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How to Find Someone on Reddit Without Their Username in 2023

Wondering how to go about finding someone on Reddit when you don‘t know their exact username? With the right mix of tools and techniques, it is achievable.

In this detailed guide, I‘ll share proven methods to help you discover that elusive Reddit account and identify the person behind it using the limited information you have on hand.

Whether it‘s an old friend you want to reconnect with, a family member you‘ve lost touch with, or a new romantic interest – unmasking their Reddit presence is possible with some creative searching.

By the end, you‘ll be armed with actionable tips to leverage people search tools, reverse image lookups, social media research, and other clever tactics to get to the bottom of the mystery.

Let‘s get started!

Why Is Knowing Someone‘s Reddit Username Valuable?

Before we dive into the searching techniques, it‘s worth understanding why identifying someone‘s Reddit username is so useful in the first place.

Here are two key reasons:

Gain Insights Into Their Interests and Opinions

On a platform designed for anonymity like Reddit, your username is your identity. It links to all the content you‘ve shared and communities you are active in.

So knowing someone‘s Reddit handle gives you a window into their interests, views, personality quirks, and more based on their posts, comments, and subreddit activity.

According to Reddit‘s 2021 year in review, there were 2.3 billion comments made on the platform that year. So just imagine how many insights are waiting to be uncovered!

Interact With Them Through Shared Communities

Additionally, discovering someone‘s username allows you to join and participate in the same subreddit forums they frequent.

With over 100,000 active subreddits spanning every topic imaginable, Reddit offers built-in communities around your shared interests.

Interacting through a mutually enjoyed subreddit can be an organic way to establish contact and get to know them better.

Now let‘s explore proven techniques to pinpoint Reddit usernames.

Search Reddit and Social Media Using Their Identifiers

One of the most straightforward search methods is using any personal details or identifiers you may have for the individual.

One way is cross-referencing Reddit with other social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn.

Leveraging these key tips can point you in the right direction:

  • Search the person‘s name or username variations directly on Reddit to find matching profiles. You can filter your search within specific subreddits too.

  • Similarly, search for their name and details on Google along with the ‘‘ syntax to surface links, posts or comments they may have made.

  • Check other networks like Twitter, Instagram or Facebook for any mentions of Reddit or indications of an account name. Many people link some social profiles.

  • For common names, add details like location or university to narrow it down and find more legitimate matches.

  • Scan results, profiles and posts carefully for familiar phrases, photos, interests and other corroborating details confirming it‘s the right person.

With persistence and some out-of-the-box thinking, this method can yield fruitful discoveries. Remember Reddit had over 430 million monthly active users in 2021, so the odds of locating your target are decent.

Uncover Them in Reddit Comments and Posts

Diving directly into Reddit‘s built-in search features provides another valuable option for tracking down someone‘s comments, posts and communities.

Here are steps to implement this:

  • Visit and click the search bar at the top

  • Select both ‘posts‘ and ‘comments‘ in the left sidebar to cast a wide net

  • Use this search query structure: author:username subreddit:subredditname

  • Replace ‘username‘ and ‘subredditname‘ with actual names or keywords relevant to your search

  • Hit enter to execute, then carefully browse results for familiar language patterns, interests and photos

  • Repeat with additional related subreddits and username variations to cover all bases

This approach allows focused searching by both author and subreddit, helping match the person‘s writing style with communities they likely engage in.

Consider that Reddit users post over 49,000 comments per minute on the platform – so it‘s worth digging in to uncover them!

Harness The Power of People Search Platforms

People search websites like Truthfinder, Spokeo and Instant Checkmate compile data from public records, forums and social media to generate detailed personal profiles.

Used properly and ethically, these tools can aid your investigation:

  • Enter any info you have like a name, location, phone number or email address into the search bar

  • The tools aggregate associated public data records, social sites, forums and other digital footprints

  • Study their expansive results for any hints of Reddit activity, interests or clues pointing to a potential username

  • Opt for a single paid report if needed, but avoid monthly subscriptions or unnecessary private data purchases

In 2021, Spokeo and Truthfinder searched over 1 billion public data records to enhance their people profiling capabilities.

So don‘t underestimate how deeply these tools can mine available data to potentially unearth details leading you to someone‘s Reddit account!

Implement Reverse Email and Phone Number Lookups

People search sites like Intelius and Instant Checkmate offer reverse email and phone lookup services that can provide additional insights.

Here‘s how to leverage them:

  • Select the reverse lookup option and input the phone number or email you want to search by

  • The tools scour through available data records, cross-referencing the details you provided

  • If matches are found, you may uncover the person‘s real name, location, spouse details, other social media accounts and more

  • Thoroughly analyze results for any trail pointing to Reddit activity or a potential username

In 2022, Intelius reverse phone lookups assisted over 7 million users in identifying individuals associated with numbers for investigation purposes.

So don‘t underestimate the value of reverse lookups when piecing together the social media puzzle!

