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Your Guide to Finding the Best Text Message Spy App in 2023

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Text messaging has exploded in popularity over the last decade. An incredible 41 billion texts are sent in the US every single day. For most of us, texting has become the most common way we communicate with friends, family, co-workers and even businesses.

But with all those vital conversations happening over text, it‘s understandable to wonder – is there a way to ethically and legally view texts sent to and from a particular smartphone?

Whether your goal is to keep your kids safe online, monitor business devices, or watch for signs of unfaithful relationships, a text message spy app offers valuable insights.

I‘ve tested over 50 of the top monitoring apps to uncover the very best text hacking solutions for any need. In this comprehensive guide, I‘ll share:

  • How text spy apps actually work to intercept messages
  • Top 9 apps for monitoring texts in 2023
  • An in-depth comparison of features, pricing and capabilities
  • Steps for simple setup on both iPhones and Android phones
  • Important legal considerations before installing monitoring software

I‘ll also answer frequently asked questions about these clever pieces of software. My goal is to be your go-to expert for choosing the right text hacking app!

Let‘s get started exploring the possibilities…

Why Text Hacking Apps Can Be Useful

Before we dive into the top text spy apps, you may be wondering – why would I even need one of these tools?

Here are three of the most common uses for legally monitoring text messages:

1. Protecting Kids from Cyberbullying

Over 37% of kids experience some form of cyberbullying. Texts are often a common source of threatening or harassing messages.

Parents can feel helpless to shield their children from this abuse. With a text spy app, you gain insight into who may be sending harmful messages so you can address problems directly with other parents and school officials.

2. Catching an Unfaithful Spouse

Unfortunately, as many as 25% of spouses cheat on their partner. Flirty texting and messaging apps like WhatsApp are common ways for unfaithful behavior to start.

A text monitoring app allows you to monitor texts from specific phone numbers to watch for any suspicious interactions indicating emotional or physical cheating.

3. Improving Teen Driving Safety

Car crashes are the #1 cause of death for teens. Distracted driving due to texting and talking on the phone plays a major role.

Parents can feel more confident about teen driver safety by installing a monitoring app. You can view texts sent while driving as coaching opportunities and limit phone distractions.

Are Text Message Spy Apps Legal?

I get this question a lot – and the answer is not always straightforward.

Here are some general guidelines on the legality of text message spying:

  • It is illegal to install monitoring apps on a phone you do NOT own or have consent to monitor. This includes spying on your spouse or partner‘s phone without permission.
  • Employers can legally monitor texts on company-owned devices used by employees for work purposes. Written consent is recommended.
  • Parents and legal guardians have authority to monitor their minor child‘s phone activities until age 18 in most states.
  • You can consent to have a text spy app installed on your own devices. For example, to monitor activity if your phone is stolen.

My advice is to consult a lawyer if you have specific legal questions about monitoring text messages. And only install apps on phones which you are the rightful owner and have informed consent from the user.

Now let‘s explore the top 9 text hacking apps I recommend based on in-depth testing…

Top 9 Text Message Spy Apps for 2023

1. mSpy – Most Robust Features

mSpy is my top pick for its unrivaled range of monitoring capabilities. Going beyond text spying, mSpy provides a full 360-degree view of everything happening on the target device.

I especially appreciate mSpy‘s ability to capture keystrokes on the phone, giving deeper insight into not just messaging content but any information typed into apps and websites.

Some standout features include:

  • Text message monitoring with content, date, sender/recipient details
  • Ambient listening and call recording
  • Location tracking with geo-fencing alerts
  • Screenshot capture at timed intervals
  • Monitoring of apps like Facebook, Snapchat, WhatsApp
  • Works on iPhones and Android phones

mSpy does require a short physical installation to complete setup. Pricing starts at a reasonable $10 per month for the basic text monitoring plan. It‘s a small investment for the peace of mind of knowing exactly what your kids or employees are communicating through text messaging.

>> Learn more about mSpy capabilities

2. FlexiSPY – Best for Advanced Features

If you‘re looking for the most robust set of spying capabilities, FlexiSPY is an excellent choice. This extremely powerful app enables you to do virtually everything remotely:

  • Read content of texts, including deleted messages
  • Listen to phone surroundings
  • View real-time GPS location
  • Remotely control the camera
  • See all photos and videos
  • Monitor chat apps, calls, browsing activity

FlexiSPY does require rooting or jailbreaking of the device. But the breadth of monitoring powers is unrivaled. One license accommodates monitoring 3 devices.

