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Top 20+ Coke and Popcorn Alternatives – Streaming Sites Like Coke and Popcorn

It is not often you find a free streaming site like Coke and Popcorn, but it has come to a point where the site operates no more at this point. Movie streaming business has been on the run for the last two decades.

Aside from Coke and Popcorn, there are other streaming sites which no longer work. A site like Project Free TV, for instance, has long been gone due to dealing with copyright issues from legal movie distribution companies. Coke and Popcorn is not any different from the other free movie streaming site when it comes to dealing with copyright issues.

Ever since Coke and Popcorn stopped operating, sites with similar name begun to occupy its empty space. While they may bear a similar name, they are nothing alike to the original Coke and Popcorn. It also has come to the point where these sites offer nothing but advertisements and embedded malware which are dangerous to your PC operating system. Nevertheless, the existence of the ads cannot be ignored in relation to free streaming service. You can opt to install an ad blocker on your browser to prevent the vile adware and malware alike from contaminating your PC or portable devices.

Aside from Coke and Popcorn, movie streaming sites have evolved in terms of service and display. Despite the simple interface, some movie streaming sites have a lot to offer inside. Another thing worth to notice is that a few of free streaming sites have no embedded ads in its system. Despite how advantageous it may sound, some of these free streaming sites often feature very little of movie and series collections.

Coke and Popcorn Alternatives

Movie streaming sites have provided free entertainment through the course of a decade. Even though a couple of years change the way streaming sites work, some of the free streaming sites still endure. Coke and Popcorn site clearly did not survive the purge. As free streaming sites rely on the ads while defying copyright rule, they are bound to get tracked down and erased from the existence. Legally, sharing movies on these platforms can give you a lot of trouble. As a result, streaming companies have started to take over the streaming business on the internet.

In comparison to Coke and Popcorn, the streaming sites nowadays have a lot more variations of movie collections under their brands. In addition to archiving a lot of blockbuster contents which are updated monthly, big streaming sites also produce their own contents. By creating their own contents, these streaming sites have opened a lot more opportunities for aspiring filmmakers and creative minds alike.

If you get used to waiting for a year for the new movies to get into the streaming site, then you need not wait any longer today. In this digital era, everything can come easy. Give it two or three months and the new movies you just saw on the cinema appeared on the watch list of a couple of streaming sites. These new releases also come in the best quality. As long as you are connected to the internet, then you will find no problem to stream everything you want.

To help you out with the alternatives to Coke and Popcorn, we have listed several movie streaming sites which are relevant in 2022. Take your time to see each one of the options below and see if any of these sites suit your preference.

1. Netflix

Netflix overview

If anything comes close as the trusted streaming site to date, it has to be no one but Netflix. As one of the most famous streaming sites in the world, you can get access to Netflix from everywhere. Other than a bunch of well-known and acclaimed movies and series, like Friends, you can also stream original contents from Netflix itself.

In order to access all the contents from Netflix, you need to create an account first. When you get your verified account, you can log in to the official Netflix site and browse all kinds of series you want to watch. Explore the main page first and see if they have new exciting contents to offer. Once you find what you want to watch, you can stream everything from Netflix library with the best quality. Unlike Coke and Popcorn or other free sites like it, you will get no annoying advertisements when you stream movies and series alike. Try the streaming experience for free with a trial period. Enjoy all the contents Netflix provides for free. Once the free trial ends, you will have to continue the subscription to enjoy all kinds of contents from Netflix.

2. Hulu

Hulu overview

Who doesn’t know Hulu? Hulu has proven to be one of the top streaming sites today by providing diverse contents on its library. Unlike Coke and Popcorn, Hulu will easily get access to every recent movie you can think of. Aside from the contents across the cable channels, Hulu also provides original contents with its own series. High-quality contents from aspiring novels, like The Handmaid’s Tale and Castle Rock, exist as the original Hulu series as well.

If you want to explore all the goodness about movie streaming, you need to subscribe to Hulu. The diverse options of movies and series will definitely entertain you all day. Aside from its guaranteed quality, Hulu will give you access to new contents every month. In other words, your watch list will also change every month accordingly. By applying this concept, Hulu offers its users to explore movies or series in random. In a way, you can experience all kinds of movies and series from different genres and styles.

