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How to Find Someone‘s Social Media Accounts Using Just Their Phone Number in 2023

Being able to discover a person‘s social media profiles and accounts using only their phone number as a starting point can be extremely useful. Whether you want to reconnect with an old friend, perform identity verification on a new contact, do background research before a date, or uncover an impostor account, a phone number lookup can help unlock valuable insights.

In this comprehensive guide, we‘ll explore the top services available in 2023 for finding someone‘s social media using their phone number. You‘ll learn the specifics of how each platform works, the pros and cons of each option, and best practices for using these tools legally and responsibly.


  • Intro to Social Media Lookup Services
  • How Phone Number Searches Work
  • Top Services for Finding Social Media by Phone Number
    • Intelius
    • TruthFinder
    • Spokeo
    • Instant Checkmate
    • Social Catfish
    • BeenVerified
  • Pros and Cons Comparison
  • Accuracy of Phone Number Lookup Services
  • Finding Hidden Profiles and Accounts
  • Legality of Phone Number Searches
  • Privacy Concerns and Responsible Usage Tips
  • Real-World Examples of Phone Number Search Use Cases
  • Free vs Paid Options for Social Media Lookup Services
  • Conclusion

Intro to Social Media Lookup Services

Specialized online services like Intelius, TruthFinder and Spokeo allow you to input a phone number and search for associated social media profiles and accounts across platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and more.

These services work by compiling extensive data from public records, marketing lists, social networks, and other sources to link phone numbers to online identities. While basic searches may be free, full access to detailed reports generally requires a paid subscription.

The ability to discover social media accounts tied to a phone number can be invaluable. Some examples include:

  • Reconnecting with old friends – Perhaps you‘ve lost touch with an old classmate or coworker but still have their number. A quick search could uncover their social media profile so you can get back in contact.
  • Verifying identities – If you meet someone new and want to confirm they are who they claim, searching their phone number could turn up accounts verifying their identity.
  • Researching dates – Running a quick phone number search before a first date could uncover potential red flags.
  • Finding impostors – If someone is using your name or photos online, a search could reveal where your identity is being misused.

But it‘s critical to understand these services‘ limitations and use any information obtained ethically. We‘ll cover responsible usage best practices later in this guide.

First, let‘s look at how the top social media lookup services work and compare their features.

How Phone Number Searches Work

The technical process behind these services is complex, but the user experience is designed to be simple. Here is an overview of how searching for social media by phone number works:

  1. Enter the phone number – On the service‘s website or app, you input the 10-digit phone number you want to search. No other information is required.
  2. Database lookup – The service automatically queries its massive database compiled from various public and private sources to find records associated with that phone number.
  3. Results produced – Within seconds, the results are displayed showing any social media accounts and profiles linked to that phone number, along with additional info like locations and relatives.
  4. Review and research – View the search results and use them as a starting point for further manual research and verification before taking action.

The speed and simplicity makes searching by phone number quite accessible. However, to uncover social media accounts not publicly linked to the number, advanced techniques may be required.

Next we‘ll compare the top services in depth.

Top Services for Finding Social Media by Phone Number

Here are the leading social media lookup services that allow you to search by phone number:


Founded in 2003, Intelius is one of the most established people search engines with over 20 billion public records in its database. The vast data availability makes Intelius highly capable of surfacing social media ties and accounts related to a phone number.

Intelius draws data from sources like public records, marketing lists, social networks, and web pages. User-friendly tools like filters and categories allow you to quickly hone in on social media accounts in the results.

Useful features include background check reports, address history maps, and the option to uncover relatives and associates. An Intelius Premier Plus account offers the full suite of capabilities for $4.95 for your first month ($19.95 per month after).


TruthFinder offers one of the most expansive databases of over 10 billion public records, making it excelling at linking phone numbers to social media accounts. Launched in 2015, TruthFinder sets itself apart with its focus on actionable insights from the raw data.

The site‘s sleek interface simplifies searching social media by phone number. You can easily filter results by platform and location. Helpful criminal record alerts and reputation scores add unique context.

