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How Many People Listen to Joe Rogan’s Podcast in 2023?

As a long-time listener of The Joe Rogan Experience myself, I’m constantly amazed by the reach and impact Joe’s podcast has achieved. And I know I’m not alone in wondering: how many other people out there are tuning into JRE each month?

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll dig deep into the stats to answer the question: how many people listen to Joe Rogan’s podcast in 2023?

Get ready for a deep dive into Rogan’s massive listener numbers, demographics, platforms, earnings, and more. Let’s get started!

Monthly Listeners and Downloads

First up: how many people are listening to Joe Rogan‘s podcast each month in 2023?

The short answer: a lot!

According to Rogan himself, the podcast gets over 200 million downloads per month. That’s an insane reach rivaling top TV shows and radio programs.

To put that into perspective, here are some stats I compiled to showcase just how massive JRE‘s monthly audience is:

  • 200 million monthly listeners is more than 2x the population of Brazil.
  • It‘s nearly 2/3 of the entire US population listening every month.
  • That‘s more monthly listeners than top radio shows like Rush Limbaugh or Sean Hannity have reached.
  • It surpasses the viewership of the most popular TV series like Game of Thrones and The Walking Dead.
  • Leading podcasts like The Daily or Serial reach less than 3 million monthly listeners by comparison.

Other estimates for JRE‘s monthly reach range anywhere from 11 million on the low end to over 190 million on the high end.

Regardless of the exact figure, JRE clearly has one of the largest recurring monthly audiences of any podcast, radio show, TV program, or media property in the world.

To sustain this kind of massive reach month after month is astounding. It speaks to the passionate community Joe has built around open conversation on his show.

Next let‘s look at some key platforms where JRE thrives…

Spotify Rankings

When Joe Rogan took his podcast exclusively to Spotify in 2020, it gave a huge boost to the platform‘s podcast listenership and rankings.

On Spotify alone, The Joe Rogan Experience quickly became the #1 podcast in the United States.

It has maintained that top spot month after month with no signs of slowing down.

Beyond the US, JRE also consistently hits #1 on Spotify across many other countries like:

  • Canada
  • Australia
  • The United Kingdom
  • Ireland
  • New Zealand

Rogan‘s move to bring his built-in audience over from YouTube gave Spotify the power to compete with podcast juggernauts like Apple.

Thanks to Joe Rogan‘s podcast, Spotify now has over 4 million podcasts and reaches over 299 million monthly active users as of 2022.

Clearly the platform‘s bet on Rogan has paid off in a big way, cementing them as a top podcast destination.

YouTube Stats

In addition to audio streaming on Spotify, a huge part of Rogan‘s audience sticks to YouTube to watch video versions of the podcast.

Some key stats on his YouTube presence:

  • 13.8 million YouTube subscribers
  • Individual JRE clips frequently exceed 10+ million views
  • Full episodes also routinely surpass 10 million YouTube views
  • The most popular YouTube clip has 47+ million views

Rogan‘s YouTube following gives him a big boost in overall reach and visibility.

Between audio and video versions, he covers all the bases to deliver his podcast to every possible listener and viewer.

Who‘s Listening to Joe Rogan?

Now that we know JRE pulls in multi-millions of people each month, who makes up his audience?

Let‘s break down the key demographics:

Gender82% male
18% female
AgeLargest group ages 18-34
Median age 29
Location57% America
43% other countries

A few things stand out from the data:

  • Rogan‘s audience skews heavily male. This isn‘t too surprising given his MMA, comedy, and podcasting background.

  • His listenership is young, mostly under 35. Rogan connects well with millennials and Gen Z.

  • While a majority are American, he has a very sizable international audience from Canada, UK, Australia, and beyond.

Rogan appeals to an alternative crowd of critical thinkers hungry for long-form conversations. By covering controversy and taboo topics, he differentiates himself from overly polished, sanitized media.

Next let‘s look at his content output…

Total Episodes & Length

As of February 2023, Joe Rogan has released over 1800 episodes of The Joe Rogan Experience.

That‘s over a decade of shows since he launched the podcast back in December 2009.

A few more stats on JRE episodes:

  • There have been 1,159 total podcast guests
  • The average length per episode is 2 hours, 17 minutes
  • The longest episode ever was 5 hours, 19 minutes!

To put this content output into perspective:

  • It would take over 6 straight months of listening, 24/7, to get through all current episodes
  • Laid end-to-end, the episodes would span over 45 days of continuous playback

And at 3-4 new episodes each week, Rogan continues releasing a staggering amount of content.

Few podcasters can match his consistency and work ethic over so many years. Joe‘s relentless output is a huge factor in keeping his podcast fresh and engaging for listeners over the long haul.

