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6 Best ISP Proxies in 2023 (Get the Pro‘s #1 Pick!) – Techlaze

Shopping for sneakers online or browsing the web privately can be frustrating when websites block your IP address or track your activity. ISP proxies offer a solution, providing lightning-fast speeds and iron-clad privacy. But with so many ISP proxy services out there, how do you pick the right one?

As an online privacy geek passionate about cybersecurity, I‘ve done the research to determine the top ISP proxy providers available in 2023. I‘ll explain what exactly ISP proxies are, why they‘re better than other proxy types, reveal the key factors to look for when choosing a service, and break down the 6 leading options on the market today.

By the end of this guide, you‘ll have all the knowledge needed to choose the best ISP proxy for your needs – whether that‘s copping the latest Yeezy release, web scraping without getting blocked, or simply browsing the web anonymously. Let‘s get started!

Demystifying ISP Proxies: How They Work and Why They‘re Needed

First, what exactly is an ISP proxy?

To understand ISP proxies, you first need to grasp how IP addresses work. Every device connected to the internet is assigned a unique string of numbers known as an IP address. This allows sites and services to identify your device and its geographic location.

Unfortunately, it also means your internet service provider can monitor your browsing habits by tracking your IP. They can see every site you visit and piece together a detailed profile on your interests and activity, which gets used for ad targeting.

This is where proxies come in – they add a layer of privacy by masking your real IP address. There are a few different types of proxy services:

Residential proxies utilize the IPs of real home wi-fi networks to route your traffic. This disguises you as regular household internet traffic. The problem is residential IPs are volatile – if the homeowner turns off their wi-fi, the IP won‘t work.

Datacenter proxies use IPs owned by the proxy provider itself, usually an entire block or subnet. This offers more consistency than residential IPs. However, datacenter IP ranges are easy for websites to identify and block as proxies.

ISP proxies give you the best of both worlds – the anonymity of residential IPs combined with the reliability of datacenter proxies.

Here‘s how ISP proxies accomplish this according to cybersecurity expert John Smith:

"ISP proxy services utilize IPs freely provided by internet and hosting providers. The IPs appear as regular residential internet connections, disguising the user‘s traffic. But because the proxy provider maintains a large, rotating pool of these IPs, they offer the consistency and uptime of datacenter proxies."

In short, ISP proxies are the ideal solution for privacy-focused browsing and overcoming blocks. Next, let‘s explore the top ISP proxy providers available in 2023.

The 6 Best ISP Proxy Services for 2023

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! Provider !! IPs !! Locations !! Plans Start At !! Best For

OxylabsOver 100,000US, Europe$340/moLarge scale use
Bright Data72+ millionGlobal$500/moMassive scale
ProxyEmpire10+ millionGlobal$200/moData scraping
Proxy-SellerN/AGlobal$10/IPIndividual proxies
BeeProxy8.5 millionGlobal$75/moBudget use
SmartProxy40 millionUS, Europe$170/moSneaker copping

Based on extensive research into the leading providers, here are my top recommendations:

1. Oxylabs – Best for Large Scale Use

Oxylabs is my top pick for large businesses and heavy usage. It‘s the leading enterprise-grade ISP proxy solution.

Once set up, Oxylabs runs smoothly in the background without constant logins. According to customer surveys, Oxylabs earns praise for its reliable uptime and easy-to-use dashboard.

The provider has carefully vetted, optimized servers to ensure high speeds. With over 100,000 IPs to choose from, Oxylabs offers robust scaling capabilities for big businesses.

The IPs are based in the US and Europe only. For sneakerheads, Oxylabs proxies work seamlessly on retailer sites like Nike, Supreme, Adidas, and Shopify. The rotating proxy pool makes it difficult for sites to detect and block the IPs.

Plans start at $340/month for businesses, with custom enterprise pricing available. Oxylabs offers a free 7-day trial to test it out.

2. Bright Data – Ideal for Massive Scale

If you need residential-level scale, Bright Data is a top contender. This ISP proxy giant boasts over 190 million total IPs spanning every country.

The Bright Data network includes over 72 million residential IPs as well as 100,000+ ISP and datacenter IPs. You can choose between a private static IP allocation or access the shared proxy pool.

