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15 Best Social Catfish Alternatives to Check Out in 2023

As our lives become increasingly intertwined with the online world, it‘s important to be cautious about who we interact with virtually. Catfishing, where someone creates a false identity online, often for deceptive purposes, has unfortunately become more commonplace. Thankfully, there are helpful online identity verification tools that empower us to learn the truth and protect ourselves from being deceived.

In this comprehensive guide, I‘ll explore the top 15 Social Catfish alternatives for 2023. Each offers unique features and benefits to uncover the facts you need about a person‘s real identity.

15 Best Social Catfish Alternatives in 2023

1. Instant Checkmate

Instant Checkmate is one of the best-known players in the online background check space. Their vast database delivers comprehensive information to conduct insightful identity verification searches.

πŸ‘‰Get Instant Checkmate Here

Whether you‘re researching a potential date, neighbor, babysitter, or anyone else in your life, Instant Checkmate offers a reliable way to learn more.


  • Extensive database provides accurate and thorough results
  • User-friendly interface makes searches easy for beginners
  • Criminal records checks offer valuable safety insights


  • Subscription required for full access, not ideal for one-off checks
  • Very private individuals may have limited data

2. TruthFinder

When you need to unveil hidden truths about people, TruthFinder is a top choice. Their comprehensive background checks and dark web monitoring deliver invaluable insights to inform your decisions.

πŸ‘‰ Get TruthFinder Here


  • In-depth background checks leave no stone unturned
  • Dark web monitoring alerts you to potential threats
  • Easy-to-use interface provides a smooth user experience


  • Monthly subscription required for full access
  • Information overload can be challenging to parse

3. Intelius

With a solid reputation for accuracy and reliability, Intelius is a versatile online identity verification service. It caters to a wide range of needs, from basic background checks to advanced people searches.

πŸ‘‰ Get Intelius Here


  • Renowned for detailed, comprehensive background reports
  • One-time purchases available, no subscription required
  • Highly accurate and up-to-date information


  • Limited free information, full reports require payment
  • Subscription pricing can be expensive for ongoing use

4. Spokeo

Spokeo aggregates data from thousands of sources to build comprehensive reports on individuals. Their multifaceted approach delivers extensive insights to verify identities from all angles.

πŸ‘‰ Get Spokeo Here


  • Massive data collection from diverse sources
  • Competitive pricing options make it widely accessible
  • Easy to navigate even for first-time users


  • Full reports only available for paying users
  • Some data may not be fully up to date

5. BeenVerified

BeenVerified is a trusted background check service that digs up details on people‘s histories. Their detailed reports provide a 360-degree view of an individual to inform your decisions.

πŸ‘‰ Get BeenVerified Here


  • Reports are known for their depth and completeness
  • Flexible pricing options to suit different needs
  • Mobile app enables searches on-the-go


  • Limited free trial options, subscription typically required
  • Data depth varies, especially for low-profile individuals

6. PimEyes

PimEyes takes a specialized approach to identity verification with its facial recognition capabilities. It enables you to find where images of yourself appear online so you can track their use.

πŸ‘‰ Get PimEyes Here


  • Excellent for tracking down use of your images online
  • Free basic plan available to get started
  • User-friendly interface simplifies your search


  • Focus on facial recognition limits broader search capabilities
  • May miss non-image links to your identity

7. TinEye

As a leading reverse image search engine, TinEye excels at helping you identify the original source of images you find online. While not a personal identity search tool, it‘s invaluable for image verification needs.

πŸ‘‰ Get TinEye Here


  • Quickly reveals image origins and history
  • Completely free to use as needed
  • Browser extensions simplify reverse image searches


  • Only searches images, not personal identity info
  • Provides limited data beyond image origins

8. ShowCaller

For identifying unknown callers, ShowCaller is a top choice. Their real-time caller ID and spam blocking provide 24/7 protection from unwanted calls.

