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1 UseViral – Best Overall Spotify Bot with Guaranteed Growth

Here is the 2000+ word blog post on the 10 Best Spotify Bots for Streams, Followers & Playlist Likes in 2023:

Spotify has become one of the top destinations for artists and creators to share their music with the world. But with over 82 million tracks on Spotify, standing out can be an immense challenge for new and emerging artists. This is where Spotify bots come in – automation tools that can help you get more streams, followers and engagement on your Spotify account.

In this comprehensive guide, we will look at the top 10 Spotify bots in 2023 to help turbocharge your Spotify presence. We reviewed over 20 Spotify bot services, evaluating them on factors like safety, features, credibility and user reviews. Our handpicked list focuses on the best, most effective bots that can get you real, high-quality Spotify growth.

Let‘s get right into the detailed reviews and analysis:

Out of all the Spotify bots tested, UseViral stands out as the best overall solution for guaranteed Spotify growth.

UseViral utilizes an extensive network of over 5000 active Spotify users to deliver high-quality streams, followers and playlist likes. The key benefits of UseViral include:

  • Get guaranteed plays, followers & playlist likes: UseViral promises complete Spotify growth with real, organic engagement. You can get guaranteed results unlike free bots.
  • Quality over quantity: UseViral focuses on delivering high-retention, genuine Spotify engagements from real accounts instead of inflating vanity metrics.
  • Flexible packages for all needs: UseViral offers customizable packages for tracks, albums or playlists starting at just $9. So you can get started regardless of your budget.
  • Safe with no password needed: Your Spotify account details are never at risk as UseViral doesn‘t need your password. Their internal network handles all the growth.
  • Dedicated account manager: UseViral assigns you an account manager for 1-on-1 support and campaign optimization advice.

UseViral is already a choice of over 700 artists and creators thanks to their high-quality, guaranteed Spotify growth services. The flexibility, safety and stellar support makes UseViral our #1 pick.

Learn more about UseViral here

For artists and creators looking for an affordable Spotify bot that delivers organic plays from real accounts, SidesMedia is a great choice.

SidesMedia leverages their proprietary network of Spotify accounts to deliver a natural stream schedule to your tracks or playlists. Some key features include:

  • Organic looking play traffic: SidesMedia distributes your streams over 1-3 days leading to a natural growth pattern.
  • Global accounts for wider reach: Your tracks get streamed by accounts from US, UK, Canada, Australia and Europe.
  • No password or ads required: You simply provide your Spotify link to start. No need to compromise privacy.
  • Starting at just $2.99 for 100 plays: Extremely budget-friendly pricing compared to other bots.

The slower delivery by SidesMedia ensures your streams appear organic and help avoid Spotify flagging the activity. Over 5000 artists have used SidesMedia successfully without any account ban. For the price, SidesMedia is great for getting started with Spotify bots quickly and safely.

Learn more about SidesMedia here

While most bots focus just on Spotify, Media Mister sets itself apart by supporting cross-platform growth on Spotify, YouTube, SoundCloud and more.

Some of the key benefits of using Media Mister include:

  • Cross-platform botting: Get engagement across Spotify, YouTube, SoundCloud, Facebook within a single dashboard
  • Customizable targeting: Target plays by country, genre, or keyword to get hyper-relevant traffic
  • Starting at just $1.50 for 100 Spotify plays: Very affordable pricing model that beats competitors
  • Guaranteed social proof: Media Mister promises complete order delivery or your money back.
  • Safe private platform: No need to provide your Spotify credentials. Just the link is enough.

For artists serious about expanding their overall social presence, Media Mister is a powerful one-stop botting service. And their affordable rates makes Media Mister great for optimizing growth across multiple platforms.

Learn more about Media Mister here

Breakker stands out amongst Spotify bots as the best service for getting more Spotify followers and monthly listeners quickly.

