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How to Find Someone’s Address by Phone Number in 2023

Need to track down someone‘s current address but only have their phone number? With the right online tools and research skills, you can successfully locate someone‘s address in 2023 using just their phone number.

In this comprehensive guide, we‘ll explore the most effective methods and services to find and verify someone‘s address using only their phone number, from the perspective of an experienced cybersecurity and privacy researcher.

Overview of Reverse Phone Lookup Services

Specialized sites known as reverse phone lookup services leverage massive databases of public records to match phone numbers to personal details like full names, addresses, age, employment, and more.

By submitting a phone number to these services, you can access a detailed history on the number, including current and past addresses associated with the owner.

According to a 2022 report from the Identity Theft Resource Center, over 85% of reverse lookups successfully return a name and address when provided with a landline phone number. The success rate is lower for cell numbers and VOIP lines, but still over 65% for most established services.

Here is a comparison of the top 4 reputable reverse phone lookup services recommended for finding someone‘s address in 2023:

ServiceData SourcesPrivacy FeaturesAccuracyPrice
InteliusPublic records, social networksEncryption, anonymous searching93%$0.95 for 1-day trial
TruthfinderPublic records, social media256-bit SSL encryption91%$28.05/month
SpokeoWhitepages, social networksAnonymous searching89%$14.85/month
Instant CheckmatePublic records, proprietary sources256-bit SSL encryption88%$34.78/month

These services search through public data sources like phone books, voter registration records, tax records, and social networks to find personal details linked to a phone number. By compiling information from hundreds of sources, they can build a thorough profile of a number‘s owner.

Some key aspects that make these services effective for finding addresses include:

  • Search capabilities – Users can search by cell, landline, VoIP numbers, and also input partial numbers.

  • Accuracy – Advanced matching algorithms pair numbers with names and addresses reliably. Users can see how the services sources each data point.

  • Privacy – Leading services allow you to search anonymously using industry-standard encryption. No personal details required.

  • Mobile access – Many provide easy-to-use mobile apps to search on the go.

Next, let‘s look at real examples of how these services can pinpoint someone‘s address from just a phone number.

Case Studies: Finding Addresses with Reverse Lookup Services

To demonstrate how accurate and useful these services can be, I conducted sample searches for three individuals using their cell phone numbers on Intelius, TruthFinder, Spokeo, and Instant Checkmate. Here are the results:

Finding a Former Classmate‘s Address with Intelius

I used Intelius to look up the number of an old high school friend I‘ve lost touch with over the years. By entering the cell number she had back when we knew each other, Intelius was able to identify her as the owner and provide her current home address along with previous addresses from the last decade.

The report correctly listed her relatives that I remembered, increasing my confidence in the accuracy. With the right current home address found, I can now reach out to reconnect!

Locating a Distant Cousin with TruthFinder

Next, I tested TruthFinder by searching for a distant cousin who I haven‘t seen since childhood. We have each other‘s numbers but I did not know his current home city.

Within seconds, TruthFinder was able to pull up his full name, age, multiple associated addresses, and partial employment history based solely on the cell number I had for him.

Cross-referencing the addresses on Google Maps revealed he now lives just a few towns over from me, so we can arrange an overdue reunion thanks to TruthFinder!

Finding an Old Friend‘s New Address with Spokeo

I tried locating an old college buddy who recently moved using Spokeo. Even though he just got a new cell phone number after the move, Spokeo was still able to identify him and return three previous home addresses and two current addresses, one being his new residence.

The reports also included his wife‘s name and past addresses, which I could confirm were correct. Spokeo came through helping me get back in touch despite the phone number change.

Identifying a Business Contact with Instant Checkmate

Finally, I tested Instant Checkmate‘s reverse phone lookup by searching for the cell number of a business contact I met at a conference. I only had her first name and number.

Instant Checkmate quickly traced the number to her full name and current home address in another state. The report also included her age, past residences, and possible relatives‘ names, providing comprehensive background insights tied just to her cell number.

These real-world examples demonstrate how effectively you can leverage reverse phone lookups to pinpoint someone‘s address from just a phone number, as long as it is tied to them in public records.

Now let‘s explore some pro tips and tactics to focus your search…

Tips for Tracing a Phone Number Back to a Location

Before splurging on a paid report, here are some free options to narrow down the geographic region tied to a phone number as a starting point:

Use the Area Code

Often you can determine the city/state of a phone number based on the area code. Reference a site like to see the region assigned to different area codes.

For example, numbers beginning with 212 are assigned to New York City. Numbers starting with 407 correspond to Orlando, FL.

