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12 Best Reddit Bots to Get Upvotes in 2023 – Techlaze

With over 52 million daily active users, Reddit is one of the largest social media platforms and online communities today. For content creators, marketers, brands, and businesses looking to drive more traffic, generate buzz, and grow their audience – having an engaging presence on Reddit is essential.

However, with so much content being shared by the second, simply posting great content is no longer enough. Actually getting upvotes, comments, and subscribers organically on Reddit is harder than ever before.

This is where leveraging the right Reddit bots can be game-changing.

Reddit bots are automated tools designed to help you get more visibility and engagement on Reddit efficiently. Bots streamline tedious manual tasks like upvoting, commenting, following users, reposting content to relevant subreddits, and more.

But not all Reddit bots are created equal. The quality, reliability, and safety of Reddit bots varies greatly across providers.

Choosing the wrong Reddit bot risks getting you shadowbanned or worse by Reddit.

So how do you know which are the best and most trusted Reddit bots for getting upvotes in 2023?

In this comprehensive guide, we reveal the 12 best Reddit bots for getting high-quality upvotes based on extensive research and testing.

How We Ranked the Top Reddit Upvote Bots

Before diving into the top 12 bots, let‘s overview the rigorous criteria and process we used for evaluations:

  • Reputation & Credibility – We heavily weighted reputation based on Reddit bot provider history, credibility signals like website quality and testimonials, and customer satisfaction. Higher reputation signaled a more trusted provider.
  • Delivery Quality – The quality and sources of the engagement delivered matter tremendously. We favored bots providing upvotes from real human accounts rather than fake bot accounts.
  • Targeting Capabilities – The ability to target and customize upvotes by specific subreddits, posts, keywords, etc demonstrates sophistication and control.
  • Safety & Security – Safety is crucial. We preferred bots incorporating practices like proxies to ensure client accounts remain in good standing. Shadowbans or suspensions are unacceptable.
  • Support Responsiveness – Customer support responsiveness indicates how much the provider values customers and cares about service levels. Quick responses scored higher.
  • Pricing & Value – While important, pricing was not a primary factor. Our focus was first identifying the highest quality Reddit bots based on the criteria above. We present affordable to premium options.
  • Hands-On Testing – Our team personally tested the top contenders by ordering upvotes and evaluating the delivery, support, and results. This provided further signal into real-world performance.

Let‘s look at each of our top 12 recommendations for getting Reddit upvotes in 2023…

1. Upvoice – Best All-In-One Reddit Growth Service

Upvoice is our choice for the best overall Reddit growth service available right now. Their fully managed service utilizes an advanced Reddit bot plus human expertise to deliver unmatched Reddit marketing results.

Some key features that make Upvoice stand out include:

  • Gets you high-quality upvotes from real Reddit users targeted to your posts and niche. Upvotes come from their owned communities of passionate Redditors.
  • Automated, contextual commenting on posts to boost engagement. Comments are on-topic and relevant.
  • Follows targeted Reddit users and engages with their content to build relationships.
  • Reposts your content to suitable subreddits to expand your reach.
  • Detailed analytics dashboard to monitor your Reddit growth and engagement metrics.

Upvoice is purpose-built for Reddit growth with options for businesses and individuals:

  • Their Starter plan is perfect for individuals, creators, and small business owners starting at just $49/month.
  • The Pro plan packs more horsepower with capabilities like influencer partnerships starting at $99/month. Ideal for established brands.

We also love Upvoice‘s transparency with profile links showcasing the actual Reddit profiles engaging with your content. This results in more authentic interactions.

With their proven success for over 750+ clients and Reddit-specific focus, Upvoice delivers unparalleled Reddit growth. Their quality and reliability makes them our #1 recommendation.

2. Growthsilo – Specialized for Guaranteed Reddit Upvotes

If your primary goal is laser-focused on getting upvotes for your Reddit posts, Growthsilo is an excellent specialized solution to consider.

Growthsilo‘s custom-built Reddit bot has been specially designed and optimized specifically for getting you high-quality upvotes on your Reddit posts and comments.

Here are some notable benefits Growthsilo provides:

  • Gets you guaranteed upvotes from real human Reddit accounts targeted to your posts. You choose the number of upvotes.
  • Their upvote sources come from active Reddit profiles with seasoned accounts – this avoids low-quality upvotes from dummy accounts that would raise red flags.
  • Since the upvotes originate from many sources, it mimics natural voting patterns for a completely anonymous service. Your content looks like it‘s getting authentic traction.
  • Starting at just $49 per month, their upvote-focused pricing is very reasonable in our opinion.
  • Dedicated Account Manager provides white-glove service and expertise for optimizing your upvotes.

