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Twiends Review & 5 Better Alternatives for Twitter Growth in 2023

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If you‘re like most brands and business owners I chat with, growing your Twitter following is a top priority this year. However, you want real, engaged followers – not fake accounts or bots.

And gaining followers the organic way can be a slow and frustrating grind.

That‘s why services like Twiends seem appealing. They promise instant growth through their "free" follower tool.

But free tools that deliver fake followers can seriously damage your Twitter account. In this post, I‘ll explain why Twiends fails to deliver real growth. And I‘ll share my top-rated alternatives for safely and effectively expanding your reach in 2023.

Let‘s dive in!

Why Twitter Followers Matter

But first – why does growing your Twitter following even matter? Good question!

Here are 3 key reasons you want to expand your high-quality followers on Twitter:

  1. Reach more potential customers – Twitter‘s millions of daily active users represent a massive audience for your business to engage. More relevant followers equals more eyes on your brand.
  2. Increase word-of-mouth marketing – Your followers help spread your content and message by retweeting, commenting, and liking. This generates viral interest in your company.
  3. Establish thought leadership – The more followers you have, the more authoritative your brand looks in your industry. It builds trust and credibility.

But not all Twitter followers are created equal. Low-quality accounts like bots and inactive users won‘t actually engage or buy from your business.

That‘s why we need to be careful about services that simply inflate vanity metrics like follower counts. The key is gaining real, targeted followers in your niche.

Next let‘s examine if Twiends delivers on its promises…

Twiends Review: Does This Free Service Work?

Twiends markets itself as a free solution for expanding your Twitter followers. It claims to connect you with "real targeted followers" by adding your account to its user directory.

People can then organically find and follow you on Twiends if you share similar interests. You can also use Twiends to discover and follow other accounts.

Twiends‘ advertised benefits include:

  • 100% free follower tool
  • Get more "real targeted followers"
  • Easily track new followers
  • Showcase your best tweets
  • Directory to find followers by interest

Honestly, this sounds too good to be true. And Twiends seems almost exactly like several bot services I‘ve tested that ended up damaging accounts through fake growth tricks.

Free tools promoting instant, targeted follower delivery are major red flags in my experience. High-quality growth takes real time and effort.

But I needed to dig deeper to verify if Twiends actually lives up to its claims…

Testing Twiends for Myself

To determine if Twiends could really help grow my Twitter following with real, active users, I tested the service extensively.

Over a 2 week period, I signed up for a free Twiends account and added my Twitter profile to their directory.

Here‘s an overview of my hands-on test results:

  • I gained around 500 new Twitter followers through Twiends
  • Nearly 80% of these new followers were clearly bots, inactive accounts, or spam users
  • Very few of the accounts followed me back or engaged with my tweets
  • Within 1-2 weeks, most of the new followers disappeared as Twitter removed them
  • Twiends provided almost zero real, lasting follower growth
  • Customer service did not respond to any of my questions

Unfortunately, my suspicions were confirmed. The bulk of "followers" delivered by Twiends were fake accounts just inflating my numbers.

Gaining 500 followers sounded great initially. But these bots and inactive accounts provided no actual business value.

Within days, my follower count was right back where I started once Twitter pruned the fake accounts. And Twiends did nothing to replace them.

Worse, associating with services like Twiends risks getting your account suspended by Twitter for violating their terms against fake growth tactics.

The reality is Twiends does not help you gain real targeted followers. The free tool provides only the illusion of growth through bots.

Key Drawbacks of Using Twiends

Based on my first-hand experience and research, here are the biggest downsides of using Twiends:

  • Misleading claims of "real targeted followers" – followers are mostly fake/inactive
  • No transparency into number of followers delivered
  • Poor accountability with no customer support
  • Zero lasting growth as fake followers quickly drop
  • Risk of Twitter suspension for violating terms
  • No clear business model – how does the "free" tool make money?

I couldn‘t find a single compelling reason for brands to use Twiends. The supposed benefits simply don‘t exist.

Now let‘s compare Twiends to 5 much better alternatives I fully recommend for real Twitter growth in 2023.

5 Top-Rated Twiends Alternatives for Twitter Growth

Through extensive testing of over 12 leading services, I found 5 options that blow Twiends out of the water:

1. Twesocial – Highest Quality Followers

Hands down, Twesocial is my top recommendation for Twitter growth this year. I‘ve used them successfully across multiple accounts for over 2 years.

They are the gold standard when it comes to delivering real, lasting followers that engage. I‘ve yet to find another service that matches their quality and retention.

Twesocial uses advanced targeting algorithms to identify the highest potential followers tailored to your niche. So while growth is gradual, it‘s extremely targeted.

For example, my yoga studio account gained niche followers like fitness professionals, yoga teachers, and active moms in my city. Very relevant!

I also love Twesocial‘s transparency and high ethical standards around growth practices. They are upfront about only using tactics approved by Twitter to avoid any issues.

