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How Many People Listen to Podcasts in 2023? (Quick Stats)

Hey there! As a fellow podcast enthusiast, you may be wondering just how many people are tuning into podcasts these days. Well let me walk you through the latest stats on podcast listenership in 2023 so you can get a detailed sense of how big the podcast audience is and who‘s listening.

The Explosion of Podcasting

Believe it or not, podcasting has been around since the early 2000s, but has absolutely exploded into the mainstream over the past 5 years or so.

Back in 2018, there were around 525,000 active podcasts and about 73 million monthly listeners in the U.S. Fast forward to 2023, and there are now over 3 million podcast shows worldwide and over 800 million monthly listeners globally!

What‘s driven this insane growth? A few key factors:

  • Smartphones – With pocket-sized devices everywhere, streaming audio has never been easier. Over 80% of all podcast listening now happens on smartphones.
  • New tech – Podcast apps, smart speakers, better headphones, and car integration like Apple‘s CarPlay all improve the listening experience.
  • Diverse content – From true crime to comedy to politics to pop culture, today‘s abundant podcast content spans just about every topic imaginable.
  • Mainstream adoption – Celebs, brands, media companies and even politicians have now embraced podcasting. This further legitimizes the medium and draws bigger audiences.

It‘s amazing to see how podcasting has evolved from a niche tech innovation to a full-fledged media revolution in under two decades!

Now that we‘ve talked about the overall growth, let‘s look at some specific stats…

Podcast Listeners Worldwide

According to the latest industry estimates, there are over 800 million people worldwide who listen to podcasts each month.

For some perspective, here is the growth of global monthly podcast listeners over the past 5 years:

YearMonthly Listeners
2019550 million
2020695 million
2021790 million
2022825 million
2023Over 800 million

As you can see, despite a slight dip from 2022 to 2023, monthly podcast listening has almost doubled globally since 2019. That‘s seriously impressive growth!

Now what about specific countries and regions? Which have the most podcast listeners and the highest adoption rates?

Podcast Listeners by Country

The country with the most monthly podcast listeners by far is the United States, with over 132 million as of early 2023. This makes sense given that the U.S. is where podcasting originated and first gained traction.

China comes in second with 95 million monthly listeners, benefiting from its massive population and growing podcast adoption.

After the top two, here are the countries with the next highest number of monthly podcast listeners globally:

  • India – 62 million
  • Brazil – 48 million
  • Mexico – 23 million
  • Spain – 21 million
  • Germany – 18 million
  • Russia – 17 million
  • Canada – 16 million

However, looking at total listeners doesn‘t necessarily reflect which countries have the highest adoption rates.

Let‘s look at monthly podcast listenership as a percentage of each country‘s total population:

  • Sweden – 52% listen monthly
  • South Korea – 49%
  • Ireland – 47%
  • Norway – 43%
  • United States – 40%
  • Poland – 37%
  • Australia – 36%
  • Canada – 32%

As you can see, countries like Sweden, South Korea, and Norway top the charts here with over 40% of their populations regularly listening to podcasts.

While the U.S. leads in total numbers, a few smaller countries are actually ahead percentage-wise. This shows that podcasting is quickly going global.

Podcast Listeners by Region

Zooming out from specific countries, here‘s a breakdown of monthly podcast listenership across major regions worldwide:

North America

  • Monthly listeners: 144 million
  • % of population: 41%

North America has the highest adoption rate globally, driven heavily by popularity in the United States and Canada. Podcasting is now considered mainstream media here.

Latin America

  • Monthly listeners: 124 million
  • % of population: 37%

Latin America comes in second, aided by rising smartphone use and expanding podcast industries in Brazil and Mexico.


  • Monthly listeners: 162 million
  • % of population: 29%

Europe has a high total number of listeners but lags North America and Latin America percentage-wise. However, adoption is growing quickly in many European countries.

Asia Pacific

  • Monthly listeners: 155 million
  • % of population: 18%

The Asia Pacific region lags behind globally in podcast adoption, but huge markets like China and India still draw tens of millions of listeners.

Middle East and Africa

  • Monthly listeners: 63 million
  • % of population: 21%

While podcast listening is growing here, regular adoption still trails other regions. But increased smartphone penetration should boost numbers.

As you can see, North America and Latin America lead the way for now. However, most experts forecast Asia will see accelerated podcast growth in the coming years as their tech and infrastructure improves. Exciting times ahead!

U.S. Podcast Listeners Demographics

Now that we‘ve looked at the global and regional numbers, let‘s examine the podcast audience specifically within the United States.