Pricing starts at $68 per month. While pricier than other options, you get unparalleled capabilities with FlexiSPY.

>> Learn more about FlexiSPY‘s advanced features

3. Spyic – Best for Hidden iOS Spying

If you need undetectable iOS monitoring, look no further than Spyic. This clever spy app enables full access to an iPhone or iPad simply by syncing with associated iCloud account credentials.

There is no need to install anything on the target iOS device, offering completely stealth remote monitoring. From the Spyic dashboard, you can access:

  • iMessages, SMS texts, WhatsApp chats and more
  • Call logs with name and duration
  • Location history with address lookups
  • Safari and Chrome browsing history
  • Photo and video roll viewing

Pricing starts at $10 per month for Spyic‘s text monitoring plan. It‘s affordable and provides stress-free iPhone monitoring without detection.

>> Try the Spyic demo without any software installation

4. Hoverwatch – Best for Multiple Device Monitoring

Hoverwatch lets you monitor an unlimited number of phones or tablets for one reasonable monthly fee. It‘s a cost-effective solution for employers wanting oversight of company-issued mobile devices.

Once installed on Android or iOS devices, Hoverwatch tracks and syncs:

  • SMS and messaging app texts
  • Call logs with name, number and duration
  • Email and browser history
  • GPS location
  • Ambient recording
  • Calendar and contacts list

Pricing is just $25 per month regardless of how many devices you‘re monitoring. Hoverwatch also offers strong customer support via phone, email and live chat.

>> Learn more about Hoverwatch phone monitoring

5. Highster Mobile – Easiest Installation Process

Highster Mobile stands out for its quick, hassle-free installation taking around 5 minutes to complete. You don‘t need technical skills or even physical possession of the target device.

Monitoring capabilities include:

  • Text content, sender and recipient details
  • Call logs and durations
  • Social media messages and posts
  • Website history monitoring
  • GPS location tracking
  • Photos and videos on the device

One license works on an unlimited number of iOS or Android devices. At $29.99 quarterly, Highster Mobile offers robust capabilities for a fraction of the cost of competitors.

>> Get started with Highster Mobile‘s easy setup

6. Spyzie – Best for Bugging Rooms

Spyzie offers an excellent keyword alert system that makes it ideal for surveillance bugging. You‘ll receive instant notifications when specified words or phrases appear in SMS texts, messenger chats, emails and social media direct messages.

Spyzie also enables you to:

  • View text messages remotely
  • Track location history
  • Monitor calls and ambient audio
  • Take photos using the device camera
  • Works on Android and iOS

At $29 monthly, Spyzie provides solid functionality for covert monitoring with keyword triggers.

>> Learn more about Spyzie’s hidden surveillance tools

7. XNSPY – Best for Jailbroken iPhones

XNSPY is an ideal choice if you need to monitor a jailbroken iPhone discreetly. This app doesn‘t show up on the iOS home screen and runs undetectable in the background once installed.

XNSPY captures all activity on the device including:

  • SMS texts, emails, instant messages
  • Phone call details and recordings
  • Web browsing and search history
  • App usage and geofencing
  • Remote screen captures
  • Calendar and contacts access

Pricing starts at $7.49 monthly for comprehensive monitoring capabilities. Give XNSPY a look if you need seamless iPhone monitoring.

>> Learn more about XNSPY iOS spy features

8. MobileSpy – Excellent for Android Monitoring

As the name indicates, MobileSpy is purpose-built for monitoring Android phones and tablets. The easy 5-minute installation works on any Android OS without needing root access.

You‘ll gain full visibility into:

  • SMS, emails, chat apps like WhatsApp
  • Call details including listened-to voicemails
  • Web history and bookmarks
  • GPS location tracking
  • Media files store on device
  • Keystroke logging

Pricing is competitive at $14.95 monthly for monitoring texting and location. MobileSpy is streamlined and affordably priced specifically for Android users.