Subscription options include a $28.05 monthly plan with unlimited searches or a $38.76 monthly plan adding dark web monitoring and court records.


Active since 2006, Spokeo operates one of the most user-friendly social media lookup services. With its straightforward tools and vast data spanning over 12 billion records, uncovering social media ties by phone number is fast and simple.

Spokeo collects data from public sources, social networks, marketing lists, and court records. Helpful features include evaluating how risky an email address is and estimating someone‘s wealth.

Subscription options range from $14.85 per month for basic searches to $26.85 per month for unlimited advanced reports.

Instant Checkmate

Instant Checkmate is designed specifically for comprehensive background checks, making it excelling at linking phone numbers to online identities. Its database includes over 650 million public records.

Founded in 2010, Instant Checkmate simplifies digging into someone‘s background. Social media searches by phone numbers are straightforward. You can filter results by location and platform.

Subscriptions start at $34.78 a month for unlimited searches. Useful options include criminal record monitoring and sex offender alerts.

Social Catfish

Social Catfish specializes in online reputation research using reverse phone lookups. Founded in 2014, Social Catfish allows searching by number to uncover associated social media accounts.

Optimized specifically for uncovering virtual identities, Social Catfish prioritizes details like user names, photos and profiles. One unique feature is the ability to uncover dating site accounts tied to a number.

Plans start at $24.89 per month, with packages that include reverse email lookups and dark web monitoring. All subscriptions offer a satisfaction guarantee.


BeenVerified launched in 2006 and provides a versatile background check service with powerful social media search capabilities linked to phone numbers.

Backed by a database with over 12 billion public records, BeenVerified can cross-reference a phone number against sources like social networks, court documents, and employment sites to find associated accounts.

Useful features include email risk meters, net worth estimates, and address history mapping. Subscription plans start at $19.89 a month for unlimited searches.

Pros and Cons Comparison

Intelius– 20+ billion public records
– Established, reputable
– Background check reports
– Address maps
– $4.95+ monthly fee
– Limited free info
TruthFinder– 10+ billion records
– Focus on actionable insights
– Criminal alerts and reputation scores
– Dark web monitoring (premium)
– $28.05+ monthly fee
– No free trial
Spokeo– 12+ billion public records
– User-friendly interface
– Email risk meter
– $14.85+ monthly fee
– Limited free trial
Instant Checkmate– 650+ million records
– Specialized for background checks
– Criminal monitoring alerts
– Sex offender notifications
– $34.78+ monthly fee
– No free trial
Social Catfish– Specialized for online reputation
– Uncover dating site accounts
– Satisfaction guarantee
– $24.89 monthly fee
– Limited capabilities for free
BeenVerified– 12+ billion public records
– Net worth estimates
– Address mapping
– Bulk search options
– $19.89 monthly fee
– No free trial

Accuracy of Phone Number Lookup Services

The accuracy of social media searches by phone number can vary substantially based on the availability of public data linking the number to online accounts. Research indicates top services tend to have accuracy rates around 70-85% when verifying identities.

According to a 2021 background check study, top services correctly identified individuals 85% of the time or more based on searches by name, number, email and other identifiers. However, factors like common names and outdated information can reduce accuracy.

The most reputable social media lookup services use human review teams to continually verify and update their databases. Additionally, combining phone number lookups with name searches tends to produce more accurate results.

Overall, treat searches as a starting point for uncovering clues, not definitive proof. Always independently verify any details uncovered before acting.

Finding Hidden Profiles and Accounts

One limitation of phone number lookups is their reliance on public data and openly linked profiles. Searches may miss social media accounts with strict privacy settings or that use false info.

For example, 67% of Facebook profiles are partially restricted based on Facebook‘s own analysis. On Instagram, accounts can easily be set to private, blocking them from lookups.

Some strategies people use to obscure social media ties include:

  • Using separate phone numbers not linked to accounts
  • Providing false phone numbers on account registration forms
  • Frequently changing phone numbers
  • Setting profiles to maximize privacy restrictions
  • Regularly deactivating accounts and starting new ones

For concealed identities, hands-on research techniques may be needed beyond basic phone number searches, such as scrutinizing photos for hidden clues.

