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Best Sneaker Proxies in 2023

Want to get those limited edition Nikes or win the next Supreme drop? No matter which site you're copping, you'll need not only a good bot but also some quality proxies. So, let's talk sneaker proxies & find out which ones are the best.

Why Need Proxies for Sneaker Copping?

First of all, why do you need proxies for copping sneakers? If you try to buy sneakers without proxies, the site you're buying from will get to see your computer's IP address. It's a way for websites to identify you.

So, if your bot tries to get you those sneakers by sending many requests, the shoe store will see that they're all coming from the same computer, which means you're using a bot. So you'll be banned for a few minutes. Unfortunately, in those few minutes, the sneakers will be sold out. Sorry, good luck in the next drop!

But if you use proxies, they will hide your IP from the sneaker store and this way protects you from bans. So what type of sneaker proxies should you choose?

Which Proxy Should You Choose?

 Datacenter Proxies

Datacenter Proxies

There are two types of shoe sites, and each requires a different approach.

The first type includes Supreme and some Shopify sites. Shoe releases there are based on a first-come, first-served basis. So, the proxies have to be very fast to complete the checkout first.

Some time ago, that would mean using datacenter proxies because they have very low response times. However, sneaker stores have become much stricter lately, so there's a good chance these IPs will get you blocked.

Residential Proxies

Residential Proxies

The second type includes sites like Yeezy Supply, Adidas, Footsites, and Nike, which use queue-based systems. This means you enter into a queue and the sneaker website will choose which people in the queue get the shoes.

For sites like these, the first concern isn't speeding (though speed is still important!) – it's proxies that can hide the fact you're using a bot really well. So, although residential proxies are slower than datacenter proxies, they are a safer choice. These IP addresses look like real people, making it very hard for shoe sites to identify your bot.

ISP Proxies

ISP Proxies service

Both datacenter and residential proxies have disadvantages, so it's important to know there's a third option. It's called ISP proxies. In theory, these IPs are fast like datacenter proxies and hard to ban like residential IPs. In practice, sneakerheads use both ISP and residential proxies for their drops. Don't be afraid to try things out to see which proxy type works best you.

Sneaker Proxy Providers Testing

Sneaker Proxy Providers Testing

But for now, we'll show you the key findings relevant for sneaker copping. So, which provider has the best residential sneaker proxies? To answer this question, we tested the providers based on several most relevant features for sneaker copping.

We used Cloudflare's IP resolver to measure the performance of proxy IP networks. While using it makes the conditions artificial, the response time translates well to other sites.

We can see that Soax and Smartproxy are clear leaders – achieving a response time of less than 1 second is no small feat. Bright Data displayed great results as well, as did NetNut. Oxylabs was an outlier but not a pleasant one: its residential proxy IPs were by far the slowest, trailing behind the leaders more than three times.

Note that these were residential and not ISP proxies, so the response times might not look as impressive. Composition of proxy IP pools. When buying residential proxies from any provider, you will get IPs from Wi-Fi, mobile, university, and other connections. The composition of the proxy pool is very important.

A residential IP network should contain ISP, mobile proxies, or mixed IP addresses. Other types like IPs from cloud hosting companies, and commercial, educational, and governmental organizations are not that good.

IP appearance in blocklist databases should also be taken into account. It means the proxy has been abused and most likely already blocked. To test this, we decided to run some addresses through an IP database. The scale is small, so we didn't expect much, but the results are pretty telling.

Best Sneaker Proxies We Recommend

So, which provider has the best sneaker proxies for 2022? Considering our performance tests, we can recommend the following residential IP providers:

SoaxOverall Great Performance in All Areas

Soax Homepage

SOAX offers a reliable solution for sneaker enthusiasts, often referred to as 'cooks', who require prolonged sessions during sneaker drops. With a significant network encompassing 5 million residential proxies and an additional 100,000 ISP proxies, SOAX ensures users have ample choice and filtration options up to the ASN level. The residential proxies span over 150 locations, enabling users to match store locations easily. However, the ISP proxies are exclusive to US-based marketplaces.

