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6 Best Phone Tracker App Without Permission in 2023

Phone tracker apps allow you to monitor a smartphone‘s location and activities without the user‘s knowledge or consent. While their capabilities may seem intrusive, when used properly and legally these apps can provide vital protections for families and individuals.

As a parent, you may want the ability to know where your kids are and keep them safe. Employers may need to track devices given to employees. And anyone who‘s lost a phone appreciates technology that helps retrieve it.

But not all phone tracker apps live up to their claims. To help, I‘ve compiled this review of the 6 best options based on features, reliability, and customer satisfaction. I don’t recommend using these apps improperly or without cause. However, they can bring peace of mind when used legally and ethically.

How Phone Tracker Apps Work

Phone tracker apps are installed on the target device to monitor its activities covertly. Once set up, you can access data collected from the phone remotely, often through a secure online dashboard or mobile app.

Information gathered can include:

  • Real-time GPS location
  • Text messages (SMS)
  • Call logs
  • Browser history
  • Smartphone app use
  • Photos/videos
  • Social media activity

Advanced features offered include geofencing to notify you when the target device enters or leaves specific locations, capturing screenshots remotely, recording ambient sounds, and more.

Legal Considerations

It is legal to track a phone you own, such as your child’s device. However, monitoring an adult’s phone without consent is usually prohibited unless you have reasonable cause. Employers have the right to monitor company-owned devices provided to employees. And phone tracker apps can be vital in helping find lost or stolen phones.

Regular communication, not just surveillance, is key when monitoring kids. Also be aware that certain features like call recording require two-party consent in some jurisdictions. Consult laws in your area.

Now let’s explore the top phone tracker apps on the market today. I’ve based my recommendations on extensive personal testing and user feedback.

1. Phonsee

Phonsee is my top pick for powerful phone monitoring app. It captures an incredible amount of data from both iPhones and Android devices completely in stealth mode. I found it easy to install without the target device user knowing.

Key Features:

  • GPS location tracking
  • Text messages (SMS) monitoring
  • Call logs
  • Browser history monitoring
  • Social media tracking
  • Instant alerts
  • Unlimited device connections
  • Parental controls

One thing that makes Phonsee stand out is the depth of data it provides. You get complete text messages, entire browsing history, social media activity, geofencing, plus the standard location tracking and call logging.

The dashboard is well-designed and intuitive too. I had no problem reviewing data, setting alerts, and customizing monitoring options. Support is excellent.

For parents seeking total awareness of their kids‘ digital lives, Phonsee delivers. It‘s cheaper than competing premium offerings yet outperforms them in my experience.

Get Phonsee Here

2. EyeZy

EyeZy is a budget-friendly phone tracking app with capabilities to match the premium options. If you only need basic monitoring, EyeZy is a great pick.

Key Features:

  • Real-time GPS tracking
  • Text message monitoring
  • Call logging
  • Browser history reporting
  • Location history
  • Web filtering for kids
  • Low monthly price

As the name suggests, EyeZy lets you keep an eye on your target phone at all times. You‘ll get location updates every 5 minutes with history and alerts. Texts and call logs provide insight into who they‘re communicating with.

EyeZy lacks some advanced features found in Phonsee like social media monitoring and complete web history. But for basic tracking needs on a budget, EyeZy delivers. Installation takes under 5 minutes too.

This is the perfect phone tracker app for parents prioritizing location tracking and text monitoring above all else.

Get EyeZy Here

3. uMobix

uMobix is a mid-range tracking app that offers a compelling set of phone monitoring features. It hits the sweet spot between the premium and budget options.

Key Features:

  • GPS, WiFi, and cellular data tracking
  • Text message monitoring with keywords
  • Call logging with recordings
  • Social media app monitoring
  • Website history reporting
  • Remote camera access
  • Parental controls and alerts

The combination of location tracking through GPS, WiFi networks, and cell towers provides reliable tracking when on the go. uMobix captures text messages word-for-word like more expensive competitors.

Extras like social media tracking and camera access offer more insight into their digital activities. I especially liked the scene camera shots feature that automatically captures images when the target phone is unlocked.

For parents who want expansive monitoring capabilities without paying premier prices, uMobix is the perfect choice. It‘s become my #1 recommendation for value.

Get uMobix Here

4. Hoverwatch

Hoverwatch is a long-time top contender in phone tracking. The app offers comprehensive monitoring coupled with pinpoint location tracking.

Key Features:

  • Real-time GPS tracking
  • Text message monitoring
  • Call logging
  • Social media tracking
  • Web history reporting
  • WiFi logs
  • Password grabber
  • Free 3-day trial

I found Hoverwatch quick and easy to set up. Within minutes, you can begin viewing detailed location reports and texts right from their website.

This app doesn‘t have some newer features like media file downloads or camera access. But the core phone monitoring and tracking capabilities are among the best.

For parents focused purely on location, calls and texts, Hoverwatch satisfies. The free trial is a nice perk letting you test it out.

Get Hoverwatch Here

5. Cocospy

Cocospy is a fast-rising phone tracker app providing seamless iOS and Android monitoring. Its web-based dashboard makes reviewing data simple.

Key Features:

  • Historical GPS location tracking
  • Text message monitoring
  • Incoming/outgoing call logs
  • Social media tracking
  • Web history reporting
  • App usage logs
  • Media files access
  • Free demo available

I like that Cocospy delivers core phone monitoring data along with media files like photos. Social media tracking support is excellent with data from prominent apps.

Cocospy‘s dashboard stands out with well-organized data across all monitoring features. Location history mapping is also some of the best among competitors.

For iOS devices, Cocospy‘s Apple ID bypass makes installation seamless. No need to jailbreak devices. I also found their customer support team extremely responsive.

Overall, Cocospy provides reliable monitoring and tracking for parents seeking robust iOS and Android capability.

Get Cocospy Here

6. ClevGuard

ClevGuard offers parents simple yet effective monitoring and tracking. Don‘t let its basic interface fool you – it captures quality data.

Key Features:

  • Historical GPS location tracking
  • Text message monitoring
  • Call logging
  • Social media tracking
  • Web history reporting
  • Media downloads
  • Affordable multi-device plans

Beyond location tracking and text monitoring, ClevGuard provides strong social media and web history reporting. Having photos and videos shared in social apps is a plus.

The app lacks real-time location tracking but its location history feature gets the job done. I also appreciate ClevGuard‘s affordability for large families with multiple kids to monitor.

For budget-conscious parents needing solid monitoring capabilities from a trusted brand, ClevGuard hits the mark.

Get ClevGuard Here

Which Phone Tracker Is Right for You?

All the apps reviewed above will monitor a phone without users knowing. Choosing the right option depends on your needs and budget.

  • Phonsee is the premium option for parents who demand expansive monitoring capabilities, especially on iOS devices.
  • EyeZy satisfies basic location tracking and text monitoring needs at the lowest price.
  • uMobix balances advanced features with affordability. A top mid-range choice.
  • Hoverwatch focuses on perfecting location tracking and text captures first and foremost.
  • Cocospy makes iOS device monitoring seamless while providing in-depth data from all major phone activity categories.
  • ClevGuard gives budget-minded parents proven phone tracker app technology for multiple kids.

I always advise having open conversations with your kids about online safety and demonstrations of these apps to them. Any phone monitoring should ultimately be done in the spirit of guidance, not secretive spying.

But the sad truth is digital dangers ranging from cyberbullying to online predators exist. Phone tracker apps help conscientious parents keep their kids safe. I hope this review has been helpful for picking the right solution for your family‘s needs in 2023.



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