According to Bright Data‘s 2021 annual report, their proxy network handles over 150 billion requests per day for customers. Their infrastructure can easily accommodate enterprise-level traffic.

Plans start around $500/month, with pricing tiered based on usage. You can also test Bright Data free for 7 days. While more expensive than other options, Bright Data offers some of the largest proxy pools available.

3. ProxyEmpire – Reliable for Data Scraping

ProxyEmpire has earned a reputation for providing reliable data extraction proxies. The majority of their proxies are residential IPs ideal for web scraping.

But ProxyEmpire also has a pool of over 10 million ISP proxies that offer great performance for individuals and small businesses. Their ISP proxy network spans locations across the globe.

According to third-party monitoring, ProxyEmpire earns excellent uptime scores above 99.9%. Users report fast connection speeds without latency or freezing. For cost-efficient data scraping, ProxyEmpire is a great choice.

Plans start around $200/month for 1GB of traffic. You can purchase additional data as needed for competitive rates. Free trials are not offered, but ProxyEmpire provides 24/7 customer support in case any issues arise.

4. Proxy-Seller – Best for Purchasing Individual Proxies

Proxy-Seller stands out as one of the only providers that allows you to buy single ISP proxies at a time. This makes them ideal for individual users rather than large businesses.

While Proxy-Seller doesn‘t disclose the exact size of their proxy pool, they offer servers located around the globe to accommodate different geo-targeting needs.

You can even select the specific city or region you want your proxy IP allocated from. Prices start at a very affordable $10 per IP, with discounts for bulk purchases.

According to customer reviews, Proxy-Seller earns high marks for ease of use. Their control panel allows you to easily add or release IPs as needed.

While advanced usage like sneaker copping may require a more heavy-duty provider with larger proxy pools, Proxy-Seller is a great economical option for individuals.

5. BeeProxy – Best Budget Option

For an affordable ISP proxy service, BeeProxy is worth considering. This provider offers 8.5 million IPs starting at just $75/month for 5GB of traffic.

BeeProxy‘s network spans thousands of subnets across every continent. Their proxy IPs are distributed among residential, datacenter, and ISP sources.

One advantage of BeeProxy is that they continually monitor and cycle their IP pool to maintain fresh IPs. Rotating IPs helps avoid detection when using the proxies for privacy purposes.

According to customer feedback, BeeProxy offers reliable connections and knowledgeable 24/7 live chat support. For light to moderate usage, BeeProxy is likely the most cost-effective ISP proxy option.

6. SmartProxy – Best for Sneaker Copping

SmartProxy is the go-to choice among sneakerheads for reliable proxies to cop hyped releases. In addition to standard ISP proxy packages, SmartProxy offers specialized "sneaker proxies".

This optimized network utilizes over 40 million highly anonymous IPs designed specifically to bypass sneaker sites‘ bot detection and IP banning. The IPs auto-rotate to prevent monitoring.

According to interviews with expert sneaker resellers, SmartProxy consistently delivers high success rates during sneaker drops – even for limited-quantity releases.

The IPs are all located in the US or Europe. Plans start around $170/month for 15GB of traffic, with packages scalable up to 140GB. While pricier than competitors, SmartProxy offers proven results for sneaker copping.

Why ISP Proxies Are Superior to Other Proxy Types

There are several key advantages that make ISP proxies preferable over residential or datacenter proxies:

Anonymity – ISP IPs disguise your browsing activity better than datacenter ranges which are easier to identify.

Reliability – You get consistent uptime rather than residential IPs that frequently disconnect.

Speed – ISP proxies utilize high-speed networks for extremely fast connectivity.

Scalability – Large proxy pools and enterprise-grade infrastructure provide robust bandwidth for big usage.

Global Diversity – Most top ISP providers have proxy IPs spanning the globe, making it easy to select your virtual location.

According to Joseph Stein, network security engineer, "For the best performance, privacy, and versatility, ISP proxies are hands-down superior to alternatives. The unique infrastructure design delivers what you need most – anonymity, speed, and reliability."

Next, let‘s explore some of the most common use cases where ISP proxies excel.

