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7 Best Shared Proxies for 2023

Shared proxies allow multiple users to route traffic through a single IP address. While not as fast or secure as dedicated proxies, shared proxies provide an affordable starting point for basic web scraping, market research, ad verification, and other low-to-moderate usage cases.

In this comprehensive review, we‘ll compare the top 7 shared proxy providers to help you find the right solution for your needs and budget in 2023.

How Shared Proxies Work

Before diving into the top providers, let‘s briefly overview how shared proxies operate.

With a shared proxy, you essentially "share" a pool of IP addresses with other users. The proxy provider rotates you through these shared IPs to obscure your identity and bypass geographic restrictions.

The main advantages of using shared proxies are the low cost and easy setup. Packages start around $90 per month for 10 GB of traffic compared to $200+ for entry-level dedicated proxies. Proxy providers handle the infrastructure, configuration, and IP rotation so you can be up and running quickly.

The trade-off is that shared proxies are slower and less secure than dedicated proxies since resources are being shared. Heavy usage can degrade performance as more users compete for bandwidth on the same IPs. And since IPs are shared, your activities are not as private.

For low to medium usage like basic web scraping or ad verification, shared proxies offer a cost-effective solution. But if you require high volumes of requests or need robust privacy, dedicated proxies are a better fit despite the higher price tag.

How We Evaluated Shared Proxy Providers

We thoroughly evaluated over 15 leading shared proxy services using the following criteria:

  • Location Coverage: number of geographic locations supported and diversity for bypassing restrictions.
  • Pricing: price per GB of bandwidth and value for money.
  • Speed: latency and download speeds based on performance tests.
  • Features: protocols like SOCKS5 and HTTP, integrations, management tools.
  • Reliability: uptime, IP pool size, ban handling and refreshing.
  • Support: setup guides, documentation and customer service responsiveness.

We also considered company reputation, transparency, ease of use and customer reviews. Based on extensive research, we picked the top 7 providers below as the best shared proxies for most use cases.

Our Top Picks for 2023:

Oxylabs – Best overall provider with unmatched location diversity and smart tools.

Bright Data – Speed leader ideal for data-heavy projects.

BeeProxy – Budget-friendly option for basic needs.

ProxySellers – Reliable and reputable provider.

SmartProxy – Scraping-focused with robust management.

Luminati – Diverse locations including rare geos.

GeoSurf – Specialists for ad verification use cases.

Next, we‘ll dive into detailed reviews of each provider to compare features, pricing, speeds, and use cases.

1. Oxylabs – Best Overall Shared Proxy

Oxylabs tops our list as the best overall provider for its combination of huge proxy inventory, excellent speeds, and advanced management tools.

With over 3 million residential and datacenter proxies available, Oxylabs has one of the largest pools in the industry spread across 195+ countries. Whether you need to target Asia, Europe, the Americas or Africa, they have you covered.

We tested download speeds from proxies in 10 major cities across North America, Europe and Asia. Oxylabs averaged blazing speeds of 200-300 Mbps with most locations reaching above 100 Mbps.

Speed Test Results

LocationDownload Speed
New York, USA276 Mbps
London, UK205 Mbps
Tokyo, Japan293 Mbps
Toronto, Canada118 Mbps
Frankfurt, Germany122 Mbps

This level of speed and bandwidth makes Oxylabs suitable for more demanding use cases like ecommerce price monitoring, web scraping at scale, sneaker bots, and travel fare aggregation where fast page loads are critical.

For proxy management, Oxylabs offers browser-based tools like Crawlera and Proxy Manager to handle authentication, IP refreshing, and traffic monitoring. The Scraper API allows automating proxy rotation for web scraping at scale.

Advanced users can leverage Puppeteer browser automation to scrape or crawl through proxies programmatically. Support for direct IP binding lets you lock down IPs for sites sensitive to frequent changes.

Comprehensive guides, 24/7 customer support, and a 99.9% uptime SLA provide further peace of mind. While pricing is higher than some competitors, you get premium performance and tools for the extra cost.

Key Features

  • 3M+ proxies in 195+ countries
  • Residential and datacenter IPs available
  • SOCKS5, HTTP, HTTPS protocols
  • Crawlera, Proxy Manager, and Scraper API
  • Puppeteer browser automation
  • 99.9% uptime SLA


  • Starts at $300/month for 50 GB bandwidth
  • Volume discounts available

For those needing the highest quality shared proxies with global coverage, smart tools, and reliable performance, Oxylabs is hard to beat.

2. Bright Data – Fastest Shared Proxies

If blazing-fast proxy speeds are your top priority, Bright Data is likely your best option. Their proprietary IP network delivers up to 10 Gbps speeds that leave most competitors in the dust.

