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Hey! Let‘s Look at How to Find Friends on Snapchat in 2023

I don‘t know about you, but Snapchat is one of my favorite apps for keeping up with friends and family through quick photos and videos. But with over 300 million people using it every day, how do you find new friends to add?

Not to worry! In this guide, I‘ll walk you step-by-step through all the ways I‘ve discovered to search for and add new Snapchat connections this year.

I‘ve used Snapchat for years, so I want to share the best hacks I‘ve learned – from using the built-in app tools to getting creative on other social platforms. With the right tricks, finding and connecting with people is a snap (pun intended).

Let‘s get started! Here‘s an overview of what we‘ll cover:


  • Using Snapchat‘s Search Tools
    • Search Bar
    • Phone Contacts
    • Snapcodes
    • Quick Add
    • Nearby Users
  • Looking Through Snapchat Content
    • Stories
    • Snap Map
    • Lenses
  • Checking Out Other Social Media
    • Instagram
    • Twitter
    • Facebook
  • Trying Third-Party Apps and Sites
    • Reverse Image Search
    • People Finder Tools
  • Optimizing Your Profile and Settings
    • Username
    • Contact Syncing
    • Location Access
  • FAQs About Finding Friends

Alright, ready to learn how to take your Snapchat network to the next level? Let‘s do this!

Using Snapchat‘s Built-In Search Tools

The easiest way to find and add new friends is by using Snapchat‘s own search features. They give you quick access to potential contacts right within the app itself.

Here are the best search tools on Snapchat and how to use them:

Search Bar

This is the most straightforward option – just use the magnifying glass search bar at the top of the app.

Search bar

To use it:

  1. Open Snapchat and tap the search icon.
  2. Type in the full name or unique username of who you‘re looking for.
  3. Tap their name in the results to open their profile.
  4. Hit "Add Friend" to send them a request!

Pro Tip: Only know their first name? Try adding their school, workplace, or city to get fewer ambiguous results.

This works great when you already know a bit about the person and just need to look them up directly.

Phone Contacts

If you have someone‘s number saved in your phone, you can find their Snapchat account through your contacts.

Here‘s how:

  1. Open your profile by swiping down on the camera tab.
  2. Hit "Add Friends" or the "+" symbol.
  3. Choose "Add from Contacts" and let Snapchat access your info.
  4. Select the name of the contact you want to find.
  5. Tap "Add" on their profile to friend them!

I love this method for connecting with old friends whose numbers I still have, but not social media details. Super handy!


A Snapcode is the unique QR code associated with a Snapchat account. It often looks something like this:

Snapcode Example

If you get your hands on someone‘s Snapcode image, you can scan it to add them as a friend.

To scan:

  1. Save the Snapcode image to your camera roll.
  2. Open Snapchat and go to the camera screen.
  3. Tap the code on the preview screen and hold your finger there.
  4. Snapchat will scan it and automatically add them as a friend!

People often share their codes publicly, so keep an eye out for them!

Quick Add

Snapchat‘s Quick Add feature suggests friends for you based on mutual contacts and account info.

Here‘s how it works:

  1. Go to your profile by swiping down on the camera tab.
  2. Scroll down and tap "Quick Add."
  3. Review the list of suggested friends.
  4. Tap "Add" next to any profiles you want to send a request to.

I love using Quick Add to uncover connections in common that I would have never found otherwise!

Nearby Users

You can also search for Snapchatters based on location by using the Nearby feature.

To find nearby users:

  1. Open your profile and hit "Add Friends."
  2. Select "Add Nearby" and enable location access when prompted.
  3. Snapchat will show a list of users close to your area.
  4. Tap "Add" next to any you want to friend!

This is great for making local connections, like potential new coworkers or classmates.

So those are the best ways to search directly within Snapchat. But what if you want to get more creative in your search? Keep reading!

Looking Through Snapchat Content

Diving into the content on Snapchat itself can help you discover new friends with similar interests.

Here are some ways to explore:


Snapchat Stories show short videos and images from other users.

To find friends through Stories:

  • Swipe left on the camera screen to the Stories page.
  • Browse through the public Stories from Snapchat users, publishers, or brands.
  • If you see someone with intriguing content, tap on their profile icon and hit "Add Friend."

Pro Tip: Search for Stories happening near you or centered around your hobbies by using Snapchat‘s filters!

Snap Map

The Snap Map lets you explore public Snaps from locations worldwide.

To use it to find friends:

  • Pinch and zoom into the Snap Map to view Snaps from a specific area.
  • Tap the profile icon of anyone interesting.
  • Swipe up on their profile to add them as a friend!