Unlike Coke and Popcorn, Hulu neatly categorizes each one of its movies. You will not miss any new updates from the movie world along with many other series to come. Aside from the continuous updates, you can also curate your watch list and rewatch the movies and series you love.

In case you want to access all the contents from Hulu, you have to make an account first. Once you get your account, you will be able to access all kinds of movies and series available. Keep in mind that you can only explore and stream everything on Hulu for free during a trial period. After the trial ends, you will need to subscribe to Hulu to continue streaming all the contents Hulu has to offer.

3. Viu

Viu overview

Get all the Asian greatness from your couch with Viu. This Asian based streaming site will provide the best of the oriental movies and dramas. Aside from the Asian contents, Viu will give you whole other content from across the world as well. As one of the alternatives to Coke and Popcorn, Viu gathers a lot of different movies from Australia, USA, UK, India, Japan, and countless more. In short, you can stream movies you likely haven’t watched before and the popular ones in one site.

Viu’s vast library will allow you to pick any kinds of series from a lot of different corners as well. Improve your streaming experience with different types of movies and series across different genres. Unlike the other premium sites, like Hulu, Viu will allow you to explore everything on its movie and series library from both premium and free subscriptions. You may select to stream all kinds of movies and series for free or subscribe to get premium features.

4. HBO Now

HBO Now overview

Get your Stark banner ready for you can stream Game of Thrones and all kinds of HBO goodness by subscribing to HBO Now. As one of the excellent alternatives to Coke and Popcorn, HBO Now has a lot of high-quality contents under its brand. This streaming site will allow you to get access to HBO library from your portable devices and smart TV alike. Since HBO Now fully stands independently as a subsidiary HBO service, you can easily browse and gain access to all the HBO contents from your HBO Now account.

Keep in mind that you can only enjoy the contents from HBO Now if you have the available providers in your country. In case there are no available providers for HBO Now, then you may not be able to access this site. On the contrary, you can easily browse and explore the HBO contents once your HBO Now account is ready to use.

5. Hooq

Hooq tv overview

If you live in Asia, then Hooq will be the best alternative streaming site to Coke and Popcorn for you. This streaming site offers everything produced by Asian movie production to its users. Ever since it was launched in East Asia and India, Hooq has kept its promises to provide many kinds of series from different countries. Just like Coke and Popcorn, Hooq also has the most popular and recent movies to date in its library. By being a Hooq user, you can enjoy the diverse movies and series Hollywood production as well as Asia.

Hooq’s vast collections also come with a neat categorization. Get access to everything Hooq offers like different types of series and movies as a Hooq member. Try to look at the popular and recent movie tags to search what movie you look for. In case you cannot find the movie or series you look for, you can easily type in the movie or series on the search bar. If you want to expand your knowledge on Asian television series, then Viu will be the best choice for your streaming experience.

6. Amazon Prime

Amazon TV overview

Other than being a famous delivery agent, Amazon has a great streaming site named Amazon Prime. As one of the trusted Coke and Popcorn alternatives, Amazon Prime curates all kinds of movies and series in its neat library. Aside from many different movies and series, you will also be able to access a lot of different channels.

If you opt to use Amazon Prime service, then you can get a couple of interesting deals from Amazon. In a way, Amazon Prime is vastly different from a streaming site like Coke and Popcorn. You will be able to enjoy the additional features from Amazon itself. When you subscribe to Amazon Prime, you may get free shipping, pay deals, and other specific features from Amazon by paying one bill of the streaming service.

Other than the general promo, you can also get a student special service. You may get up to six month trial period with your .edu email if you are an eligible student. Once the trial period ends, you will get to continue the subscription for half the price of the premium subscription.

7. Iflix

Iflix overview

If you live in Southeast Asia, there are probably a few options of streaming sites you can access. It is probably difficult to access the streaming site like Coke and Popcorn but you can always bet on Iflix to save you from boredom. As one of the alternatives to Coke and Popcorn, Iflix offers its users web series and movies alike from across the world. Find what you wish to watch on the site home page. You will see different categories of movies and series available on the site. In case you want to expand your knowledge on Asian movies and series, you can simply look on the genre tab.