With over 1200 satisfied clients and counting, Growthsilo‘s stellar reputation and results makes them a top choice if upvotes are your goal.

3. UseViral – Most Reliable & Experienced Reddit Bot

For a rock-solid reliable Reddit growth service, UseViral is an excellent option backed by an outstanding 8+ year track record.

Since starting in 2014, UseViral has become one of the most trusted and proven Reddit bot providers on the market. Their sophisticated automation technology and human touches deliver outstanding results.

Here are some notable features from UseViral:

  • Automates upvotes, downvotes, sharing posts, and commenting. All engagement appears organic.
  • Advanced targeting capabilities allowing you to target upvotes and actions by keyword, subreddit, posts, users, etc.
  • Powerful dashboard provides data-driven insights for tracking growth and optimizing efforts.
  • Dedicated Account Manager expertise to maximize your results.
  • Plans start at $99 per month. Enterprise options available for larger scale.

UseViral‘s long-running reliability and expertise makes them a very smart choice if you value reputation and trust for your Reddit growth.

4. Followersup – Best for Gaining Reddit Followers

While most bots focus on upvotes, Followersup specializes in helping you gain more Reddit followers. If subscriber growth is your goal, they are a great fit.

Followersup utilizes advanced technology to automatically target, follow, and engage with relevant users that would be interested in your profile and content. Some key notes:

  • Automatically follows Reddit users that match your ideal target criteria.
  • Interacts and engages with followed accounts by commenting and voting to build relationships
  • Includes a scheduled posting service to keep your feed active.
  • Starts at an affordable $69 per month. No long-term commitments required.
  • Provides analytics tracking your Reddit follower growth and engagement metrics.

For brands and creators, Followersup is a top choice for expanding your Reddit subscriber base. Their autopilot follower automation frees you to focus on content while they focus on growing your community.

5. Bouxtie – Unique Rewards-Based Reddit Growth

If you‘re looking for something different than traditional bots, Bouxtie provides a unique approach to Reddit growth via a "rewards for engagement" system.

Rather than automated engagements, Bouxtie leverages an owned community of real Reddit users that engage with your content to earn Bouxtie reward points and payments.

Here are some notable things about Bouxtie‘s model:

  • Real Reddit users manually upvote, comment, and follow you to earn rewards. This results in highly authentic engagements.
  • You choose targeting criteria so the right users engage based on language, interests, geography, etc.
  • Pricing is based on engagement units starting at ~100 upvotes for $10. Comments and followers available too.
  • Month-to-month flexible plans fit different budgets and needs.

While more of a managed service than pure automation bot, Bouxtie is a smart choice if you value organic growth incentivized through rewards versus bot automation.

6. Social Steeze – Quality Hybrid Reddit Services

Social Steeze combines the efficiency of automation with human-based services for a quality hybrid Reddit growth solution.

Rather than pure bot automation, Social Steeze utilizes a team of experts to provide thoughtful engagements like:

  • Upvotes and comments on your content from their team of real profiles.
  • Your posts are hand-posted to suitable subreddits versus automated submissions.
  • Subreddit research and targeting is done manually leveraging their expertise.
  • Plans start at $250 per month including over 100 upvotes and 20 comments.

We love the transparency Social Steeze provides by showing the actual profiles engaging with your content. This results in more authentic and tailored interactions.

For brands desiring high-quality growth combining automation with human expertise, Social Steeze is a premium option to consider.

7. Upvote Central – Specialists for Reddit Upvotes

As their name suggests, Upvote Central offers a specialized service focused solely on procuring you high-quality Reddit upvotes from real users.

They leverage an owned network of active Reddit accounts to deliver targeted upvotes. Some benefits include:

  • Gets you guaranteed upvotes from real, reputable accounts. Fake accounts are never used.
  • Upvotes are completely anonymous. You simply provide the posts or keywords to target.
  • Starts at just 100 upvotes for $9. Scales up to 50,000+ upvotes as needed.
  • Simple targeting by post URL or keyword to get upvotes on all matching posts.
  • Responsive support and delivery tracking through their dashboard.

For over 5 years, Upvote Central has continued to perfect their services. Their specialization and experience makes them one of the best options for guaranteed Reddit upvotes.

8. AppSally – Budget Friendly Reddit Bot Provider

AppSally is another solid option providing an array of Reddit growth services starting at just $35/month.

Some notable features provided by AppSally include:

  • Budget monthly packages for upvotes, followers, comments, and post submissions.
  • Guaranteed minimum deliveries (ex: 500 upvotes) ensures you get real value. Unused remain credited.
  • Drip-feed engagement is natural versus mass volumes at once to mimic organic patterns.
  • Account manager helps target the right users and subreddits.
  • No long-term commitments required. Cancel anytime.

