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The Most Body Positive TikTok Accounts to Follow for a Confidence Boost

Have you ever felt down while scrolling TikTok or Instagram comparing yourself to others? You‘re not alone my friend. Over 75% of women experience some form of body image issues according to research from Dove. With photoshopped images and harmful beauty standards everywhere, it‘s no wonder social media usage is linked to rising body dissatisfaction.

That‘s why the body positive community on TikTok is so refreshing. These creators provide the dose of self-love and acceptance we all need sometimes. Keep reading as I guide you through some of the most empowering, uplifting body positive accounts on TikTok today. Following these body positive influencers is sure to brighten your feed and your spirit!

How TikTok Became Ground Zero for the Body Positivity Movement

Before diving in, it‘s important to understand how vital the body positive movement is today. Social media often perpetuates the idea that being beautiful means being tall, skinny, and free of imperfections. A staggering 40% of teenage girls admit to wanting plastic surgery because of the altered images they see online according to Common Sense Media.

Body positivity challenges these harmful beauty standards by spreading messages of radical self-acceptance. The movement gained prominence on Instagram through influencers like Iskra and Mik Zazon. But recently, TikTok has become the front line for promoting body positivity.

The short video format allows creators to be more candid and vulnerable with their audience. While Instagram leans heavily curated, on TikTok people share their raw, personal struggles with body image. The result is an outpouring of empowerment and compassion.

In just 2021, #BodyPositivity videos were viewed over 3 BILLION times on TikTok. Clearly this movement resonates widely, especially with younger audiences.

Now let‘s dive into some of the most positive, inspiring body positive creators to start following!

@mikzazon: Leading the Body Acceptance Movement

With 1.6 million loyal followers, Mik Zazon has become one of the most prominent voices of the body positive community on TikTok. Their account provides a judgement-free zone where people of all shapes and sizes are represented.

Mik‘s content delivers body positive reminders, dances at different weights, and responses to body shaming online. Their message is consistent – love yourself at any size. Some of Mik‘s most inspirational videos include:

  • "5 Affirmations for Radical Body Acceptance" – simple mantras to boost your confidence
  • "Don‘t Wait for a Smaller Body to Feel Worthy" – a serious truth bomb about self-love
  • "TikTok Body Trends Don‘t Define Your Worth" – a critique of dangerous viral dance challenges

In one particularly moving video with over 300k likes, Mik says “No matter what body you‘re in, that body is worthy of respect. It‘s worthy of love, it‘s worthy of care." Mik empowers people of all body types to feel beautiful as they are. Following their account will uplift your perspective and support your self-acceptance journey.

@theoshantonas: Disability Representation

Theo Shantonas uses his TikTok platform to provide awesome representation for those with disabilities. Born without hands, Theo doesn‘t let that stop him from fully embracing life. His videos highlight impressive skateboarding, boxing, and just being a confident person with limb differences.

With quality disability representation sorely lacking in media, Theo‘s content is revolutionary. Some of his best videos showing radical self-love include:

  • Doing a kickflip on his skateboard, proving he can shred just as well without hands
  • Boxing at the gym with caption "Don‘t tell me I can‘t do something"
  • Responding to rude comments about his disability with class

Theo sums up his uplifting message by declaring: “If I can love myself and be confident in my own skin, so can you.” His self-assurance demonstrates that you can achieve anything when you believe in yourself. Theo‘s TikTok is sure to broaden your perspective on disabilities and inspire self-confidence.

@meredithduxbury: Disordered Eating Recovery

For those dealing with eating disorders and disordered eating, Meredith Duxbury‘s account provides community, resources, and most importantly – hope. She courageously shares her personal struggles with restrictive eating, over-exercising, body dysmorphia and more.

Meredith‘s videos document her recovery journey with honesty and vulnerability. Some of her most helpful content around healing your relationship with food includes:

  • Affirmations to combat negative body talk
  • "Intuitive Eating Basics" – an intro to anti-diet principles
  • "Signs You Need a Social Media Break" – tips for limiting harmful app usage
  • Reviews of recovery books that have helped her

Meredith reassures her audience, “Recovery is possible – and you are worthy of it.” She proves social media can be used to heal when it comes to body image. Following her account provides support and advice for establishing a healthier relationship with food and your body.