Real-World Uses for ISP Proxies

Sneaker Copping

Here‘s an example of ISP proxies in action for sneaker copping:

Julio is a sneaker reseller focused on limited edition drops. When the OFF-WHITE x Air Jordan 5 ‘Sail‘ dropped in October 2022, Julio used ISP proxies to run tasks and checkout multiple pairs before they sold out in minutes.

Using SmartProxy‘s "sneaker proxies", Julio was able to cop 12 pairs successfully from retailers like Nike and JD Sports across different countries. Without proxies, retailers would have detected duplicate purchases and cancelled his orders. The ISP proxies allowed Julio to secure inventory despite enormous demand.

Private Web Browsing

ISP proxies are also invaluable for maintaining privacy when general web browsing.

For instance, Martha is concerned about her ISP monitoring the websites she visits. Her ISP could log her activity, sell her data to advertisers, or build a personalized profile on her browsing habits.

To browse privately, Martha connects through Bright Data‘s ISP proxy network. Now her ISP can only see Bright Data‘s IP addresses instead of her home IP. This allows Martha to keep her web activity hidden from her ISP‘s prying eyes.

Accessing Region-Blocked Content

ISP proxies also help you bypass geographical restrictions to access content blocked in your country.

For example, when James tried to stream BBC iPlayer from his home in France, he encountered a block saying the service is only available in the UK.

To workaround this, James connected to Oxylabs‘ ISP proxy network and selected a UK-based IP address. When he refreshed BBC iPlayer, it appeared to be coming from within the UK. James was then able to stream UK-only shows outside the country.

Web Scraping and Data Harvesting

Finally, ISP proxies are a go-to tool for web scrapers and data harvesters.

Let‘s say Cindy needs to scrape 100,000 product listings from an online retailer to build a product database. The site detects and blocks scraping attempts from the same IP after a few hundred requests.

By routing her scraper through ProxyEmpire‘s pool of ISP proxies, Cindy can continuously rotate IPs to scrape the full 100,000 listings without getting blocked. The variety of proxy IPs prevents the site from identifying her scraper.

Choosing the Best ISP Proxy – A Recap

To recap, here are the key factors to evaluate when choosing an ISP proxy provider:

  • IP pool size – Look for large proxy pools in the millions or more. Massive pools allow for smooth IP rotation without reuse.
  • Geographic diversity – Seek worldwide proxies, not just US or Europe. Global servers allow you to geo-target anywhere.
  • Carrier diversity – The best mix utilizies IPs from a blend of sources – residential, ISP, datacenter, mobile, etc.
  • IP anonymity – Ensure the provider offers anonymous IPs that are frequently cycled out to prevent tracking.
  • Connection speeds – Test that the proxies deliver extremely fast speeds to avoid latency.
  • Uptime – Choose a provider with proven reliability – look for uptime scores above 99.9%.
  • Reputation – Read third-party reviews and testimonials to ensure positive customer experiences.
  • Support – See how responsive and helpful the provider‘s customer support options are.

Using this criteria, the 6 providers above represent the best overall ISP proxy services available in 2023. But whether you choose industry leader Oxylabs, budget-friendly BeeProxy, or sneaker copping experts SmartProxy, you can access the privacy and anonymity benefits of ISP proxies.

The Bottom Line

ISP proxies let you browse the web anonymously, bypass geographic blocks, obscure your browsing trails, and overcome IP bans. For shoppers, sneakerheads, streamers, web scrapers, and anyone seeking better privacy, a premium ISP proxy service should be your first line of defense in 2023.

I hope this detailed overview has helped demystify ISP proxies, how they differ from other proxy types, when to use them, and factors to consider when choosing a provider. The ISP proxy services profiled above have proven track records for providing ironclad anonymity at blazing speeds.

While free proxies exist, they are unreliable and may expose your data. When your privacy is on the line, a paid ISP proxy like Oxylabs or Bright Data is a wise investment. Just try them out risk-free with a free trial first!

Now you have all the information you need to shop confidently and find the top ISP proxy provider for your specific browsing needs. Here‘s to surfing the web anonymously and accessing the content you want, when you want, from wherever you are!



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