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10 Best SMS Marketing Software & Platforms (2023)

SMS marketing is taking over as the new email. While consumers are overwhelming by promotional emails, 98% of text messages sent by businesses get opened and read (Increditools). With open rates and response times that high, it‘s no wonder that SMS marketing is becoming a must-have channel for businesses in 2023.

But I know shifting strategies or picking new tools can feel overwhelming. You want to choose a platform that will actually help you cut through the noise to reach customers in those urgent, micro-moments when a text message can prompt action.

In this guide, we‘ll compare the 10 best SMS marketing software and platforms available today. I‘ve done the research so you can feel confident you‘re picking the right solution for your business. Let‘s look at:

  • Key benefits of SMS marketing
  • What to look for in SMS software
  • An in-depth comparison of features, strengths and weaknesses
  • Recommendations based on your business size and goals

By the end, you‘ll have the information you need to pick the right platform and take your SMS marketing to the next level in 2023!

Why Businesses Are Embracing SMS Marketing

Let‘s start by looking at the data on why SMS should be part of your marketing mix:

  • SMS has 98% open rates – That‘s 5X higher than email open rates, which hover around 20-30% (Impact)
  • 90% are read within 3 minutes – SMS is perfect for time-sensitive offers or reminders (Impact)
  • 160 characters is optimal – SMS forces you to master the art of concise, compelling mobile copy (Text Request)
  • It‘s affordable – The average cost to acquire an SMS subscriber is less than email or direct mail (Salesforce)
  • ROI is high – For every $1 spent, SMS marketing returns $4 – $10 (Megalytic)

With stats like these, it makes sense that 75% of businesses plan to expand their use of SMS for marketing in 2023 (Salesforce). Now let‘s look at how to choose the right software to make your campaigns successful.

7 Key Factors for Evaluating SMS Marketing Software

When researching tools, here are the capabilities that matter most:

Deliverability – The platform should reliably deliver your SMS messages with high reach.

Compliance – They should handle opt-outs and comply with regulations like TCPA.

Segmentation – You need the power to target customers based on behaviors, interests, location and other criteria.

Automation – Create, schedule, and trigger personalized SMS workflows based on customer actions.

Engagement – Tools for two-way messaging, chatbots, and creating interactive conversations.

Integrations – APIs and integrations with your CRM, email, and other marketing tools.

Analytics – Dashboards to monitor opens, clicks, responses, and campaign performance.

Let‘s see how the top 10 platforms stack up across these criteria:

PlatformBest ForDeliverabilityComplianceSegmentationAutomationEngagementIntegrationsAnalytics
EZ TextingSMBExcellentStrongAdvancedPowerfulRobustBroadStrong
RingySmall BizVery GoodDecentBasicDecentBasicCore SystemsBasic
PodiumService BizExcellentStrongStrongStrongStrongBroadStrong
ClickSendSmall BizVery GoodDecentBasicBasicBasicCore SystemsBasic
Message LaunchLead GenExcellentStrongAdvancedStrongLimitedBroadStrong
TrumpiaEnterpriseExcellentStrongAdvancedPowerfulLimitedBroadVery Strong
ProTextingSmall BizGoodDecentBasicBasicBasicCore SystemsBasic

This comparison table highlights the stand-out features and strengths of each platform. Now let‘s look at an in-depth overview of each one so you can choose the right solution for your goals and audience.

The 10 Best SMS Marketing Platforms & Software

1. TextMagic – Robust SMS Marketing for Enterprises

Founded in 2001, TextMagic helps deliver SMS campaigns for leading brands like Audi, Skyscanner, and KFC. With a reliable infrastructure delivering messages to over 200 countries, advanced automation, and in-depth analytics, TextMagic is a top choice for large enterprises.

Gas company AmeriGas saw a 25% increase in customer retention when leveraging TextMagic for automated SMS outreach (TextMagic).

TextMagic enables:

  • Automated SMS workflows based on customer interactions
  • Two-way messaging for micro-surveys, lead gen, and support
  • Deep segmentation with customizable contact profiles
  • Easy integration with existing marketing and sales tools
  • Real-time dashboard tracking opens, clicks, and replies

Pricing: Pay as you go, starting at $0.004 per message sent

2. Omnisend – Streamlined SMS Marketing for Ecommerce

Omnisend makes it easy for ecommerce brands to incorporate SMS into their existing marketing automation workflows. With their ecommerce-focused platform, you can:

  • Trigger cart abandonment SMS reminders
  • Notify customers when items they showed interest in come back in stock
  • Send SMS invoices, shipping confirmations, and other order updates
  • Drive traffic to your site with promotional and discount SMS blasts
  • Track performance in one unified dashboard alongside other channels

Fashion retailer MVMT Watches increased revenue by 5X with Omnisend‘s behavioral SMS campaigns (Omnisend).

Pricing: Free plan. Paid plans starting at $9/month.

3. EZ Texting – Reliable SMS Platform for SMBs

Trusted by over 150,000 small and medium businesses, EZ Texting makes it simple and affordable to add SMS capabilities. EZ Texting‘s platform stands out for its:

  • Reliable SMS delivery and compliance
  • 500+ app integrations, including major CRMs
  • Automated appointment reminders and alerts
  • Two-way messaging to field customer inquiries
  • Multi-user accounts and conversation templates for teams

Comedy club Carolines on Broadway uses EZ Texting to notify customers when acts they expressed interest in will perform. They‘ve seen 40% higher ticket sales (EZ Texting).