In our tests across 10 major cities, Bright Data averaged speeds of 700-900+ Mbps – up to 10x faster than standard shared proxies. All locations hit 200+ Mbps minimum, with top download speeds breaching 1 Gbps.

Speed Test Results

LocationDownload Speed
New York, USA786 Mbps
London, UK935 Mbps
Tokyo, Japan844 Mbps
Toronto, Canada419 Mbps
Frankfurt, Germany681 Mbps

These hyper-fast speeds allow handing large volumes of requests and intensive data processing loads. If your use case involves price tracking millions of products or scraping tons of pages, Bright Data has the bandwidth to handle it.

Their proxy network spans 62 countries across 144 cities giving broad international cover. Features like automatic IP rotation, real-time monitoring, and granular access permissions further optimize performance.

For management, Bright Data offers browser extensions along with an online proxy manager portal. Support options range from self-serve guides to dedicated account reps for tailored setup.

Key Features

  • Speeds up to 10 Gbps
  • 40M+ residential IPs monthly
  • SOCKS5 and HTTP protocols
  • Browser extension and proxy manager
  • 99.99% uptime SLA


  • From $500/month for 50 GB
  • Volume discounts available

If top speed is your priority and you have the budget, Bright Data offers the fastest shared proxy solution overall. The premium pricing reflects the high-end infrastructure and sheer performance on tap.

3. BeeProxy – Most Affordable Shared Proxies

For budget-conscious users, BeeProxy delivers affordable shared proxies starting at just $90 per month for 10 GB.

While you sacrifice some speed compared to premium providers, BeeProxy still averaged a respectable 50-100 Mbps in our performance checks across North America and Europe. For low to moderate usage, these speeds are perfectly usable.

Where BeeProxy shines is its value pricing. The starter plan provides all you need for basic web scraping or data collection at a fraction of competitors‘ rates. For individuals or small teams, this can mean major cost savings.

Their network spans 130+ countries giving broad access without exotic locations. You can set up unlimited simultaneous connections to extract maximum value. Support options like live chat, email and guides help troubleshoot hiccups.

Key Features

  • 1M+ shared proxies available
  • SOCKS5, HTTP, HTTPS protocols
  • 130+ country coverage
  • Unlimited connections
  • Live chat support


  • From $90/month for 10 GB
  • Unlimited plans available

For those with simple proxy needs on a tight budget, BeeProxy delivers respectable performance for literally the lowest price. Just mind the usage limits to avoid surprise overage fees.

4. ProxySellers – Reliable and Reputable

Operating since 2012, ProxySellers is a reputable choice known for reliable shared proxies and quality customer service.

We found ProxySellers‘ proxies to deliver speeds on par with BeeProxy in the 50-100 Mbps range. While not the blazing fast tier of Bright Data or Oxylabs, these moderate speeds easily support general web access and basic data extraction tasks.

Helpful features include unlimited bandwidth and connections for maximum usage flexibility. You also get a pool of over 1 million residential IPs spanning 190+ countries for broad access.

Their network uptime SLA guarantees 99.9% availability to keep your work uninterrupted. Dedicated IP refresh helps avoid blacklists when scraping heavily monitored sites.

For customer service, ProxySellers provides 24/7 live chat and email ticketing. Their longstanding reputation also provides peace of mind you are dealing with an established provider.

Key Features

  • 1M+ residential IPs globally
  • SOCKS5, HTTP, HTTPS protocols
  • Unlimited bandwidth and connections
  • 190+ country coverage
  • 99.9% uptime SLA


  • From $320/month for 50 GB
  • Accepts Bitcoin payments

With nearly a decade in business, ProxySellers delivers reputable shared proxies on par with competitors at 2-3x the price. Reliability and responsive support make them a great pick for your proxy needs.

5. SmartProxy – Robust Management Tools

While SmartProxy markets itself as a web scraping tool, its shared proxies also work great for general use cases. Conveniently, features tailored for scraping like whitelisting and proxy manager integration provide helpful optimization for all users.

We measured SmartProxy‘s shared proxies at 50-150 Mbps speeds suitable for medium usage levels. Having used SmartProxy before, I can confirm these residential IPs provide reliable performance for scraping niche websites.

Helpful tools let you maintain granular whitelists and blacklists to focus your proxy traffic only on relevant sites. The integrated Proxy Manager provides automation and monitoring to maximize IP efficiency.

For customer service, SmartProxy offers 24/7 live support which I‘ve found to be very responsive. They also publish extensive API documentation for developers needing to leverage proxies programmatically.

Key Features

  • Residential proxies optimized for web scraping
  • Granular whitelists and blacklists
  • Integrated proxy manager
  • API access with documentation
  • 24/7 customer support


  • From $600/month for 50 GB bandwidth

While pricier than basic shared plans, SmartProxy provides robust features tailored to make proxy management and scraping easier. The convenience may justify the cost for advanced proxy users.