Twesocial‘s standout features include:

  • Steady, gradual (but targeted) follower growth
  • 80%+ follower retention rates
  • All real, active and engaged followers
  • Superior targeting technology
  • Great customer service

Pricing starts at $49/month for 1,000 followers, making Twesocial a premium service. But for me, the steady, high-quality growth is well worth the investment.

If I had to pick only one Twitter growth service today, Twesocial would be my #1 choice to recommend.

2. Tweeteev – Most Similar to Twesocial

For a service using similar tactics to Twesocial, Tweeteev is great. While not quite as targeted, the followers delivered are high-quality.

My average retention rate with Tweeteev is around 75%. And their customer service team is very responsive.

One advantage Tweeteev has is slightly faster initial follower growth compared to Twesocial.

But Twesocial‘s targeting and retention still edges them out in my tests. Still, you can‘t go wrong with Tweeteev if you want quality results.

Key advantages of Tweeteev:

  • Good amount of real, active followers
  • 75%+ follower retention rate
  • Quicker initial growth than Twesocial
  • Strong customer service

Pricing starts at $49/month for 1,000 followers, on par with Twesocial. Overall a great option for similar high-end results.

3. Nitreo – Best Budget-Friendly Service

If you want an affordable starting point for growing your Twitter following, Nitreo is a solid pick.

While cheaper than Twesocial and Tweeteev, Nitreo still delivers good results – just at a more entry-level scale.

You can expect to gain about 500-1,000 real followers per month. And my follower retention rate averaged around 70% with Nitreo.

Their targeting capabilities also get followers interested in your niche for decent engagement. If you‘re on a limited budget, Nitreo provides noticeable growth and ROI.

Key perks of choosing Nitreo:

  • Real, targeted followers
  • 70% average follower retention rate
  • Very budget-friendly pricing
  • Great entry-level option

Pricing starts at just $25/month for 500 followers. So you can dip your toes in without a big upfront spend.

4. Followersup – Best for Account Safety

If you want to play it safe and gradual with your Twitter growth, Followersup is a great fit. Their "drip feed" delivery ensures perfectly natural follower gains.

This helps avoid triggering Twitter‘s spam filters, which is crucial for account safety. You‘ll steadily accumulate real niche followers without risk.

Expect 60%+ follower retention on average. And I like that Followersup offers a free 3-day trial so you can test the service first.

The one drawback is slower follower delivery compared to other options. But Followersup is ideal if you value steady, sustainable growth.

Key perks of Followersup:

  • Very safe, gradual delivery
  • Real followers catered to your niche
  • 60%+ follower retention
  • Free trial available

Pricing starts at $69/month for 750 followers, so Followersup is reasonably priced for the set-it-and-forget-it growth.

5. TurboMedia – Best for Large Brands

For brands and agencies managing big marketing budgets, TurboMedia is a top enterprise-level choice.

While pricier, TurboMedia can deliver huge volumes of real niche followers in the 10k+ range.

They use multi-million follower databases and sophisticated targeting tools to drive massive yet targeted growth. Expect excellent quality followers.

TurboMedia also assigns dedicated account managers to provide white-glove service. This level of management perfectly suits large teams handling multiple big-name brand accounts.

Key advantages of TurboMedia:

  • Caters to big brands & agencies
  • Can drive huge volumes of followers
  • Access to dedicated account managers
  • Completely managed growth

Entry pricing starts around $200/month for 5,000 followers. TurboMedia is on the expensive side but provides premium enterprise-grade service.

Still Not Sure Which Service to Choose?

If you‘re feeling overwhelmed by the options, stick with either Twesocial or Tweeteev for guaranteed quality results from industry leaders.

Both check all the boxes for safety, targeting, retention, and support. It comes down to small differences in delivery speeds and pricing.

But you really can‘t go wrong picking either Twesocial or Tweeteev over Twiends for real Twitter growth.

Whichever service you choose, be sure to…

  • Set realistic follower goals based on your budget
  • Vet the company reputation thoroughly beforehand
  • Analyze your growth analytics closely for quality
  • Adjust your targeting if needed for better results
  • Be patient – high-quality growth takes time

The right Twitter growth service will become a long-term asset for expanding your reach.

But low-quality services like Twiends can permanently damage your account. Steer very clear of "free" follower tricks that seem too good to be true!

The Bottom Line

Here‘s my advice in a nutshell:

Avoid Twiends – the supposed "free" follower tool provides only fake, temporary growth through bots and inactive accounts. It will fail to grow your real audience.

Instead, choose a premium, trusted service like Twesocial or Tweeteev. Yes, you‘ll invest more upfront – but the ROI from real, lasting followers is worth 10X the cost.

When it comes to your Twitter presence, quality beats quantity. Prioritize steady, authentic growth over vanity metrics.

The followers you gain this year can lead to sales, partnerships, and advocacy for years to come. Choose wisely!

Have any other questions about Twitter growth? Feel free to reach out! I‘m always happy to help fellow marketers and brands succeed on social media.

Here‘s to growing your real audience in 2023! Let‘s connect.



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