Here are some of the key benefits provided by Breakker exclusively for Spotify accounts:

  • Get guaranteed Spotify followers & listeners: Breakker focuses solely on elevating followers and listeners with zero risk.
  • Qualitative traffic for higher retention: The Spotify followers are real accounts interested in your music for higher retention.
  • Starting at just $39 for 500 followers: Very competitively priced vs buying followers elsewhere.
  • Completely safe: Breakker needs just your Spotify username. Account details stay protected.
  • Fast delivery within hours: Get new Spotify followers delivered right after placing your order.

For creators focused exclusively on expanding their Spotify follower base, Breakker is the top choice. The quality and speed of delivery plus affordable rates makes Breakker a specialized Spotify bot worth checking out.

Learn more about Breakker here

Streamify is an AI-powered Spotify bot special that makes it easy to grow entire playlists.

Here are some of Streamify‘s leading playlist growth features:

  • Get playlist followers, likes & streams: Streamify automates all aspects of playlist growth on Spotify.
  • Advanced targeting & optimization: Targetplaylist growth by genre, users‘ listening habits, interests & more.
  • Automated listening sessions: Streamify bots seamlessly listen & engage with your playlist to drive up key metrics.
  • Affordable monthly plans starting at $47/mo: Competitively priced compared to other playlist growth services.
  • Safe using only public data: Your login credentials are never needed to start growth.

For creators who rely heavily on Spotify playlists for engagement, Streamify is the best botting service optimized specifically for playlist growth. Their AI truly takes playlist promotion to the next level.

Learn more about Streamify here

SocialPros is a unique Spotify bot service that delivers a powerful combination of plays and followers.

Some of the key features you get with SocialPros include:

  • Get plays + followers in one package: Unlike other bots, SocialPros boosts plays AND followers in bundled packages.
  • Starting at just $6.99 for initial orders: Very affordable entry pricing compared to competitors.
  • Scheduled delivery for organic look: Your Spotify growth is spaced out over days or weeks.
  • No password or downloads required: 100% safe process leveraging just your Spotify URL.
  • Responsive live chat support: Quick access to support reps to optimize your Spotify growth.

For artists who want the complete package of plays and followers without breaking the bank, SocialPros is a reliable service worth exploring. Their combo approach is great for maximizing overall Spotify social proof.

Learn more about SocialPros here

SpotiGrow is a unique Spotify bot taking a slow and steady approach designed for hyper-realistic, organic looking growth.

Here are some of SpotiGrow‘s advantages:

  • Drips 100-150 plays per day: Extremely gradual play delivery profile avoids triggering Spotify.
  • Randomized listeners for authentic growth: Plays come from worldwide Spotify accounts with randomized listening patterns.
  • Specialized service just for artists: SpotiGrow focuses solely on organically growing real artists‘ music.
  • Can optimize multiple tracks: Provide multiple tracks to randomize play activity across your catalog.
  • Starting at $1 per 100 plays: Affordable for patient artists focused on long-term organic growth.

The slow and steady approach of SpotiGrow is perfect for artists focused on developing their Spotify presence organically without taking any risks. While results take time, the streams look extremely realistic.

Learn more about SpotiGrow here

SMMAWorld is a specialized Spotify bot service just for amplifying your Spotify playlists.

Some key advantages offered by SMMAWorld include:

  • Get guaranteed playlist followers and likes: SMMAWorld delivers complete playlist promotion packages.
  • Target users by location and interests: Advanced targeting ensures your playlist reaches the ideal audience.
  • Starting at $77 for 1000 followers + likes: Very affordable compared to hiring a playlist promotion company.
  • Safe process with no login required: You only need to provide your playlist link to get started.
  • Get free promotion on side platforms: SMMAWorld provides complementary promotion on Instagram, Twitter, YouTube.

For artists who rely on playlists as their key content format on Spotify, SMMAWorld is a botting service worth exploring. Their affordable and targeted playlist promotion can help you expand your listener base.

Learn more about SMMAWorld here

Burstify is a unique cross-platform bot service that offers strong support for growing Spotify along with YouTube and SoundCloud.