The U.S. has the world‘s largest podcast audience by far at over 130 million monthly listeners. Who makes up this huge listener base?

U.S. Listeners by Age

In terms of age groups, here is the breakdown of the monthly U.S. podcast audience in 2023:

  • 18-34 years old: 79 million listeners
  • 35-54 years old: 67 million listeners
  • Over 55: 29 million listeners

As you can see, podcasts have their highest adoption rates among Millennial and Gen Z audiences, with nearly 60% of 18 to 34 year olds listening every month.

However, older generations like Gen X and Baby Boomers make up a significant portion too – over 50% of the total U.S. podcast audience.

While podcasts may seem like a young person‘s medium, they‘re clearly appealing to Americans of all ages these days.

U.S. Listeners by Gender

Looking at gender, here‘s how the U.S. podcast audience breaks down as of 2023:

  • Men: 53% of monthly listeners
  • Women: 47% of monthly listeners

After being male-dominated in the early years, the gender gap has narrowed significantly. Content expansions into genres like true crime, celebrities, and lifestyle have attracted more women listeners.

Some newer data shows women aged 18 to 34 actually outnumbering men in that age bracket – so overall parity can‘t be far behind!

U.S. Listeners by Ethnicity

Analyzing the American podcast audience by ethnicity, here are the stats:

  • White: 77 million monthly listeners
  • Hispanic: 26 million
  • Black: 22 million
  • Asian: 8 million

While White audiences still dominate, podcasts are quickly gaining traction amongst minority groups as more shows successfully target those communities.

Hispanic and Black listener bases in particular are growing rapidly as content diversifies. Exciting gains ahead in this area!

U.S. Listeners by Education

Looking at the education level of American podcast fans:

  • College graduates account for 43% of monthly listeners
  • Those with some college make up 36%
  • People with a high school education or less comprise 21%

Podcast listeners tend to be relatively well-educated overall, likely correlated with higher rates of technology adoption. But plenty of folks without college degrees tune in as well.

U.S. Listeners by Income

In terms of household income, here is the U.S. podcast audience breakdown:

  • Over $100k yearly income: 25% of listeners
  • $50k – $100k: 29%
  • $30k – $50k: 26%
  • Under $30k: 20%

While higher earners account for a significant portion, those across the income spectrum tune into podcasts these days. Advances in free podcast apps have made listening accessible to just about everyone.

How People Listen to Podcasts

Now that we understand who is listening to podcasts, let‘s explore how people are tuning in. What devices, platforms, locations, etc. are most popular?

Most Used Devices

Here are the top devices people use to listen to podcasts worldwide:

  • Smartphones – 80% of listeners
  • Laptops – 45%
  • Tablets – 22%
  • Smart speakers – 21%
  • Desktop computers – 19%
  • Smartwatches – 15%
  • In-car audio – 14%

With the ability to take your podcasts on the go, smartphones have clearly become the dominant device. But many still tune in on computers and speakers around the home as well.

Most Used Platforms

In terms of specific apps and platforms, here are the most popular for accessing podcasts globally:

Platform% Who Use
Apple Podcasts23%
Google Podcasts17%
Amazon Music8%

YouTube leads thanks largely to video podcasts, but audio-focused apps like Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and Google still see heavy usage. Others like Amazon Music and iHeartRadio draw tens of millions too.

It‘s an increasingly fragmented market, giving listeners plenty of platform choices.

Listening Locations

In terms of where people enjoy podcasts, here are the most common listening locations globally:

  • At home: 92%
  • Commuting or in vehicles: 52%
  • At work: 28%
  • Out for a walk: 26%
  • At the gym: 25%
  • On public transportation: 23%
  • While shopping: 18%

Podcasts have become extremely popular for at-home entertainment. But many also love listening on-the-go during commutes, errands, exercise, and more. The flexibility of podcasts is a huge selling point.

Peak Listening Times

Analyzing when podcast listening peaks:

  • Morning commute: About 2 hours of average listening
  • During work: Around 1.5 hours of average listening
  • Evening commute: Roughly 1 hour average
  • Before bed: 30 minutes average

Rush hour commutes see massive surges as people tune into podcasts during drives or public transit rides. But lunch breaks and pre-bed relaxation sessions also rack up hours. Podcasts seamlessly fit into daily routines.