As one of the alternatives to Coke and Popcorn, Iflix can offer you new movies, genre, and the latest movies to date other than up-to-date series. All movies and shows can be accessed once you’re registered as a member. If you can’t find the series you like from the main page, then you can always type in the title on the search bar to locate it.

8. Vudu

Vudu overview

Similarly to Coke and Popcorn, Vudu serves you with all kinds of recent movies and series to date. Unlike any other streaming sites, Vudu allows you to download the latest series and movies in the best quality. In addition to that, you can also browse through Vudu’s library with ease from the search bar or the categories presented on the site.

Once you locate your favorite series, you may look for the download link below the promotional video. Proceed to click on the download link button to get the direct download link of the movie. To finish it off, pick the quality of the video that is compatible with your device. At last, just wait patiently until the downloading process is done.

9. Tubi TV

Tubi TV overview

Just like Coke and Popcorn, Tubi TV provides all kinds of movie and series collections. Unlike Coke and Popcorn, Tubi TV curates its vast collections from many kinds of different genres and styles.

In order to get access to this site, you will need to create an account first. Afterward, you can confirm your account through an email from the website. At last, you can log in to the site to see what it has in store for you.

10. Crackle

Crackle overview

As a movie streaming site created by Sony Pictures, Crackle will definitely make a better choice to Coke and Popcorn. Crackle has a collection of movies and series whether they are recent or old.

Aside from the movie and series collections, you can also stream anime here. Even though the Sony Pictures site still has a lot to go, it can open a lot of possibilities for improvements to come.

Free Alternative Streaming Sites to Coke and Popcorn

If you cannot afford the premium streaming sites, try the other Coke and Popcorn alternatives for free. Aside from premium movie streaming sites, you may try free streaming sites akin to Coke and Popcorn. Some of these sites offer movies and series collections for free. Although there may not be as vast and diverse as HBO and Hulu, you can still get a load of entertainment to enjoy.

Take a look at the list of free alternative streaming sites to Coke and Popcorn below.

1. CW Seed

CW Seed overview

Enjoy all kinds of CW contents like Legends of Tomorrow and Riverdale from CW Seed. Other than the superhero series, CW Seed can provide you a lot of drama series from the past. Much like Coke and Popcorn, CW Seed has all kinds of shows that CW has aired to this day. CW has its variations of old programs which no longer air on this streaming site. All of the series are fully supported by the app and the streaming site alike.

As one of the alternatives to Coke and Popcorn, CW Seed offers all types of exclusive CW contents. Just like CW TV, you will not have to make an account or subscription to stream all the contents here.

2. SnagFilms

SnagFilms overview

Unlike Coke and Popcorn, SnagFilms may be a great option to explore the old time. As one of the alternatives to Coke and Popcorn, Snagfilms will offer rare indie films instead of popular films. SnagFilms, as one of the indie streaming sites, was first launched in 2008. With over 5,000 films in its library, you can choose anything to watch. There will be no need to create an account to access the movies and series from SnagFilms. If you cannot stream on the site, you can also stream the movies from the SnagFilms app.

Snagfilms has all kinds of documentaries and independent films in its library. Since the site dedicates to provide non-mainstream contents, it also starts to add older films and B-rated films to its library. If you want to explore your knowledge in independent cinemas, then SnagFilms will be your best bet.

Although SnagFilms provides free service, it has a strict regulation about its movie collections. The site carefully manages its collections instead of providing user-uploaded movies. Nevertheless, SnagFilms still makes an exception to directors who want to submit their movies for a review.

3. Yahoo View

Yahoo View overview

Similarly to Coke and Popcorn, Yahoo View provides the streaming service for free. The only different thing Yahoo View has to offer is a few original programs it has produced. Ever since its partnership with Hulu, Yahoo View streams all kinds of recent episodes of programs from NBC, ABC, and Fox.

Unfortunately, the original contents have stopped their productions. Nonetheless, you can still enjoy the existing contents from various channels. Other than that, you can enjoy some anime goodness on this site as well.

