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How to Know If Someone is Video Chatting on Facebook Messenger

Wondering if a friend or family member is engaged in a video call on Messenger? Video chatting has become such an integral part of our daily lives. Platforms like Facebook Messenger make it super easy to stay connected face-to-face with loved ones.

But there may be times when you want to know if someone close to you is video chatting on Messenger. Let‘s explore some ways to detect those video calls.

Checking Their Active Status

The first signs to look for are the active status indicators displayed next to a user‘s name:

  • Active Now – This means they currently have the Messenger app open. If you see frequent switches between active and inactive, chances are they are engaged in active video chatting.
  • Active Today/Recently Active – This shows they‘ve used Messenger recently but may not have the app open presently. They could still be on a video call if they‘ve minimised the app.

Here‘s a quick look at what each status means:

Active StatusMeaning
Active NowCurrently has Messenger open
Active TodayUsed Messenger sometime in the past 24 hours
Recently ActiveWas active on Messenger in the last 10 minutes

So if you notice status flipping between inactive and active, that‘s a strong signal of ongoing Messenger usage, including potential video chatting.

Spotting the Camera Icon

When a Messenger contact starts a video call, a camera icon appears next to their name in any chat lists you share with them.

This is a surefire way to know they have their camera and mic on, and are engaged in a live video chat.

Messenger video call camera icon

Messenger‘s camera icon indicating an ongoing video call

The camera icon can look slightly different depending on the type of call:

  • Solid blue camera – 1 viewer in 2 person video call
  • Outlined blue camera – 2 or more viewers in group video call

Interestingly, you can even click on the camera icon during someone‘s video call to join the call!

Observing Their Behavior

Sometimes video call activity can be deduced by observing the person‘s physical behavior during your interactions:

  • Frequently looking at and focusing on the camera/phone screen instead of you
  • Reacting such as laughing or responding to things you can‘t see
  • Using headphones while chatting with you
  • Appearing distracted and taking longer to respond

However, be careful of making assumptions. There could be other reasons for such actions unrelated to video calling.

Using a Monitoring App

For more definitive detection, dedicated monitoring apps provide additional features to track Messenger video calls:


  • Shows real-time camera icons when a call is active
  • Tracks typing, read receipts and active status changes
  • Easy to use interface


  • Works discreetly to capture screenshots mid-call
  • Monitors active status and app usage
  • Simple setup process


  • Comprehensive features like active status, camera icons, app and web traffic monitoring
  • Advanced real-time call detection capabilities
  • Cross-platform compatibility

Here‘s a comparison of the key capabilities of each app:

AppActive Status TrackingCamera Icon DetectionScreenshot CaptureReal-time MonitoringStealth Mode

However, there are legal and ethical factors to consider before monitoring someone‘s digital activity without their consent. Make sure to research laws for your area first.

FAQs about Detecting Messenger Video Calls

What are the risks of monitoring calls without permission?

Unauthorized monitoring is unethical and can seriously violate someone‘s privacy. Make sure to get the user‘s consent first.

Are there free ways to detect video calls?

Messenger itself provides free indicators like active status and camera icons. But complete monitoring requires paid tools.

What if I confront someone about their video call activity?

Avoid making accusations about their private chats. Have an open discussion to gently communicate your concerns instead.

What do I do if call detection features don‘t work?

  • Check if the app has adequate permissions and access enabled
  • Try reinstalling/updating the app
  • Switch between WiFi and cellular data
  • Contact app support

How accurate are these detection methods?

Active status indicators and camera icons are quite accurate. Third party apps provide more comprehensive monitoring but accuracy depends on access permissions.

I hope these tips help you detect if a close contact is engaged in video calling on Messenger. Just be thoughtful in your approach and respect their privacy. Healthy relationships are built on trust and open communication.



Michael Reddy is a tech enthusiast, entertainment buff, and avid traveler who loves exploring Linux and sharing unique insights with readers.