This is great for finding Snapchatters in your hometown while traveling or studying abroad!


Snapchat Lenses allow you to augment your selfies with special effects and filters.

To connect with Lens creators:

  • Try out new Lenses and take note of which creators you like.
  • Search for their creator handle in Snapchat to view their profile.
  • Add them as a friend so you never miss a new launch!

Connecting with Lens developers can give you an inside look at new effects before they go viral. Pretty cool!

Checking Out Other Social Media

Your connections on other platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook can also help you find Snapchat friends.

Here‘s how to leverage them:


Since many people have both accounts, Instagram is a goldmine for finding Snapchats.

To connect:

  • Check the bios and profiles of your Instagram friends for their Snapchat username.
  • Use Instagram search to find posts with keywords like "Snapchat."
  • Look for Snap usernames shared in Instagram Stories.

Pro Tip: Location tags on Instagram posts can lead you to Snapchatters in specific areas!


People openly share their Snapchat on Twitter all the time.

To find them:

  • Search tweets for "add me on Snapchat" or "follow me on Snapchat" with a username.
  • Look through Twitter bios in your network for Snapchat links.
  • Follow and engage with accounts you like to stay on their radar.


Since Facebook owns Snapchat, friends may link their accounts.

To connect:

  • Check your Facebook friends‘ bios for any Snapchat usernames.
  • Use Snapchat‘s "Find Friends" tool to match Facebook connections.
  • Look for Facebook posts mentioning Snapchat or sharing usernames.

Cross-referencing your connections on other major platforms is super effective for growing your Snapchat circle!

Trying Third-Party Apps and Sites

There are also external tools you can turn to in your search when needed. Here are a few I recommend:

Reverse Image Search

If you have a Snapcode but don‘t know the associated username, reverse image sites can help uncover connected social profiles.

To use them:

  1. Screenshot or download the Snapcode image.
  2. Upload it to Google Images, TinEye or another reverse image site.
  3. Scan the search results for links to social profiles.

While not foolproof, it‘s worth testing out if you have an image to work with.

People Finder Sites

Websites like TruthFinder, Spokeo, and PeopleLooker crawl public records to find contact details and social accounts connected to a name or email.

To use:

  1. Visit the site and enter the name/email you have.
  2. Filter the results for any associated Snapchat usernames.
  3. Note the usernames and search directly on Snapchat.

These sites can provide useful links between offlline and online data to aid your search. But use ethically of course!

So if you‘re really determined to find someone, third-party tools provide additional options. But a word of caution – some sites make big promises but deliver lackluster results, so manage expectations.

Okay, we‘ve covered a ton of search techniques. But before we wrap up, let‘s go over a few profile optimizations that can improve your chances of being found.

Optimizing Your Profile and Settings

Making a few quick enhancements to your own Snapchat presence can help others locate and connect with you more easily.

Here are some of my top tips:

Create a Unique Username

Come up with a distinctive Snapchat handle that‘s different from your other social accounts. This makes it easier for friends to find you and reduces mix-ups.

Sync Contacts

Allow Snapchat access to your contacts to get friend suggestions of people you already know. Just be sure your contacts are up-to-date first!

Enable Location Access

Let Snapchat use your location so you show up in searches for nearby users. This helps potential friends in your area add you organically.

Pretty simple right? Just a few quick adjustments can improve your discoverability and help you connect.

Alright, let‘s wrap things up by answering some frequently asked questions.

FAQs About Finding Friends

Here are some quick answers to common questions about finding Snapchat friends:

Can you search Snapchat without someone being notified?

Unfortunately no. They‘ll get notified as soon as you add them as a friend, so it‘s not an anonymous search.

What if their account is private or deleted?

If someone has a private account or deleted their Snapchat, they won‘t show up in searches or suggestions unfortunately.

How many contacts can you add at once?

Snapchat lets you sync and add all your phone contacts at the same time – no limit! Just hit "Add All" in the contacts menu.

Can you find people just by location?

Yes! Use the Nearby Users feature to browse and add Snapchatters based on proximity.

How do you know if friends are online?

When friends are actively online, a green dot will show up next to their name/Bitmoji in your Snapchat friend list.

And there you have it! As you can see, there are tons of creative ways to find and connect with people on Snapchat this year.

I hope this guide gave you some new ideas to try the next time you‘re looking to expand your Snapchat universe. Happy snapping!



Michael Reddy is a tech enthusiast, entertainment buff, and avid traveler who loves exploring Linux and sharing unique insights with readers.