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20 ThinkGeek Alternatives and Similar Sites (2023 Updated)

When it comes to shopping for the latest tech gadgets, visiting dedicated gadget stores can be an added advantage. You can get amazing and unique gadgets from online stores such as the Think Geek online store. This article focuses on Sites like ThinkGeek. You will find information about online stores with the best deals in tech devices in the market.

When it comes to online shopping, you may first think of Amazon or eBay, but two decades ago, Think Geek was an online shopping site for computer enthusiasts and geek groups.

Below are some sites like ThinkGeek where you can shop for amazing gizmos. Read on for the details…

1. Archie McPhee – 9

Archie McPhee - 9 Homepage

Do you have a nerdy friend who is into funny gifts, toys, novelties, or weird stuff? If you have, then the Archie McPhee – 9 online store is the perfect place to shop for gifts that can put a smile on their face.

As a retail shopping website that has existed for 30 years, they are famous for their quirky and novel gifts. It seems that they will never stop developing entertaining and funny products.

May be they are hidden in the surprise gift box your friend gave you. If you are looking for the latest funny gift for your loved ones, then you need not look further. Archie McPhee – 9 is where to find them.

2. Entertainment Earth

Entertainment Earth Homepage

Entertainment earth is a company that was founded in 1996 and is currently based in Simi Valley, California. The company has an online sales platform where you can get the most sought-after collectible items and toys.

They pride themselves as one of the leading pioneers to offer unequaled expertise and an ever-expanding catalog of licensed products like nerdy gift items, high-end limited items, toys, and the most sought-after collectible items.

It is revered for its well-maintained website, stylish print catalog, and hassle-free 90 days return policy. If you are looking for a reliable ThinkGeek alternative shopping site, then Entertainment Earth is worth checking out.

3. Jinx

Jinx Homepage

Jinx is an incorporated organization that was founded when two geeky and lifelong friends, Sean Gailey and Tim Norris, were brought together through their common passion for video games and everything geeky. The two life-long friends started Jinx back in 1999 and two decades down the road, the platform is still flourishing and is very competitive as an online retail platform.

The ThinkGeek alternative thrives in quality and affordability. Part of Jinx’s success story is attributed to its team of dedicated staff made up of gamers, nerds, and pop culture enthusiasts.

They are focused on producing unique toys, plush, and apparel that geeks can use to associate with their favorite fantasy world.

4. Sharper Image

Sharper Image Homepage

Sharper Image is a corporation with an online sales platform and it is owned and operated by the Camelot Venture Group. It originally started in 1977 but it was officially relaunched in 2010. You can visit their website to shop for the latest home electronics, premium-quality air purifiers, and the trendiest lifestyle products.

You can easily shop on their online platform because it has an easy-to-use user interface, efficient order tracking, and 24/7 customer support service. For the best in class home improvement products and other accessories, Sharper Image is a worthy ThinkGeek alternative to check out.

5. Neato Shop

Neato Shop Homepage

Neato Shop is a unique online shop where you can get cool T-shirts and novelty items. You can buy the latest geeky T-shirt prints that you can show off to your friends.

The website also deals in other cool novelty items such as pouches, Jigsaw puzzles, Bobble heads, mints, and countless other incredible and unique items. You can also sell your designs through the website if you have a talent for designing fabulous geeky T-shirts or novelty items.

They also offer an affiliate program where you can promote other sellers products for a small commissions on each sale. Whether you are an artist or just an average shopper looking for quality products, Neato Shop is one online retail platform you need to check out.

6. Dude, I Want That

Dude- I Want That Homepage

Dude, I Want That is a one-stop shop for gift items that are guaranteed to have a wow factor. The website has a toned-down dark theme that appeals to anyone with a cool and laid personality.

There is a wide range of products to choose from and they can range from geeky gifts, men’s gifts, women’s gifts, kid’s gifts, athlete’s gifts, among other different gift categories.

Get yourself gift items such as Jumbo leather journals, NOTA mole tracker, and Viking oil lamp. You want to surprise a friend or a loved one with something special? Get it on Dude, I Want That.

7. com

Wish com Homepage is another awesome ThinkGeek alternative with a vast collection of gift items and other collectibles. It boasts of being one of the leading global e-commerce marketplaces. There are over 90 million active users every month that visit the e-commerce website.

All these users are attracted by the extensive catalog of products such as the latest electronic devices and lifestyle products. Payments are secure and every transaction is encrypted to prevent any leak of your personal information.

8. Fire Box

Fire Box Homepage

The Fire Box is one the fastest growing e-commerce websites where you can shop for unusual stuff. You can shop for personalized gifts that appeal to your character and personality. There are different product categories such as home gifts, food & drinks, gadget & tech, and game & fun.

You can get your items delivered to you free of charge for items below $ 50. The online store also offers free returns and periodic discounts on selected items. Fire Box is one website you need to check out, if you are looking for sites like ThinkGeek.

9. DealeXtreme

DealeXtreme Homepage

DealeXtreme is an all-inclusive e-commerce website where you can purchase the latest products that revolve around smart tech and fashion. Their focus is on delivering cool and smart gadgets at competitive prices. The online retail shop offers delivery services that are reliable and expedient.