AppSally is a cost-effective solution for individuals, startups, and businesses if budget is a primary factor. Their reliability and affordability makes them a great entry-level option.

9. Media Mister – Top Provider for Organic Reddit Growth

Media Mister is a highly reputable social media growth company with over 10+ years perfecting their services. Their focus is organic engagement across platforms.

For Reddit, Media Mister leverages their owned network of active Reddit profiles to deliver highly natural growth patterns.

Some benefits Media Mister provides:

  • Gets you relevant upvotes and thoughtful comments from real engaged users.
  • Your posts are shared by real profiles to suitable subreddits.
  • Follows and engages with your target Reddit audience to build relationships.
  • Plans start at ~$99 per month. Proxy use not required.

As one of the most established and reputable providers out there, Media Mister is a top choice for brands wanting effective yet 100% organic Reddit growth. Their proven technology and active Reddit community enable natural growth at scale.

10. – Easy-to-Use Web-Based Reddit Bot provides an easy-to-use web-based Reddit bot perfect for beginners looking for convenience and simplicity.

As a web app requiring no downloads or installation, is extremely easy to use. Just sign up, connect your Reddit account, and configure your growth settings.

Notable features include:

  • Upvotes and downvotes to posts based on filters like keywords, users, or subreddits.
  • Commenting on posts to boost engagement.
  • Automatic following of relevant accounts to build your network.
  • Post submissions to suitable communities.
  • Dashboard for tracking progress and analytics.
  • Plans start at an affordable $29 per month.

For those desiring simplicity, delivers a capable yet convenient web-based Reddit bot that takes minutes to setup.

11. Socialaupost – Full-Service Reddit Bot for Overall Growth

Socialaupost is a full-service Reddit bot provider offering an array of options for balanced Reddit growth.

Regardless of your specific goals, Socialaupost has the features you need including:

  • Automatic upvoting and downvoting.
  • Targeted account following to expand your network.
  • Post submissions to relevant communities.
  • Comment distribution to boost engagement.
  • Growth dashboard including analytics.
  • Plans start at $69 per month.

Socialaupost makes it easy to schedule and manage your Reddit activities all from one dashboard. The wide range of capabilities makes them versatile for overall growth goals.

12. Jarvee – DIY Reddit Bot for Technical Users

Last on our list is Jarvee, a unique DIY Reddit bot for technically inclined users wanting more customization and control.

Jarvee provides desktop software allowing you to program your own Reddit bots through their visual interface without coding.

Some key things to note:

  • Control and automate upvotes, downvotes, commenting, following, and more.
  • Flexibility to create any type of bot you can imagine beyond pre-packed offerings.
  • Software downloads start at $39.90 per month.
  • Best suited for experienced users with some technical expertise. Learning curve is higher.

For the DIY tech-savvy crowd, Jarvee delivers maximum flexibility – but you need to invest time programming your bot logic.

With many options to choose from, how do you determine the best Reddit bot aligned to your specific needs?

Here are the most important factors to evaluate:

Delivery Quality – The crediblity of the engagement sources matters tremendously. Prioritize services delivering upvotes and follows from real engaged users rather than fake bot accounts. Demand transparency.

Reputation – Heavily vet the reputation, credibility, client reviews and satisfaction levels of any provider you consider. This signals trust and experience.

Targeting – Look for specific targeting capabilities (users, keywords, posts, subreddits, etc) to tailor engagement relevance.

Safety – Ensure your account remains in good standing through practices like proxies to hide your identity. Shadowbans are unacceptable.

Support – Responsiveness to questions demonstrates commitment to clients. Look for availability by phone, email, and chat.

Pricing – Balance your budget with value. While tempting, extremely cheap services likely cut critical corners. Expect $50-$150+ monthly investment done right.

Take time vetting providers against your needs and the factors above. This helps avoid frustrations from choosing the wrong bot partner.

Gaining visibility and engagement on Reddit organically is extremely challenging. Leveraging the right Reddit bots makes growth far more efficient.

The bots featured in this guide deliver varying capabilities, value, and price points to match different needs and budgets.

While not the only options, our top recommendations provide an excellent starting point based on extensive research and testing.

Matching your goals with the strengths of providers simplifies choosing the right Reddit bot to accelerate your growth and gain traction on this high-value platform.

Just remember to thoroughly vet any service for quality, safety, and support before purchasing. This ensures the best results for your efforts.

Let us know if you have any other questions!



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