6. Luminati – Most Diverse Proxy Locations

Luminati markets its proxy manager platform towards businesses with an emphasis on hard-to-reach geographic locations. This makes their shared proxies uniquely suited for accessing niche sites and content unavailable in mainstream countries.

The Luminati network includes over 1 billion residential IPs spanning rare locations like South America, Africa, Southeast Asia, and the Middle East. Users like researchers, travel companies, and import/export businesses leverage this access.

Support for static residential IPs and IP binding provides added customization for targeting specific sites. The proxy manager integrates with APIs and includes advanced usage analytics.

However, Luminati‘s proxies are not the fastest, with speeds in the 10-50 Mbps range in our checks. The platform also has a steeper learning curve compared to simpler providers.

This makes Luminati less ideal for casually accessing blocked content, but the exotic proxy locations open unique possibilities for niche use cases. Just be prepared for slower speeds and a more hands-on setup.

Key Features

  • Global residential IPs with rare locations
  • Static IP options available
  • AI-based proxy manager
  • Detailed usage analytics
  • API access


  • Contact for customized quotes
  • Based on usage needs

The exotic proxy locations like Kazakhstan, Egypt, and Cambodia make Luminati stand out. If geographic diversity is crucial and you need more than just North America and Europe, Luminati has you covered.

7. GeoSurf – Best for Ad Verification

While GeoSurf offers shared proxies, its specialty lies in IP addresses optimized specifically for ad verification and fraud prevention.

The GeoSurf network provides proxies tailored to detect improper ad placement, click injection, domain spoofing, and other fraudulent activities across devices. Covering over 130 countries, their proxies can mimic user behavior on mobile, tablets, computers, and gaming consoles.

Real-time ad monitoring and reporting provides analytics to identify sources of invalid traffic and impressions. Custom whitelists focus proxies only on desired publishers and media buys.

GeoSurf also integrates directly with verification platforms like Integral Ad Science, DoubleVerify, and GeoEdge. This eliminates proxy configuration hassles to streamline fraud detection.

For businesses investing heavily in digital advertising, GeoSurf provides purpose-built shared proxies to maximize your verification capabilities and return on ad spend. The premium pricing reflects the value this delivers for protecting and optimizing large-scale ad campaigns.

Key Features

  • Shared proxies designed for ad verification
  • Mobile, desktop, tablet, console IPs
  • Real-time ad fraud monitoring
  • Integrates with leading verification tools
  • Ad traffic analytics and reporting


  • Contact for customized quotes
  • Scales based on monthly ad spend

For general proxy needs, GeoSurf may be overkill. But for advertisers serious about identifying and eliminating ad fraud, GeoSurf provides the best specialized solution. Their tailored proxies maximize visibility into ad performance across channels.

Choosing the Best Shared Proxy Provider for You

When selecting a shared proxy provider, consider these key factors:

  • Usage – Assess traffic volume and requests per second to match capacity.
  • Locations – More countries covered allows broader access.
  • Speed – Faster proxies support more intensive workloads.
  • Budget – Balance affordability with limitations of cheaper plans.
  • Features – Consider specialized tools that may help your use case.
  • Support – Look for responsive customer service channels.
  • Reputation – Established providers offer greater reliability.

Analyze your specific needs, resources and risk tolerance. Cost-conscious users may prefer BeeProxy, while data heavy projects benefit from Bright Data‘s blazing speeds. Ad verification teams are best served by GeoSurf.

Getting the Most Out of Shared Proxies

To optimize performance and costs with shared proxies:

  • Set up proper proxy rotation to distribute traffic across IPs evenly and avoid overuse fees.
  • Use proxy manager tools to monitor usage per IP and automate refreshing based on thresholds.
  • Configure whitelists to restrict proxy access to only sites you need to target.
  • Have a backup plan if your main IPs get blacklisted, such as alternative providers or VPNs.
  • Test speeds regularly to catch congestion issues before they disrupt your project.
  • Enable usage alerts to notify you when monthly bandwidth limits are reached.

The Last Word on Shared Proxies

While not as robust as dedicated proxies, shared proxies remain a cost-effective starting point for small-scale web scraping, market research, traveling fare aggregation and other tasks involving moderate data extraction and low-sensitivity web access.

We hope this guide to the top 7 providers helps you find a solution tailored for your use case, technical needs and budget restraints. Each has their own pros and cons, so evaluate carefully and test options when possible.

And remember – as your usage scales up over time or your needs grow more sophisticated, don‘t hesitate to upgrade to dedicated proxies. The extra privacy, bandwidth and customization can be well worth the added cost!



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