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6 Best Mobile Proxies in 2023 (4g/5g/LTE)

Mobile proxies are becoming an increasingly popular tool for anonymity, security, and accessing restricted content on the go. With mobile devices dominating internet usage, mobile proxy services enable users to browse the web privately and access blocked sites and apps from their smartphones or tablets.

But with so many options to choose from, finding the right mobile proxy service for your needs can be tricky. In this guide, we’ll compare the top 6 mobile proxy providers to help you determine the best service for your requirements and budget.

What is a Mobile Proxy?

A mobile proxy routes your mobile device’s internet traffic through an intermediary server, masking your device’s true IP address. This allows you to browse anonymously, circumvent geographic restrictions, and prevent tracking.

Mobile proxies utilize cellular data connections (4G, 5G, LTE) rather than WiFi to channel traffic. The proxy provider constantly rotates the IP addresses assigned to you, making it very difficult to track your activity or block you.

Key benefits of mobile proxies:

  • Anonymity – Hide your identity and location
  • Access restricted content – Bypass geographic blocks
  • Prevent tracking – Avoid persistent cookies and ads following you
  • Enhanced security – Added layer against malware and hacking

Mobile proxies are commonly used for market research, ad verification, brand protection, travel fare aggregation, and social media marketing.

Top 6 Mobile Proxy Services Compared

1. Oxylabs

With over 100 million residential and mobile proxies available, Oxylabs stands out for its enormous, geographically diverse IP pool.

Key features:

  • Massive proxy network – 40+ million mobile IPs worldwide
  • Rapid IP rotation -Proxies refresh every few minutes for anonymity
  • Target locations – Specify countries/cities you want to appear from
  • Unlimited bandwidth – No usage limits or throttling
  • 99.9% uptime – Excellent reliability
  • REST API access – Easily integrate with your apps

Oxylabs is on the expensive side, but provides excellent performance and advanced targeting not matched by competitors. It’s a top choice for large-scale use cases.

2. Luminati

Luminati operates one of the largest peer-to-peer proxy networks, with over 40 million mobile and residential IPs.

Key features:

  • P2P network – Leverages IPs of opted-in users for scale
  • Global proxy locations – Target proxies in any country
  • Unlimited concurrent connections – No usage limits
  • High anonymity – Frequently rotating IPs
  • 99.99% uptime – Extremely reliable
  • Real-time support – Quickly resolve any issues

Luminati is known for proxy quality and targeting flexibility. It‘s competitively priced for smaller use cases. Larger scale projects get expensive.

3. GeoSurf

With servers in 190+ countries, GeoSurf offers one of the most expansive mobile proxy networks.

Key features:

  • Global proxy locations – 190+ countries/territories covered
  • 4G LTE connections – Fast mobile proxy speeds
  • Frequent IP rotation – New IPs assigned every request
  • Unmetered bandwidth – No usage limits
  • 98% success rate – Consistently high performance
  • Affordable pricing – Discounted rates available

GeoSurf is a great mid-range option in terms of pricing. It offers reliable worldwide proxies ideal for accessing geo-restricted content.

4. Soax

Soax offers fixed and rotating residential/mobile proxies starting at just $5 per month.

Key features:

  • Budget-friendly pricing – Proxies from $5/month
  • Low minimum order – Only need to buy 5 proxies
  • Good download speeds – Up to 1Gbps on residential proxies
  • Unlimited bandwidth – No hidden fees or overage charges
  • Instant setup – Automatic provisioning
  • 3 day money-back guarantee – Risk-free to try

Soax is the best low-cost mobile proxy solution. It’s a great option for individuals and small teams to access blocked content and remain anonymous.

5. Bright Data

Bright Data operates one of the largest networks of mobile IPs through partnerships with 50+ cell providers.

Key features:

  • Mobile proxy network – Over 300 million residential/mobile IPs
  • Target locations – Proxies available in all countries
  • Carrier-specific IPs – Target proxies from specific cell providers
  • Unlimited bandwidth – No throttling or usage limits
  • 99.99% uptime – Excellent reliability
  • Scalability – Plans available for any size project

Bright Data suits large-scale proxy users with advanced geotargeting needs. It comes at a premium price point but offers great performance.

6. Smartproxy

With 40 million IPs and servers in almost every major city, Smartproxy makes it easy to access geospecific data.

Key features:

  • Server locations – Cities/countries can be precisely targeted
  • Rapid IP rotation – Proxy IPs refresh every 5 minutes
  • Unlimited bandwidth – No hidden fees for large usage
  • Free API – Enjoy full programmability
  • Dashboard – User friendly interface to manage proxies
  • 24/7 live support – Get help when you need it

Smartproxy’s location targeting makes it ideal for web scraping and ad verification. It’s competitively priced for businesses.

Key Factors in Choosing a Mobile Proxy Provider

Number of IP Addresses

More IP addresses means you can rotate them faster and be assigned new locations quicker. For heavy usage, look for services with large IP pools.

Location Targeting Options

If you need to appear from specific countries or cities, check if the provider enables location targeting.

Connection Speeds

Mobile proxies are generally slower than residential due to reliance on cellular networks. Prioritize providers using 4G LTE and 5G networks.

Bandwidth Limits

Some providers restrict bandwidth usage. For heavy browsing and downloads, choose unlimited bandwidth options.


Compare proxy packages not just on price, but also locations available, IP numbers, and features. Factor in your usage levels.


Check uptime stats and service guarantees. Proxies occasionally fail so opt for networks with redundancy.

Support Options

Look for providers with multiple support channels in case you need quick troubleshooting help.

FAQs about Mobile Proxies

Are mobile proxies secure?

Reputable mobile proxy providers encrypt all traffic between your device and their servers for privacy. The rotating IP addresses also make it very difficult to track you.

Are mobile proxies legal?

Using mobile proxies is generally legal in most countries. You should ensure you comply with local laws on internet usage. It’s illegal to use proxies for malicious activities like spreading viruses.

Can I get blocked using mobile proxies?

Proxy IPs can still get blocked by some sites, although mobile proxies make this unlikely due to constant IP rotation. Switching data centers or providers usually resolves any blocks.

How fast are mobile proxy connections?

4G LTE mobile proxies offer speeds of around 20-50 Mbps while 5G can reach up to 1 Gbps. This is generally fast enough for normal browsing and streaming. Expect lower speeds in congested areas.

Can I use mobile proxies on multiple devices?

Most providers allow you to use purchased mobile proxies across multiple devices like phones, laptops and tablets. Some limit the number of simultaneous connections.

Final Thoughts

Mobile proxies provide an important tool for securely and anonymously accessing the internet on mobile devices. When choosing a service, analyze your usage needs in terms of traffic levels, location targeting, and features.

Oxylabs stands out as the best premium solution for advanced proxy functionality while GeoSurf offers reliable global proxies on a budget. For accessing blocked apps and sites on an individual basis, Soax is the most affordable option.

Understanding the pros and cons of the top mobile proxy providers allows you to make the right choice for your specific requirements. Proxies provide an extra layer of privacy and security that’s increasingly valuable in today’s mobile-first internet landscape.



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