4. Pluto TV

Pluto TV overview

As one of the alternatives to Coke and Popcorn, Pluto TV provides movie streaming service which will please your need. What makes Pluto TV different is that it works fairly different from the other streaming sites. Instead of selecting movies you like, you must select which channels you want to stream.

Pluto TV has an extensive collection of movies provided by its diverse channels. All the different channels will give you all kinds of documentaries, indie films, original content, network television shows, news, web series, and many more. Aside from the general TV programs, you may also access the contents from CNET, IGN, and many other independent sites.

5. Classic Cinema Online

Classic Cinema Online overview

If you cannot get enough of classic films, then Classic Cinema Online may be the best streaming site for you. Classic Cinema Online will give you all kinds of classic goodness throughout its library. Feel free to stream any kinds of contents the site has to offer for you won’t need an account to get access to the site’s collections.

Most of the films on this site date back to 1940s. Other than classic 40s, you can also stream the 1960s and 1970s films alongside classic TV programs.

Disclaimer: since some of the links have not been updated for long, you may not be able to access some of the films on this site.

6. SideReel

SideReel overview

Aside from a useful space to write a review for movies, SideReel also gives you space to get to know more about movies and television series. It is especially useful if you want to read reviews of each of the episodes of your favorite shows before watching them.

The reviews from the moviegoer community will help you navigate your way around the cinematic world better. In addition to the reviews, you can also look for information needed regarding the available streaming site which airs the shows you intend to watch here.

7. Retrovision Classic Movies

Retrovision Classic Movies overview

Are you a sucker for classic movies? If Coke and Popcorn did not provide you the complete classic collections, then Retrovision Classic Movies will give you what you need. As a streaming site which focuses on classic films, the quality of the movies along with the site itself is guaranteed by the selective team behind it. You will not need an account to gain access to the content from this site. By simply typing the name on the web search bar, you can get access to the site in one click.

As one of the alternatives to Coke and Popcorn, Retrovision Classic Movies provides a vast collection of classic movies dated back from the 1930s to 1960s. You can freely enjoy all kinds of classic horrors, dramas, and sci-fi movies on Retrovision Classic Movies. Aside from classic movies, you can also enjoy classic television shows like the Jack Benny Show and Dick Van Dyke.

8. Watchbox

As one of the alternatives to Coke and Popcorn, Watchbox has what it needs to entertain German speakers. As a German-based streaming site for movies, WATCHBOX has every instruction and information written in German.

Even with such significance, you can still navigate through the website if you have basic German skills. You can try to put you basic German skill to use and look up for the movie collections on this site. Other than the streaming site, you can also access WATCHBOX from its mobile app.

9. Asian Crush

Asiancrush overview

Satisfy your need for Asian movies and series by visiting Asian Crush. Enjoy all kinds of Asian movies and series on this website for free. Aside from the movies and series, you can also stream anime here.

Navigate your way easily to the site’s library through its neat interface. You can also explore the library from the choices of genres the site has to offer.

10. YouTube Premium

YouTube Premium overview

You can stream all you want without advertisements bothering you with YouTube Premium. As one of the most known streaming services today, you can get contents of any kinds from your devices.

As one of the alternatives to Coke and Popcorn, YouTube premium allows you to stream any videos and download them instantly. In addition to the saving and no ad features, you can also unlock all YouTube original contents with the premium subscription.

11. Vimeo

Vimeo overview

As the most common streaming site out there, Vimeo can be a great alternative to Coke and Popcorn. Just like YouTube, Vimeo has a sharing video feature. Contrary to Coke and Popcorn, Vimeo allows you to upload your own content.

You don’t have to worry about the video quality because Vimeo always provides HD videos. By now, Vimeo has grown a lot. There is a lot of videos uploaded to the site. You can watch all kinds of independent films from amateur filmmakers around the world in HD here.


Coke and Popcorn might only serve its purpose for a while, but there are other streaming sites which provide better service out there. As the alternatives to Coke and Popcorn, other streaming sites we have listed above will improve your streaming experience. If you aim to get the best streaming service, then you may subscribe to the premium streaming sites. On the other hand, you can always try to look for the Coke and Popcorn alternatives in other free streaming sites out there.



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