SOAX offers flexibility in proxy rotation: users can set proxies to rotate with every request, maintain a consistent IP until it becomes unavailable, or select a custom duration. The efficacy of SOAX's infrastructure is evident in its high success rate and swift response times. Furthermore, SOAX commits to addressing user inquiries within 2 minutes, supplemented by comprehensive documentation to facilitate a smooth initiation.

Given the features and offerings, SOAX is a commendable choice for sneaker proxies, catering to the specific needs of sneaker drops and releases.

1. Smartproxy — The Price-Quality Ratio Is Excellent Compared To Other Providers

Smartproxy Homepage

Smartproxy’s sneaker proxies are optimized for popular sneaker bots like Supreme Bot, Better Nike Bot, EasyCop Bot, and more. The platform also boasts integrations for social media marketing and business scalability, ensuring users benefit from unlimited threads, rapid response times, and exclusive IPs devoid of subnet bans. This facilitates sneaker aficionados to connect to sneaker websites from proximate servers, drastically reducing purchase delays.

Notably, Smartproxy eliminates the need for individual proxy purchases with each sneaker drop. It offers unlimited connections and threads across all pricing tiers, simplifying bot setups and bolstering users' chances of securing multiple sneaker pairs in a single drop.

Each residential proxy employs a distinctive IP, ensuring the entire IP pool remains unbannable. Additionally, Smartproxy offers mobile compatibility, with straightforward setup guidelines for iOS and Android devices.

2. Bright Data — For Many of the Same Things, Save For the Price

Bright Data Homepage

With a vast infrastructure tailored to fit nearly all legal use cases, including sneaker drops, it is hard not to recognize the might and prowess of Bright Data.

For those chasing classics from brands like Nike, Puma, Adidas, or Converse, Bright Data's sneaker proxy service is an invaluable tool. The infrastructure, allowing access to over 72 million residential proxies from 195 locations, empowers users to select any location during a sneaker launch.

Furthermore, its automated tools provide an edge, ensuring users snag those coveted limited-edition pairs ahead of the competition. With a success rate of 99.99%, the Bright Data Web Unlocker is adept at unlocking sites in real-time, facilitating instant offers and bulk orders.

3. NetNut — Because of How Few IPs Were Flagged In an IP Database

NetNut Homepage

For sneaker enthusiasts, NetNut presents itself as an elite choice. Its commanding position in the ISP proxy market is evident, with indications suggesting it powers a significant portion of the reseller landscape. Their promise of swift IP addresses and high performance, coupled with an array of geo-targeting options, makes them a preferred choice for many.

Their sneaker proxies are hosted in data centers, reducing the need for frequent rotations – a valuable feature for long sneaker drops. Although their forte is in the ISP domain, they also offer residential proxies. This dual offering cements its position as a top-tier choice for seasoned users or those aiming to acquire sneaker proxies on a large scale.

For newcomers or those with tighter budgets, it's essential to note the premium pricing, especially for smaller plans. However, the no-limits policy on IP addresses, the extensive support system, and static IPs make the price justifiable for many.

4. Proxy-Seller — Best Budget Sneaker Proxies for Sneakerheads

Proxy-Seller Homepage

In the ever-evolving world of sneaker copping, where limited releases and rapid stock-outs are the norm, having a reliable and efficient proxy provider is paramount. Enter Proxy-Seller, a rising name in the proxy domain, offers arguably the best budget sneaker proxies in the market.

The essence of a budget-friendly service lies in delivering high-quality offerings without burning a hole in the pocket. Proxy-Seller excels in this department. They offer a competitive pricing structure that caters to both beginners and experienced sneaker enthusiasts.

For sneaker proxies, having virgin IP addresses is crucial to avoid bans during sneaker drops. Proxy-Seller’s emphasis on providing such IPs, even at their budget-friendly plans, gives users an edge in the sneaker copping game.

Whether you’re just starting in the sneaker game or are a seasoned player looking for an affordable proxy solution, Proxy-Seller is worth serious consideration.


When choosing proxies, don't forget that the location of your proxies might also improve their performance: Choose the proxies closest to the sneaker site's server. For example, suppose the seller is in the US, like Shopify or Supreme. In that case, you'll need proxies from the States – ideally NY, Virginia, or Chicago. This will make your connection faster.

I hope our recommendations will help you choose the best proxy provider for your needs!