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How to Find Someone‘s Address With Just Their Name

Need to locate someone but only have their name? With the right approach, you can successfully track down addresses and make positive connections. This comprehensive guide covers proven techniques and resources for ethically and legally finding individuals using limited information.

Having an address can be key for reconnecting with old friends, serving legal documents, conducting genealogical research, and more. But how do you find it with minimal data? Powerful online people search tools exist to help uncover this crucial piece of information and additional details as well.

Let‘s explore some highly effective methods for pinpointing addresses from names, plus essential tips for using data responsibly.

Top Online People Search Services

Specialized sites leverage vast databases of public records, social networks, and proprietary sources to provide detailed background check reports. For address-hunting, these services can be enormously valuable, particularly when searching within the US.


With over 1 billion records searched, TruthFinder is a top choice for comprehensive background checks and people searches. Its reports pull from criminal records, court files, addresses histories, contact info, and more.

According to user reviews, over 95% are satisfied with their TruthFinder reports. With its combination of robust data sources, convenient mobile app access, and address history tracking features, it‘s a powerful address-hunting tool.

Key Pros

  • Compiles info from over 30 public record sources including utility records, deed transfers, and motor vehicle registrations
  • Address history maps movement across states/counties over time
  • Searches criminal records across all 50 states, including hard-to-find data

Potential Limitations

  • Primarily focused on US records
  • Full reports require paid subscription

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With over 20 years of investigative experience, Intelius offers detailed people search reports from an extensive data network. It pairs robust public records access with streamlined search features.

Intelius receives high marks for report accuracy – over 90% on average. It provides address information like current and past residences, property ownership, and known relatives at the same addresses. Integration with affiliate People Search makes Intelius a user-friendly one-stop shop.

Key Pros

  • 90% average accuracy rating based on over 4 million monthly users
  • Integrates seamlessly with Intelius-owned People Search site
  • Details addresses associated with relatives for clues on an individual‘s location

Potential Limitations

  • Limited capabilities for international searches
  • Full reports require paid subscription

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Spokeo leverages people search innovation with a highly customizable experience. Users can tailor searches based on name, email address, phone number, username, and more.

While Spokeo offers some basic information for free, unlocking full details requires a subscription. However, its flexible search options and integration of social media profiles makes it advantageous for tracking down complex subjects.

Key Pros

  • Options to search by name, username, email, phone, or address
  • Instant results preview with quick links for more
  • Pulls social media profiles from over 100 networks including Facebook

Potential Limitations

  • Full reports require paid subscription
  • Some data may be outdated if profiles are not kept current

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Instant Checkmate

Instant Checkmate combines simplicity and transparency with powerful access to criminal records – key details other sites often lack. Its focus on accurate, up-to-date information has earned high customer satisfaction.

With Instant Checkmate, you can uncover critical intel like felony convictions, traffic violations, and incarceration records alongside standard location-based data.

Key Pros

  • User-friendly interface streamlines and simplifies searches
  • Includes hard-to-find criminal record details from county databases
  • High customer satisfaction ratings based on report accuracy

Potential Limitations

  • Primarily focused on US records
  • Full reports require paid subscription

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For a budget-friendly option, BeenVerified provides basic background checks and people searches at competitive rates. It‘s a smart choice for one-off searches rather than ongoing monitoring needs.

BeenVerified offers customer service from a US-based team, plus on-demand access via desktop and mobile. Use its filter tools to customize data requests based on your specific needs.

Key Pros

  • Affordable à la carte pricing, low for one-time searches
  • Customizable filters to limit results to needed data points
  • Dedicated US-based customer support

Potential Limitations

  • Less comprehensive than higher-tier services
  • Public record accuracy risks

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Are These People Search Sites Legal and Ethical?

Using publicly available information to find addresses is generally legal, but accessing data without permission for illicit reasons can cross privacy boundaries. How you utilize an address obtained from a people search is key.

These services themselves operate within the law by compiling legally permissible public records. However, it is up to searchers to use the information in a lawful, ethical manner and avoid harassment or other harmful activities.

Investigators emphasize employing common sense when using search tools. Seek data only for legitimate purposes and always respect individual privacy and safety.

Tips for International Searches

While many major search sites focus on US records, individuals can be located internationally as well. Here are some top techniques for finding foreign addresses:

  • Use country-specific search sites like (UK) or PagesBlanches (France)
  • Try worldwide services like InfoTracer or World-Check Refinitiv
  • Leverage translation tools to adapt searches to local languages
  • Search region-specific social media sites like VKontakte (Russia)
  • Hire an in-country investigator to access local public and private databases
  • Request search assistance from US embassies/consulates abroad

The right combination of services, languages, and localized knowledge is key for successful international hunts.

Beyond Addresses: Additional Information Available

Robust people search services provide more details than just addresses. Many compile contact information, criminal histories, legal judgements, relatives, bankruptcies, assets, social media profiles, and more.

This expanded intel can prove useful when verifying identities, assessing risks, or meeting investigation objectives. However, refrain from accessing extra data without a clear purpose. And always independently verify any records uncovered rather than assuming complete accuracy.

Free Alternatives Exist Too

If uncomfortable using paid search services, free alternatives include:

  • Online white pages directories like Whitepages, Anywho, and
  • Social media searching – Facebook graphs, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram
  • Professional/alumni networks like
  • Public record databases (federal, state, county)

However, these options require more digging and offer less robust results compared to full-featured sites like Truthfinder and Intelius. But they can provide a starting point before committing to a paid service.

Finding Addresses Ethically: A Recap

With the right tools and ethical approach, finding someone‘s address from their name is achievable. Key takeaways include:

  • Online people search services effectively compile public/private records for address hunting, especially within the US.
  • Use any discovered information lawfully and only for legitimate purposes. Respect privacy.
  • For international searches, employ localized search sites, translation tools, and in-country assistance.
  • Verify any records found independently before fully relying on them for critical matters.
  • Free alternatives exist but require more effort compared to paid services.

By following these responsible techniques, you can successfully uncover addresses needed to fulfill important needs. Just remember to always search ethically and legally within appropriate boundaries.



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