Some of the key benefits you get with Burstify include:

  • Get engagement across Spotify, YouTube and SoundCloud: Expand your presence across top audio platforms.
  • Flexible bulk pricing: Burstify offers big discounts for buying larger quantities allowing you to maximize value.
  • Scheduled delivery: Your new plays, followers, likes get delivered gradually per custom schedules.
  • Starting at just $1.50 for 100 Spotify plays: Extremely affordable entry pricing.
  • Safe process with no downloads required: Just your Spotify profile link is needed.

The ability to grow Spotify alongside YouTube and SoundCloud makes Burstify a great botting solution for multi-channel artists on a budget. Their bulk discounts also help maximize your investment.

Learn more about Burstify here

For artists looking for a no-frills Spotify bot that delivers plays, SpotiPop is a great hassle-free option.

Benefits offered by SpotiPop include:

  • Get guaranteed Spotify plays: SpotiPop focuses solely on delivering the Spotify plays you order.
  • Fast delivery timeline: Spotify plays start in as little as hours after ordering.
  • Simple affordable packages: Packages start at ~$10 for 1000 Spotify plays.
  • No account login required: The process is 100% safe leveraging just your Spotify link.
  • Refunds available: You can request a refund if your play order is not completed.

When you need a straightforward Spotify bot to get plays quickly and easily, SpotiPop is a reliable choice. While they lack advanced features, the speed and simplicity of SpotiPop appeals to artists who want a no-frills solution.

Learn more about SpotiPop here

So those are our picks for the top 10 best Spotify bots in 2023 for getting more streams, followers, listeners and engagement on your Spotify account safely.

All of the services have been vetted based on key factors like delivery of real, high-quality Spotify growth, safety, affordability and user satisfaction. We aimed to provide a diverse list of options to suit different needs and budgets.

Make sure to choose a service that aligns with your goals and preferred growth approach – whether organic and slow or instant and at scale. Set up the bot properly using real Spotify accounts and always track performance carefully to optimize your efforts.

Used judiciously alongside original music and marketing, Spotify bots can be invaluable tools to help creators accelerate their growth and discovery on the platform.

FAQs about Spotify Bots

Still have some questions about leveraging Spotify bots effectively? Here we answer some commonly asked questions:

Are Spotify bots safe to use?

Yes, when used properly from a credible provider, Spotify bots carry very little risk as long as you follow Spotify‘s terms of service. Avoid bots asking for your Spotify password or engaging in fake streams.

What are the risks of getting banned by Spotify?

The main behaviors that can get your Spotify account banned include fake streams, exceeding play limits, using bots linked to compromised accounts and excessive advertising. As long as your bot provider uses real accounts and organic looking growth, the risk is very low.

Do Spotify bots work for all music genres?

Yes, Spotify bots work for all genres as they simply amplify your existing music to more users. However, the right targeting does help bots be more efficient – like targeting jazz fans to promote your jazz track.

How much do Spotify bots cost?

Spotify bot costs range quite a bit from just $5 for 100 plays on the low end to $100+ for thousands of plays from premium providers. Factors like speed of delivery, target users, and order volumes impact costs.

How quickly do Spotify bots work?

Delivery speeds vary widely based on the service. Some bots like SpotiPop deliver plays almost instantly while more organic providers like SpotiGrow can take weeks to play out an order. Select a bot based on your desired growth trajectory.


If you are looking to accelerate your Spotify growth as an artist, using a quality Spotify bot in your promotional strategy can make a huge difference. Just be sure to research thoroughly, read reviews and find a reliable provider that aligns with your specific goals.

Used properly and in moderation, Spotify bots allow creators to reach more fans, generate social proof, and ultimately propel their music careers to new heights. The bots in this list offer proven solutions to help take your Spotify account to the next level safely.

So take your pick from our handpicked selection of the top 10 Spotify bots for getting more streams, followers, listeners and engagement in 2023. Let us know in the comments if you have any other favorite Spotify bot services we should check out!



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