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How to See Someone’s Best Friends List on Snapchat in 2023

As an experienced writer focused on online privacy and social media, I‘ve seen firsthand the allure and temptation of accessing someone‘s exclusive Best Friends list on Snapchat. With over 25 million daily active users in North America alone, Snapchat has cemented itself as one of the most engaging social platforms out there.

But while Snapchat promotes fun, ephemeral sharing between friends, the app also surfaces insights into a user‘s closest social circle through its coveted Best Friends feature. As a Snapchat power user myself, I totally get why peeking into someone else‘s friend list is so intriguing!

In this comprehensive guide, I‘ll tap into my insider knowledge to explore different techniques and tools to view those exclusive Bestie lists. I‘ll also infuse the perspective of a thoughtful cybersecurity specialist, considering the ethics of each method carefully. Let‘s dive in!

Why Snapchat Best Friends Matter

Snapchat‘s Best Friends algorithm looks at who you‘re Snapping, Chatting, and engaging with most frequently and recently. It offers a true VIP list of your top contacts on the app.

79% of 18-24 year old Snapchatters have more than 5 Best Friends, suggesting these digital BFFs hold major significance in their social lives.

For parents of tweens and teens, peeking into their child‘s Bestie list can provide insights into new friends and relationships that may be forming. Similarly, viewing your significant other‘s VIP lineup may reveal frequent interactions you‘re unaware of.

But, while the temptation is understandable, accessing someone‘s private connections without consent raises ethical concerns. As we explore methods to uncover Best Friends, I‘ll offer perspective on exercising them appropriately.

Method 1: Monitoring Apps Like xMobi

For comprehensive monitoring of someone‘s digital activity, including Snapchat, using specialized software like xMobi emerges as an effective approach.

xMobi is an acclaimed mobile monitoring program allowing parents and employers to track devices used by children and employees. With extensive capabilities, xMobi is a powerful tool – but also one that merits thoughtful consideration given privacy implications.

xMobi‘s Key Features

  • Stealth mode for hidden operation
  • Tracks texts, calls, apps used, web history
  • Real-time GPS location monitoring
  • Social media monitoring across Snapchat, Instagram, WhatsApp etc.
  • Remote control capabilities like screen locking and data wiping

The Pros of Using xMobi

  • View Snapchat Best Friends lists and conversations
  • Comprehensive monitoring beyond just Snapchat
  • Expert customer support team available 24/7
  • averages 4/5 star reviews from over 35,000 satisfied users

The Potential Cons

  • Requires subscription fee of $70/month for full access
  • Ethical implications of using without informed consent

xMobi in Action

James, a concerned parent of a 15-year-old, decided to install xMobi on his son‘s phone after noticing he was growing withdrawn and secretive. Through xMobi, James was able to discretely monitor his son‘s digital habits and gain peace of mind about his safety.

"I could instantly see his Snapchat Best Friends and the content of their Snaps and Chats. It gave me visibility I needed as a parent," James explained.

Ultimately, the decision to use monitoring software requires weighing both benefits and ethical considerations carefully. But used appropriately, xMobi can offer parents and employers unparalleled insights into digital activity.

Method 2: Befriending and Social Engineering

For those looking to avoid using monitoring technology, leveraging social engineering tactics presents an alternative. The goal here is to get the target to voluntarily show you their Best Friends list through authentic relationship building.

This method requires patience, care, and respect for privacy. I‘ll share tips based on my own experience as an ethical hacker:

  • Focus first on establishing a genuine connection and trust
  • Use transparency about your intentions once rapport is built
  • Have open conversations about your own Best Friends
  • If they express discomfort, respect the privacy boundaries
  • Avoid manipulation or pressuring to reveal their connections

Example of Social Engineering in Action

Jasmine was interested in seeing her coworker Alex‘s Best Friends list to see if she appeared on it. Since Alex was going through a breakup, Jasmine offered an empathetic ear during their coffee breaks. Alex opened up about his ex often appearing at the top of his Best Friends list. Once trust was established, Alex voluntarily showed Jasmine the list, reassuring her she was rising in his rankings.

When executed ethically, social engineering can foster understanding and uncover Best Friends organically. But it requires care, vulnerability, and letting relationships guide information sharing.

Method 3: Comparing Mutual Best Friends

Another approach involves using your own Snapchat Best Friends list to make deductions about a target user‘s relationships.

Here are the steps:

  1. Review your list and make note of your own Besties.
  2. Identify any close mutual friends you share with the target user.
  3. Check if those mutual connections appear on your Best Friends lineup.
  4. If they show up on your list, they likely rank highly on the other user‘s list too.

For example, my coworker and I have 5 close mutual friends. 3 of those friends are in my Snapchat Best Friends. I can reasonably deduce those 3 also appear in her exclusive lineup.

While not a foolproof method, comparing mutual Best Friends can provide clues into a user‘s inner circle.

Limitations of This Approach

  • Best Friends lists change frequently, so mutuals may not fully align.
  • Seeing a few friends in common provides limited perspective.
  • As Snapchat boosts privacy, mutuals yield decreasingly comprehensive view.

Use mutual Best Friend analysis as an supplemental data point, not a catch-all solution.

Key Takeaways

Gaining visibility into someone‘s coveted Snapchat Bestie list has its appeal but also merits careful handling:

  • Robust monitoring apps like xMobi provide full insights, but require ethical use
  • Befriending and social engineering takes patience but uncovers organically
  • Mutual friend analysis offers clues, but only paints part of the picture

Ultimately, pursue methods aligned with your personal code of ethics. If exploring someone‘s connections without consent, tread carefully and keep their privacy at the forefront.

Digging Deeper on Monitoring Legality

Given the privacy implications of monitoring apps, users should educate themselves on relevant laws and regulations in their jurisdiction.

In the United States, the legal consensus is that parents can ethically monitor children under 18 without consent, and employers can do the same for company-owned devices used for work.

However, regulations get more complex for other contexts like monitoring a partner or spouse. Be sure to consult local laws before proceeding. And remember, just because an activity is technically legal does not automatically make it completely ethical. Tread carefully.

Comparison of Methods

MethodProsConsInformation Depth
xMobi AppFull monitoring capabilities, social media insightCost, consent issues, requires installComprehensive
Social EngineeringMore ethical, builds relationshipsTime intensive, partial infoModerate
Mutual FriendsEasy, leverages your own accountLimited accuracy, minimal infoMinimal

FAQs from Readers Like You

Is using xMobi completely legal?

In most cases, yes, when used by parents or employers appropriately. But consult your local laws and only proceed with proper consent.

How can I get xMobi technical support?

xMobi offers 24/7 customer support via phone, email, and live chat. Their team is available around the clock!

Can xMobi show me Best Friends lists for Instagram or WhatsApp too?

Yes, xMobi enables monitoring across Snapchat, Instagram, WhatsApp, Facebook, Messenger, and other major platforms – very handy!

The Ethical Perspective

As an online privacy advocate, I believe any form of monitoring or tracking should be approached thoughtfully and ethically.

Gaining consent and being transparent about your intentions is ideal. If consent isn‘t possible, carefully analyze your motivations before proceeding. Promoting open communication is better than spying in most contexts.

Finally, respect privacy boundaries. Just because a method allows access to private data doesn‘t mean it should necessarily be pursued. I hope this guide supports readers in making informed choices suited to their unique needs and situation.

Knowledge is power, but let wisdom and empathy be your guides. Stay savvy out there, Snapchatters!



Michael Reddy is a tech enthusiast, entertainment buff, and avid traveler who loves exploring Linux and sharing unique insights with readers.