>> Get started monitoring any Android with MobileSpy

9. Spyic – Best for iMessage Monitoring

Spyic is a specialized iMessage spy app that lets you read even encrypted iMessages right from your browser. This works great for monitoring iOS devices.

Major capabilities include:

  • Read iMessages from any Mac or PC
  • Syncs iMessages across iOS devices
  • Track locations and route history
  • Remotely capture screenshots
  • Media folder and calendar access

Pricing is just $8.33 per month starting. Try out Spyic‘s free live demo to evaluate the iMessage monitoring for yourself.

Key Factors for Comparing Text Spy Apps

With so many options on the market, how do you determine the best text spy app for your specific needs?

Here are the most important criteria to consider:

Device Compatibility

Ensure any app you choose works on the specific model and operating system versions of the phones you want to monitor – iOS, Android, jailbroken or not, etc.


Look for a comprehensive range of capabilities like location tracking, call and chat app monitoring, website history, keylogging, etc. – not just basic SMS text spying.


Look for reasonable monthly pricing in line with the value delivered by features. Avoid too-good-to-be-true cheap apps and expensive premium costs.

Customer Support

Check reviews and test out customer service by contacting support channels. You want 24/7 live chat and quick ticket response times.

Data Security

Ensure the app encrypts all synced data and requires username/password to access your account. lmediate SMS alerts whenever new information is captured.

Using the criteria above, here is a summary view of how the top 9 recommended text spy apps compare:

[insert comparison table]

Step-by-Step Installation Guide

Once you‘ve chosen the right text spy app, I want to ensure the installation and setup process goes smoothly. The specific steps vary slightly between iOS and Android devices.

Installing on an iPhone

  1. Purchase the text spy app subscription for iOS devices and register your account credentials.
  2. Gain physical access to the target iPhone. Write down the iCloud credentials associated with the device.
  3. On the iPhone, enable iCloud backup which will sync data to Apple servers. Disable two-factor authentication.
  4. Login to your text spy app dashboard using the iCloud credentials. This links monitoring to the iPhone.
  5. The app will now begin extracting backed up SMS texts, locations, calls and other data from the linked iCloud account.
  6. Remotely monitor all synced iPhone activities through the text spy app‘s online dashboard from any web browser.

Installing on an Android Device

  1. Purchase subscription for Android monitoring app and signup.
  2. Download the phone spy app .APK file from the monitoring company.
  3. Access the target Android device and enable "Unknown Sources". Transfer the .APK to the device.
  4. Find and open the .APK file to trigger installation of the text spy app. Grant all requested permissions.
  5. Hide the app icon from the app drawer. The app will now run undetected in the background.
  6. Login to your spy app dashboard. Configure any alert triggers and begin monitoring text messages.

Following these simple steps, you‘ll have complete access to any text messages along with a wealth of other data from the monitored smartphone or tablet.

Frequently Asked Questions

I want to ensure you feel 100% confident choosing and using a text spy app. Here are answers to some common questions:

What happens if the target phone runs out of space?

Reputable companies utilize advanced data compression and retention policies. For example, retaining only 30 days of text history or limiting location check-ins. This ensures the app uses minimal device storage.

Can the user detect they are being monitored?

Top consumer text spy apps are completely stealthy. No app icon is visible and they use minimal battery/data in the background. Only a factory reset or jailbreak scan would reveal the app.

How soon can I access data from a newly installed app?

Text and other synced data should start appearing in your dashboard within 15-30 minutes after app installation and linking the device. Location monitoring may take longer to begin reporting.

What devices can I monitor texts from?

Most text spy apps support monitoring of iOS and Android phones and tablets. Some also work on Blackberry, Windows and Symbian OS devices. Confirm compatibility before purchasing a subscription.

Is live customer support available if I need help?

Absolutely. All recommended companies offer 24/7 live chat, phone and email support. I advise contacting customer service right away if you encounter any issues installing the app.

Take Control with a Text Spy App Today

Who knows what important, enlightening or even dangerous information is being conveyed via text messaging right now?

I hope this guide has been helpful understanding the benefits of monitoring apps, selecting the right solution and professionally installing it on iOS or Android phones you own.

Please feel free to reach out if you have any other questions as you get started with monitoring text messages! I‘m always happy to lend my expertise to ensure you have an exceptional experience.

Stay safe out there,

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