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How To Cop Sneakers With Bots: The 2023 Expert Guide

Have you ever taken an L on a hyped sneaker release that sold out instantly? Using a sneaker bot levels the playing field so you can finally secure the kicks you want.

In this comprehensive guide, I‘ll break down everything you need to dominate sneaker releases with bots in 2023.

A Quick History of Sneaker Bots

Sneaker bots have revolutionized the shoe game. Before bots, hyped sneaker releases were a free-for-all. Sneaker enthusiasts waited hours in lines outside stores hoping to grab limited stock.

In the early 2000s, the first primitive "sneaker bots" emerged to automate online checkouts. Over the years, bots have become incredibly sophisticated. Top bots now boast advanced anti-detection features, captcha solvers, auto-filling checkout forms, and more.

The demand for sneaker bots has blown up:

  • In 2017, 300k pairs of hype shoes were sold in the US. In 2022, that number skyrocketed to 85 million pairs.
  • The sneaker resale market is worth over $6 billion globally. Limited shoes can resell for hundreds or thousands above retail.
  • A monthly "sneaker bot" Google search volume is around 110k. Sneaker bots are now a massive industry.

Let‘s overview how sneaker bots provide an edge over the average user.

How Do Sneaker Bots Work Their Magic?

Sneaker bots give you lightning fast processing power…

  • Speed – Bots run hundreds of checkout tasks simultaneously across thousands of proxies. This brute speed lets you secure pairs before sellouts.
  • Automation – Checking out manually requires solving captchas and retyping info. Bots do all this automatically, completing the full checkout process.
  • Scalability – Running tasks across multiple accounts, cards, and addresses makes it easy to cop multiple pairs safely.

Advanced bots also employ tricks like…

  • Proxy rotation – Rotating thousands of residential IPs avoids getting your tasks blocked.
  • HTML parsing – Bots analyze site code to fill out forms and access checkout pages.
  • Captcha solvers – OCR technology deciphers captcha images automatically to pass validation tests.

Now let‘s compare the top bots currently dominating sneaker releases.

Battle of the Top Bots

BotPriceSites SupportedSuccess RateEase of UseNotes
Stellar AIO$500/6 monthsShopify, YS, Finishline95%Beginner friendlyReliable "workhorse" bot
Kodai bot$300/lifetimeSupreme, Shopify, Footsites93%Moderate setupSpecializes in Supreme drops
Balko Bot$700/lifetimeYS, Shopify, Footsites90%Advanced usersFastest checkout speeds
Ganesh Bot$150/monthYS, Adidas, Shopify85%Difficult setupAffordable for beginners
CyberAIO$1400/lifetimeYS, Supreme, Footsites93%Beginner friendlyOne of the most popular bots

I recommend CyberAIO and Stellar AIO as great all-around bots for beginners. Balko Bot is the best for experienced users wanting pure speed.

Next, let‘s go step-by-step through setting up your bot…

Setting Up Your Sneaker Bot

Copping with a bot takes some initial configuration. Here‘s how to set it up properly:

1. Choose your sneaker bot

Select a bot based on your budget and the sites you want to target. Do your research to find the best fit.

2. Install the bot software

Download the bot files after purchase. Install on a Windows computer for best performance. Some bots also work on Mac.

3. Input your accounts and proxies

Enter your profiles for the sneaker sites you want to buy from. Link all your proxies to the bot.

4. Configure your tasks

Create tasks in your bot specifying the site, product links, sizes, checkout delays and actions.

5. Test everything

Run test tasks to ensure your bot works properly end-to-end before going live.

Now let‘s dive deeper into best practices for maximizing success…

Next-Level Tips from a Sneaker Bot Pro

Simply having a bot won‘t guarantee you cop coveted kicks. Here are my best tips for dominating releases:

Start with general releases

Walk before you run. Learn your bot on wider GR releases first before tackling limited collabs.

Prepare thoroughly for releases

Do your due diligence. Research upcoming releases and ensure your billing/shipping is pre-saved for checkout.

Monitor your tasks closely

Watch your tasks in real-time during drops. Tweak delays and settings to optimize performance.

Analyze past releases

Study what worked and what didn‘t for previous releases to improve your strategy.

Use separate accounts for different sites

Having one account banned on Site A won‘t affect your others accounts on Site B.

Generate unique IPs

Use an IP rotator service to keep cycling through fresh residential IPs for your tasks.

Stagger your tasks

Don‘t start all your tasks simultaneously. Stagger them 5-10 seconds apart to appear more human.

Now let‘s go over the biggest mistakes to avoid…

Common Botting Mistakes to Avoid

It‘s easy to mess up when you‘re just starting out botting. Here are some major mistakes to steer clear of:

  • Neglecting proxies – Bots need proxies to succeed. Never run tasks straight with your own IP.
  • Overwhelming your bot – Don‘t take on impossible releases starting out. Walk before you run.
  • Monitoring tasks lazily – You need to baby your bot with active monitoring and troubleshooting.
  • Using bots unethically – Avoid purchasing tons of stock to resell. Leave pairs for real fans.

The key is being patient, persistent, and avoiding risky behavior when botting. Take it slow and grow your skills.

Is Sneaker Botting Ethical?

Botting does raise some ethical concerns around fairness. Here‘s my take:

Bots are just tools. The key is how you use them. Avoid shady tactics like:

  • Circumventing purchase limits using loopholes
  • Running tons of tasks to buy out all stock
  • Using bots to resell shoes at ridiculous prices

Instead, use bots responsibly to buy shoes for your own collection at fair retail prices. The goal shouldn‘t be exploitative reselling – it should be a level playing field where dedicated fans can all cop coveted kicks.

Retailers also need to do more to ensure fair access to hyped releases for everyone. Better tech defenses, more stock, and raffles help.

With the right mindset and practices, sneaker botting can exist responsibly.

Wrapping Up

And there you have it – everything you need to know to start dominating sneaker releases with a bot in 2023.

The key takeaways are:

  • Use quality residential proxies to avoid getting blocked
  • Start with easier, wider releases before limited shoes
  • Monitor your tasks closely and optimize performance
  • Avoid rookie mistakes like lack of proxies or preparation
  • Bot ethically – don‘t exploit loopholes or overbuy stock

Now get out there and start cooking some Ws! Got any other tips? Share your sneaker bot wisdom below.



Michael Reddy is a tech enthusiast, entertainment buff, and avid traveler who loves exploring Linux and sharing unique insights with readers.