Legality of Phone Number Searches

In the U.S., phone number lookups and searching for publicly available information is generally legal under First Amendment rights to free speech and free assembly.

The Electronic Communications Privacy Act allows companies to share telephone data that is "reasonably available to the general public." This enables data aggregators to compile phone records.

However, cases like Pietrylo v Hillstone establish boundaries, such as prohibiting employers from demanding access to private accounts. Using information found for unlawful purposes is also illegal.

When searching by phone number, always:

  • Avoid harassment, stalking, and threatening behavior
  • Respect individuals‘ privacy and consent when possible
  • Comply with the service‘s terms of use
  • Follow relevant laws and regulations in your state/country

Privacy Concerns and Responsible Usage Tips

Phone number searches can surface extremely sensitive personal information, raising crucial privacy questions. It‘s vital to use lookup services ethically and responsibly.

  • Consider consent – Before conducting a search on someone, ask for their permission if possible. Some may find it invasive.
  • Limit the scope – Only search for information needed for legitimate purposes. Don‘t dig into aspects like finances without consent.
  • Verify details – Information found may not be accurate or current. Independently confirm anything before acting.
  • Check security settings – Adjust social media account security settings to control what a search reveals.
  • Delete searches – Remove any phone number lookup search history for their privacy.
  • Keep it confidential – Refrain from sharing personal details found without consent.
  • Avoid misuse – Only use information obtained for lawful reasons like reconnecting, not harassment.
  • Be mindful of biases – Recognize phone searches can reinforce stereotypes if not verified.
  • Report abuse – If a service violates laws or harms privacy, report it to proper authorities.

Real-World Examples of Phone Number Search Use Cases

Here are examples of situations where searching social media by phone number can be helpful and appropriate:

  • A hiring manager needs to verify a job candidate‘s identity and qualifications. A quick search by their provided phone number uncovers the candidate‘s genuine LinkedIn profile and educational history.
  • An individual is preparing for a first date. They look up the person‘s phone number first. The search reveals no red flags but finds their Facebook profile, giving them more insight before meeting.
  • After a data breach, a woman discovers her personal photos are being used on a fake dating profile on Tinder. A reverse phone lookup on the number listed exposes the impostor account.
  • A marketing manager wants to learn more about a prospect before calling them. Searching the prospect‘s number helps the manager find their Twitter account, giving them insights into how to personalize the sales pitch.
  • A woman receives threatening anonymous texts from an unknown number. A lookup on that phone number reveals it‘s associated with her abusive ex-partner trying to scare her under a fake identity.

Free vs Paid Options for Social Media Lookup Services

While many top social media search services offer free trials or limited basic lookups, full access to comprehensive reports and records generally requires a paid subscription. Here‘s an overview:

  • Free trials – Most services offer free trials from 3 to 7 days so you can test capabilities before subscribing. However, key features are usually limited.
  • Limited free searches – Options like Spokeo and Intelius provide limited basic searches for free before requiring signup. This gives a preview of results.
  • Paid subscriptions – For unlimited searches and complete data, a subscription is needed. Plans range from $15 to $35+ per month depending on capabilities.
  • Individual report purchases – Some sites allow purchasing one-off individual reports for a small fee without a subscription. However, bulk lookups aren‘t possible this way.
  • Promotions – Special deals like discounted first months are sometimes offered for paid plans if you shop around.

To determine the best option, consider how many searches you need to perform and the depth of data required. Free trials can assess if the investment is worthwhile.


Searching social media platforms by phone number can unlock immense insights, whether reconnecting with old friends, researching new contacts, or exposing impostors. Services like Intelius, TruthFinder and Spokeo offer user-friendly tools to link phone numbers to online identities and accounts.

However, recognizing limitations around accuracy and hidden profiles is important. Treat any information found as a starting point for further verification, not definitive proof. Responsible usage upholding ethics and privacy is essential.

With billions of public records at their disposal, these social media lookup services provide invaluable capabilities. Use them wisely as part of a smarter, safer approach to navigating the digital world.



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