Why People Listen to Podcasts

Now that you know how people listen, let‘s also discuss some top reasons why people tune into podcasts in the first place. Key motivations include:

  • Entertainment – Comedic podcasts, celeb interviews, mystery stories, and more. Podcasts are simply fun escapism for many.
  • Learning – People love podcasts to stay informed on news, politics, health, tech…you name it. The breadth of topics is incredible.
  • Community – Podcasts can provide a sense of community, especially for niche interests or minority groups who crave that.
  • Inspiration – Self-improvement podcasts help people work out, build habits, pursue dreams…whatever they feel inspired to accomplish.
  • Background noise – Some enjoy podcasts simply as ambient noise while working, commuting, cleaning, etc. Keeps them company!
  • FOMO – The "fear of missing out" also compels some to stay on top of trending podcasts their peers are discussing. Social motivations at play.

Of course every listener has their own unique reasons for popping in those earbuds. But information, education, inspiration, and plain old enjoyment tend to be driving factors for most fans.

Podcast Industry Revenue

Beyond looking at listener statistics, it‘s also fascinating to examine the revenue side of podcasting. While individual shows themselves are usually free to enjoy, the business around podcasting is massive and quickly growing.

Total global podcasting revenue hit $2 billion back in 2020. Just two years later, it had soared to an estimated $4.5 billion in 2022. By 2024, overall podcasting revenue could top $7 billion worldwide according to forecasts. Stunning growth!

Driving this revenue explosion:

  • Advertising – Podcast ads generated an estimated $2 billion globally in 2022. Rates keep rising as brands pour in.
  • Subscriptions – Platforms like Stitcher Premium and Apple Podcasts+ bank on subscription plans, currently yielding around $250 million annually.
  • Events – Successful podcasts like Call Her Daddy gross millions touring live shows. This piece should continue expanding.
  • Merch – From t-shirts to mugs, popular podcast merch is a lucrative $1.5+ billion market separate from show revenues.
  • Back catalogs – Acquiring and monetizing older podcast episodes is an emerging way publishers are looking to cash in.

Top podcasting companies like Amazon, Apple, Spotify, SiriusXM, iHeartMedia, and Luminary are all jockeying for position in this booming space. Billions up for grabs as the market matures!

The Future of Podcasting

If you think podcasting is massive already, just wait until you see what lies ahead! Here are a few predictions for where this industry is heading next:

  • Over 1 billion global listeners – Broader smartphone access and podcast tech improvements should help cross this threshold by 2025 or sooner.
  • More mainstream hits – Expect more podcasts to achieve the fame and fandom currently limited to just a handful of the very top shows.
  • Next-level ads – Podcast ads will only grow smarter through improved targeting and integration into episodes themselves. More seamless and personalized.
  • Virtual and augmented reality – Some futurists envision VR and AR experiences paired with podcasts for next-level immersion. The tech is still emerging though.
  • More interactive shows – We‘re already seeing experiments with integrated texts, polls, Q&As and more. This allows podcasts to feel like a 2-way conversation.
  • Further platform wars – Apple, Spotify, Amazon and newcomers like Facebook will continue battling for podcast dominance and exclusives.

One thing is for sure: podcasting is still just getting started transforming the audio landscape!

Key Podcast Statistics Summary

Let‘s recap some of the key stats we‘ve covered about podcasting in 2023:

  • There are over 800 million monthly podcast listeners globally today
  • The U.S. has the world‘s largest podcast audience at over 132 million monthly listeners
  • Most listeners are ages 18-54 and split almost evenly between men and women
  • North America has the highest adoption at 41% of the population
  • 80% of all podcast listening happens on smartphones
  • Leading podcast platforms are YouTube, Spotify, Apple Podcasts and Google Podcasts
  • Global podcasting revenues topped $4.5 billion in 2022, mostly from ads and subscriptions
  • Experts forecast over 1 billion podcast listeners worldwide by 2025

Podcast Listening in 2023: Conclusion

We‘ve covered a ton of ground here! The key trends and stats clearly show that:

  • Podcasting has exploded into the mainstream in recent years.
  • Over 800 million people now tune in monthly around the globe.
  • Adoption is highest in North America but growing worldwide.
  • U.S. listenership skews toward younger Millennial and Gen Z demographics.
  • Most fans listen on smartphones daily during commutes or at home.
  • Advertising, events, subscriptions and merchandising are generating billions in industry revenues.
  • And podcasting is still just getting started revolutionizing audio media and entertainment!

I hope this breakdown gave you a helpful understanding of the podcast landscape in 2023 and just how wildly popular tuning into awesome shows has become. Whether you‘re a fellow fan or someone looking to get into podcasting yourself, it‘s an incredibly exciting time in this space.

Happy listening!



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