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How I Learned to Hack Discord Accounts – And How You Can Protect Yourself

As an experienced cybersecurity professional and Discord enthusiast, I‘ve taken a keen interest in hacking methods used to infiltrate Discord accounts. Motivated by curiosity and a desire to help others protect themselves, I decided to explore the tools and techniques that make Discord account hijacking possible.

In this post, I’ll share what I’ve learned about hacking someone’s Discord account, the legal and ethical risks, and most importantly – how you can safeguard your own account security.

Why Discord is a Prime Target for Hackers

For the uninitiated, Discord is a free voice, video and text chat app used by over 150 million monthly active users. With widespread adoption by gamers, online communities, hobbyists and more, Discord has become a hacker’s paradise due to the trove of personal conversations and connections housed within these accounts.

Controversies around hacking and malware being spread through Discord have also raised alarms. In 2022, over 142,000 Discord accounts were compromised using a gifting scam. Discord malware like Spidey Bot has infiltrated servers by abusing webhooks.

As Discord’s popularity increases, so have nefarious efforts to infiltrate accounts through hacking. But gaining access is not as easy as it seems.

The Challenges of Hacking a Discord Account

Discord has implemented security features that make unauthorized access to accounts incredibly challenging:

  • Two-factor authentication using authenticator apps or SMS adds an extra step to logging in. Without the one-time code, hackers can’t login even with a stolen password.
  • IP address tracking allows Discord to detect logins from new devices and locations. Any suspicious activity prompts an email alert to the account owner.
  • Mandatory email verification for new devices prevents login without confirming access via email.
  • Reporting unusual activity triggers an investigation, temporary account lockdown and resets to thwart hacking attempts.

Discord also employs end-to-end encryption for chats, secure data transmission using TLS 1.2, and stores hashed versions of passwords in its database, not plain text.

For hackers, the obstacles posed by Discord’s security stack necessitate sophisticated tools and techniques to covertly gain persistent access.

Hacking Discord with EyeZy Keylogger and Screen Recorder

After extensive research into hacking methods, I discovered specialized tools like EyeZy prove highly effective in breaching Discord’s defenses.

EyeZy dashboard

EyeZy is a cross-platform spyware tool packed with features that enable intrusive access:

  • Keylogger – Records keystrokes to grab usernames, passwords, messages
  • Screen recorder – Captures app activity, login sessions, and more
  • VoIP recording – Allows spying on Discord voice and video calls
  • Real-time location tracking – Follows a target’s location and meetups
  • Web monitoring – Logs browsing history and activity across devices

By covertly installing EyeZy on a target device, hackers can:

  • Step 1) Capture the Discord login credentials when the target types them in
  • Step 2) Access the Discord account using the harvested credentials
  • Step 3) Record Discord screens and calls to monitor all activity
  • Step 4) Track locations if meeting up with Discord contacts

EyeZy accomplishes this intrusive access by evading detection using encryption, obscured app icons, anonymous data routing and other stealth techniques. A hacker can completely compromise a Discord account with little chance of being caught in the act.

Why Hack Someone‘s Discord Account? The Ethical Dilemma

You may be wondering – why would someone want to hack another person‘s Discord account? There are a few motivations:

  • Spying on children – Parents may use hacking tools out of concern for kids befriending strangers online or addiction to gaming. But this is an extreme violation of privacy.
  • Monitoring employees – Employers may be tempted to hack work devices to check for leaks of proprietary data, policy violations or productivity issues. However, this destroys trust.
  • Relationship snooping – Suspicious partners may hack each other’s accounts looking for proof of cheating or to stalk an ex. But this is often illegal and reflective of deeper problems.

The unethical nature of unauthorized hacking raises huge moral and legal questions. Accessing private conversations and media without consent is never justified. There are always better solutions like open communication, authorized parental controls, and workplace monitoring policies.

Protect Yourself: How to Spot Hacking Activity on Discord

While hacking someone‘s Discord is possible with the right tools, doing so comes with catastrophic risks like account banning, lawsuits, and even criminal charges.

As a Discord user, it‘s critical to keep your account secure and detect any foul play:

  • Use strong unique passwords – Never repeat or reuse simple passwords. Update them frequently. Consider a password manager.
  • Enable two-factor authentication – Restrict account access to only your devices by adding 2FA. Don‘t let others link devices to your Discord.
  • Check linked accounts – Remove any unknown social media or other logins attached to Discord under User Settings. These can be used to hack your account.
  • Watch for suspicious links – Don‘t click questionable links sent via Discord DM. These could install malware or harvesting login info.
  • Monitor recent logins – Periodically review login history under User Settings. Look for any unusual devices or locations.
  • Avoid public WiFi – Never access Discord on public networks. Use a VPN to keep data secure.
  • Install antivirus software – Scan all devices used for Discord to detect any potential keyloggers or spyware.
  • Report odd activity – If you notice anything strange, report it to Discord right away before severe damage occurs.

In Conclusion: Think Twice Before Attempting to Hack Discord

After diving into Discord hacking methods for research purposes, I strongly advise against attempting to hack someone‘s account without explicit legal authorization. The risks are simply too great, and there are better alternatives.

Discord does have valid uses for keeping in touch with friends, gaming communities, and personal interests. We must be vigilant to detect hacking activity and secure our accounts, but avoid violating other users‘ privacy at all costs.

As technology enthusiasts, I believe we should promote ethical hacking practices that aim to make digital spaces more secure, not enable intrusive spying. Hopefully this piece provides some valuable insights and lessons around Discord account security worth heeding in 2023 and beyond.



Michael Reddy is a tech enthusiast, entertainment buff, and avid traveler who loves exploring Linux and sharing unique insights with readers.