Try Reverse Image Searches Using Profile Pictures

If you happen to have a photo of the person, conducting a reverse image search can also provide critical clues.

Here are steps to running one:

  • Visit Google Images and click the camera icon to upload the photo

  • Or go to, drag and drop the image to start a reverse search

  • If matches are found across social media, forums or websites, click through to explore

  • Look for any evidence pointing to Reddit activity or associations with certain usernames

  • This can also reveal other details – locations, biographical info, family ties – that support your investigation

According to a 2021 survey by Piplsay, over 67% of Americans use the same profile photo across multiple social media accounts for convenience.

Leveraging this tendency with image matching can lead to pivotal discoveries – don‘t leave it out of your search strategy!

Search Local Reddit Forums for Location-Specific Clues

If you know the person‘s city, town or country, exploring localized Reddit subgroups may provide clues.

Here are some tactics around this:

  • Search Google for their location plus "Reddit" or "Subreddit" to find related groups

  • Manually browse subreddit lists or use Reddit‘s search to uncover active local forums

  • Search those forums directly for suspected usernames, phrases, or interests

  • Join engaging groups and monitor discussions for potential matches based on language patterns and local topics

There are over 130,000 location-based subreddits spanning countries, cities, states and neighborhoods across the world.

So geo-targeted searching can definitely help narrow yourReddit hunt when used creatively. Don‘t underestimate location clues!

Mine Their Digital Footprint for Useful Tidbits

Expanding beyond Reddit and social media into their broader digital footprint can reveal additional nuggets of intel.

Here are ways to leverage this:

  • Google their name, email, usernames, etc. to find forums, comments, blogs and sites they engage with

  • Use search operators like "[their name] reddit", "[their email]" to focus results

  • Check community forums around hobbies, books, or interests for potential matching accounts

  • Compile details like writing style, topics commented on, phrases used to match against Reddit activity

  • Aggregate clues from across platforms to build a clearer picture guiding your Reddit search

According to a 2021 survey, 89% of U.S adults have left comments, reviews or engaged with online forums at some point.

So casting a wide net beyond just social media can really help provide additional context around the person you are investigating.

Follow Ethical Search Practices Respecting Privacy

While uncovering someone‘s Reddit persona may be your objective, it‘s important to do so in an ethical, legal, and respectful manner.

Keep these guidelines in mind:

  • Avoid purchasing paid people search tool subscriptions unless absolutely needed. Opt for individual report purchases instead of monthly fees.

  • Be cautious about paying for access to private data records – this could constitute illegal or unethical use.

  • Only search public information that is readily available and avoid paying for access to restricted, non-public records.

  • Consider why you need to identify this person – ensure your reasons align with respecting their privacy and anonymity.

  • If you do successfully find their account, approach them transparently and ask before following or engaging without consent.

  • Never publicly reveal identities, private data, or confidential information about the person without permission.

With 456 million daily users connecting anonymously on Reddit in 2022, protecting privacy is paramount. Follow this code, and you can still identify the account you seek ethically and legally.

Frequently Asked Questions

Still have some lingering questions around finding Reddit users without a username? Here are answers to common queries:

What are the best subreddits for finding Reddit users?

Some useful subreddits are r/FindAReddit, r/findareddit, r/RBI, r/findpeople, r/MissingPersons, and r/HelpMeFind. Tailor your posts and engagement to the specific subreddit rules.

What are some free people search sites?

Truthfinder and Spokeo offer limited free searches before requiring a paid subscription. Instant Checkmate provides reverse email and phone lookups with free trial options. Facebook graph search and LinkedIn‘s filters can also assist.

Is it illegal to search for someone on Reddit?

It is not illegal if you use public sources ethically and avoid paid access to non-public records. Never purchase access to private databases, hack accounts, or harass/stalk people. Focus solely on public information research.

Can you find someone‘s Reddit account with just a picture?

It‘s difficult but possible in some cases. Reverse image search the photo and analyze results for site links, name references, or details pointing to a Reddit presence. This works best with limited or unique images the person doesn‘t widely share elsewhere.

What tips help avoid getting shadowbanned when searching Reddit?

Read platform rules, post ethically, avoid spam comments, don‘t manipulate votes, limit automated bots/scripts, be transparent about intentions, and steer clear of ban-worthy content. Also avoid searching too aggressively via third-party apps. Moderation and organic engagement are key.

Is there a way to search all of Reddit at once?

Not directly, but using Google with the "" syntax allows you to search all of Reddit present on Google. You can also use Reddit‘s main search bar without subreddit filters to cast a wider initial net before refining your query.

I hope these detailed tips give you a clear game plan for finding someone on Reddit without their exact username. While challenging, you now have the tools and techniques to get it done.

By blending social media research, people search tools, localized browsing, reverse lookups and ethical hacking of their digital footprint – uncovering that elusive account is within reach.

Stay persistent in following leads, and keep privacy and respect at the core of your pursuit. Wield these strategies carefully, and let the Reddit searching commence!



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