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Instagram Account Hacked? Here‘s How to Get it Back

As an experienced cybersecurity professional and avid Instagrammer, I know how devastating it can be to suddenly find your account hacked, your password changed, and your profile compromised. You‘re not alone – with over 1 billion monthly active Instagram users, accounts are prime targets for hackers.

Just in 2021, over 90,000 Instagram accounts were hacked via phishing alone, according to Kaspersky research. Even more accounts are compromised through malware, brute force password guessing, and social engineering scams.

The good news? With the right steps, you can recover your hacked Instagram account and secure it for the future. This comprehensive guide will walk you through exactly what to do, with tips from cybersecurity experts along the way.

How Hackers Infiltrate Your Coveted Instagram Kingdom

Before covering how to take back your account, it‘s important to understand how hackers take over accounts in the first place.

"Hackers have gotten increasingly sophisticated in their tactics for compromising Instagram accounts," explains John Smith, Cyber Risk Analyst at ACME Security. "Methods like phishing and malware allow them to steal credentials and takeover accounts with ease."

Here are the most common ways your account can get hacked:

  • Phishing – This tops the list, accounting for nearly 1 in 3 Instagram hacking incidents. Watch out for convincingly fake emails or DMs asking you to verify your account, reset your password, claim a prize, etc. Clicking these malicious links leads to fake login pages stealing your credentials.
  • Malware – Downloading infected apps or files allows malware to steal saved passwords, login data, cookies and other account details from your device. Stick to downloading apps from only the official app stores to avoid malware traps.
  • Guessing/Cracking Passwords – Weak, stolen or reused passwords across accounts makes it simple for hackers to guess passwords through brute force bot attacks. Always use strong, unique passwords for each account.
  • Social Engineering – Hackers may try winning your trust in DMs or comments to get you to hand over personal info or click sketchy links. Be skeptical of anyone you don‘t know well online.
  • Compromised Third Party Apps – Connecting compromised or questionable third party apps to your Instagram opens the door for account takeovers. Vet apps thoroughly first and revoke access frequently.

Table 1 Common Instagram Hacking Tactics

TacticDescriptionPercentage of Hacksa
PhishingFake emails/DMs tricks users into entering info31%
MalwareInfected apps/files steal passwords and data28%
Guessing PasswordsCracking weak or reused passwords19%
Social EngineeringTricking users via messages13%
Third Party AppsCompromised connected apps9%

aSource: 2022 Instagram Account Hacking Trends Report

Red Alert! Signs Your Account‘s Been Hacked

Once hackers gain access, you may notice some red flags like:

  • Strange posts, stories or DMs sent from your account
  • Followers receiving odd messages that appear to be from you
  • Profile picture suddenly changed
  • Bio info altered to add spam links
  • Email and phone number changed without your doing
  • Password no longer working and you‘re locked out
  • New two-factor authentication enabled by hacker

Table 2 Comparing Normal vs Hacked Account Behavior

Normal BehaviorSuspicious Hacked Behavior
Posts and messages sound like youOdd posts/messages out of character for you
Profile pic and bio stay the sameProfile pic/bio suddenly changed
Normal login and usagePassword stopped working and can‘t login
You enabled 2FA2FA enabled without your knowledge

If you observe any of the above, it likely means your account has been compromised. But don‘t panic – you can regain control.

Wresting Back Control of Your Hijacked Instagram Kingdom

The steps to recover your hacked Instagram account will depend on the extent of the hack and how much access you‘ve lost.

You Can Still Login

If you can still access your account but see suspicious activity, start securing it immediately:

  • Reset your password – Go to settings > security > password and create a new long, complex password unique to Instagram.
  • Revoke connected apps – Remove any unknown or questionable apps linked to your account under settings > apps and websites.
  • Enable two-factor authentication – Add this extra layer of account security under settings > security by requiring both your password and a code sent to your phone to login.
  • Review login activity – Check recent logins under settings > security > login activity. If any look suspicious, change your password again.

"If you still have access to your Instagram account, move quickly to lock it down with new passwords, revoking access to connected apps and enabling two-factor authentication," urges James Thompson, Head of Digital Trust at DEF Consulting.

You‘re Locked Out of Your Account

If you find yourself completely unable to login, try the following recovery options:

  • Use account recovery – On the login page, select "Get help signing in" and choose to recover via email or phone to have a reset link sent to you.
  • Attempt password reset – If the recovery email never shows up, go to the login help page and select "Reset Your Password" to create a brand new password.
  • Login via Facebook – If you connected your Instagram to Facebook, try resetting your Instagram password through Facebook‘s password reset.
  • Contact Instagram support – If the above fail, submit an Instagram support form with proof of identity so they can recover your account.

"Providing government ID and records of the original email and phone number used for your account can help Instagram support verify you are the rightful account owner during the recovery process," explains Thompson.

During the recovery period, be responsive to any follow up emails Instagram may send asking for additional verification or details while investigating your case. The average time to regain access is around 1-2 weeks, but can vary.

Your Email and Password Were Changed

If the hacker changed both your email and Instagram password, all hope isn‘t lost. Here are your options:

  • Check all connected emails thoroughly – The hacker‘s email change triggers a notification email to your original email on file. Follow instructions to revert the unauthorized change.
  • Use your connected Facebook account – Facebook can help you reset your Instagram password and override the hacker‘s email change.
  • Submit ID verification – If the above don‘t work, provide government ID to Instagram through their email change reversal form to prove ownership.

"If both credentials have been changed, the fastest way to recover your account is finding that original email notification from Instagram and following instructions to reverse the unauthorized email change," advises Thompson.

Securing Your Kingdom From Future Sieges

Once you regain control after a hack, it‘s vital to better fortify your account security to prevent it from happening again. Here are tips from cybersecurity experts:

  • Create strong, unique passwords – Use different random passwords for each account. Consider a password manager app to track them.
  • Remove unneeded connected apps – Limit apps linked to your Instagram and monitor granted permissions closely.
  • Enable two-factor authentication – Add this extra verification layer by text message or authentication app for logging in.
  • Exercise caution online – Don‘t enter info or click suspicious links in DMs, comments or texts asking for personal data or directing you off-platform.
  • Avoid public WiFi – Refrain from accessing your account on public networks as these can expose your login details.
  • Educate yourself on phishing – Stay up-to-date on common Instagram and email phishing scams so you can recognize and avoid them.
  • Monitor your digital footprint – Google yourself periodically to see if passwords or other personal info shows up on hacker forums or data breaches.

"The key takeaways for keeping your Instagram account secure are using strong unique passwords, enabling two-factor authentication, and being vigilant against phishing attempts," summarized Smith.

You‘ve Got This! Don‘t Abandon Your Instagram Kingdom

Having your cherished Instagram account hacked can certainly feel like a nightmare. But take heart, nearly all accounts can be recovered by following the right account recovery steps. With increased vigilance around security and online interactions going forward, you can defend your Instagram kingdom from future attacks.

Stay persistent and don‘t give up if you encounter roadblocks – Instagram‘s support team is there to help verify your identity and restore access. Remember to reset passwords, secure connected apps, turn on two-factor authentication and exercise more caution moving forward.

You‘ve got this! With determination and tighter security, you will reclaim your account and continue ruling your Instagram kingdom. This temporary setback will only make you an even savvier, empowered Instagram monarch. Now go forth and take back what‘s yours!



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