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SocialPlus Review & 7 Alternatives That Won‘t Scam You (2023)

Social media marketers know the importance of growing an engaged Instagram audience. But buying fake followers or bots from shady services like SocialPlus can permanently damage your account‘s reputation.

In this expert guide, I‘ll explain why SocialPlus should be avoided and review 7 safer, more effective alternatives for getting real Instagram growth in 2023.

Why SocialPlus is Bad News

SocialPlus promises fast Instagram growth through likes, comments, followers and more. Unfortunately, the engagement comes from bots and fake accounts, not real human users. This type of "growth hacking" violates Instagram‘s terms of service.

The main problems with SocialPlus include:

  • Fake engagement from bots and inactive accounts. This looks artificial and raises Instagram‘s suspicions.
  • Account bans or restrictions are common outcomes from using these prohibited growth services. Instagram‘s algorithms easily detect the inauthentic activity.
  • No long-term growth. The fake stats will drop off quickly. You need real, active followers to sustain growth.
  • Reputation damage. Low engagement rates from fake followers make you look bad. Partners and potential followers will be turned off.

For these reasons, any Instagram growth service that relies on automation, bots, or buying fake engagement should be avoided altogether. Let‘s look at better options.

1. Nitreo – Best Overall

Nitreo is my top recommendation for getting authentic Instagram growth the right way. Here‘s why:

  • Organic targeting finds real users who are likely to engage with your niche. No bots or fake accounts.
  • Impressive results like higher post reach, more followers, and lower unfollow rates. Nitreo users see 2-4X more growth than the average account.
  • Safety first. Nitreo is white-hat and 100% compliant with Instagram‘s terms. You won‘t get banned.
  • Flexible packages range from $49-$99/mo. The higher tiers include advanced analytics and targeting capabilities.

I‘ve used Nitreo myself and recommend it for any brand serious about establishing long-term, sustainable Instagram growth. The organic approach keeps your reputation intact.

2. Stellation Media – Fast Growth

Stellation Media is another leading Instagram growth service that gets outstanding results without fake engagement. Here‘s what they offer:

  • Rapid growth with advanced targeting capabilities. Typical clients gain thousands of real, engaged followers per month.
  • Full suite of services including follower growth, story promotion, hashtag research, competitor benchmarking, and more.
  • Managed service. Their growth strategists audit your account and handle the entire growth process for you.
  • Transparent pricing starting at $99/mo. Discounts given for 6 and 12 month subscriptions.

Stellation has helped over 12,000 brands rapidly expand their reach on Instagram. I recommend them if you want a hands-off, all-in-one growth solution.

3. Growthoid – Top for Engagement

Looking for a service focused on engagement over vanity metrics? Growthoid is a top choice.

  • High engagement focus to get more likes, comments, and story views from targeted users. This ultimately leads to more followers too.
  • Expert targeting of audiences genuinely interested in your niche and content style. Growthoid has dialed in their processes after years of experience.
  • Flexible plans to fit any budget, starting at just $49/mo.
  • Standout support. Direct messaging access to their growth strategists.

I‘ve seen the engaging, loyal communities Growthoid has built for fitness brands, artists, ecommerce stores, and more. If you want better connection with your target audience, Growthoid is a great option.

4. Upleap – Most Underrated

Upleap is quite possibly the most underrated Instagram growth service out there. Don‘t let their simple website fool you – this is a powerful platform.

  • Free 3-day trial lets you test it risk-free. No credit card required.
  • Easy setup. Just connect your account and pick your interests. Takes 2 minutes to get started.
  • Steady, natural growth. Upleap finds potential new followers from your target demographics and engages them organically.
  • Reasonable pricing starting at $49/mo depending on your growth goals.

Upleap has been around for years and many influencers swear by them. Give their free trial a test drive to experience it yourself.

5. Task Ant – Most Innovative

I love services like Task Ant that bring something new and innovative to the table:

  • Unique personas let you attract different types of followers. Choose Hipsters, Jetsetters, Fitness Junkies, and other tailored personas.
  • Hashtag generator develops custom hashtag strategies based on your brand and content style.
  • Full analytics provide actionable insights, including when your followers are most active.
  • Managed or self-service options available, starting at $99/mo.

Task Ant is ideal if you want an intuitive, unique platform to take your Instagram growth to the next level. The personas and hashtag tools really set them apart.

6. Jarvee – Best for Multiple Platforms

Jarvee has been around since 2009 and is a great solution if you need growth across multiple platforms:

  • Supports Instagram as well as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, and more.
  • Robust targeting tools to laser-focus on your ideal audience.
  • Automated posting with advanced schedule and queue options.
  • 5-day free trial plus 20% off for annual plans. Packages start at $39/mo.

Managing diverse social media accounts is a breeze with Jarvee. It‘s a longtime favorite of marketers who need growth across multiple platforms.

7. – Safest for Avoiding Bans

When it comes to safety, secures the top spot on our list.

  • Sophisticated anti-ban technology makes their growth methods undetectable by Instagram. You can grow with total peace of mind.
  • Organic growth from real targeted users who engage with your profile.
  • Flexible plans to fit your budget, starting at $49/mo.
  • Free growth audit from their team of experts.

For those wary of getting banned, has perfected the art of safe, sustainable Instagram growth. The extra anti-ban protection provides great value.

Grow Your Instagram the Right Way

The shady practices of services like SocialPlus will only stunt your Instagram account‘s growth. Avoid anything selling fake followers or bots.

Instead, choose a legitimate service focused on getting you more real, organic engagement from ideal audiences.

The 7 alternatives reviewed above will all grow your account safely and effectively using proven targeting strategies. Pick the one that best fits your niche, goals, and budget.

And be sure to always keep your content and engagement authentic. Combine growth services with great posting habits, and your Instagram will thrive.



Michael Reddy is a tech enthusiast, entertainment buff, and avid traveler who loves exploring Linux and sharing unique insights with readers.