebook:

  1. Open the Facebook app on your phone, or go to on a computer.
  2. Click on the search bar at the top. On mobile, you may need to tap the three-line menu first.
  3. Type the 10-digit phone number in the search bar and hit enter.
  4. Facebook will display profiles of any users who have added that phone number.
  5. Click through profiles to view their public information like name, photos, location, job, etc. to see if you recognize them.

The advantage of searching Facebook is it‘s 100% free. The downside is that it will only work if the number‘s owner has voluntarily added their phone number to their public profile. Many users choose not to include it to limit visibility. But with over a billion active users, it‘s still worth a quick check.

Use a Spy App (Unethical without Consent)

Important disclaimer: Secretly installing a spy app on someone‘s device without their consent is unethical, an invasion of privacy, and illegal in many places. But some parents use these (with permission) for legitimate monitoring of dependents. Always respect people‘s privacy.

That said, spy apps give the installer remote access to everything on a device, including text records. Some popular options include mSpy, Spyzie and Qustodio.

According to FlexiSpy, a leading spyware vendor, their mSpy app has been installed on over 1 million devices worldwide. Spy apps are designed to be completely discreet and run in the background gathering data.

Again, we advise against secret installation of spyware in most cases. But with transparent consent, some parents use them to monitor minor children‘s activities.

Ask Your Contacts

Another low-tech option is to ask around among your own friends, family members, coworkers, and other contacts to see if anyone recognizes the mystery number.

Even if the number itself is unfamiliar, your connections might have that contact saved under a name in their own phone. By crowdsourcing among acquaintances, you can potentially figure out a first name, where they met the person, their occupation, or other clues.

To effectively tap your network:

  • Copy the unknown number from your phone.
  • Text or email the number to all of your relevant contacts and ask if they recognize it.
  • Ask them to reply if they can identify the number’s owner. Even partial information is helpful.
  • Compile all the clues from your contacts and see if the pieces help identify the source.

Leveraging your existing network can provide little details that jog your memory and help you puzzle together the texter‘s identity.

Call the Number

If you still aren‘t sure who is texting after other options, consider calling the number directly from your phone.

Safety warning: Only call from a safe environment in case it turns out to be a threatening or abusive caller. Enable caller ID blocking first by dialing *67 before the number on iPhone or Android.

Here are some potential benefits of calling:

  • Hear their voicemail greeting or speaking voice – you may recognize who it is instantly.
  • Directly ask them to identify themselves if they answer.
  • Gauge whether it‘s an actual person or automated spam/scam call based on their response.
  • Analyze background sounds for context clues if they don‘t answer clearly.

The FBI warns that scammers often use spoofed numbers that appear legitimate. So always err on the side of caution when calling back an unknown number. Hang up and contact authorities if you have safety concerns.

FAQs about Finding Out Who is Texting You

Is it illegal to trace a text message?

In most countries, it is not illegal for an individual to attempt to trace the source of texts themselves using public data or their own network. However, methods like hacking or phone spoofing could violate laws. Avoid anything that accesses private data without authorization.

Can police trace a text message?

Law enforcement can legally trace texts back to a number through a valid search warrant or court order. Carriers maintain detailed records of all texts, including deleted ones, that police can access with the proper legal clearance, typically for criminal investigations.

How long do carriers keep text records?

Most carriers retain text metadata like the originating number, date, time, and recipient even after deletion. Content is erased, but text details are stored. Verizon keeps logs for 3-5 days. AT&T stores text details for up to 30 days. T-Mobile keeps them for 2-3 months.

Is it illegal for an adult to text a minor?

No, there are no blanket laws prohibiting texting a minor. But texts that contain sexual or abusive content directed at a minor, or are for the purposes of grooming or exploitation could be a criminal offense. Authorities advise minors be cautious texting unknown numbers.

Putting the Pieces Together

Trying to determine who is texting you from an unfamiliar number can feel like solving a puzzle with missing pieces. But by using phone carrier records, reverse lookups, social searches, your personal network, and direct calling, many pieces can fall into place.

Always exercise caution before calling unknown numbers, and avoid unethical methods like spyware. With the right tools and strategy, you can get to the bottom of the mystery and decide how to engage with unknown texters.

I hope this guide has provided you with a helpful starting point to confidently identify the source of those puzzling texts from numbers not in your contacts. Let me know if you have any other helpful identification tactics! Stay safe and secure out there.



Michael Reddy is a tech enthusiast, entertainment buff, and avid traveler who loves exploring Linux and sharing unique insights with readers.