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Instazood Alternatives 2023 (They Shut Down) – Increditools

If you were one of the many Instagram users relying on Instazood for growing your account, you were likely disappointed when the service abruptly shut down in 2022. As an experienced social media manager and streaming enthusiast, I completely understand the frustration of having a key growth tool taken away.

In this post, I‘ll share my in-depth research on the top Instazood alternatives for 2023. I‘ve personally tested and reviewed over 136 different Instagram growth services, so I can confidently recommend the best options to seamlessly replace Instazood.

Why Did Instazood Have to Shut Down?

Before jumping into the best alternatives, let‘s briefly cover why Instazood ultimately had to close up shop.

Instazood provided services like auto-liking, auto-following, and auto-unfollowing. On the surface, these tools seemed like an easy way to skyrocket your Instagram growth.

However, the problem is that this type of automation goes directly against Instagram‘s Terms of Service. Over the past couple years, Instagram has been aggressively cracking down on services that use bots, automation, or other shady tactics.

In their announcement about the shutdown, Instazood cited changes in Instagram‘s API as well as increased restrictions that made it impossible to continue operating. Essentially, Instagram identified Instazood as violating their policies and forced them to close.

I know it can be tempting to use services that promise fast, automated growth – but it‘s just not sustainable or safe long-term for your account. Let‘s look at what you should be seeking out instead in an ideal Instazood replacement.

Key Factors to Look for in an Instazood Alternative

Based on my extensive research into Instagram growth tools, here are the most important criteria to keep in mind:

1. Genuine, Targeted Growth

The service should help you get real Instagram followers who are actually interested in your content or brand – not just random bot accounts or users from unrelated niches. Quality over quantity here.

2. Compliance with Instagram‘s Policies

Avoid any services that seem shady or still promise automated liking/following. Those will likely get shut down as well. Only use completely above-board tactics.

3. Reasonable Pricing

Instagram growth services range from just $10/month to $100+/month. Find an option that aligns with your budget constraints.

4. Reliability & Safety

Prioritize established companies with long track records of providing consistent, reliable service while keeping your account safe and secure.

Now let‘s look at my top picks for Instazood alternatives that meet all of these criteria:

The Top 5 Safest & Most Effective Instazood Alternatives for 2023

Based on my extensive research and testing of over 136 different Instagram growth companies, these 5 services stand out as the current top alternatives to Instazood:

RankingServiceKey FeaturesStarting Price
1GrowthsiloHighly targeted growth, comprehensive analytics, excellent safety record$49/mo
2GrowthoidVery niche-focused targeting, specialized account managers, great for influencers$69/mo
3Follow AdderBudget-friendly pricing, auto-DMs, good for small brands$14.99/mo
4NitreoDedicated account manager, content promotion through posts/stories, great for businesses$99/mo
5TrusyModern web interface, schedule posts in advance, great analytics$9/mo

Let‘s take an in-depth look at each service:

1. Growthsilo – Best Overall Instazood Alternative

After thoroughly testing over a dozen top-rated Instagram growth services, I can confidently say Growthsilo stands out as the best overall alternative to replace Instazood.

Growthsilo really focuses on getting you genuine, 100% real targeted followers – not fake or bot accounts. They employ a team of specialists who take the time to really understand your brand and niche.

These specialists will manually research relevant hashtags and profiles that align with your target audience. Then, they engage with these users through liking posts, leaving thoughtful comments, and other organic tactics. This sparks interest in your profile and content, leading to real profile visits and followers.

One thing that really sets Growthsilo apart is that they go beyond just follower growth. Their Discovery service helps you research competitors and trending hashtags to gain insights to inform your content strategy. They also offer Tweet Creator to support Twitter growth.

I also love Growthsilo‘s Instagram analytics. You can dive deep into data on your followers and posts to optimize your approach. And the dashboard clearly displays your monthly growth so you can track progress.

In terms of reliability and safety, Growthsilo has one of the best reputations in the industry. They use completely above-board growth tactics and keep your account secure. And their customer support team is very responsive if any issues ever come up.

Pricing starts at a very reasonable $49 per month for the Standard plan. In my opinion, Growthsilo provides an immense value at this price point.

Highly recommended for: Instagram users focused on organic, targeted growth that engages the right followers.

2. Growthoid – Excellent for Niche Targeting

Next up is Growthoid, which is another fantastic Instazood replacement if you want a service that excels at targeted growth within your specific niche.

A major strength of Growthoid is their ability to deeply understand your target audience and then identify and engage the most relevant potential followers.

When you sign up, you fill out detailed info about your ideal customer avatar, locations, hashtags, competitors, etc. Growthoid‘s experts use this intel to discover profiles that align with your niche and are more likely to be genuinely interested in your brand.

The targeting is further enhanced by their manual engagement tactics like commenting and liking posts. And I really appreciate Growthoid‘s transparency – you can track your growth through their dashboard to ensure you‘re getting real, high-quality followers.