@sophxthv: Body Positivity for Asian Women

Asian-American creator Sophia Thavixay is revolutionizing representation for her community. She bravely discusses the pressures of Asian beauty standards, toxic diet culture, struggles with dysmorphia, and redefining beauty as an Asian woman.

Some of Sophia‘s most impactful videos on Asian representation include:

  • "5 Ways I Practice Body Neutrality" with actionable tips
  • "Re-programming My Inner Voice" to combat negative self-talk
  • "Honoring Your Hunger" – a guide to intuitive eating
  • Trying trendy outfits as a midsize Asian woman

Sophia spreads affirmations like “My body deserves to take up space” to help Asian women unlearn cultural messaging that they must be petite and dainty. If you want body positivity that confronts the unique issues facing Asian women, Sophia‘s account empowers.

@iskra: Modeling with Confidence at 40+

Iskra is a model and founder of the agency EveryBODYVisible, which represents diverse models ignored by the fashion industry. Her TikTok documents ageism and sizeism in modeling – issues she confronts head on.

Iskra proves that vibrance and beauty don‘t disappeare as women age. Her best videos showing modeling has no age include:

  • Runway walks in glamorous gowns captioned "Never too old to model"
  • Behind-the-scenes of empowering photo shoots
  • Responses to comments saying she‘s "too old for a bikini"

Iskra declares, “Aging is a privilege, not something to be ashamed of.” She challenges stereotypes that women over 40 are undeserving of the spotlight. Following her account will inspire you to shine at any age!

@jessicavanderleahy: Curvy Fashion Inspo

Jessica Vander Leahy shares body positive style and fashion advice tailored to midsize bodies. Her TikTok is the perfect destination for curvy girl outfit inspiration.

Some of Jessica‘s most helpful style tips include:

  • "Best Swimsuit Styles for Curves" – rock your figure at the beach
  • "Dress Tips for Midsize Bodies" – slay those prints girl!
  • Lingerie hauls and reviews for bigger busts/hips
  • Outfit formulas to highlight your shape

Jessica exudes self-love and confidence in every video, encouraging women to take up space and embrace trends. As she says, “Just because it‘s not made for your body doesn‘t mean you can‘t wear it!” Her account will inspire you to highlight your curves through fashion.

@buddhabaphomet: Radical Representation

BuddhaBaphomet takes body positivity even further by spotlighting diversity in gender identity, size, disabilities, alternative subcultures and more. Their account provides representation for those who often feel excluded from mainstream body positivity.

Some of BuddhaBaphomet‘s most empowering content includes:

  • Pride and trans visibility for queer bodies
  • Positivity for tattoos, piercings and alt style
  • Videos on kink positivity and dismantling shame
  • Disability representation beyond the able-bodied

They remind their followers “Normal is just a setting on a dryer” – there‘s no one right way to look or live your life. BuddhaBaphomet‘s content spreads radical self-love for all forms of expression. Following their account provides a dose of inclusivity we all need.

Take Inspiration to Foster Your Own Body Positivity

While these TikTokers provide endless inspiration, remember that true body positivity comes from within. Here are some tips to start improving your own body image and confidence:

  • Limit social media use to avoid downward comparisons
  • Practice self-compassion and positive affirmations
  • Focus on what your body allows you to do rather than just appearance
  • Surround yourself with hype people who bring you up
  • Try intuitive eating and exercising for health, not just looks
  • Do activities that make you feel beautiful like fashion, makeup, dance
  • Give yourself social media breaks when you feel negative self-talk creeping in

The body positive community proves that beauty and happiness come in all shapes and sizes. Let their messages inspire you to cultivate self-love and spread that positivity to others in your life. Your body deserves to feel celebrated!



Michael Reddy is a tech enthusiast, entertainment buff, and avid traveler who loves exploring Linux and sharing unique insights with readers.