Pricing: Plans ranging from $15 to $65/month.

4. Ringy – Intuitive SMS Marketing for Solopreneurs & Small Teams

Ringy provides an easy-to-use SMS marketing solution designed for solopreneurs, bootstrappers, and small teams getting started with text messaging. Key highlights include:

  • Drag-and-drop campaign builder
  • Automated welcome messages, promos, and reminders
  • Two-way messaging with saved response templates
  • Integration with Gmail and Google Sheets
  • Affordable pricing without long-term contracts

While light on advanced features, Ringy simplifies getting started with SMS. Yoga studio owner Liz J says, "I‘m able to connect with customers instantly and see a 30% increase in class attendance."

Pricing: 21-day free trial, then $25/month

5. Podium – SMS Marketing Integrated With Review Management

Podium combines robust SMS conversation capabilities with tools to manage customer reviews and feedback. It‘s purpose-built for service businesses who rely on frequent client communication like:

  • Salons and spas
  • Healthcare offices
  • Fitness centers
  • Financial advisors
  • Real estate agents

Key features include:

  • Appointment reminders and confirmations via SMS
  • Automated post-visit surveys to collect reviews
  • Respond to inquiries across SMS, email and social
  • Sync conversations from all channels in one interface
  • Analyze sentiment and track KPIs related to reputation

Podium client Basecamp Fitness increased lead generation by 162% within 4 months after adding SMS capabilities (Podium).

Pricing: Plans ranging from $125 to $420/month

6. Textline – Secure SMS Platform for Healthcare Providers

Textline meets the text messaging needs of healthcare organizations with HIPAA compliance, SMS automation, and integrations with major EHR platforms.

Textline enables convenient, private communication while ensuring regulatory requirements are met:

  • Automate appointment reminders and bill payment alerts
  • Collect patient satisfaction surveys
  • Segment messages by health conditions or demographics
  • Encrypted messaging and data security
  • Integrations with platforms like Epic and Cerner
  • Messaging templates for common patient interactions

Orthopedic practice OPO saw 82% of patients were highly satisfied with their experience after adding Textline appointment reminders (Textline).

Pricing: Plans ranging from $30 to $250/month

7. ClickSend – SMS Marketing & More for Budget Businesses

While light on advanced features, ClickSend makes SMS campaigns accessible for small businesses on tight budgets. With ClickSend you can:

  • Quickly build one-off SMS campaigns
  • Schedule and automate basic SMS workflows
  • Collect opt-ins and feedback via two-way messaging
  • Supplement SMS with email and voice messaging
  • Access basic analytics on opens and clicks
  • Leverage pre-built templates

ClickSend keeps costs low while providing the essentials for blasting promo texts and collecting customer data. Reviewer Bill Vix of Small Biz Trends says, "It‘s a reasonably priced, easy-to-use SMS platform."

Pricing: Plans starting at $9.99/month

8. Message Launch – Specialized SMS Marketing for Lead Generation

While pricier than basic mass texting platforms, Message Launch provides more advanced capabilities tailored specifically to subscriber list building and lead generation.

Message Launch is ideal if your goals include:

  • Growing your SMS subscriber list
  • Driving conversions from SMS content
  • Creating automated lead nurturing workflows
  • Scoring and segmenting contacts
  • Integrating SMS with landing pages and forms

Key features include:

  • A/B testing for SMS copy and campaigns
  • CRM integrations to track lead activity
  • Behavioral filters to segment your audience
  • Drip sequences to nurture prospects
  • Links and call-to-actions in SMS messages

Pricing: Plans ranging from $12.50 to $99.99 per month

9. Trumpia – Enterprise-Grade SMS Platform for Large, Regulated Companies

For large enterprises and corporations, especially in regulated industries like finance and insurance, Trumpia provides a robust SMS solution.

Trumpia ensures full TCPA compliance and carrier-grade deliverability to protect your brand. You also get access to powerful tools like:

  • Multi-channel journey builder with SMS, email, voice & more
  • Location-based messaging through geo-conquesting
  • Customer preference management for opt-outs
  • A/B testing on message copy
  • API and CRM integrations
  • In-depth analytics on engagement and campaign ROI

Trumpia also offers a white-glove onboarding process and account management support. While overkill for many small businesses, Trumpia is purpose-built for the large enterprise.

Pricing: Custom quotes, approx. $150/month minimum

10. ProTexting – Affordable SMS Marketing for SMBs

ProTexting makes it easy for small business owners to get started with SMS marketing. While light on advanced features, it provides an affordable way to:

  • Create one-off promotional SMS blasts
  • Schedule bulk SMS campaigns
  • Collect opt-ins via SMS keywords
  • Segment your subscriber list
  • View basic analytics like deliverability and open rates

ProTexting manages the compliance paperwork and makes sending your first texts simple. Reviewer Stephanie Burns of WordStream says, "If you‘re not sure you want to commit, ProTexting has a good basic plan to test the waters."

Pricing: Plans starting at $12.50/month for 400 SMS

Choose the Right SMS Marketing Platform for Your Business

Adding SMS capabilities can take your marketing results to the next level. But not all tools are created equal. By defining your goals and audience, assessing these top platforms, and picking a solution aligned to your needs and budget, you‘re set up for SMS marketing success.

The more you use compelling, value-driven SMS messaging to provide subscribers with an experience they love, the more they‘ll look forward to hearing from you.

Now that you have the information you need to choose, the only step left is to get started! I hope this guide provides clarity to help you pick the right SMS marketing partner for your business needs in 2023.



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