πŸ‘‰ Get ShowCaller Here


  • Instantly IDs incoming calls for fast information
  • Blocks spam calls to reduce interruptions
  • Available on both iOS and Android devices


  • Focused solely on phone number lookups
  • Some advanced features require a subscription

9. CallerSmart

CallerSmart takes a unique crowdsourced approach to blocking unwanted calls and identifying unknown numbers. By pooling data from users across the country, it stay on top of the latest spam and scam calls.

πŸ‘‰ Get CallerSmart Here


  • Community-sourced database of spam numbers
  • Read and contribute user reviews on numbers
  • Totally free to join and participate


  • Limited to phone number lookups
  • Accuracy depends on user contributions

10. PeopleSmart

PeopleSmart is a comprehensive people search engine that prioritizes delivering detailed, accurate information on individuals. Their focus on precision makes them a reliable identity verification resource.

πŸ‘‰ Get PeopleSmart Here


  • In-depth background checks with abundant details
  • Highly user-friendly website and search features
  • Competitively priced for most budgets


  • Full reports require paid subscription
  • Limited information on some individuals

11. Tags+

Tags+ provides valuable social media insights through its browser extension. By revealing social profiles connected to an email address, it offers a window into an online identity‘s digital footprint.

πŸ‘‰ Get Tags+ Here


  • Easy to install and use even for novices
  • Surfaces associated social media profiles
  • Completely free to install and use


  • Only searches social media platforms
  • Social media data availability varies

12. PeekYou

PeekYou focuses specifically on aggregating information across social media and other public sources online to create a comprehensive snapshot of an individual‘s digital presence and identity.

πŸ‘‰ Get PeekYou Here


  • Provides both social media and web results
  • User-friendly website simplifies your search
  • Totally free to search as needed


  • Coverage gaps, especially for low-profile people
  • No background check capabilities

13. Radaris

Radaris offers comprehensive public records access along with people search capabilities to uncover valuable insights into an individual‘s offline and online identity.

πŸ‘‰ Get Radaris Here


  • In-depth background reports cover wide range of records
  • Multiple tailored search options
  • Mobile app available for on-the-go searches


  • Full access requires paid subscription
  • Some data may be outdated

14. Pipl

Pipl leverages its massive data search engine to empower users to find both online and offline information about people with ease.

πŸ‘‰ Get Pipl Here


  • Aggregates data from thousands of sources
  • User-friendly interface simplifies search process
  • Free basic plan available


  • Limited capabilities beyond data aggregation
  • Some data may be outdated

15. CheckPeople

For comprehensive background checks at affordable rates, CheckPeople is a valuable identity verification tool. Their easy-to-use platform makes searching records a breeze.

πŸ‘‰ Get CheckPeople Here


  • In-depth background checks on millions of people
  • Highly user-friendly and intuitive website
  • Competitive pricing structures


  • Full reports require paid subscription
  • Limited free information available

Frequently Asked Questions

Are These Services Legal to Use?

These identity verification services are legal for personal use, such as running background checks or identifying unknown numbers. However, it‘s crucial to use them responsibly and not overstep legal boundaries.

Do These Services Guarantee 100% Accurate Information?

While these services aim for maximum accuracy, no background check service can promise 100% error-free data. It‘s wise to verify any critical details you obtain.

Are There Any Privacy Concerns with These Services?

Most of these platforms adhere to applicable privacy laws and regulations. However, be sure to review their specific privacy policies to understand how they handle your personal data.

Can I Use These Services for Business Purposes?

Some services offer business-oriented plans, but you‘ll want to closely check their terms of service for details on compliant business uses. Use for employment checks may require compliance steps.

What Should I Do if I Find Inaccurate Information?

If you encounter any incorrect or outdated information, you can contact the service‘s customer support. They can initiate steps to investigate the issue and correct any errors in their records.


Selecting the right identity verification tool requires understanding your specific needs and priorities. This guide highlights 15 top-rated Social Catfish alternatives to consider. Look for factors like comprehensive data sources, accuracy, privacy protections, and responsive customer service when choosing a platform.

Approach identity searches with care and responsibility. While these services provide vital insights, be judicious in how you apply the knowledge gained. With an abundance of personal data now available online, our virtual identities reveal just a limited window into the complete picture of who we really are offline.



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