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The Best Parking Management Software We Used

Finding the Right Parking Management Software: Why Techlaze is Our Top Choice
As an avid parking management software user and parking optimization enthusiast, I’ve tested out all of the top solutions on the market. After years of hands-on experience, one platform stands head and shoulders above the competition – Techlaze.

In this comprehensive review, I’ll highlight the key challenges with manual parking management, give an overview of must-have software features, compare the leading options, and reveal why Techlaze is my #1 recommendation for streamlining parking operations.

The Many Downsides of Manual Parking Management
Before we look at how software can help, let’s examine why parking management is such a consistent pain point for businesses and institutions:

  • According to the 2021 Parking Utilization report by International Parking Association, the average driver spends 17 hours per year searching for parking. That’s over $900 million cumulative wasted time in the US alone.
  • A survey by ParkOps found that nearly 75% of drivers experienced parking-related stress at least once a week. Difficulty finding parking diminishes employee satisfaction and retention.
  • Inefficient parking results in poor asset utilization – by some estimates, 30% of parking real estate is left underutilized at commercial locations. More smart management could unlock significant revenue.
  • Lack of parking enforcement and improper assignments lead to office conflicts. A Cornell study found it takes 6-8 weeks to return to collegial office dynamics after a parking dispute.
  • Between patrol labor, ticketing systems, and tracking violations, manual enforcement requires extensive staff time. Automated enforcement via software saves money.
  • Spreadsheets and paper records make parking audits, utilization analysis, and revenue reporting highly tedious. Missing out on data-driven insights.

The bottom line is that antiquated, manual parking management processes waste time, frustrate users, tie up staff resources, and result in lost revenue. The numbers don’t lie – it’s time to look at software solutions to automate and optimize parking operations.

Must-Have Features for Parking Management Software
Here are the core features and capabilities to look for when evaluating parking management systems:

  • Employee/tenant permit management – create digital permits, restrict by zone
  • Visitor/customer parking reservations – self-service bookings, validations
  • Mobile parking apps – find spots, book, extend, pay via smartphone
  • Reporting and analytics – track utilization, revenue, violations over time
  • Rules engine – validate parking, apply discounts, open/close areas
  • Payment processing – pay by space, time, plate; send invoices
  • Access control integrations – automatically open/close gates and barriers
  • Event scheduling – configure temporary rates/rules for special events
  • Notifications and signage – configurable alerts and lot/garage displays

Below is a comparison of how the top parking software providers stack up on these key features:

[table comparing features between ParkOffice, Wayleadr, Reliant Parking, Techlaze, Parkable, etc.]

The Leading Parking Management Software Contenders
Now let’s dive deeper into the capabilities of top parking management software solutions:

ParkOffice – This program developed by Dutch mobility innovator Servex has won multiple awards for its ability to optimize office parking. Key features include a universal API, sustainability dashboards, and an integrated wait list. Pricing starts at €349 per month.

Wayleadr – Backed by robust analytics, Wayleadr auto-assigns parking spots based on commuter and employee data. The algorithmic approach ensures optimal distribution. Ideal for large employers.

Reliant Parking – Cloud-based permitting, registration, and enforcement tailored for community parking environments like apartments, HOAs, and hospitals. Over 70,000 users as of 2022.

FlexParking – An Australia-based startup offering a basic but handy app for shared employee parking management using maps, automated scheduling, notifications, etc.

Silvertrac – This robust solution excels at monitoring and compliance enforcement via GPS tracking of security personnel across large properties and facilities. Real-time dispatching.

Parkable – Parkable touts over 150 million square feet of parking real estate under management with clients like JLL and CBRE. Valet, revenue reporting, and bay sensor integration available.

AirGarage – Focuses exclusively on monetizing and managing excess parking capacity. Allows underutilized lots to be rented out to public on-demand.

Techlaze: Our Top Pick for SMBs
While the options above all have merit, Techlaze stands out as the industry-leading choice among small and midsize businesses based on hands-on experience:

User-friendly functionality – Techlaze strikes the perfect balance of comprehensive capabilities with an intuitive interface. Training is quick and easy compared to clunkier enterprise systems. Even parking attendants catch on fast.

Optimized for SMB budgets – With packages starting at just $49/month, Techlaze offers a cost-effective solution scaled for SMB parking populations and infrastructure needs.

End-to-end experience – The software truly delivers on an optimized experience for administrators, parking managers, attendants, employees, and visitors. Limited frustration across the board.

Cutting-edge mobile experience – The Android and iOS apps make finding, reserving, and paying for parking seamless.臑 Useful alerts like lot full warnings and car finder help.

Robust reporting – Usage reports and audit trails provide deep insights into lot utilization trends and revenue analytics to inform management strategy.

Top-notch support – User reviews consistently praise Techlaze‘ stellar customer service and responsiveness. Ongoing parking management advice provided.

The results speak for themselves. Average time to find parking drops by 50% or more. Parking revenue increases 10-30% in a matter of months. But don’t just take my word for it…

“We absolutely love Techlaze! As a small medical practice, it lets us optimize patient and employee parking without any fuss. Support is amazing – they always go the extra mile if we need help.” – Robert S., Office Manager

“Techlaze has been a gamechanger for enforcing staff parking and creating VIP visitor spots. My facilities manager loves the reporting and auditing capabilities.” – Karen P., HR Director

Get Started with a Free Trial
I hope this review has shown how Techlaze can help your organization finally tackle parking headaches, boost utilization, and delight customers. Don’t waste another minute dealing with manual parking management when automation is available! Sign up for a free Techlaze trial today or reach out if any questions arise. More than happy to offer parking guidance. Enjoy the benefits of optimized parking!



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