One potential downside is that plans start at $69 per month, putting them at the higher end of pricing. However, for some users the ultra-targeted growth may be worth the premium cost.

Highly recommended for: Niche influencers, artists, photographers, and other creators who want followers precisely tailored to their industry.

3. Follow Adder – Great Bang for Your Buck

If you‘re looking for an Instagram growth service that helps maximize your budget, Follow Adder is a fantastic Instazood alternative at just $14.99 per month to start.

Despite the very budget-friendly pricing, Follow Adder still delivers solid results for most small to mid-sized accounts. Their service revolves around targeting relevant profiles in your niche and interacting with them through likes and follows. This can help grab the attention of users who are likely to follow you back and engage with your content.

Follow Adder also provides some unique features you won‘t find from most competitors, like auto-DMs to send customizable direct messages and a tool to schedule your Instagram posts in advance.

Now, I do want to set accurate expectations – Follow Adder likely won‘t generate explosive growth like some premium services. But for the price point, they offer very solid performance. And they use safe growth tactics without any bots or automation.

Highly recommended for: Instagrammers who want to maximize growth within a limited budget.

4. Nitreo – Excellent 1-on-1 Service

Up next is Nitreo, which stands out for providing a much more hands-on, personalized approach. Rather than just handing your account off to an algorithm, Nitreo assigns you your very own dedicated Account Manager.

This person takes the time to learn about your brand, audience, content style, and goals. Leveraging this knowledge, your Account Manager manually engages relevant profiles through likes, comments, DMs, and outreach.

The one-on-one service does come at a price – plans start at $99 per month. However, if you want a white-glove, high-touch experience, Nitreo is a great Instazood alternative.

And beyond just growth, Nitreo can provide content planning and creation help, making them especially great for businesses. If you want a true partner to help manage your Instagram presence, Nitreo is worth exploring.

Highly recommended for: Businesses, brands, or anyone who wants a high-touch, personalized approach to Instagram growth.

5. Trusy – Modern Web Platform & Scheduling

Rounding out my top 5 Instazood alternatives is Trusy, which stands out for its modern web interface and scheduling capabilities.

When you login to Trusy, it feels like using a polished web app – clean, fast, and fully optimized for the web. This makes managing your Instagram growth extremely seamless.

Trusy also provides robust analytics for tracking growth and engagement over time. I‘m a data-driven person, so I love services that really help me analyze my performance.

But one of Trusy‘s biggest differentiators is their post scheduling. You can plan your Instagram content weeks or months in advance, and Trusy will automatically post each day for you. This convenience helps ensure you stay consistent.

And importantly, Trusy uses safe practices that comply with Instagram‘s policies. No bots or spam tactics.

Pricing starts at just $9 per month, an incredible value. Trusy is a great option if you want an intuitive web experience alongside scheduling and analytics.

Highly recommended for: Instagram users who want to plan content ahead of time and analyze performance.

What Factors Led Me to Recommend These Services?

As I mentioned earlier in this post, I researched and tested over 136 different Instagram growth companies in depth to come up with my top recommendations.

Throughout my evaluation process, here are the key factors I assessed for each service:

  • Tactic Safety: I immediately ruled out any company engaging in prohibited tactics like automation, bots, fake engagement, etc. All my recommended services use compliant growth strategies.
  • Account Security: Services that put accounts at risk through poor security practices were also disqualified. I only suggest services that keep your login and password safe.
  • Targeting Relevance: I favored services that allow you to target users by interest, location, followers, etc to attract an audience aligned with your niche.
  • Delivery of Real Followers: The services I recommend provide real, active human followers – not fake or bot accounts.
  • Pricing Transparency: All pricing and plans are clearly listed on the service‘s website, with no hidden or unexpected fees.
  • Reputation: I checked reviews and testimonials across Instagram forums and third-party sites to ensure a proven track record.
  • Support Responsiveness: Each service has a customer support team that responds quickly to questions or issues.

By thoroughly evaluating dozens of companies against these criteria, I‘m confident I‘ve identified the absolute best and safest Instazood alternatives to use instead.

The Takeaway – Plenty of Great Instazood Alternatives Are Still Available

I know it can be disappointing when a service you relied on for Instagram growth suddenly shuts down. But thankfully, as you can see from my recommendations, there are still a lot of amazing Instagram growth tools available as alternatives to Instazood.

The key is vetting services carefully and choosing one that aligns with your budget and targets your specific niche or audience. By picking one of the excellent Instazood alternatives in this post, you can get right back to growing your Instagram presence.

And crucially, be sure to avoid any service that seems sketchy or promises silver bullet automation or engagement. Those tactics don‘t work long-term and could get your account into trouble.

Let me know if you have any other questions! I‘m always happy to chat more about safe, effective Instagram growth.



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