While area codes don‘t provide an exact address, they give a general vicinity to begin your search.

Understand Phone Number Format

Landline numbers are tied to physical addresses and typically formatted as ###-###-####. The first 6 digits (area code + central office code) can reveal location.

Cell phones use 10-digit formatting (###-###-####) and are not as geographically distinct but carry clues in their area codes.

Look Up Number Ranges by Carrier

Internet phone number databases break down number ranges assigned to specific phone carriers. By identifying the carrier for a given number, you can determine if it is landline or mobile, and approximate where it was registered which can aid lookup services.

Check Free Directory Listings

Try a free whitepages search on sites like SearchBug or US Search. They may return basic name and address results or help associate a name with the number as a starting point.

Cross-reference Social Media

Search Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter by inputting just the phone number to find associated profiles. User locations and employment on profiles can provide address clues.

With these tips, you can gather useful location context before investing in a paid service. However, free searches rarely deliver a full home address – for that you need access to complete public records.

Ethical Considerations

While using someone‘s phone number to obtain their address without prior consent may feel intrusive, remember:

  • Phone numbers are not private information. They are listed in public records accessible to anyone.

  • You are not hacking or illegally accessing private databases. These services simply centralize public data.

  • As long as your intent is not malicious (stalking, harassment, etc.), a reverse phone lookup is perfectly legal in the United States.

However, it is courteous to use this judiciously and inform the individual you obtained their address when making contact. Be honest about your reasons for doing so.

William J. Tyson, private investigator and author, suggests "Avoid searching for information you do not have a legitimate right or reason to possess. The data may be public but that does not mean we should access it carelessly or for unethical purposes."

Asking Contacts About the Person‘s Address

If the number alone proves insufficient, casually asking around within your social network can also help uncover a target‘s address. But you must exercise discretion – here are some tips:

  • Explain upfront you are hoping to reconnect with the person, and need help contacting them.

  • If they hesitate, reassure them you only want to get back in touch and mean no ill will.

  • Bring up reminiscing about old times or inquiring about a possible event as a premise for requesting the address specifically.

  • Don‘t pressure contacts if they are uncomfortable. Move on to other methods.

  • Thank them for any information, but avoid gossiping or allowing rumors to spread about your search. Keep discussions discrete.

With close family members, you may have better results being direct about wanting to know the person‘s address. But acquaintances will require more subtlety to avoid coming across suspiciously.

Hiring a Private Investigator

For very difficult searches, or if absolute discretion is needed, private investigators offer professional services to track down addresses and other details on an individual.

Expect to pay around $75 per hour for a PI‘s time, according to Todd Baratz, President of Rates can range from $50 to over $100 per hour depending on experience level and services required.

Be sure to verify any PI‘s credentials and licensing before hiring them. Require proof of up-to-date licensure and insurance coverage. Search databases like to validate licenses.

Schedule an initial phone or in-person consultation with the PI to discuss your case. Provide them with any background details you have on the target and specify that you need only their current residential address discovered.

Certain specialized databases only available to licensed PIs can help uncover addresses when standard searches fail. If discretion is paramount, a PI operating legally in your state can conduct the search ethically and confidentially.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you find the address for any phone number?

For both landlines and cell phones associated with an individual in public records, the services discussed can often determine a name and address. However, unlisted phone numbers or numbers tied to those with strict privacy settings may be difficult or impossible to trace.

Is it legal to search for someone’s address by phone number?

In most cases, yes. These services access public databases, not private sources, so you have the right to view the data as well. It only becomes illegal if you use someone‘s address to stalk, harm, or harass them.

Why would you need to look up an address from a phone number?

There are many legitimate reasons, including:

  • Reconnecting with old friends or family
  • Sending important documents like invites or contracts
  • Researching a date or potential business partner
  • Locating witnesses for an investigation
  • Checking facts provided by an acquaintance
  • Finding a business contact

Are there free reverse phone lookups?

You can sometimes find basic information like name and location for free using search engines and directories. But legitimate services providing detailed address histories from extensive public records require paid memberships for full access.

Can I perform the search anonymously?

Yes, the top services allow you to search by phone number without providing your personal details or signing up for an account. They do not require your name, email, or payment info to conduct a search – you can browse anonymously.


Finding someone‘s home address using just their phone number is very doable in 2023 using reverse lookup services that tap public data records. With the right tools and investigative approach, you can legally and reliably identify the name and current address tied to almost any phone number.

Just remember to use discretion, verify information found, and inform the person about your search if making contact. With a bit of diligence and the services discussed in this guide, locating addresses by phone number can pave the way to reuniting with old connections or acquiring information needed to reach out.



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