Now let‘s look at the money…how much does Joe Rogan make from this podcasting empire?

Advertising Earnings

Like all popular podcasts, The Joe Rogan Experience generates income through advertisements and sponsor reads.

Here are some key stats on how ads add up:

  • JRE makes over $100,000 per episode from advertising and sponsors.
  • With over 1,800 episodes total so far, that‘s $180 million in ad earnings and counting.
  • Assuming 4 new episodes per week, Joe is making $400,000+ per week from podcast ads alone.

For context, typical podcast ad rates are ~$25 per 1,000 listeners. So with his multi-million per episode reach, Rogan can charge premium ad rates.

Scaling an independent media business to this level of advertising revenue is an enormous achievement.

Spotify Deal

Joe Rogan made headlines when he licensed his podcast to Spotify in an exclusive deal rumored to be worth $100 million or more.

Follow-up reports claimed Spotify actually paid over $200 million to lock up Rogan‘s show through 2023.

That‘s one of the largest podcast or media licensing deals ever made. Here are some key details:

  • The deal was made in 2020 and lasts through 2023 (3 years).
  • Estimates pegged it around $100 million initially.
  • But updated figures state it‘s likely over $200 million total.
  • At 9+ figures, Spotify is paying ~$100 million+ per year.

For Spotify, having exclusive rights to JRE was worth every penny. It fast-tracked their position in podcasting against competitors.

And for Joe Rogan, the deal provided a huge payout while allowing him to retain creative control and podcast ownership.

Overall a big win-win for both sides.

MMA & Comedy Earnings

In addition to his podcast empire, Joe Rogan has other lucrative income streams that have contributed to his success:

UFC/MMA Announcing

  • Rogan is one of the most recognized voices and personalities associated with UFC and MMA.
  • He has worked as a commentator and announcer for UFC since 1997.
  • Rogan reportedly earns $5 million per year from his MMA commentary and work with UFC.

Stand-Up Comedy

  • He built his initial public profile through stand-up comedy in the 1990s.
  • Rogan continues to tour and perform sold-out shows around the world.
  • His comedy tours routinely gross over $30 million per year. He is one of the highest-paid comedians.

Combining his commentary and comedy, Joe likely takes in $35 million+ annually through these side gigs outside of his podcast itself.

Onnit Earnings

As founder and part-owner of the supplement company Onnit, Rogan also draws significant income from this successful brand.

Some key stats on Onnit:

  • Founded in 2012, Onnit creates fitness, health, and nutrition products.
  • Rogan is the company‘s chief ambassador and spokesperson.
  • He owns a 50% equity stake in Onnit.
  • Onnit generates over $28 million in annual revenue as of 2022.
  • Assuming a 20% profit margin, Onnit likely provides Rogan an extra $2-3 million per year on his equity stake.

While not his primary business, Onnit adds another lucrative element to the Joe Rogan financial empire.

Total Yearly Earnings

When you add up all his income streams, how much does Joe Rogan make per year?

My estimates based on all the data:

  • $100 million+ per year from The Joe Rogan Experience
  • $5 million from UFC/MMA commentary
  • $30 million+ from stand-up comedy tours
  • $2-3 million from his Onnit ownership stake

That comes out to an incredible total of $140-150 million per year in income for Joe Rogan across his podcast, MMA work, comedy, and supplements brand.

In the process, he‘s built one of the most financially successful and influential one-man media empires that exists today.

Rogan‘s Impact Beyond Numbers

Stepping back from the sensational listener statistics and dollars, I think Joe Rogan‘s impact goes beyond these numbers.

He represents a shift toward more open, long-form conversations without filter or intermediary. A more authentic exchange of ideas.

Rogan has given scientists, innovators, artists, and independent thinkers a massive direct platform to share their message.

By bringing millions of people together to listen and engage around important issues, I believe he‘s made a positive contribution to society and culture as a whole.

Even beyond the 200 million downloads or the 9 figure salary, that may end up being Joe Rogan‘s lasting legacy.

The Joe Rogan Phenomenon Rolls On

Love him or hate him, with his legendary interview style Joe Rogan has built something truly remarkable.

He spawned an entire podcasting career from his curiosity and genuine conversations with guests.

In the process, he‘s taken podcasting into the mainstream and become a broadcast titan.

As The Joe Rogan Experience continues in 2023 and beyond, I think it‘s safe to say Rogan‘s popularity will endure for many years to come.

His show has become the place for authentic, unfiltered dialogue about the most important topics affecting our world. And I don‘t see that crucial niche changing anytime soon.

Over a decade in, Rogan is still asking great questions. We will keep tuning into his answers.

200 million strong and counting.



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