Their e-commerce platform features different categories such as phone & accessories, consumer electronics, home & garden, lights & lighting, and beauty & health products. You can take advantage of their flash deals where you get to buy products at discounted prices.

10. Gadgets and Gears

Gadgets and Gears Homepage

Just like the name suggests, Gadgets and Gears is popular e-commerce giant, with features that are very similar to ThinkGeek. The retail online store offers the latest trendy electronic gadgets that can make your life stylish and hassle-free.

You can shop for phones, tablets, accessories, MacBook, laptops, cameras, and video gaming equipment, among a host of other accessories from leading brands across the world.

They offer premium-quality products with lengthy warranties to cover your back in case you get a faulty product.

11. Cool Things

Cool Things Homepage

Cool Things is a place where you can visit to get cool things with a personalized touch. Visit the website and shop for cool stuff and gadgets that you can use to gift yourself or a friend with a passion for geeky or nerdy stuff.

You can shop for products like smart TVs, LEGO games, touchscreen gloves, among other accessories.

12. Bless This Stuff

Bless This Stuff Homepage

Bless This Stuff is an online platform that is dedicated to selling stuff that can make you drool. You can purchase personalized items such as electronics and lifestyle products that have a lasting impression. This is yet another great site like ThinkGeek that offers the best quality products at affordable prices.

13. Geek Buying

Geek Buying Homepage

Geek Buying is the right place if you want to shop in one place. The site has an extensive catalog of products that have been neatly categorized in groups like sports & outdoors, consumer electronics, and computers & accessories.

The site supports different payment options like PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, and American Express. The site also supports different international languages like Española, French, and Italian.

14. Five Star

Five Star Homepage

Five Star is an online retail store that is dedicated to offering planning and scheduling solutions to students and adults alike. It is a subsidiary of the ACCO brands family and it has been in existence for over 150 years and has its presence in over 100 countries.

You can get tailored solutions for products such as spiral notebooks, binders & dividers, filler paper, five-star flex, and other stationery products.

15. Mental Floss Store

Mental Floss Store Homepage

Mental Floss Store is a global e-commerce website founded in 2011 in Israel. The company has since then, grown into a media company that has seven O & O communities spanning a magnitude of different genres such as US sports, lifestyle, and E-sports.

You can purchase products with sentimental value like books, games, and custom-designed metal-floss T-shirts.

16. Scientific Online

Scientific Online Homepage

Scientific Online is an online scientific e-commerce community where scientists can go to find gardens and products that can fuel their hobbies. You can search for products either by scientific field, age, best-selling, new products, scientific kits, games & toys, or robotics categories.

17. Look Crate

Look Crate Homepage

Look Crate is an innovative online platform that you can join if you are an anime fan, gamer, or pop culture aficionado. You can then select your preferred crate and the company will curate for you a personalized crate of apparel, collectibles, and figurines gift package.

The gifts are unique, and they get delivered right to your doorstep at an affordable price.

18. Etsy

Etsy Homepage

Visit the Etsy website if you are looking for fashionable artifacts to spruce up your lifestyle. Get customized and personalized products that have been categorized as either jewelry & accessories, clothes & shoes, home & living, weddings & parties, toys & entertainment, art & collectibles, vintage, or art supplies.

19. Xoxide

Xoxide Homepage

Xoxide is a haven for any computer or gadget fanatic. You can find the latest PCs and accessories such as power supplies, computer cases, Computer lighting, liquid cooling systems, keyboards, cables, PC controls, and cable management systems.

There are different products from international brands, and you can have your product delivered to your doorstep.

20. Ali Express

Ali Express Homepage

Ali Express is a popular e-commerce website where you can shop for a wide range of products. The products can range from men’s & women’s fashion, phones & telecommunication, computer & office security, consumer electronics, home & appliances, outdoor fun & sports, and automobiles & motorcycles.

Their product catalog is updated daily and the company is steadily asserting its global presence. You can conveniently shop at any of the above e-commerce websites and get a chance to shop for geeky products.

They all have similar characteristics to the Think Geek website. Take your time to browse through them if you want unique and personalized items that cannot be found at your local store.


What happened to ThinkGeek?

ThinkGeek is a popular online retailer of geeky and gaming-related items. It was originally founded by two brothers in 2003, but then sold to GameStop in 2011.

Is ThinkGeek now GameStop?

In the year 2011, ThinkGeek was sold to GameStop for $80 million. However, this sale didn't really change much for the company as it continued to operate as an independent entity with its own website and brand. In August of 2018, GameStop announced that it would be closing down the ThinkGeek website and all physical locations in order to focus on its core business – video games.

Can I use ThinkGeek gift cards at GameStop?

ThinkGeek gift cards can be used at GameStop, but there are some restrictions. The most important restriction is that you cannot use more than $300 in total value on your card for any single transaction. You will also need to provide ID when using the card, which must match the name on the card.


These are some of the best sites like ThinkGeek. Now you can shop for your favorite gift items, personalized products, electronic gadgets, among other products, from any of these top online retail outlets.