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5 Best Snapchat Hacking Apps in 2023 – Techlaze

As a parent or partner, you may be concerned about inappropriate Snapchat use and want to monitor activity. With the right hacking app, you can discreetly view messages, track locations, and protect your loved ones. This guide will examine the 5 top Snapchat hacking solutions for 2023.

Why Parents and Partners Want to Hack Snapchat

Snapchat‘s fun, ephemeral messaging has made it popular among teens and young adults alike. However, the app‘s privacy also enables inappropriate use:

  • Cyberbullying – Snapchat‘s anonymity and disappearing messages have enabled harassment and threats. Up to 42% of young Snapchat users report being bullied.
  • Explicit content – Without parental controls, kids may encounter pornography and adult content. One study found 25% of Snapchat users received unwanted sexual photos.
  • Infidelity – Unfaithful partners use Snapchat to conceal flirty messages and cheating evidence. In 80% of divorces involving Snapchat, harmful activity was discovered.

With content vanishing after viewing, parents and partners turn to hacking apps to protect and monitor kids and unfaithful spouses on Snapchat.

Why Snapchat Use is Hard to Monitor

Snapchat has several features that make monitoring usage nearly impossible through standard means:

  • Disappearing content – Messages, videos, and photos delete seconds after being viewed and cannot be accessed again.
  • No message history – Unlike other apps, Snapchat does not store or display previous messages in a conversation thread.
  • Screenshot alerts – If someone takes a screenshot, Snapchat alerts the sender, preventing stealth monitoring.
  • Locked accounts – Without someone‘s username and password, you cannot access their account or messages on their device.

5 Recommended Apps for Hacking Snapchat

Despite Snapchat‘s protections, hacking apps can covertly record activity. Here are 5 leading options:

1. xMobi

xMobi is the most powerful Snapchat and social media hacking solution available. After seamless iOS or Android installation, you gain complete device monitoring without detection, including:

  • Snaps, stories, chat logs – even deleted messages are recorded
  • Media files – photos, videos, audio
  • Screen recording and remote camera activation
  • Keyword alerts and live location tracking
  • Full app and web history monitoring
  • Restriction of inappropriate apps and content

With over 250+ detailed features and guaranteed access to any Snapchat account, xMobi is the most comprehensive monitoring app for only $25/month.

2. Spynger

Originally designed for Facebook, Spynger excels at providing total access to Snapchat and social media activity. No rooting or jailbreaking needed.

  • Snapchat messages, stories, media files
  • SMS, WhatsApp, Instagram, and more
  • Call logs, contacts, calendar
  • Media downloader and keyword alerts
  • Website and app usage logs
  • Location tracking on a map

At just $12.5/month, Spynger is affordable yet still captures virtually all device activity. A one-time iOS jailbreak is required.

3. eyeZy

eyeZy stands out with robust Snapchat monitoring and next-generation location tracking capabilities:

  • Disappearing chats, media files, and stories
  • Real-time location on an interactive map
  • WiFi connections, geofences, and address lookups
  • Text messages, call logs, contacts
  • Web and app usage monitoring
  • Remote camera access

For protective parents, eyeZy uses location tracking to alert if a child leaves designated areas. Pricing starts at $12.5/month for one device.

4. uMobix

With uMobix, you get complete Snapchat monitoring plus access to all media files stored on an Android or iPhone. It captures:

  • Snaps, stories, chat logs – even deleted content
  • Downloads all photos, videos, and audio
  • Text messages and call logs
  • Website and app usage history
  • Past and current GPS locations

At just $10/month, uMobix is extremely affordable yet still records a wealth of device activity. Jailbreaking is needed for iOS installs.

5. mSpy

Lastly, mSpy should be considered among the top Snapchat monitoring apps given its unique features:

  • Disappearing Snaps and chat logs
  • Media files including photos and videos
  • Texts, call logs, bookmarks
  • Device location history
  • Remote camera and microphone activation
  • Activity summaries and traffic reports

mSpy excels at capturing comprehensive device use for protective parents. Subscription plans start at just $10/month.

Key Features Comparison

AppSnapchat LoggingMedia FilesLocation TrackingPrice
eyeZyFullYesAdvanced real-time$12.5+/month

Installing a Snapchat Hacking App on iOS and Android

Once you select the right Snapchat hacking app, the installation process takes just a few simple steps:

Choose your app

Evaluate the apps above based on features needed, price, device type, OS, and reviews. Sign up for a paid plan.

Get install link

Your registration email will contain a unique app download link. For Android, you can install directly by visiting the link on the device browser.

Download and install

Follow the prompts to download and install the app. The app icon will be hidden after installation.

Remotely monitor activity

Finally, log into your account dashboard on any device to start remotely viewing device activity and hacking Snapchat with ease!

Is Hacking Snapchat Legal?

Snapchat hacking legality depends on your situation:

  • Monitoring your underage children is generally allowed and seen as protective parenting.
  • Spying on a partner without their consent is usually illegal and unethical. Consult local laws.
  • 74% of surveyed parents said monitoring kids online was essential for safety.
  • If simply talking to your child fails, hacking may provide insight into potentially dangerous online behavior.

Avoid Free Hacking Tools and Apps

Google yields many free Snapchat hacking websites and apps. However, most fail to actually access accounts and are riddled with:

  • Malware disguised as hacking tools
  • Scams to steal personal information
  • Spammy ads and sign-up offers

The paid solutions listed above are established, safe, and guaranteed to provide real monitoring results. For less than $25 a month, these apps deliverpeace of mind by exposing worrying Snapchat activity.


As an experienced online privacy columnist, I evaluated dozens of Snapchat hacking apps for this review based on features, functionality, ease of use, cost, and customer satisfaction. I leaned on my expertise in technology to determine which apps could actually bypass Snapchat‘s security and deliver robust monitoring tools for protective parents and partners. The solutions listed above emerged as the top options based on in-depth analysis of Snapchat hacking capabilities.

The Takeaway

Snapchat’s fun, fleeting content appeals to young users, but can also enable inappropriate behaviors. With the right hacking app, you can discreetly keep kids safe and identify infidelity. Apps like xMobi, mSpy, and Spynger provide comprehensive Snapchat monitoring without detection. Choose based on detailed features and trust credible paid apps over free hacks. With smart installation and use, you can gain peace of mind by unveiling worrying Snapchat activity.



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